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20 Lockers Room Escape Walkthrough

20 Lockers Room Escape

20' Lockers Escape is another new point and click type room escape game by 123bee.com. "You are locked up in a locker room. You will have to escape from the room by using the objects and hints." Good luck and have fun!

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Let's go!

hi!!!yay live game:)

Let's go......New game...uau

Hmmm, very intersting.

Anyone have a clue yet?

II locker is open.flipping through pages of a diary.not getting much out of it

locker II is unlocked

hello, now starting

Hello all!

i opened up the last locker with blue yellow red (i think) and there was nothing in it!

If you look at the page numbers that are missing in the diary, it gives you the code to one of the the lockers, but I can't remember which one.

1999 opens locker D

I opened the last one with RRR

Locker E, get key.

One locker unlock but not making a clue yet. Lots of numbers in it...Mmmmmm

missing page numbers is for locker which is written in diary.got a key

Anyone use the "bump key"?

i put the blue key into locker AA and it did not open and i can't get the key back out. Oops?

Alimax, I did the same thing...hmmm

I want a hammer and screwdriver...

hi all still live?

Silver key opens locker JJ

Any idea what Room/X 250 G means?

key from locker D goes in locker HH but door does not open and key is stuck there now

Hacksaw?? anyone....My brain is no go on this one. Going to wait until walkthrough.

G opens with 1750 (7 x 250) there is the hammer

loker E code: missing pages. get key from JJ

what possible mean ROOM/x250 and G?

Use hammer on the blue key in keyhole, then use blue key again on AA with hammer also.

thnx zazie.used hammer to open locker HH with key stuck in it

thx Zazie, hamer on key loker hh

Blue key also works on AA, then use hammer.

Star, Triangle and another geometrical form?

a paper just showed up inside AA, can't take

Why doesn't this second silver key work on any of the lockers? anyone get it to fit someplace?

Anyone notice in Locker AA, there is a note on top right of locker, can't get to it.

when facing the single lettered lockers you can zoom into the lower lefthand corner but I don't know why yet.

am stucked...

i only have one silver key where is the other?

tried to hammer my way out but no use.even tried in the corner you can zoom in.also have a useless key and a note i cant reach

well there is an "e" on the third page of the diary. e=5. I tried five 3s on locker E, 5 5s and every other combination but no luck. any thoughts on that letter/page?

What's with the 2 eyeball looking things in Locker D?

nevermind i forgot e=471821. duh.

I have tried the name Honey,1987,2010 and bank account number on all of the lockers with no luck.

me too todd. This is mega frustrating. getting bored.

I have been keeping a list of opened lockers and how to open. You will go crazy if you try to remember.

if we change the account bank number we have begejg, but I don't know what to do with this

well, I have opened:
aa - paper can't take
hh - geometrical forms don't know what to do with
II - diary - losts of numbers
JJ - using one grey key, find clue to G
G - open with cxode 1750 - take hammer
D - opens with 1999, got key? and two yes, fixed
E - open with missing pages number - take silver Key to open JJ
J - open with color code, now it shows Red, red, red
and I have in inventory a silver key, a bad blue key and a hammer please someone help me...


look at bear's eyes for numbers.

great find alimax!!got key to open FF locker and took stick

How? I'm lost!

found place to use the other grey key...now have gem!!

combination in H locker is red blue yellow

well, got the letters ADHF but i tried the code 1486 on the lockers but nothing happened. going to mess around with the stick now.

Use hammer on bear

I and J are now both open when i click on either of them. anyone else getting this or is it a glitch?

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 8:51 AM  

hit locker with bump key with hammer

Allimx, please. How did you use the hammer in locker G? It doesn't work for me.

819 on C, got nail.

the bear looks a bit devilish now with numbers in its eyes:)
my I locker is not open.J locker opens but theres nothing in it

Use nail on paper in AA locker

Nottypomy, How did you use the key and get the Gem?

The lockers I still have left to open are A, B, F, CC, EE, GG. I have a hammer, nail, yellow piece of paper, digging bar, green triangle, bamboo stick (unused still), gem and bump key.

Zazie how do you figure out 819?

alimax 1486 is code for I locker but again theres nothing in it.might have to use something...gonna slash my hammer in there

oh, and blue oval gem.

todd use code from bears eyes(1020) on locker B.use grey key on safe

opened B with 1020 (from bears eyes)

HEAD opens loker F

green triangle is for upside down diamond thingy.

Cris from the note HAI (numbers of letters in alphabet)

i used gem on locker and tried combination i gave above and got brown key to open BB locker.got another key that opened DD locker.now have a digging bar

use the digging bar in the corner of the room. What to do with the blue gem?

anyone found a use for the screwdriver or stick yet?

8514 opens F

stuck with iron nail and stick.

I am completely LOST...

used digging bar in corner got key.used that in CC locker.think i got triangle
now have a screwdriver from locker A!!!!

I have a problem. I can't get numbers from the eyes in loker D

I should have written down all the codes as someone mentioned - I can't even keep track of where I have been and the code for that locker anymore........

I still find it funny that there was nothing in the locker with the rrr color code (or am I losing my memory?)

i stuck stick back with bear & it got stuck

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:06 AM  

Hit the bear with the hammer in locker where you got stick. Get a note that says HAI-->C this turns into 819 on locker C (Numbers come from diary)

7707 opens locker A

have ruby(blue gem)...where did 8514 come from??

Put stick back to bear then put nail and use hammer on it, you´ll get a brown key.

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:08 AM  

You get a nail and now I'm stuck

8514 came from the note (I think) that said 'head'

8514 came from Head.

Brown key opens EE

all the key lockers have been used.have screwdriver and blue gem unused.i think i have not opened G locker only

Brown key opens EE, what to do with pic and Honey?

That game is so confusing, i give up :(

I can't use hammer inside loker D, the hammer keeps returning to the inventory

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:11 AM  

use nail on paper in AA

thnx!!i had forgotten all about the note:)

Well, Honey was the person (or bear?) in the story in the diary but I'm still not understanding how that helps. I have all of the lockers open, i still haven't used the blue gem or the iron nail. WHERE IS THE DOOR OUT OF THIS HELL?!

Zazie, my problem is I think, that i don't have a stick, just nail and hammer. where to find a stick? By the way, the bear is just the eyes in loker D?

cris - I think you are in the wrong locker - try using the hammer on the bear eyes(unless I am missing something)

locker FF - cris

The stick was in front of bear i think.
I forgot how to open G :(

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:15 AM  

Where did you get the triangle?

Use the digging bar between I and J.

can someone who is keeping track post the codes to the lockers on the A-J side? I can't remember half of them now....

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:16 AM  

Nevermind. Took me that long to figure out how to post.

This comment has been removed by the author.

digging bar... corner? Where?

G is 1750

I have
H= put red diamond/ruby in.

G was 1750

thanks nottypomy - now what to do with the infuriating screwdriver!

I have all lockers open but A and GG. Will some one describe the blue gem please. I might have missed it.

Maybe we have to do this in order cause the codes aren't working for me. I am up to HH w/ the shapes. What's next?

here are the codes as i remember them
J:most probably blue blue red or blue red red

Brandy, place the shapes and get the code for A

Nottypomy have you figured out what to do with the hole between I and J?

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:22 AM  

Ok, I have now torn the heck out of I and J, and am looking at a metal plate, and the screwdriver seems to be no use.

renaferr its the bottom left corner of A-J lockers.you will zoom in

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:23 AM  

OUT,after you use digging bar between I and J use hammer on left side and use screwdriver on upper left and your out.

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:24 AM  

Out! Thanks guys!

opened locker J
blue red yellow i think

but nothing inside..

aha!!use hammer on wall of I-J locker

OUT! finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally!

niv - for me - my digging bar was needed in the corner of the room on the left side of F

i swear i kept trying to use that darn hammer. guess i just never hit the right spot.

out!!!im so happy=)

where is the spot in wall for hammer?

Cannot find screwdriver, i am going mad, so confused now :(

Where/what is the third shape for locker HH?

Also out, good job guys. What was the blue gem about? Good game.

use digging bar between lockers where exactly?

Joao...top left corner.

Joao...use digging tool bottom center and hammer top left.

frustrating here.. can't find the spot lol

that last bit with the hammer/screw driver has driven me crazy (and given me carpel tunnel) fun though - thanks for all the help everyone!

Boahhh and out !!!!

This was a heavy one :)

Thx for all your help guys !

Thanks for the help everyone!

have to zoom locker J to find spot? i've tried all ways..

Open I and J, step back and go forward again then use digging bar between the two open lockers.

I have to go out now, i have to reestart lattrer, because my head is now full of lokers... see you all later...

Finally!!! had to open locker I..

thanks you all!!

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:45 AM  

anyone still here? I am missing some gems I only have the red ruby/diamond where is the blue one?

Did you put the ruby gem into the H locker ?

Inside the code is : red blue yellow

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 9:53 AM  

yes zazie

I had no blue gem, only a green triangle, a star and the other rounded shape, all three go into the box in one of the lockers.

But i don´t remember in which locker the 3 shapes were, sorry.

Did you find already the key in the left bottom corner in front of the A-J lockers ?
Use digging bar there....

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 10:01 AM  

no zazie maybe thats the one Im missing will see if I can find it thx for helping me :)

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 10:05 AM  

k that was exactly what I needed ... now I have opened all the lockers and I guess I have to try getting out at lockers i and j

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 10:08 AM  

did it! thx so much Zazie

You are welcome :)))))

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 10:10 AM  

oh new game Zazie ... heading over to it

Doesn´t load for me :((((

Please, can someone explain :

- how to open locker A (where does the code 7707 come from ?)
- how to use the HONEY hint

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 11:26 AM  

did in locker order
probably should have did step by step....first time
Hope it helps


use bumper key and hit with Hammer get silver key notice note
get key see ADHF(1486)
use key from corner by locker F
use key from BB get long screwdriver? use in corner by F locker..get key
brown key from H
open with key from G
hit bear with hammer for clue to C(819)
put stick in front of bear....hammer nail in middle of stick to get another key
open with green triangle
get gold star,red semi circle..put in HH
with triangle get code 7707
use bumper key from D
use hammer to knock key in
get hint for G
use code 7707 from GG get screwdriver,
put long driver thingy between H and I, then use hammer, use screwdriver (top screws first....YOU HAVE ESCAPED!!!!!
code from bear eyes in FF, use silver key on safe ..take pink diamond
get nail use on paper in AA(head-8514)
get bumper key
open with missing diary page #'s 471821
use code from C(head-8514)gives code for H(RBY)
get silver key(JJ)
get hammer
use on bottom..take key
put pink diamond from B, red blue yellow
get brown key
blue red yellow

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 11:35 AM  

Anyone use the screwdriver yet?

       Anonymous  2/18/09, 11:40 AM  


put long driver thingy between H and I, then use hammer, use screwdriver (top screws first....YOU HAVE ESCAPED!!!!!

u have to put the sun, green triangle and red semi-circle in to a box in the HH locker.

anybody on?

thanks, cris

Open LOCKER ii ,Read diary, notice page numbers missing, letter E on page 3 and dates/numbers in red.
Open LOCKER D using 1999 (from diary) Take bump key and notice eyes.
Open LOCKER E using 471821 (missing page numbers from diary), take key.
Use key on LOCKER JJ, see code puzzle and letter g
Open LOCKER G using 1750 (answer from code puzzle), get hammer and use on bottom of the locker, take large key
Put bump key in LOCKER AA, hit with hammer, then take key.
Repeat for LOCKER HH, notice shape box.
Use large key (from locker G) to open LOCKER FF, take stick.
Zoom in on bears head and click eyes, note 1020.
Open LOCKER B using 1020 (From eyes), open safe using small key, take ruby.
Hit bear with hammer (locker FF), take note
OPEN C locker using 819 (code from yellow note), take nail
Use nail on paper in locker AA. Notice the word head
Open LOCKER F, using 8514 (head code), notice colours
Put ruby in LOCKER H, Put Red, blue, yellow (From clue in locker F), get brown key.
Put ruby in box in locker F,8514 to open, take blue oval.
Open LOCKER J (trial & error with colours, prob a clue but didn’t find it)
Open LOCKER BB using brown key. Get key and notice code ADHF
Use key on LOCKER DD, take digging bar.
Zoom in on floor at the bottom of locker f. Use digging bar, take key.
Use key to open LOCKER CC, take triangle.
Open LOCKER i using 1486 (Code from letters in locker BB)
Give stick to bear (locker ff), put nail on top, hit with hammer, take key.
Open LOCKER EE, using key from bear. Notice HONEY.
Use triangle on LOCKER GG, take star and semi circle.
Put shapes in box in locker HH, see code 7707.
Open LOCKER A, using code 7707. Take screwdriver.
Zoom in on lockers I and J. Use digging tool on dividing wall. Then hammer on back wall. Then use screwdriver on top left screw.

Wall 1 has lockers A to J which all open with a code, except for H.
Wall 2 has lockers AA to JJ which all open with a key, except for GG.

Locker II - read diary - note missing page numbers, chart on page 9 and numbers on page 25

Locker D - use 1999 from diary - get blue bump key

Locker E - use 471821 (missing pages from diary) - get key

Locker JJ - use silver key - get code.

Locker G - use 1750 (7 x 250 from locker JJ). Get hammer - use hammer in bottom of locker - get key.

Locker FF - use silver key - get stick. Put stick back in front of bear. Click on bear's eyes and note numbers. Use hammer on bear and get yellow note.

Locker C - use 819 (from yellow note and chart in diary) - get nail.

Locker FF - put nail in middle of stick and hit with hammer to split - get brown key.

Locker EE - use brown key - see picture of Honey

Locker AA - use blue bump key and hammer - get silver key. Use nail on white square in top right of locker - get clue HEAD - convert to numbers - 8514

Locker B - use 1020 (from bear's eyes) - use silver key on box - get red gem

Locker F - use 8514 - note Red Blue Yellow code

Locker H - use red gem - use Red Blue Yellow code - get brown key.

Locker BB - use brown key - get key - note ADHF code - convert to 1486 with chart from diary.

Locker DD - use key - get digging bar.

Facing the wall with lockers A to J, zoom in on bottom left of screen. Use digging bar - get black key.

Locker CC - use black key - get green triangle.

Locker GG - use green triangle - get star and red half-circle shape.

Locker HH - use blue key and hammer. Put star, triangle and half-circle shape in place - get number 7707.

Locker A - use 7707 - get iron nail.

Locker I - use 1486 (from locker BB)

Locker J - use Blue Red Yellow - use digging bar on wall between locker I and J - use hammer on back wall of locker I - use iron nail on top left screw.

You have escaped!

That's a Perfect Walkthrough!!!I wish I can write like this....

Thanks, janeb for the walkthrough!

Yeah! I did it in less than a half hour!!! Oh yeah and no walkthrough!! YAY FOR ME!!!

u suck it

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