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Room Marine Escape Walkthrough

Room Marine Escape

[REPLAY] Akarika - Marine Room Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by Akarika. In this game you are locked in a marine room and you need to escape the marine room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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took me 30min to load this game and please use IE to play this game.

hello Shuchun, may I ask why we have to use IE? It was loading for me with Firefox and does not seem to be loading with IE

oh my new game?? please tell me I am not alone here -

oh my new game?? please tell me I am not alone here -

you're not alone here

ok it was started loading but then I tried in IE so I closed my firefox and now I am getting 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. anyone else having any luck?

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i got some problems while i was playing this game by FF. It always jumped to another window when i press the "hand" place.

Hi everyone, let's play!

Service unavailable.....Help
(shoulder shrug)

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works on ie for me now - try launching the game again from the eg24 homepage

       Anonymous  2/13/09, 8:04 PM  

geez! first live game i catch and i can't get to the game! >.<
I'm using IE but i get that 503 problem like sthom

ok well i am going .. come back later and see if the game has loaded - and get good hints from ev1's posts. good luck all

soooooooo close, got homepage screen and tried link, no luck so far.

Hi all
@Shuchun, are u japanese?

       Anonymous  2/13/09, 8:07 PM  

yay! now it works! gotta wait for it to load though.
anyone in yet?

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Still loading.........hm hmn hm hmn

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  2/13/09, 8:11 PM  

wow it does take a long time to load o.o

@Sirima, no, i am a Taiwanese but where i live is quite near japan

a penxs and a paper inside of it but no notion of the code

loading up

a rope and retrado of 2 animals

have found a few things....just not sure what to do with em

Stilling loading...Hope it worth it.

not loading for me

played video tape, got the handle....but i cant get it out of the vase

Got video, pen, paper with color code, hex, diamond and square shapes and picture frame that can be turned over but not opened yet.

finally found another link, but still loading

nevermind....got it!

I found a ribbon but the code does not function

all of you who got in the game what link did you follow?

how do you get the handle from the vase?

found key...got door open....but there is a chain on the door and a key that i cant reach outside

Oh, I'm from Thailand

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antivibe....gotta find a hook

Same link Myrie, took forever to load off EG.

Can't get handle either, pen opens to hexagon shaped "tool" ?

Hello so far have pen, a picture, and a piece of paper with strange code.

where did you find the square shape?


Got string and # sign on top of blue book.

@sirima ,nice country to visit.

Plugged in TV, played tape. Got box order to push on painting, Pushed four boxes, something poped out nad fell in vase on floor.

ahh got it - thanks madhatter

@ Madhatter
Hmm, I think on top of light, it's late here, sorry,

Hex on book
Diamond on fireplace maybe

@ Madhatter, where'd you find key?

handle turned into a key

What's that under couch? Looks like an 8.

anyone found the elusive screwdriver?

Ok.....why can't I get the "handle" out of the vase?

combine string and hook

@ Mad, I would if I had a hook, LOL. Do you know where it is? Also I think the code for the 4 symbol box is on the tape. But I haven't worked it out yet. Too small to read.

This comment has been removed by the author.

making any progress madhatter? i'm still trying to figure out the code on the wall

the hook is in the code box. code is on the videotape. when you look at the video tape---click where the symbols are and you will be able to see em better

flip tape over

antivibe.....no new progress. have no idea what to do with cd (or dvd?)

WOW MH, didn't think to click on it, thx

Sorry MH, what I thought was a square was a paper with color code. Hex and diamond go on safe.

i am stuck
no clue what do to next

c'mon boys....we gotta figure this out

I'm stuck with ya. Needs some keys and screwdriver

i have no idea how to figure out the number code by the fire place

There's a 10 on wall by TV, an 8 under the couch and a W on picture and a # on blue book...... hmmmmm

can't get my puzzle to work. look over and over at hint on TV, but I don't get it. I input x's which disappear and a (o) and nothing. Help please??

OK! it finally started loading for me. You all will probably be done by the time I get to play, so leave lots of hints! :)

chris...pay attention as to what order the dots show up on the tv

you think the image on the videotape means anything? looks like a lit bomb under the paper with 4 colors????

I followed the squares precisely on the picture on the wall according to what I saw on the video and it is like I played tic tac toe.. got nothing out of it though. Did anyone find what to do with the videotape?

you will get circles when you click the correct spots

where are the sqare and triangle?
anyone know?
and where i can use the key?

C'mon Chuck, we need all the help we can get! LOL

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use the video tape with the video player but plug it in first

key is for door

Row 7 column 5 is 1st
Row 2 column 4 is 2nd
and so on...

Finally loaded!

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oh i c, the key is for the door but there is a chain so i cannot out to get the another key.

I think the apples are candles. When you open the lock, the apples can be lit and something will show up on the square with colors...but first you need to unlock the apples....

anyone has a handle for the cabinet under TV?

study the hint on tv and got it. Now the found that hook. anyone???

there is a screw above the cabinet under the tv
but where in the f*** is a screwdriver???

I can't find plug to TV or flip the videotape!

Oh where, oh where is that little hook is??

chris~~box with code

move the tv and then u can see the plug

       Anonymous  2/13/09, 9:30 PM  

Someone please HELLLLP!!!

       Anonymous  2/13/09, 9:30 PM  

code 1301, from nordinho

Now how do I take the handle out of the vase???

4 colored circles on paper

Blue R (missing a foot)
Green W

1822 and 2218 don't work. Any idea's ne1?

Thank you very much!!!

Thanks wv. Wonder how they came up with that.

outside key goes to apples, got wind up key, goes under couch.

I was right abut the apples! I think it's a code for how to turn wind up key....

I am so lost... =(

       Anonymous  2/13/09, 9:39 PM  

Okay, somebody needs to say where to find things!
«Pen»Beside apples
«Color-code paper»Inside pen ("?" button)
«Picture»On fireplace
«Diamond tile»On a book spine
«Hexagon tile»On top of lamp
«Rope»On top of bookcase

Got wire cutters form box under couch!

got seed from blue apple and lit red one in fireplace

Yes! I agree with Strokend!

jackie you mean the brown wood key that fell from the squares on the picture on the wall?
if so you fish it out with the stringed hook.

how do you open the box under couch?

i'm OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks all

I can't get string onto hook... =(

So does anyone know why 1301 is the code? Also, did anyone else "eat" the blue apple?

       Anonymous  2/13/09, 9:46 PM  

I've been clicking like CRAZY to try to find anything new, but I can't get any more objects than what I've said!

sorry im so behind but can someone tell me where the video tape is. im so dumb today.

use the spring
right, left, left, right, left, right, and right

Alright, seed from blue apple goes to fish to get triangle.

video is on the bookshelf
i can't remember which one so i should click the book one by one

       Anonymous  2/13/09, 9:48 PM  

Terri, you're no idiot, at least, if you are, you're not alone... I can't find it anywhere!! I'm surprised nobody's said yet...

oh yes i am i was clicking madly if i had of slowed down i would have embaressed. silly me thankyou sirima

jackie open your string from the inventory then open the hook and click your string.

i try making the walkthrough bu tmy english is not good enough

why is there a number sign above the bookcase?

I must be missing something. I still can't open the box under the couch. I turned the key like you said and nothing. :(

Picture on tape looks like color paper with lit apple underneath.

How do you open the sting? You mean unravel it? I suck.

Nevermind I had to use the candle on the paper first.

Not having much luck with key under the couch.

use the red apple on the paper and see the curve, it show how to wind up.
sorry for my english

POP! I had to light paper too!


Get hook and snag key from outside door. Open apple holder.

Eat blue apple. Seed from blue apple goes into fish eye. Fish fin goes down, you get...circle I think.

Set red apple on fire from fire place. Hold up to paper with colored circles. Also in apple bucket is a key. Use key under couch. Twist as shown on color paper. Get square and snipers.

You can open safe now. Stuff including pull from under TV. Open shelf under TV, get bucket. Bucket goes over fish. I'm trying to see what the blue disk means. It has fish, seed and bucket...water next.

Of! And a ten cent piece to open back of picture! Lots of stuff there as well....another key (to window, I think), and some sort of card with gmae on the back. Lots of stuff once you get past getting the hook.

Haven't figured out what snipers does....

Snipers cut hinge on bowl where apples were

On container for apples, (after opened) snipers cut the top from the container. Can fill top with water from the rain outside the window. Put water in bucket over fish. Seed from fish eye falls out.

anyone figure out the ID and password?

use a bowl of water on the fireplace
use the long stick on it, u will get the screwdriver
then connect it with the pen to unscrew the screw on the cabinet under tv
u'll see the cd player, insert the cd and play it, u see the way out

jackie, on your inventory click the little question mark next to the item, the string, it opens the box bigger so you can click at it. so when it is bigger for you to click it go to the hook and click on it then click your string it should come together on its own..

Where did you find the handle for the tv cabinet?

Darn you server problems! I can't get in the room!!!

Fill the bowl up again, put out fire, use poker and find screwdriver

im an idiot....cant figure out how to solve the cd puzzle

I mean.... than open pen it makes screwdriver

Oh I totally missed the key behind the picture frame. Duh! Now I'm getting places. I just gotta figure out the computer puzzle now.

Is there an alternative link we can use? I keep getting an error page.

That's where I'm at too.

W on picture
Bird symbol on floor under couch
Cross under poker
# sign on blue book
apple in bowl?

What's the leaf from, did we grow a plant in fish bowl? lol

keep refreshing takes forever to load.

my bird symbol is where i got window key on back of photo

and is red

Thanks Terri, my bad. You're right

Wait... This whole time I thought the poker was the hook! Oh geez... I need the code for the box to get hook! I'm so stupid!

So, does it have anything to do with the color circle on the paper? I suck at puzzles.

I think there is something wrong with the Akarika server.

Myrie said something about finding an alternative link. I would really love to have that link! :)

i no good either. i gotta go get dinner. goodluck with it and thanx all for your help.

im clueless on the damn cd puzzle

AARGH! I think I was almost done, and refreshed the wrong page. I guess I will finish this game tomorrow. I'm going to bed!

Hi all. Can you please tell me where did you find the handle for the closet under tv? Thank you

what I did was click the words on this game, I think room fake and the other highlighted words on the description of this game. when it took me to those site I highlighted the website it gives you, the akarino one or something and it actually loaded me on.
oh yeah the site has all three games from this maker and so I chose marine room.. that was it. it took ages to load as well. let me do it again to remember better okay.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Geez, it finally showed up, now I have to wait for it to load!

This takes way too long.

The handle is outside the window. Near the bottom right.



So how it everyone tonight or this morning? :)

yes, I did that I click the room fake, then the alternate link,
then copied the little website it gives you the one I typed above then pasted it on the address bar and that is it. I got to marine room

Handle is in window sill I think

Thank you Serran, but apparently i lost something in between... how do you open the window? where did you find the key?

damn i've been playing this game for 3 hours - can't figure cd puzzle

The key is in the picture frame. You need the coin to open it.

Good Cat, but frustrated with last puzzle, making no progress. It's almost 2am here in Florida, May have to save and finish tomorrow.

Catalyst so you got in the normal way? it is working now..
yup super long wait to load up.

I can't figure out the CD puzzle either. I just keep staring at it with no idea what to do.

after you finish the puzzle...is that really the end???

:) Thank you very much Serran. I took the picture off the frame and forgot to check the frame again...

Thanks for posting all your comments guys, I could NOT have made it any further without that comment about the code by the fireplace (1301) P.S. still would like to know how they came up with that one.

If you look behind that card with the two animals that you got from the picture frame, you'll see that they've demonstrated that like symbols need to be joined to like symbols (triangle to triangle, square to square..etc) and that you need to use ALL the boxes to create your pathway as the left diagram will show you. There's a blue X on the right diagram, I'm thinking, to make sure you understand that ALL boxes must be used. Ok, now going to computer game -- the symbols don't appear to be the same BUT colorwise, they are!! BLUE # sign (found on the book) should be matched to the BLUE apple with the bite, RED eagle matched to the red cross thingy and GREEN W to the green leaf. All the pictures can be found somewhere in the room except for the leaf cause I'm assuming the author will assume we will know that leaves are green. eh? I'm just having trouble now trying to find a path from like color object to like color object utilizing ALL boxes!! any suggestions? am I off base here?? This is how I "think" this is solved but I'm not sure - just my guess..

MH did you figure out the cd puzzle? Please share......

after you leave, you can go right back into the game

Did you finish the puzzle? Please do share :)

w and leaf
# and cross
bird and apple
i've connected each pair using all squares but nothing?????

read aolele's post. it's trial and error

when you complete the puzzle, a movie will show up

absolutely cannot flip the videotape over. What am I doing wrong?

thanks i'll keep trying

Thanks Myrie.

Yeha, now that's it's loaded, I can finally play!


yipee yipee! I can move on with my life now!! LOL

I was right!

The puzzle will turn into a video showing you an exit.

I left BUT I didn't solve all the mysteries????!!!! (the fish with the seed in the water bowl, the secret file above the game??!) sigh

that's for another time I guess

sheesh i'm finally out - that was brutal

you can go back into the game
click the lil pick of the anchor in the left bottom corner of your Congratulations screen. then click under all the writing

I finally got it! The color clue helped!
I am out!

thanks everyone for the help

whoever left---the game isnt over! i found a battery!

I never opened the door above the window. Hmm...

Hey where did you find the battery? I've click everywhere, as far as I'm concern there's nothing more....help

Where is it MH?

Trish, it doesn't flip

look on the stairs for a clue.
first-- look at them from the side

i found dirt!

madhatter, where in the game are you?

What stairs are you talking about MH?

after you figure out the cd puzzle....you see a movie that shows you a staircase opening over the fireplace

i cut the wire on the grate but didn't get anything

found battery under couch
used battery
got a time...not sure what to do with the time though

Woohoo! I got the battery

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  2/13/09, 11:06 PM  

CD puzzle: If you open up the picture frame, you'll find that you can remove the picture... Look at the picture. "Kiro and Shiro." Cute. Turn it over, and, hey, whats this?
The upper-left diagram shows you it works if you have all tiles filled. The lower right shows it doesn't if they aren't. The middle one says that pictures match based on color.
...Hmm, you saw that line with dots when you took the poker, remember it's color? If not, check it again. But, the bird? Check where you got the key from the picture frame. A "W" appeared when you solved the square-puzzle, check it's color. A leaf is green, right? That leaves the two more. Fill in the remaining spaces to connect them.

after you cut the wire on grate:
go back to cd game and rewind the video, so it looks like the staircase is closed. then go to the staircase and you will find something

MH --

You're farther than me.. I found..3:07!! What does that mean??! Did you clip that black cord on your way out on the ground??

i haven't figured out what 3:07 means yet

read my post to antivibe (@8:07) to find out what to do after you clip the wire on the grate

thanks madhatter - i'm starting to grow a plant now

AAAUUUGH I Hate this puzzle

I got the light shining and have a plant growing. Where do I use the battery though?

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