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Deducting Deductions 2 Walkthrough

Deducting Deductions 2

Deducting Deductions 2 - The Case of the Dead Knight is the second part of Deducting Deductions 1 point and click type adventure game In this game you must solve the Murder of Sir Duncan McNile and return to Scotland Yard to report it to Chief Winkler. Good luck and have fun!

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what a nice day :)

Yes it's a nice day but I dont know nice english. Bye.

Good Morning

i've found the way, where the killer came in, and the poison, but can't do anything more

Let's play . hee haa.!

All I have been able to do is talk to a few people so far

via...where u hv found the poison ?

ok found the broken window and the poison..mmmm..not sure I am awake enough to do any logical thinking..hehehe

nvm...found it :-)

listen to barman, find secret passage and poison, that's enough to solve it!

too easy

secret passage and poison?????

@ jitta ... that's what I did.. but ... I can't solve...

Secret passage... look candle somewhere (I don't say too much ... lol).

@gre-nadine, who could have a grudge? What's his/her profession?

that' all? i hope it will take longer...
thanks Megi!

Plzzzzzzzzzzzz... help..!! i am not getting the ans. of the ques.below...
And How would've he gotten in the manor?

@ Jitta... Yeah. Maybe I was looking for something more difficult.. ...
Anyway.. when I wrote : Secret passage in the answer.. I was suddenly dropped in the tavern... Strange but surely a bug.. or a stupid thing I did.

Thanks for help.

@gamegal: the couse is revenge, and the next answer is outhouse

Thanks via.

@via....thnx....i was typing secretpassage/passage but nvr thought of out house ...lol
case Solved...!!

Goodmorning every one. Here it rains; so time for escaping ;p

you're welcome :) when you walked outside on the secret passage it said something about it, and there the word "outhouse" was underlined.

I cant do nothing in this game. Only go in room witg picrure of queen, find nothing please help

...and....out! easy but fun.

who the killer

cool love a good murder mystery?

1)Who was it?
henry dire

2)The case of death being what?
Polonium (left side of the lamp)

3)The motive being what?

4)And how would’ve he gotten in the manor?

anyone have a walk through!!!!!????

everyone thx for the info. coudnt have won without some help! :)

Go to Chief Winkler and give following answers for his question
1. henry dire
2. choose the white poison bottle
3. outhouse

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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