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Escape from Serial Killer

Escape from the Serial Killer is another new point and click type room escape game by 123bee.com You are locked in a room by a serial killer and he plans to kill you in a different way. Before he starts to execute the plan, he decides to give you a chance to save your life. He has in the process kept some hints to escape from the room. Use your clever mind and perform the needed action to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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123 Go

Got a screwdriver, but can't use it.

Hi There! OMG, another torture..!!

ei who play whit the lights :)

go for it.. got your back

rambler where is screwdriver? we need something more, the screws is diferent

Hope we cant sort those lights out during the game.....driving me nuts already, lol

everything is scewed so a screwdriver would come in handy , where did you find it ramber10?

Screwdriver, zoom in twice to bath, it's at the bottom.

meant screwed

Owwww, my eyes! The flickering lights are really headache making!

where exactly to click for second zoom?

Hi everyone. !st time posting and in a live

lol saintj

Two screwdrivers found.

I can't seem to use the screwdriver anywhere.

@ j@de, at the bottom right foot.

got it click on the wall far left corner of the bathtub

Where did you get the 2nd one Hannah?

lol ramber10 so there are 2 screwdrivers

Got the green and pink screwdrivers.

You get the pink from the sink when you use the green screwdriver on it.

good morning all what exactly we do with the screwdriver.

I knew that the fact that we found the damn SD first it meant trouble. Did u use it?

got a third one and it's lovely purple

Ah yeah! Still live?

Hmm, it won't let me use the SD on the sink.

Hey, I've got a red one. How many are there?

I only got a red one, have'nt found out yet where to use it. Pink one ?????

ive got green and pink, where is the third?

woo live game!!

Where's the green one?

third is red bottom bathtub right foot

ok, I can see the pink SD, but my red one doesnt fit.....

this is not for me, i need my eyes

@ramber10 check comment 18

Did you use the SD swh? I have a red one

Have six screwdrivers so far. Still looking for more.

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 7:10 AM  

hi all...cant figure out where to use one from sink...feel like i tried everywhere..

Rambler - two screwdrivers near the bath, one in the sink. No doubt, more to be found!

yeah new game is this still live?

so far 3 SD:
1 red one right bathtub foot
2 green one far left corner of bathtub
3 use green one on sink and you get pink SD (I think it's purple but everyone else said it was pink so go for pink)

have pink, green, red

How do u get the purple? I found it but can't get it

Thanks j@de

secret panel right of sink with yellow screwdriver

i found a yellow one..t I think..behind the sink

Ok, Where to use the red SD, and if i need another-one first where is it??????
All screws dont like my red-one :O(

i can't seem to find the green one...

Oh no! it's a 123bee game! run before you're trapped for 3 hours. ruuuuuun!

Thanks j@de!!!

you're welcom rambler10 and sorry for mistyping your nickname, anyone found where to use red or pink SD?

scratch that :)

found the orange one, too

wow found blue SD, click on the floor square behind the one on the right side of wood box, where's yellow one?

now stuck

I'm with you Dani ....On the other hand...its a 123game...lets bet on who finds the first bug, lol

Saintj we're at the same position. My red SD won't fit anywhere

you're welcome saintj

OMG i'm sucking at this

got a brown one by using the yellow

used blue SD on the box, star shaped screws


ha ha... got green orange red purple... yellow is behind the sink!

Yeah, got a blue one on the floor next to the wooden box. Still can't use red. Pleeeease!!!!

hai great players

figured out where the red one gets used - on the box

New Game Yipee and live too :)

found a use for the red one!

@ j@de: sorry, to bother you again...but I cant find the green SD, did you really mean the left site???

yes saintj but click on the wall next left corner, not on the bathtub itself

Quess I'm a complete idiot. neither works for me

If you zoom in on the box and then click the floor to the right of it, the box will change views and that will expose more screws.

Okay, I've got red, green, blue, yellow, orange and black SD's. Most of the screws are off the box. Anyone got more?

if u click 2 the side of box it turns great more screws

I've got all teh screwdrivers and unscrewed the box but can't get it open!!!

!!!!!!!THANK YOU j@de!!!!!!!! Now lets get it on.......

cool used blue one on wall and now got a black one

Oh, and the pink/purple one.

I got 11 screwdrivers now just need exit.

just found a hidden screwed panel on the right wall

Sebastien, is that 11 SD's?

Yesssss, the blue one on the tile above the bath tub. Gives a black one.

Where is the orange SD, please?

yes. the last one is in the brown box.

turn around the box to see all screws

found a dark orange sd...

can't find the exit

where to use the black one?

Does anyone know how to open the box? I've taken all the screws out but can't get it all open - and I'm about to go blind from that damned bulb

Allright, got 10 now.

so far used red, green, purpink (fair for everyone) blue, yellow, still didn't figure out where to use black and orange

and i can't get the yellow one from behind the sink. Do you need to zoom in first and then click behind it?

The purple for the sqare ones on the box

I have cut a hole in the ceiling but I can't figure out how to get out. are there more screws? i can't tell because of the flashing lights!!!

the green for the straight ones

Only 2 screws left on box, none of my 10 will relaease them.

Alimax: First click on the sink to zoom in, then click just on the right hand side of the tap, and it will zoom in again on a secret panel. Click it and it will open and ta da... there's your scrwedriver!

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 7:30 AM  

and out...finally

Red for the Y ones

NM figured it out- I'm out!!

Cut hole in ceiling still cant get out.

use the same tool you used to cut the ceiling to unscrew the screws in the ceiling

NVM box open now. What to do with final SD?

what SD unscrews 2dotted screws?

You are my hero Leia!

ok a walkthrough would be very welcome now, cause I'm getting a bit crazy with all the colors and screws and lights..

Aha, Dramatic Effort!!!!

ive found all the sds just need the exit anybody found it?

Finally out!

how many screws are in the ceiling??

No problem Alimax :)
Now I just need help how to open this box... bashed it everywhere with every screwdriver... And I think I will now be seeing flashing lights for another week

Make sure you expand the ceiling hole to get all the screws.

how do you gey out the hole in the ceiling?

I still only have 6 screwdrivers (red, green, blue, yellow, pink, black). Haven't been able to find the orange one...where do I find that please?

Still lots of screws on my box I can't seem to undo with any of the ones I have, plus the drain cover and the screwed panel on the right wall.

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 7:38 AM  

wooohooo out!!!!

Kiri, just keep screwing around :)

Well i'm officially not awake yet today i suppose. I cant' seem to get any of the screws out of the top of the box. I have ten SDs.

still missing the last SD for the hexagonal screws on box

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 7:40 AM  

where is orange SD

woo! out! didn't realize the ceiling needed to be expanded... thanks for the help everyone!

Aha problem solved, I'm an idiot and apparently clicking solidly for five minutes didn't reveal the only side left with screws still on. Out!

which colour for the drain cover?

@kiri use yellow SD on panel in left wall to get orange SD

and out!! the lights were diving me nuts!

@Maria brown one, 5dark orange for others)

i meant driving me nuts

would you please hint me for the 11th SD

Does anyone remember which colors to use on the top of the box?

Someone pleeeease?

I think its the brown/dark orange one maria.

maria check comment 127

alimax i think it was red and cant remember the other colour you need to turn the box round first

thanks jade. but I don't have the brown and the orange doesn't fit the rest on the box. what am I doing wrong?

please answer comment 130 this is so frustrating

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 7:46 AM  

where is everyone finding the brown SD i can't find it

I have all the seven ones in order from red to black

The top of the box anyone know which colors to use? I used the red one for the Y screws. It doesn't work with any of ones on the top.

Thanks for your helps everyone :o) I now have all 11 screwdrivers and have made a hole in the ceiling...but I can't see any screws there (the flickering lights really are not helping!), so I am still stuck for now! Lol

My eyes. I need a doc ASAP

And i only have ten SDs, am i missing one or is the 11th one in the box?

orange goes on secret panel on right wall, you can zoom somewhere under mirror to the left.. I think

ok Alimax, so which SD opens the hexagonal screws?

Where do I find the Y shaped screwdriver Please?

I don't remember which color for the top of the box. Just trial and error with the 10 screwdrivers you should have at that point.

I will never ask for SD in a game again.

cool yellow SD for hexagonal screws ffeeeeewwwwwww, that's a relief

I don't remember, but I think i'm going to restart.

Alimax...yes, the 11th is on the wooden box.

11th is in box.

In, rather...IN the wooden box! Lol

finally out

Still can't get out the ceiling, find any screws there, or remove any more panels :o(

candice red one is for Y screws

Use the 11th screwdriver (green?) to remove more panels and unscrew the 4 screws in the corners. When light flashes brightest you can see the screws.

@kiri yes remove more panels till you see 4 screws

I'm off. Thanks all 4 your help. Got to go to work.

I have 9 screwdrivers the only one left on the box
are the Y screws and I can't find the screwdriver anywhere.

I'll see u all some other time. Bye!!!

candice: You need the red SD/on the leg of bathtub

the red is for Y screws

Candice, did you get the screwdriver from the floor right side of box and slightly above it?

Thanks Athena and j@de...never could see the screws in the ceiling, but just aimed that last screwdriver at the corners and finally got out!

Thanks 4 all your help, see you later..., lol

Candice, ignore that. They Y one is located at the right front foot of tub.

stuck with screwdrivers.
Can't open floor and right wall panel, don't have the + screwdriver. What color is that and where is it?

I found the one on the bottom of the bathtub leg thank you.

that was supposed to be stuck with 6 screwdrivers

This comment has been removed by the author.

red sd bottom right of bath double click to get it,green sd click back of bath near top,yellow sd zoom in on sink and click to the right,use green sd on sink and get purple sd,use yellow sd on bath get orange sd,click on right wall 2 across tne 2 up to get seceret panel use orange sd ang get brown sd,use brown sd on drain on floor get pink sd,click to right of box get blue sd use this on panel on left of wall and get black sd,use pink on floor panel and get turquoise sd,click on box green sd takes of the 1st 2 top screws,yellow takes bottom 2,click to right of box it turns then use brown sd on top screws then pink on bottom 2 click to right of box again use turquoise on top 2 then red on bottom 2 click to right again use purple on left 2 then black on right 2 click middle top of box to see other screws then use blue on top 2 and orang on bottom 2. take the green sd with knife on it click the ceiling use green sd to cut ceiling make sure you open it all up, should be 3 across and 2 up then use the green sd again to open screws then click and your out

I'm stuck : I have opened all the sides of the box... except one : I can't open the side where there are cross shaped screws and triangle (I mean something that looks a little like the Mercedes symbol) shaped screws.
I have 7 screwdrivers : green - blue - yellow - red - purple - black - brown - pink.

Can someone tell me where I can find the Orange screw driver?

autumn in fall orange is in bath use yellow sd to get it

on my walkthrough about ceiling when i said to open it up its 3 across and up thats how much you need to cut not where you need to click sorry only second time doing walkthrough :)

I've found the light blue sd...

... But there are still 2 screws that I can't remove from the box...

pascale use yellow sd on bath and you get a orande sd dont think you have this 1 yet

Not bad for a "Saw" ripoff with the music from "Halloween."

where do you click on the ceiling... I must be blind
because I can not find it.

Thank you Keldos, but I already have the orange sd. I have 9 sd, and none of the can open the last 2 screws of the box (the 2 bottom ones, those that look like Mercedes symbol).

This comment has been removed by the author.

you have to find 11 screwdrivers=SD from now on to exit the room from the ceiling:

1 zoom on bathtub, then zoom again on right leg, get red SD
2 again in the bathtub view, click on wall next to bathtub left side, get green SD
3 zoom on sink, unscrew it with green SD, get purpink SD
4 click on floor panel: exactly the panel behind the one on the right side of box, get blue SD
5 zoom on sink, click on right side of the screen, get yellow SD from secret panel
6 click on screwed panel next to bathtub, unscrew it with blue SD, get black one
7 zoom on bathtub, unscrew it with yellow SD, get orange one
8 click on right wall panel, (from bottom left go 1 up, 1 to the right), secret panel there, unscrew it with orange SD, get brown one
9 unscrew drain cover with brown SD, get pink one
10 zoom on screwed floor panel, unscrew it with pink SD, get turquoise one
11, use your screwdrivers on box, red for Y screws, brown for 2 dotted ones, blue for star shaped ones, turquoise for hexagonal ones, I'll let you the pleasure of figuring out the rest

open box, get 11th SD
zoom on ceiling in the middle, use box SD to remove panels till you see 4 screws, unscrew them with the same SD

And you're out

theres only 1 in bath did you get the 1 from secret panel on right wall? if not use the oange sd on that

Finally, I understood that I missed the RED sd, and not the orange one !

None screws don't work for me at the ceiling, to open screws. Help.

mina use the same one you used to remove the panels

Thank you again, Keldos. I'm out !

@ Mina: You have to move 8 panels on the ceiling. If you have done this, you can use the special SD, the green one, which you've found in the wooden box.

the game was fine if it was not for the flashing torture of lights!!!my eyes still ache from that
thnx to e1 for help:)

why oh why oh why do i play 123bug games? this one was so annoying that i just followed j@de's walkthrough (thank you, j@ade!) and I STILL had a hard time cuz of the STUPID flashing lights.
why oh why oh why do i play 123 bug games?

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 12:29 PM  

Poorly designed game. 123bee consistently disappoints with bad game-play, random pixel-hunts and difficult-to-use items.

They churn out games so quickly because no thought goes into making each one. Same programming, same bugs. Kind of like the hundreds of "find X number of pixels" games that are oh-so-much fun.

Quantity is never bad - but quality generally comes first when it comes to replay value, with originality finishing a close second.

The lights alone make this a failure. Kind of like the ever-present darkness in the Godzilla movie remake: It was there only as a cover-up.

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 1:03 PM  

Dear 123Bee, please never use flickering lights again... I'm going to get seizures from that!

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 1:27 PM  

Still cant figure out how to move the panels on the ceiling? any help? where to click?

I am right behind you @I am not behind you..
I normally never play 123bee games, but played this one cause it was live then

@Adam, did you zoom on ceiling? then you have to use the screwdriver/saw thing from box on eight panels

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 1:34 PM  

Can someone pleaaaase help! Can't figure out the ceiling part. Have all screwdrivers including the one from the box. I zoom in on the ceiling and have tried to use the final screwdriver on EVERY panel with no luck. Where do you click?

you're welcome zoz

       Anonymous  4/30/09, 1:35 PM  

The screwdriver/saw thing is the pen sized one with the green stripe on it and the white tip right? I have tried to place that on every panel on the ceiling while zoomed in and it does nothing!

buggy perhaps? keep trying Adam it has to work

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