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SAG Seven Escape 2 Walkthrough

SAG Seven Escape 2

[REPLAY] SAG Seven Escape 2 is the second episode of this point & click room escape game series developed by Karla for StoneAgeGames. In this game, your objective is to escape the room by finding 7 magnetic stripe cards which together will open the door. There are no puzzles to solve. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Seven Escape 2

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this is boring

Hey, first live one!
Found a screwdriver

hi there!
Got key ,screwdriver and 3 cards

same here anja

got a screw driver and a key card. can't do anything else though

Click on the posters, found 2 cards there

i'm stuck and clicking like a maniac

Found knife under the table

where is the screwdriver?

Where under table clicked everywhere on and under. also got 3 cards and a screw driver

found knife too, just a bit left of the base for me

Tnx found it.

I forgot where I used the knife. I have 5 cards, knife, key and no screwdriver.

What about those slippers?

Funny mark on the bed on the left near the pillow but won't zoom in????

6 cards, screwdriver (used), knife (used), 2 keys.


Arnoud, knife is used at bottom of chair leg

Guys... I'm really stuck

Thanks. But why does everybody have a screwdriver but me?

screwdriver in bottom dresser drawer.

where the heck is the last card??

Where did you use the screw driver?

How could I have missed that?

Had to start over...
Screwdriver last drawer on the right

Now looking for the last card. For me in the inventory it would be the second card.

Hi all! I only found the 1 key in the chair leg. Where is the other one?

on the left side of tv stand is a metal plate to unscrew card inside.

you have to kind of click around a bit, but there's a panel on the left side of the TV stand to use screwdriver.

man, seems like i've clicked everywhere and can't find that last card!

no no the key to the second drawer on grey cabinet is in there .

Arnoud, that's the card i'm missing too.

thinking it's somewhere around the bed? or the TV. grrr

and out

arnoud i got the second card, but dont remember where. Can be the one near the plant?

found golden key and have 4 cards now

Thans Smashes!


there's another key under the blanket towards the top of the bed

no prob, glad i could post something useful lol

golden key is behind right cussion on the bed

just missing 2nd card. I have 6 cards now

Missing card #2. Only found one behind posters...

Just need the second card in my inventory! This could be awhile, lol!

one next to plant

And out thanks everyone. Couldn't figure it out. I had clicked all those places. oh well. cheers see ya

second card for me was one in left nightstand

6 cards, a knife used, skrew driver used and 2 keys used


pls help..how to get the card in the foot of the chair..been clicking with knife to no avail...

Can't get the 3rd key from under blancket. Please help!!!

Got it, but don't know where I clicked... Out

5 cards and so stuck!

       Anonymous  1/20/09, 7:11 AM  


Sour fingers?
I invented an full automatic clicking machine, 1.000.000 clicks a minute...!
Increase 74 euros on my bank acount and you´ll recieve it in only 3 days time

chinita, zoom in the chairleggs and at one of them is a square you can cut out

Out! Key was near top left side of left pillow. Hope this helps!

please help with the chair leg...knife keeps coming back on my inventory....

thanks anja..been clicking on the wrong chair...lol...im out...yehey..first live game..first time to post...

Hey, missing card #4 and #7... Any help pleaaaaase?
For the chair key, its the chair on the left, you'll see a lighter area...

nebra..have you found the one in the plant...just click there...

found it chinita...

and the 7th i think is in corner of the carpet

Thx Guys! Out

has 5 cards,3 keys,knife,screwdriver,cant seem to find panel left side of tv stand,and wheres the 7th card

finally found my last card under one of the posters, out!

awwwwwwww ok found pannel left side of tv stand

hi all

hmmmmmmmmm nothing in there

ok has 6 cards but cant find the 7th

i think i need one

the card im missing is the 6th one

       Anonymous  1/20/09, 7:30 AM  

Sorry Shuchun, i had only one and just sold it. LOL

got it im out

       Anonymous  1/20/09, 7:42 AM  

Shuchun, don´t feel :.(
Have a ;.) evening and thanks 4 the game!

click the left chair. the left foot faceing you at the bottom.

Sorry, I'm going to pass on this one.

It is perfectly possible to make an escape game without bashing the former president.

last card beside the plan on the shelf

It's a very wierd game I dont like it much :-(

ooi *o*

And out... ha ha.. but I regret that there's no more FULL's clicking machine. And I wonder... are those games really "escape" game or "take shot after shot as much as possible" game..

Hi, i can not found the fourth card. I have all other cards. I'm stuck.

6 cards, where is #2 are there 3 keys? I only have 2

Anyone live?

The fourth card is under the plant

Is anyone still here? I can't get this key/keycard that's supposed to be near the pillow. Help?

hooray out. nice game, but a little too pixel hunting heavy.

Just starting, I cant open it, it wont open. Did anyone have the same problem

I agree with you Jared. Pathetic


CARD 1 - go left to door and on floor

CARD 2 - go to bed click top left corner of right pillow and get KEY.
Use key on 2nd drawer of left bedside cabinet.

CARD 3 - go to table and click left side very bottom of table pole and get KNIFE.
Click the very bottom of the left left of the left chair and use knife on square (drag and click knife) for KEY.
Use key on 2nd drawer of right bedside cabinet.

CARD 4 - click bottom right of pot with plant on shelf.

CARD 5 - click top right of Uncle Sam poster.

CARD 6 - click bottom drawer of right bed side cabinet for SCREWDRIVER. Go to TV and click left side of cabinet (about the line between wall and floor) and use screwdiver to open panel for KEY and use to open second drawer of filing cabinet.

CARD 7 - bottom left corner of mat.

Click door and black line and out.

argh wanted a break from doo-doo, but i'd rather bash my head against a puzzle than my finger against the mouse button looking for a random pixel!! next!

finished the game buts its pixelly my clicking finger is getting sore

Well that was rather ok, I finished it and thanks redroobar for helping me get a card.

Gr8 game ... I love it !!!
Easy and Out without help,
for once no code or puzzles :D

       Anonymous  8/15/18, 9:43 AM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay for our pixel hunter Tiquer
(this one will be a feast for you ☻)

comparing this one with the current daily mass-produced games, we really must be thankful for the quality the games of today have...!

btw, as it's an old StoneAge game (from 2009), it's not rated (yet) because the current rating system didn't exist yet back then

thx for all your creations, Karla ☺
& thx redroobar for the WT

indeed, pixel hunt (=> 1 star)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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