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Village Escape Part 2 Walkthrough

Village Escape Part 2

Village Escape Part 2 is another new point and click type adventure game by 123bee.com. A village is affected by heavy flood resulting in the death of many people. At the end, some of the people are washed away into the forest. Unexpectedly, you are one among them, and all the responsibilities to rescue the people from the place falls on you. Good luck and have fun!

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so Happy New Year and let's play :)

Good morning and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

happy new year to you all

got a rope, wood, deer (?!) and a hook so far.
now looking at a termite hill with a snake...

i have the same plus axe and lamp

where did you find that?

ah, found another way to go!

in the village , also a man on a rock

no clue what to do with the lamp and axe though..

combine rope and hook.stuck

got that. thought you could cut down the aerial root, but nothing...

where did you get the wood , i used the axe to cut down the bridge to get my wood.

got that. thought you could cut down the aerial root, but nothing...

i got the wood in the first scene, right from the tree on the right. (near water)

and what bridge...?

thanks got that now , i wonder if we have to fix the boat

go right again after the hut

is everyone still in bed , we need help Lis

tnx! missed that!

yeah we do can use some help, haha!
And where did Marie go?

And what are Village Hero and Old Man doing there?

how to help the old man..i through the rope with hook ... no use ????

Hey Averl! Hope you came to help us! ;) Totally stuck...

same here... stuck...

hmm.. no idea.. no bridge, but I'm not able to bulid it... what's for deer? feed the snake? no works

any idea what we suppose to do with the snake... i use small stick, rope+hook.. no use...

maybe if we could rub the lamp a genie might come and get us out of here

shart stone in the middle of bottom snake hole

I have a deer, a small wood, a rope+hook, an axe, a lamp, and a big wood... and I'm a bit stuck

k thanks for the sharp stone, it cuts the vine

next have to cut aerial root... after give wood (left in inventory), hook with rope, and aerial root... old man rescued... and stuck :/

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tnx ares!

hi im new here...trying to catch up...nEways got rope,deer,hook,axe,lamp, and a wood....stuck...

got to go it is my sons birthday today and he wants to go spend his birthday money. good luck all

bye Bigtank! happy birthday for your son!

ares: how did you use those items to rescue the guy? Don't seem to get it..

I can't rescue the old man, I've given the hero the aerial root and the hooked but can't give the wood

same here poem!

ah.. to rescue the guy... the small wood goes on the cliff face, give the aerial root to the hero and tie the rope to the end. You can pick the wood up again.

lis, ariel root + rope with hook

sorry you just need to give give rope with hook and aerial root... next click stone under old man(in view when you see village hero)

Ah, tnx Poem. didn't think of that!

Hi everyone, i'am new here. Where did the old man and village hero go?

wonder where they went and what to do next...

yeah... cut tree with axe where is the bridge

ah, cut the tree down where the bridge was. Now walking across

lis, use the axe to cut down tree .. to make bridge ... one more person to save....???

anyone got a match? ;)

stuck... no new items... dont have idea what we have to do next :/ young boy have funny thumbs :>

where did you get that sharp stone...to cut the arial root?

stuck also, revisted each screen and tried all my items on anything I could think of

guess it would help if we could make some light for inside the tree, but no idea how to do that.
And no clue about the black hole either...

snake's hole (bottom midlle)

ah...thanks AreS..hihihi

Yes, we have to find a match or something like that to switch on the lamp... No idea where to find this...

Hi all, Happy new year. I am lost as to where this snake is, I have been all over this game looking for alternate directions. Can someone tell me how I find the snake please?

i've put lamp near cave entrance

guys!...thanks for the detailed hints....

first time postig tried to kock boy out with wood sure he has a box of matches in his hands lol

yeah!! got light! stones near entrance on lamp :)

pick up the stone near to the lamp.. and put on the lamp.. light it

boy rescued...

Ares, you're the best!!

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how do you get the ariel root..i know were it is just dont know how to get it..

time to rescue the "fatty man" lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

sorry bout my english...im not that fluent...hehe

how o rescue the third guy?
I'm stuck in a dark hole..

cave painting is a hint on which rocks to press

got it used the ting from snake hole..lol

can't go back after get to hole :/ something on the right but can't do anything... hmmm... stones on the right isn't dworn...

pull the 2nd and 5th lever down, now i took the chain

This comment has been removed by the author.

rescued the fatty, now a women!

I think my game might be buggy, or do some things have to be done in sequence? Anyway, I found the snake, I sware I clicked on those termite mounds many times.

finally use for the deer!

rescued!! thx lis :]

jenva click on one of the smaller holes that doesn;t have a snake in it

this one was easy.
now facing a challenge!

is it still live?or am i too late?hey eerybody-happy new year!

woman rescued... now little game :P omg they fall :/ fat man and old man are veeery slow :]

hey maggie, still playing. happy newyear to yoy too!

failed the quicksand twice already :S

I Can't find the chain at the fattyman..

were is the stone to light lamp

stone is on right side outside cave. (Put the lamp down first)

kowa: chain is on the right :] you have to pull down 2nd an 5th lever on the left and you get it :)

chain at fatty s on the right side of the cave. it's attached to a wheel-like thing..

This comment has been removed by the author.

can't seem to find the right order to take all people across...

i can't do it too :/ but trying :]

Ares, did you read the explanation before you actually started the quicksand? I didn't... Maybe there was a clue?

can't get the sharp stone at snakes hole, any hint for it?

no I didn't :/

Finally finished XD

why couldn't they just have two sticks!

Poem, did you finished the quicksand? Please do tell!!

ok i stuck.can´t understand what to do with the village man and the old man-and i can´t cut the tree for bridge-need help!!!

am stuck on screen with holes after rescuing boy!

ice, i think i clicked the middle hole in the front.. not sure

Solution to the quicksand... (don't read if you want to figure it out yourself)

hero + kid -> hero comes back
fatty + old -> kid comes back
hero + woman -> hero comes back
hero + kid

thnx I've found the chain.. feed the crics with the deer and rescue the lady.. but they are disappeared...

how do you rescue the woman? I cut the swing, but since that...

thanks lis, but just zooms in and unable to do anything else!


thx poem! :P finished :]

ice, i tried again, and after rescuing the boy, i clicked the middle front hole and was in the hole with fatty...

Darn, I am now at the quicksand, and if it wasnt for that silly old fart taking his time, I may have saved them all. I cant seem to find the right sequence, anyone had any luck yet?

good luck all, and tnx for all the help. See you next game!!

Poem, thanks, I was about to hit that old fart on the head with the wood...LOL

I'm stuck at the woman... I've fed the crocs but I can't figure how to get her off that island.

nvm, I got it...

eirene, go right to the next frame, cut the board away from the rope, tie it to something you have and toss it to the woman to jump on.

thanks Jenva, that worked like a charm.

I'm out, thnx Poem

ok-now the quicksand...thanks for all the hints by now...

and out...see you in the next game!

still stuck on screen with holes as it won't let me select the middle hole only the left and right ones at the front! any ideas?


hi happy new year all! is anyone here still? how to rescue boy from tree top? i put the lit lamp in front of the cave.. dont know where to go from there.. help pls?

Radhu once lamp in front of cave pick up stone at front near lamp and light it

any hints for screen with holes?

how to help the old man..i through the rope with hook ... no use ????

@iceman-select the third small hole from the left

radhu, use some of those wooden boards on the steps in the tree hollow, keep climbing up to save the boy

@radhu-use stones right from the lamp with lamp-go in-use bis wood with ladder

@averl..giveaerial root to hero-than roop with hook to him-than small wood to rock under old man

thx iceman.. screen with holes.. i have lighted the lamp.. could go only 2 steps into the cave? stuck now!!!

oops i mean.. i've no idea about screen with holes! lol.. sorry

thx jenva.. rescued the boy.. now where? i sure am dumb! lol


Thnx have done but all i have is a zoomed in view of hole and unable to select anything or fall down as other posts suggest!

i only have deer and sharp stone when hole selected am i missing something obvious here?

anyone still playin?

this download is taking ages... :~.

some1.....any1....pls hlp!!! this stupid hole is doing my head in!! why can't i select the hole and find the fatty??

is anyone here still? pls dont leave me!!! i need help! lol... i cant find the chain near fatty!

radhu how did u find fatty pls tell and i will help u!

iceman.. i just kept clicking on each hole in turn & suddenly found fatty! i think this game is buggy.. sometimes the right places just dont click!

I´m stuck at the hole too.

buggy!!!! bit of an understatement i have clicked each and every hole more than twenty times!!

keep the lamp near the cave and click on the stone and put it on the lamp it will lite......

radhu previous posts suggest side of fatty for chain... i still can't find fatty tho!!!

iceman.. i tried to go back to the screen with holes to try & locate which hole it was exactly.. its not letting me go back now! i think am going to give up.. i cant find any chain on the right.. only a painting or graffitti or whatever!

thnx anyhow radhu

the game isn't buggy, it just doesn't let you progress some stages till you have completed certain tasks.

If you are clicking on the holes and they do nothing, go back and see if there's something you still have to do, or perhaps take (ie always pick up the small piece of wood after you use it, you need it for the end).

unable to get small piece of wood which is inside tree!

oh.. i got a glimpse of that wheel & chain thingy.. but have a feeling its mocking me.. it has disappeared now!! & i've no idea where i had clicked... where r all the brainy ones when we need them? lol

the small piece of wood came back to my inventory after i rescued the boy.. thk God for that! had no idea we needed to that!

i just restarted but not able to retrieve small piece of wood and am now stuck again at the same set of holes with only the ability to zoom in on front left and right holes and nothing else! pls give a hint?

I can't go back inside the tree in order to pick up the piece of wood !

Does anyone have the quicksand order?

see post by poem 13:19 for quicksand order

still can't find fatty and have no piece of wood after recuseing boy!

iceman.. i guess u'll need the small piece of wood b4 u locate the right hole like poem said.. i cant find the chain now.. wonder if there's anything else i need to carry long from b4! its not letting me go back..

heyyy found the chain atlast! & finally resued fatty.. had a good mind to drown him tho after all that painful clicking! lol.. lets see if i can move on now..

In the first picture of the game lies right at the bottom of the tree a stick. After a long search finally found

marido you legend!! i am now down middle hole and looking at a fatty!

This comment has been removed by the author.

right on the wall is a drawing. You need it to the left wall use

I just don't understand the drawing on the right wall or how it is related to the 6 sticks on the left wall.

Help, Please!

(In my inventory is: deer, stick, sharp stone)

buggy game 100%

Is anyone here to help. This is driving me crazy. I am just sitting here staring at the fatty and having no idea what to do with the drawing or the 6 sticks on the left wall.

Someone help please!!!!!

drawing shows levers, which corespond with those on left wall, when in corect position rtake a look at the chain!.....

ok I am just starting but I cant find the stupid ax!

I'm working on the levers at Fatty too. To me the drawing seems to say:

UP down UP UP down UP but that doesn't do anything.

Ax is inside hut.

r u serious? there is a deer... in the middle of the road. and you can pick it up. AND it has blue eyes. bwahahaha! imagine in real life trying to lug a deer carcass around while picking up other random objects.

To rescue Fatty, am I supposed to be pushing on the stones that sink or the stones that make a noise?

more than buggy this game is frustrating.i went mad trying to put the lamp on rocks and even findingthe chains and painting in the fatty scene

crispin you hav to click on the stones that will help stupid fatty to cross the water.not the ones that sink

I finally finished this game . I cant believe with the help of the walkthru

I cannot find the cave.

Yes, I'm dumb today.

Stuck inside tree with the boy waving try to click everywhere nothing...Help here please??

never mind boy like all now stuck at sticks thanks..

Can I have a hint to which screen to find the cave, pleeeeease? Just a hint..

Cave? Where? Please?

Good game, not that hard just think logical.

hi all, i'm just starting and got to point where boy is in tree. Just checking to see who's playing right now..

Great Game =D

how do u help fatty? i clicked on the rocks tht make a sound, but he doesn't do anything. what else do i need to do?

i see the levers, but not the drawing. my lamp was gone after i rescued the boy..

where is the stoopid cave?

nvm rescued fatty. Am i alone?????

Hi Heather, where are you in the game and maybe I can help u.

ok rescued girl now..

Hi Michele, thanks for taking time to help me...I cannot find the cave, anywhere! Happy New Year to you!!

happy new year too. what scene are you looking at? did you rescue man, boy from tree yet? did you chop down the tree where the broken wooden bridge was? let me know what u have in your inventory and what you did and then i can help. the hero and the old man walk across the tree trunk after you chop it down with the axe and then you will find the cave.

Got it Michele! thank you so much! I didn't know I was supposed to chop down the tree after I rescued the old man..:o)

You are a sweetheart! Thanks again!


heather r u out?

This comment has been removed by the author.

grrrr...I never make it into a live game before it's been solved...

hey guys how can i play online after you finish?

pls guys help me how to cut down the tree after i take the wood from the broken bridge? i m stuck

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