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The Great Attic Escape Walkthrough

The Great Attic Escape

[REPLAY] PastelGames - The Great Attic Escape is another point and click escape the room game developed Pastel Games for ArmorGames. In this escape game, you are locked in the attic. Look around, search for items, escape from the attic! Good luck and have fun!

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Escape The Great Attic Walkthrough


       Anonymous  3/31/09, 6:48 PM  



yay an another one!

Let's go!

i broke the stroller and took some parts

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 6:51 PM  

This doesn't seem too hard when first starting

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 6:53 PM  

I got crank and vynal and put it on the player but it didn't do much....

hi everyone! Thanks yalcin!

not sure how many screws i have now

I have found a wheel, toy car, crank, 4 screws and a vinyl record.

I'm here too! hope I can keep up lol!

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 6:55 PM  

I have 3 wheels and everythign else you got

Put vinyl record and crank on phonograph. Switched arm and attracted bats.

I have 4 wheels.

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 6:57 PM  

Use crank and vynal on record player, click crank then the top thing.

Took bats and rope too.

Thanks (My housework does not thank you though)


Turn the box in the safe view into a pulled cart with toy car and stuff.

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 7:07 PM  

Hm a little stuck I think I need one more wheel

Hey all! Was on my way to bed, checked again, and found another game...can't resist, lol...let's see if I can catch up with ya...

Out! First live game. First comment. I am so proud of myself right now.

combine rope with blue bat. put green bat on the blue box

SilverSTRK120, 4th wheel is in bookshelves.


Yalçin, thanks for posting this game. It's a cute game.

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 7:13 PM  

hello everyone, nice to see that all of you are here

Hey Ya'll. just got here and Ruff is out already!!!
got a frame 3 wheels, 4 screws (used) 3 bats rope (on blue bat and green bat on safe... can't find the last wheel and don't remember where I found the others.

Live? Woo-hoo! I've been wondering when I'd see another game from these folks...

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 7:14 PM  

i think the attic needs a little cleaning up lol

What do you do with the red bat and the blue bat?

Hi michelle, hi Dejavu.

Yeah, what a mess! lol...Okay...found a frame, 4 wheels, 4 screws, a toy car, a vinyl record and a crank...guess we'll have to build some kinda crazy vinyl car? lol...

julselhan, I cannot remember which colour the bats are. Use the Master of Flight to hang rope on beam, the Master of stealth to help opening the safe and the Master of strength to life car with rope.

Hey Ruff, I got the wheel off the shelf and two others but can't find the 4th so I'm stuck. Do you remember where they were?

I'm out! Yay!

Whahaha...these bats are hilarious, and real cuuute dancers...

Dejavu, break the stroller to get 3 wheels.

3 wheels are from the stroller, one is behind

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 7:21 PM  

After the hanging of the rope and getting the key, what next?

Use key to wind up toy car.

Thanks guys.. missed the one behind the stoller. ok have car together and left with little car, key and red bat??? hmmmmm... let me think about this a minute.

Had the master of stealth help me open the safe...hihi...this is really funny

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 7:22 PM  

that doesn't work, does it have to be out of your inventory?

won't let me wind up car either. hmmm...

SilverSTRK120, I just click my key and the hole on the car, it will go in. Click it again to wind it.

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 7:26 PM  

Are you talking about the small toy car? I don't see a hole.

The key hole should be on the roof of the toy car.

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 7:28 PM  

It refuses to go in, am i missing something?

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 7:28 PM  

i was gunna write it but then i found a website

clicking like crazy but cant seem to get it.. dam pixels!! LOL

Before you wind up the toy car, you must install screws and wheels to the box in the safe view, then the frame and toy car to the box.

Thanks Ruff.. got it now.

You're welcome.

cute game! I loved the little bats!!

You have to have ALL of these things in your inventory before you can start building.
4 screws
4 wheels
Toy Car

Then you zoom in on the box in the safe view, and start building. Key does not go into the toy car until the toy car is attached to the contraption you are building.

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 7:32 PM  


Gotta go! See you all in next game, bye!

Okay...did all that, and built the only have the red bat left in my inventory...and now what?

tip: always refresh the home page, just going back to it doesn't show the new games, i've been playin older games for last 3 hours and only just refreshed the home screen to find you've all been busy with a new one.... missing out on the live stuff i is....

funky bats! it...and out! Ooooh...had great fun playing this one! The bats...and taking the stroller apart...and the sounds too...rofl...

Thanx for the hints guys...I'm off to sleep now...gonna dream of dancing with bats lol...

oh i missed you guys, hi Ruff!!!

hi dejavu!

That was the cutest thing. Great animation. Been away and needed a neat game to play. Thank you

Hi Michele and Red...great game. Love mateusz Skutnik's work.

very cute game, loved the bats!!!!

hey Martin!! long time, no play:) I edited my profile name to include pug, cause there aren't any pics next to our blog any more:(

FYI - mateusz skutnik is responsible for getting me addicted to escape games, the first one i ever played as one of his!

i have looked everywhere and i only have 3 screws

found it

well if anybody is still here..pleaseeeeeeeee where is the frame...tks

hey u all playing this game, got video walkthrough from youtube

power of posting...found it and outtttttttt finaly ..cant believe i didint see that ..tks all , see ya next time ;)

Have checked behind the stroller and can not find last wheel if anyone is still here, can you help. Is it on the close up view?

found it on bookshelf.

what key

       Anonymous  3/31/09, 10:35 PM  

Great! Mateusz has made a new game!

guys, maybe a stupid question, but where's frame? I can't find it, pls HELP!

oh, finally got it! power of posting! )) it's near the stroller if somebody would not find for a long time :))

cant find screwdriver, screws or key
pls help!

got key-where screwdriver + screws?

finally got 3 screws- where screw driver and last screw?

someone help me-
need screwdriver + what do with rope?

where key- someone pls help

For Sam
the last screw is on the floor inside the bucket,behind the box.
I'm sorry for my english

The screwdriver is on top of a box inside the on the top of bookcase before and then on the right box

Out. Fun game...

gre-nadine I don't have this problem, i just can start with a very quick loading

omg their games re sooooo cool, love them all. And submachine rocks too. Good job guys:)

Really a nice game, with I little help from all of you I am out

GREAT GAME.....!!!!!

thanks a_kaklis ... My pc was just a little tired I think. lol. I played just now without any problem.. And I'm very glad to play this game. Very cool funky music and surprising bats..

Wtf, I cant build the damn car. I dont get it... Anyone wanna tell carefully how to do this, please?

Nvm I'm out. Noob game :(

Great game as usual, loved the funky bats.

A bit rough on the authors though when mateusz skutnik always gets the credit.

So would like to say well done karol konwerski and kamil kochanski for your great game


is any1 here.... cant find the key... have everything else

the key is in the safe, use the stealth bat to help open it

OUT.... hate coming in so late in a game. any1 need help

Awww, the bats are too cute <3 Perhaps I'll play again just for the bats ;)

Still can't find the screwdriver even tho it was explained where it was. Any further hints on exactly where to click on the bookcase?

nvm got it.

walkthrough pleaase anybody?

ahhh help!

great game... the very very few comments here were in someway helpful.. I needed more help but hey with time it all fell into place...
Cutest game ever!!!!

Hey that was pretty rad, awesome thought put in it also, keep up the good work!~!~!

where are the screws i cant find them anywhere help plz


Another very cute game. Loved it.

Justme - the screwdriver is on the box on the right of the bookshelf, the "right" box :p

omg how do you open the freakin safe?!?!?!?! help!!!!!


can someone PLEASE post a walkthorugh?!?!?

ok nvm...i got it..thanks!!!!!!!!!

lol i wish they crate another game with these three bats again

can someone help me by telling me where the last wheel is please?

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