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September 22, 2017

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Neptune Escape Walkthrough

Neptune Escape

[REPLAY] TerminalHouse - Neptune Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gump for Terminal House. In this game, you try to search around the room to find items, clues, hints and solve puzzles in order to escape the neptune room. Good luck and have fun!

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Neptune Walkthrough


good morning gla all

next live game, let`s play))

slow loading

yeah , live game !!

or not... seems to be buggy

almost there

scroll down page to box. still loading!

carotcuite, refresh the site and the game will load.

hi all

found plug and a key looking for that dreaded screwdriver

Use IE to play this game, loading quick on IE for me

still loading! grrr

Not loading for me On IE either...wht i can see is only Big White screen...

I cant play: STU!!!

hope there's some math people in here lol

too bad...still loading....

i'm in. Found key and plug, put plug in box in first scene, opened "vent" with key, found paper and box. Craked the five number code and found other plug and bottle.

code is
74631 (must be25 in each row)

Oh no!! I cant start game and I read a code yet!!

I filled the box with the liquid from the bottle and put it in the "tank", pressed the button but nothing happened. I'm probably missing something but i don't know what. Kinda stuck here.

the game works on FF, i just clicked on the "play this game" link again. First time gave a blank page where i needed to scroll down.

Yes, game works on FF too now :lol

i'm guessing the weird shapes shone by the card symbols are shattered numbers, giving us the code for the four code number, the order being on that sheet of paper.

Megi you still here ? cos i'm feeling lonely !

trying to get in too

found it !! (3528)

Ok. My game is loading from right to left.

carotcuite I must go, sorry,It's my dinner time, see You

out... sorry for those who aren't in...

i cant load

bon appetit Megi, found my way out all by my self (it's my first time ever !! well i'm not counting the minoto games)

Oh, goodness! Is anyone still playing?

@carotcuite, have I caught a live one?!

ooo live game... will try to catch up

@cecepons! Hello! I am sooo glad to be on something else than Paradoxon!!!

I'm still loading, but even the loading screen is a blessing for my poor brain!

I went to another room but end

i'm sticking around if anyone needs help but it's pretty straight foward. The codes are allready there

game wont load.. oh well try again later gl e1

neptune complete. no.

Neptune complete. No. 399
and now?


I have put the code in and made the tank work but now im stuck?

While it loads, does anyone know how much it takes for a game we post to be published?


Still loading...

Is anyone there to help, please?

Its ok. Ive done it & im out

I'm here but I'm not very proficient in english

Feline, mine is still loading as well... r u using IE?

tim do you have hammer ? then once the tnak goes all electric, take the box out and hit it with the hammer twice

OK, I'm loaded! Have a key, a note with cards symbols (clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds - I forgot what they are called altogether) and numbers and some cube.

still loading... :/ think i'll have to come back later

Liela, yes I'm using IE.

3 7 # 2 6
3 3 9 7 3
3 # 5 7 7
11# # # 3
4 9 # 2 6

please can anyone tell me the missing numbers?

Is this game at least worth waiting for...?

Kind of stuck here, trying to figure out 5 digit code. I think it's different for everyone, for the posted code doesn't work for me.

same here feline

Kartoffel, I think all lines and columns must add 25, but my numbers are different, so you'll have to figure yours (you don't want me to do it for you, do you? I have my own to work out! Ahhh!).

GOOD GAME...i AM oUT....YAY..!!!!

Just got here.... gonna try and catch up.

anyone still playing?

Lol! I think we'll have to go through the game without much help from the previous comments...

Kartoffel are you sure the numbers you gave us are write because the first collum adds up to 24 and the last to 25, they should both add up to 25

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 5:50 AM  

Easy one ..out without hints and No.441 complete

feline where are you stuck ?

Just arrived

Kartoffel, that's it, add to 25. Opened the 5 digit safe, got another plug for the box next to green thing and a vial. Opened the vial and poured the liquid in the cube from vent (the one opened with key from pillow). I'm not sure I was supposed to...

carotcuite, oh the first number is 4!

sorry about that. i hope you can help me ;-)

@carotcuite, I don't know what to do with clubs cube...

I have a question: how did we get the four-digit code? A can't see the logic of the 3528...

Feline Ok you need to figure out the four digit code to carry on.

Via, you need to look at the shattered things around the room that are associated to card symbols. They are actually numbers split up, thats were the 3528 came from but yours might be different

Oh, thanks :)

Kartoffel, I guess your missing numbers are:
3 1 7

Kartoffel :

4 7 6 2 6
3 3 9 7 3
3 3 5 7 7
11 3 1 7 3
4 9 4 2 6

so the missing numbers are 6, 3, 3, 1, 7, 4

ok then, you beat me at it feline !

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 6:06 AM  

carotcuite , how did you opened "vent" with key, and Which "vent" - red??

OK, I did an anagram thing on the 4 digit code posted and it worked out! Found other vial and key, which I used on another vent and got a... toy hammer?

Lol, @carotcuite! It's in the genes! My father is very good with numbers! (Though I really hate Maths!)

OK, so now I've made the dummy thing and placed it, but... now what?

Oh! Power of posting! I had totally forgotten about that lever!

feline that dousn't works, but i made a sreenshot.

marsiko i can't remember where i found the key but the vent i'm talking about is the door at the bottom next to the vents on the left hand side.

Feline, I hate maths but i'm also good at them (well the basics anyway)

Ah, ha, ha! I got a "No. undefined"!!! Lol! I guess I'm an alien, then!

Kartoffel, I gave the numbers as you posted them, in that order. You have to associate numbers and symbols. Use the order of symbols (that stood in numbers places) to make your code.

Yes, @carotcuite, I'm like you when it comes to maths. There's a saying here that goes like this: "necessity is the mother of invention". Just using brains when they are needed! Lol!

so your code isn't 63734 kartoffel. I look closer

Kartoffel, have you understood me? About the numbers and symbols?

i got exactly thi combination carotcuite but no luck.

no feline, i have no idea and i'm totally stuck.

Yes, Kartoffel, @carotcuite is right about your code.

I really don't know what to say, Kartoffel. That mus be the 5 digit code... Try checking all things around you. Maybe that's the problem. Have you found the first yellow plug yet?

Ok.. am out.

"Neptune complete. No!"

did I miss something?
or does it mean there is a part two to come?

I liked this game.. should have been a little longer.

I'm sorry kartoffel, but i'm counting again and feline and i have the right numbers so either your doing something wrong, either the game is buggy

Kartoffel, I have an idea. Replace your 4 for a 1. Try 63731.

ohh! i'm so stupid hahahaha! i tiped this code into the wrong panel with 4 digits :-D

thank you caro and feline ;-)

@ Carib Beano you should have a number given out to you. But i don't think there's another part

okay. my game has finally loaded, but now i can only see a black screen with a red shoe dangling from some kind of plant. is this a bug maybe?

I think now @carotcuite and I are going to kiss our school diplomas!

Liela, don't you see the pink haired girl yet?

My numbers are as follows
4 11 3 3 4
9 3 3 3 7
4 1 5 9 6
2 7 7 7 2
6 3 7 3 6

Now what???

I didn't have a number either! It said "No. undefined". Lol! I'm an alien!

nope. just the shoe. nothing else... :(

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 6:30 AM  

out no.508

ISUPhPsi1052, Associate number with symbols (that stood as wild cards for numbers) and make a 5 digit code following the order of symbols (but writing down numbers).

Liela, try refreshing the page.

feline my diploma turns out to be a really good kisser !!
I'm guessing they didn't think more than 500 people would solve their game !

ISUPhiPsi1052 replace the shapes on the right by the numbers they correspond to and there's your code !

Kartoffel, how are things going?

ive done that about a hundred times already, feline. reloading it now. hopefully the girl will appear this time

Lol, @carotcuite! And you explained things much better than I! Ha, ha! Good one!

Liela, their web site is buggy, i'm trying to play other games and they're all stuck

Liela, I don't know about yor computer and IE, but when I refresh a page, it starts from where it stopped, not from the beggining, so I refresh a lot! Whenever it gets stuck!

i am finally inside!! whoohoo! =D

Liela, I'm getting a "Service temporarily unavailable" now, so...

Way to go, Liela! We'll help the best way we can!

out. complete as nr. 527.What does that mean? that was all? short and nice game!

I think Kartoffel is out and didn't even come to say goodbye... Sniff, sniff...

mine 5- digit was 63734.
4-digit was 3285.
i think its not same for every one.

Got it thanks...

feline, no i'm not out but i say thank you. i'm not sure what to do with the hammer.

well so far ive opened up the 5digit box...

I cant get it to load? it is saying unavailable!

How do you work out the numbers associated with the card suites? I see the shapes around the room, but don't see any numbers with them...

Kartoffel, have you activated the green machine yet? Pour the two vial in the cube thing you got from first vent and put it in the green machine. Activate it, then get the cube back and break it.

oh i must crack the box.

thank you again feline you are my personal hero ;-)

ISUPhiPsi1052 the shapes are the numbers, just assemble them together

ISUPhiPsi1052, I kind of leeched the numbers from a post and played it as an anagram and it worked. (3528)

Lol, Kartoffel! But I'm more of a vilain... Wa-ha-ha!

Out.Neptune Complete,but i have no number.What does this means?

ISUPhiPsi1052, my number was 8532, I guess.

@ber1707, I think you are an alien, like me! Ha, ha! Aliens are not allowed to be given numbers on this planet...

My numbers were 36713 and 8352

Seriously, @ber1707, their site is buggy.

@feline,it seems!! So where are you from?

I mean,i'm almost an alien,i'm from Belgium!!

@carotcuite, do you konw how long it takes for a posted game to be published here?

@ber1707, I think I'm really from another planet! No, seriously, I'm from Brazil. Kind of plain and simple city liver.

Neptune complete. No. 567. Haha, after all this waiting i can't believe i got out so quickly! nice game...

It's funny because the GMT has a 5 hour difference, so it's 11:00h here!

Ok Thx Feline. Have to go,see you later,maybe in another live game .Bye

Way to go, Liela! Congrats!

Bye, @ber1707! You're welcome!

@feline here it's (obviously) 16:00h lol

Ok worked out the 4-digit, poured the second thing of liquid into the cube, pressed button, device activated. Now what....

Ha, ha! You're about to have dinner and I'm about to have lunch! Lol!

Smash the box with hammer to get liitle figurine...

ISUPhiPsi1052, have you found the hammer? Break that cube!

Arghhhh. Missed the 2nd key where the 2nd liquid was. Out...

Thanks for your all help!!!

feline, no i don't know how long it takes. Why ? Did post a game ? I posted one once, never went through...

Ps i'm from France

@carotcuite, I've posted two games today! Once ago I posted one and it didn't come out because it was already posted here, but this time I checked and didn't find the games, so I posted them. I'm anxious!

are they good games ? cos we could do with those !

Yes, I think they're good. And they are short, too, so...

ISUPhiPsi1052, you're welcome!

And I'm about to post a third one!

i'll give it a go.

See u guys later
By feline, nice talking to u

well first looks good but i can't figure ou what to do.

Can you just give me the instructions ?

Same here, @carotcuite! See you!

power of posting, got it !

@carotcuite, the fluffy thing?

@carotcuite, still here?

Nice game.
I've found a hammer. Thanks a lot, Carotcuite, I didn't know where to use it.

How do I assemble the broken numbers?! I can't tell if it's supposed to be a 3 or an 8 or a 6! And 3528 didn't work, so the code is obviously different for everyone.

qute game! and i even managed to figure it out on my own for once :) so if anyone wants some help, let me know. i'll be sitting here feeling smug for a little while ;)

I can't find the bottom plug! I looked EVERYWHERE!!!

check the bed, tb tabby

Okay, I found it. And I KNOW I clicked there before, I don't know why it didn't work.

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 12:50 PM  

TB Tabby

The order of the numbers is on the sheet of paper.

But i dont find the hammer! can anybody give me a hint?

At end I get play it. Very good, short and easy game. Out myself without help.

cool for the very first time I did it all by myself like a woman

Thanks for the hints no problems

I feel so dumb, I thought I missed the real ending because the final screen said "Neptune Complete: No.". I didn't realize it wasn't showing the number...!

Need a walthrough for this one please.

Neptune Complete # 9006. My first 5 digit code was 36713 and my 4 digit code was 8352. Pretty easy game.

WALKTHROUGH by miketron

Note the heart inscribed on the wall. If you click the top of the screen you'll look at the ceiling. The shapes can be put together to make a number.

Back up to the first screen, then hang a left to look at the bed. You can zoom in where the foot of the bed meets the wall, and there's a plug you need to grab. Zoom back out.

Click the pillow to lift it, and grab the key underneath.

Turn left twice. On the bottom of the door you'll see another broken number. Zoom in, note the spade below, and piece them together. 8

You can zoom in below the gray box on the left, so do that. There's a keyhole on the left witch unlocks the panel. Unlock, open, and retrieve the note and companion cube. Zoom back out and head for the bed again.

Zoom on the note in your inventory (double click) and click it to open it. Note the five square symbols on the top right, and that all of them are on the grid to the left. The grid's a magic square, and you can deduce what the symbols stand for. I think this changes every game. Figure out the code and close the note.

This code opens the gray keypad box in front of you, so open it, grab the second plug and the bottle, and note the diamond on the box and the broken number. 3

This code opens the gray keypad box in front of you, so open it, grab the second plug and the bottle, and note the diamond on the box and the broken number. 2

Take another look at the note. In the bottom right are all the suits we've seen. Replace those with the numbers associated to get the second code. I think the order changes. Zoom out.

Use the second code to open the second keypad box. Pick up the second key and bottle. Zoom out.

Turn right twice. In the bottom you can zoom in and open another panel with the new key. Do so and grab the mallet. Zoom out and turn right twice.

Now open both bottles by zooming in and clicking the lids. Zoom in on the cube, select the bottles, and dump them both in the hole on top of the cube. Zoom back out.

Zoom in on the gray box and open it. Insert both plugs. Zoom out

Zoom in on the green trash can thing. Click the top to open it. Put the cube in, close it, and hit the switch. Let it go crazy, then open it back and get your cube.

Zoom in on your cube, then smack it with the mallet. This should crack it open and give you a little orange dude. Zoom out all the way and turn right twice.

Open the box beside the door and put the little dude inside. Zoom out and turn right.

Open the gray box and throw the switch.


       Anonymous  4/1/09, 9:17 PM  

My numbers are like this...

4 11 3 3 4
9 # # 3 7
# # 5 9 #
2 # 7 7 2
6 3 7 3 6


Thanks for the walkthrough! ^_^


yeah..lets start

without walktrough!!!!....proud again

Wow, and out....No. 16967 complete. TeeHee

cant work out code 4 second box what number is the heart?

Okay, I get the whole symbols and numbers relating to cards, spade and heart and stuff..but..what ARE the numbers? And where?

All I see are squiggles and lines. The one looks like it COULD be an eight..or a zero..or a three..or a six..or any other number, for that matter. You can arrange a line in a googleplex of ways.

Or, maybe someone could tell me how it ends since it's so impossible and I won't be completing it anytime soon.

Meh. I give up. I finally figured out a few of the numbers..but.. I only have 865.

And guess and check didn't work so I suppose it's a glitch or just a demo..

Okay. Power of posting. Finally. I got the last number.

Scratch that. It still doesn't work. No results.

Anyone else having problems?

I finally got it.
The magic square number changes every time, but the numbers always tend to be 4,7,3,1, or 6.

The four-digit number.
Spade-..Eight? I think..?
Diamond-I don't know how the hell that works, but apparently it's a three.
Heart-Let's say five.

The numbers are hard to figure out.

       Anonymous  9/16/09, 2:32 AM  


       Anonymous  9/16/09, 2:38 AM  

The ending:


In the end the girl from the previous game, Uranus, pulls down the blue lever and it opens another door, filled with vines, and quickly fades to black and shows credits. I bet the sequel will be called Pluto.


OMG i completed.Neptune complete # 10944

Stupid. Especially the garbled numbers. What were they thinking?

I'm really glad EG24 is replaying these games - they are really fantastic games!

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