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Quizy Room Escape

Quizzy Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game by Gamershood. "You are locked in a room with numbers and symbols everywhere and a safe. Those numbers will give you clues what the safe combination. Look closely and work with your brain to escape." Good luck and have fun!

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Here we go

I'm first!!! woop woop!!

Right then

.....not lol

this is a weird game

I´m here too...hi tosca...long time no see...

finish one and play the next one.wow!!thnx for posting
looks like this is a math one from name and description

Hello maggie
I cant do nothing

ok on wall there are:
and on picture there is three underlined..and ideas?

i think this one is only about figuring out the codes

there's a drawing on the left hand corner of the room with the code

Oh mean any ideas...maybe three for i´m so bad in math*lol*

Wow !!!No language problems

on the wall of the third room the drawing thats next to the door is used 6 times

when you click over the thing where you put the code it...it changes from1111 to 8888...does it mean something?

on picture its written 25.16.9._.1
they are all squares so the missing one is 4 which is square of 2

ok im not so good at math ones so lets give this a try

well... 5x5=25, 4x4=16, 3x3=9 and then 3 and 1 being the simple numbers... who knows that might be some sort of clue

also its written artwork by 3.maybe if theres a value of the picture it has to be divided by 3.just thinking out loud

ok i see..you are much better then me in math...good job nottypomy

i'm getting bored...

hello everyone, gonna try to catch up with you! hope this is a good one...

Tab works, but gives nothing new.

on this big colorful thing on wall and on pictura is the same...there are 6 identity of them...maybe 6x2?
thinking loud too

hi guys...will try to catch up

hey leithian...nice too see you here...we played a long time no game together;-)
it will be easy to catch up...we didn´t do a thing yet but thinking...

this much math is making my head ache:)

The yellow thing above the code panel has 6 sides, too

Above pottery with 2 and 5, there is a plus-sign

hi maggie, yeah, it's really long ago since we played, I'm glad meeting you here, was getting a little lonely! ;)
so, this game will be maths, pity for me, I'm soooo not good at this!

maybe we should multiply 2by5 and add that to the number we got from the previous room? because there is a drawing on the wall that has a circle a cross and another circle

so i tried...
2+5 from pottery
6x2 from big sculpture
and 9/3 from first room because of the white squares from door...
so 7123.but it didn´t work:-(

the 2 pictures are mirror images i think.the wall has the picture arranged using both these images but i see no use from that

there is also a 1 above the door in the first room.. nothing makes sense to me yet

scratch that last comment of mine.im just overthinking.nothings coming from that

the "escape here" and the number 1 are really irritating me... maybe we should start at the first screen with the equation?? no clue... ;)

also not black squares-white squares/3=7 so 7127...no...i´m totally lost:-(

there are also 6 hash signs in the room overall (two above 2 and 5 and four underneath the weird drawing in the third view)

give me a screwdriver!!!...i want a srewdriver now!!!!

From the 2 pictures : 4 = 2square, to put as third number.
5 + 2 = 7 as first number, because the ones you see at that screen.
Than a 6 in fourth place, because of the 4 crosses. Or in second place, because of the two.
Just guessing.

in the middle of the door there are black and whie squares, and in each vertical line there are undividable numbers (3, 5, 1) that might be the clue to the order of the number arrangement when we think of the 25.16.9_1?

anyone figure out what going on with the blocks on the door

hi all, semms to be a tough one. my math is not the best :-))

hiya everyone just startin.. i'll try and catch up he he

tosca, where do you see the 6 in the sculpture? I'm really absolutely clueless!

i have noticed if you took the white blocks folded them in half up and down they would fit into the missing blocks on the bottom half

maybe the first number is from squares from door?because of the arrow to the door and the 1?

theres nothing really to be catching up on just yet haha

is the 6 from 2x4 (from the 4 crosses)??

@leithian ...sculpture from picture ...there are six of them on the wall---

so fustrating

i have no idea :-(

ooooh thanks maggie, just didn't realize that... my brain just can't handle the smallest amount of math! lol I wonder if we're thinking too far...

i think ill just quit

if you notice the bottom squars on the door are smaller, if you ad the white ones up, you get 3,5,1. and the 25,16,9,1 on the wall
3 is the root of 9, 5 is the root of 25 and is 1 is 1. i think.

at the bottom of the picture it says artwork by 3 maybe we multiply the result of the calculation on the picture by 3??


@djmikewest...i can´t understand anything...but it is no necessary if you understand that and figure out the code for us;-)

yeah Mike i saw that...

Has anyone noticed the blue dotted line pictured on the laft of the wall where it says 2+5? Don't know what it means but thought it might be useful.

also the fact that number 6 sees to appear all over the place is a bit frustrating (there are 6 pieces in the picture and on the wall they appear 6 times, also in the room between them the yellow figure has 6 sides!)

niff thanks, I didn't see that!

i cant think of anything that can work.might as well have dinner.will check back later

oh funny.i googled the game and find another side that looks like this here but i can´t understand the language;-(but it doesn´t seem they find the code...

and on the top of the 6-part statue there is a black dot... what for

that is dividd by /3

Maggie, it's the same website as this, just the turkish version

can anybody make out what the blue dotted lines are about??

i think they tell u about the fourth view the crossed out circle looks like "you are here" sort of thing...i might be wrong tho

Don't suppose anyone speaks turkish?

did anyone realize taht 25.16.9._.1. THE _ is prob a blank for 4

did anyone realize taht 25.16.9._.1. THE _ is prob a blank for 4

@oh thanks annerr...but for me it would be boring to play on a german side where only german speaking people are...
nvm... where is this line leithian?can´t find it

no niff sorry..but i thik if they post a code we will understand that;-)

Hi Maggie, they're on the left hand side of the wall with 2+5

We HOPE we'll understand!!Going to do the washing- back in 5

Hi all!!

Just watch you silently,lol..
@leithan The dotted line is actually a diamond with an equation(which I cant read properely..think looks like 0x0) in it

did you find it maggie, sorry was gone for a coulpe of minutes. I guess our turkish gamer-friends didn't really find something, there are no codes or so, but a lot of "unhappy smileys" lol

the dot line dot is prob a blank, i think it is 4. all of the number have a square root to it

can´t still find it...think i will need a break...go for making me dinner and smoking-come back in 5 minutes

yeah, thanks saintj, was able to make it out, after zooming in about 20times! ;)

does anyone notice the blue otlining on the page with the 2+5

also . is just like multiplying

I'll take a break now, and Maggie, i'll translate some of what they say there when i come back (i speak some turkish)

good luck everyone!!!

this is beginning to be really frustrating, there are too many clues... or too little, depends how you look at it! ;)

I think there's a cross in the first circle on the dotted line picture too

the diamaond has a cirle with a line in it mulitiplied by another circle

could this actually have to do along the lines of geometry???

hi all.
i am from Turkey.and can tell that none Turkish players could get some clue on game yet.

mattmill, I hope not, otherwise I really would be lost... geometry AND maths, god! ;)

Matt I think it's a circle with cross, cross, circle.
The shapes aren't symmetrical but are drawn the same both times they appear. Still don't have a clue how to use it!!

thanks sishyphos! this game is really annoying, what would I give now for a screwdriver....

yeah that the one part of math i lack in, ive been notcing in each page everything either have 0,4,5,8 and could the pic with 25.16.9._.1 and it says three doesnt the 9 look like a g which could mean green

niff, I see the same, but can not think how to use it on anything yet...

this is not funny in any way, to many thing it could be

This comment has been removed by the author.

maybe the diamond is saying cross out the circles which i se how u can get 4 since there 4 shapes left

so i´m back can´t even find the lines:-(

if you look at the flower pots things the edges for the little sign are mirrored, and if you look at the number 5 and 2 they are are mirrored and upsided down of each other

ok i'm back! how's it going? are u as stuck as ever? do u feel like you've wasted a precious hour of your life yet?

anyone find anything new

stuck as ever annerr! ;) are we playing one hour already??? horrible, I think I go do something useful like watching TV! ;)

sorry guys, I give up, this is impossible for me to solve, I hope you have more luck or genius! see you, bye maggie!

me too leithian come back later in the evening to see if there is a new clue...

right! well then hope to see you later!!

hope to see you soon... leithian have a nice evening watching tv;-)

i think the author needs more freaken clues

haha yes! go watch something! it's useless, too, though. i'm just going to cook some wild mushroom soup! woot woot.
you know what, i think I could draw a better game than this! lol

bye Maggie, bye Leithian! I'm off too!

screw this games it sucks crappy author crappy game

see you annerrr

i come back and its still the same...and everyones going off as well:(
will hang around for a while but its about time i went to bed.bye!!

noone has any clue. also other escapers on other sites are stuck at the same point, lets say it better : at the beginning lol...

I'll try but i'm not good in escape games.
Probl. stuck in the same place as you....

good luck amsterdam. i give up, no ideas right now ...

The Code is 9744

I had to decompile it to get the number...

Now if someone can work backwards to get to that number please do, I'd be curious to know how the author came up with this number.

Good work getting the code. I too would like to know where it came from.

wow!!great job in getting the code.i think only the author can tell how this code came and there better be some logic in how it came

wow thats simple then: 9 white squares on the door
5+2 = 7
and in the third view the 4 hashes X2 (written on the wall)

I think that:
door view
3x3=9 (Three and 3)
second view
2+5=7 (from flowerpots)
third view
2 x 4 (2 x four #)

hey then we were so close:-)
1position from door...9 white squeres
3...from picture 4
only position4 was wrong:-(

good work HhAaZz...

funny autors...did you see the underwriting under the smiling?
it said:"I hope you did think out your password yourself"...hahaha!!!

Maybe 4th position:6 sculptures on wall...x2 and from other room /3=4
but i think only the auther knows the correct answer...wich you a nice evening or good night...

here is a hint by GH

"1st you already see that there are 4 numbers for the safe. For the first number, a hint is something to do with the door.
You see an arrow above the door, and there´s nr 1 above the arrow. That means the arrow is pointing to the first number of the safe. You might want to read the blue glasses of the door and you get the first number of the safe.

And you should remember that # = number. If there are 3,4,5,6 #s then those might help you.
#### - might be 4th number of the safe????"

oh... ok... so am i right?i even don´t know...;-)nvm... we are out;-)

i don't understand anything guys
it's tough

Hi guys
the password is 9744

Found it on another site - thanks BigEZman on Freegamesnews.com !

1st number (below the 1) = number of blue squares in the door.

2nd number (under the 2 #) = 2 + 5

3rd number (above the /3)= the missing digit in the pictures

4th number = Number of symbols matching symbol with black dot on it, including orientation. Wall has ‘x2′ on it, so multiply number by 2

Thank you Giuditta, it worked.
Any explanation ?

dear tosca
it is important for you?
Thank you for thanks and good night all.
sorry my bad english

hi first time poster!!!!

H3||0 @||, im gonna give it a shot, hopefully its not to complicating, some of these are more of brain teasers then escape games!!! |0|

anyone on?

anyone else on at the moment?

i thing i know
first,in room one, "1" above door and arrow down mean "first number" of the safe is 9 (9 square blue).
Second,turn right to room 2 and you see "##"above 2 and 5 mean "2nd number" of the safe is 7(2+5)
continuous,turn right to room 3,you see "####" mean this is 4th number:4th number is 6x2=12(6 is number of symbols matching symbol with black dot on it)and turn right to room1 you see /3 mean 12/3="4".So,we finish with 4th number
"Three" on right picture("artwork by three")mean 3rd number and itis "4"in25.16.9._.1(5x5=25,4x4=16,3x3=9,
note:if you confuser about left picture(actually,it is useless,this is a trick to we confuser),turn right to room 2 and see carefully at left above wall ,you will see square contain 2 circle and X between, square is room1 ,2 circle is 2 picture,X is door and left circle has been canceled.

This comment has been removed by the author.

i really know

       Anonymous  2/16/09, 6:26 PM  

Well, Actually, i looked at the numbers beside the door, the 9 is the only thing divisible by 3 that ends up in a whole number.

I guess this is another retread that doesn't work anymore.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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