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The Level Game Walkthrough

The Level Game

The Level Game is a new funny Puzzle game from Infinity Games. Use your mouse, and arrow keys for some levels. Can you beat all 35? Good luck and have fun!

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Might as well try it.


Can't seem to find a place to type on level 5.

Hi Heather. Just waiting for Shu to put up another escape.. This looks different. gl

i don't get level 6........I'm dragging everywhere

help with 5 randal?

Got it, need more coffee

I'm dragging on 6 too...

dont' know what i did but it worked. i just started typing, not anywhere in particular. haha. moving on...

Got 6. Drag and follow the orange line.

ill try to catch up..

level 5
type blue on keyboard

just drag 6 till you get to the end

there's a bug, it keeps asking me for the key from a previous level........haha

Anyone do the math yet for 15?

stupid me - what to do in level 3?

Hey there. 13 anyone?

wt colour is the spoodle agen iv fortgot :p

Need help on level 18

I'm stuck on 18 too. lol

Level 15 is easy multiple+multiple then divide...

Peanut butter!

is 13 with the 2+2 one? Click the level 4 on top

find the three that will light up

Peanut Butter what?

wt was 18 agen cz am on 19?

15 is 32

Help with level 3

I did type peanut butter first thing but apparently you need to type it exactly as it's shown. *eyeroll*

any1 know level 19?

Found it

the 1st one on level 19?

ty idaho... as always ;-)

stuck on level 19? the second question I got right what is the first and third one...

I'm stuck on 12. Am I missing something?

Does anyone know the answer for the hint "same color as a spoodle?"

still cant get 6 im dragging that thing all over and nothing?

the 3rd one is human denita ,, stuk on the 1st tho :/

Okay third question I got what is number 1?

wasnt the spoodle yellow ? not workin tho

19 the second one is sponge and the third one is human. don't know the first.

Damn the second one on 19 is tough.

what colour was spoodle?

grndbay, it will end somewhere near the top.. keep going

First on 19 is fire. Stuck on 20.

hey, what's 18?

thanks Idaho got it now.

Help please? It's the goggle one...Hint: Where do you want to go?
I've tried typing in 13, level 13, clicked the Ifeel lucky and Goggle search...apparently I'm clueless...

ty heather , stuk on 20 now too


If im not mistaken, it was 'level 13' and then search button.

catastrophie 20

catastrophy I believe is 20 or maybe my spelling is off

anyone got level 22 ??

21 -- MAGICIAN -- all caps

stuck on 21 cz it says magician bt it duznt work :S

wow, I feel dumb...I wasn't typing on the line...DOH!

20. catastrophe

My clicker finger is almost cramping from 23. lol

geez i'm so dumb i cant get the 2+2 level 7 answer any help?

grndbaygal click on the numeral 4

Don't know what to do on level 24?

so many dots to click! and my clicker finger is definitely worn out from 22 and 23!

I'm stuck on 24 also.

I think the dot to click on 24 is somewhere in the third column from the right.

Can't find the right DOT...

thanks LAH

There we go. I think it was 5 from the right, 4 from the top. That's lvl 24.

Level 26 sucks.

does anyone know what is going on in 28?

oh nevermind, just click when the arrow hits its own smiley face.

What the heck is going on lvl 26? Please what am I doing wrong

please what is 18??

number 20 is catastrophe.

now i'm stuck on 23. dumb slow turtle!

I'm with Denita B -- can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.....

On 26 if you pick the correct gear it'll lock into place.

27 is annoying.

anyone know wt todo on 31?

Oh no! Clicked outside the game and had so start over. I was clicking and clicking on 22. Now trying to catch back up...


put finger on left mouse button and bit this finger with left hand :lol

level 29 is driving me crazy!!!

Finally level 31...

anyone please help with 18...

well i typed in the answer to the last question and now i just have a black white screen?

probs with 26 - cant take back the third one - does that mean it is right? but also cant put other ones so that they stick...

On 18 I can't remember the color order but the second part is Peanut Butter.

Lvl 31 use your arrow keys on the keyboard..

sunshinenwt, what is 18 again?

nvm got it...

what is 19 sunshinenwt?

ok level 15 i made the earth disappear and now stuck

What to do on lvl 34?

you probably need to click it again grndbaygal. its just super small.

red green yellow blue and orange squares and it says trial and error?? but i don't get the peanut butter thing? i typed it in and it didn't work :(

what does it say denita?

HELP how do u avoid Mr Spikeball on #27

oh, just click yes!

32 is just not fair. :(

you have to do the correct capitalization sunshine.

got it on lvl 34 now stuck won't go to the lvl 35

Caps the first letters sunshine

Wow that's a lot of clicking for 22 and 23!

Why cant i get the NO on level 34 :S

Finally got it!! thanks

Did you click on "yes" Denita? Maybe it just froze? that would be awful. 35 asks you to put in the word that was spelled throughout the game on the lower righthand corner of some of the screens.

what's the password?

ACK! What's with level 33?

does any1 know the password ?

How do I get pass level #27

34 is pissing me off. lol

Darn it wasn't paying attention..Alimax please help

The answer for level 35 was an answer previously used in the game. on level 19.

nvm...33 is BLEACH

I have only a green screen with the letter "T" in the upper left hand corner. Is this what everyone else has?


(19 was the level with teh three riddles)

#27 Please

Phoenix type T and the next letter should pop up type the letters

32 is awful with a touchpad...

laurennn did you get anything? I was just left with a blank screen.

Laurennn what's the password...Help

On 34 start by typing the letter t and type each letter than pops up after it (don't use capitals or spaces).

Okay now how do I move past 34?

janee318, what is the riddle?

Mr spikeball keeps eating my brain... maybe thats y i cant figure #27 out

Thanks Heather

Stuck on lvl 35 need PASSWORD

I just can't get past the final one on Level 32! Always miss at least one ball! Anyone got any tips on a useful order to try?

@ phoenix.. I have to avoid mr spikeball

janee, just move your mouse in a circle. Eventually the spikeball will give up. :)

35= sponge

janee318, when mr. spikeball moves into frame, start doing circles around him.


The answer to the last question is sponge.

Okay, now how about 34? I can't click NO because it won't hold still. lol

THANKS Heather... i didnt have much brain left for him

Heather, Click yes, then click again on the next screen.

31 anyone?!
i see 'Sandy Cheeks' but no good.
please help, i'm about to have a seizure!!!

Is anyone else tearing their hair out on level 28?

which one is that LAH?

faithless, type it with a capital S and C

Thanks, Phoenix! :D

Phoenix, i did! still no good!

Well, I think I give up! I am being ignored here, and just can't get it on my own :o(

28 is the one with the spinning arrows that you have to click on the smiley face at the right time.

hmm...I'm pretty sure I typed Sandy Cheeks and it worked for me. Did you try all caps maybe?

LAH, good luck. It's just timing.

Divinyl I'd help you but I'm still stuck on 28.

Divinyl -- no tricks -- just keep trying.

Divinyl, what's the one your stuck on?

level 23 is giving me a cramp can the turle really win??

sorry i meant turtle

All that work and all we get at the end is --- "And here is a cookie! :D" --- Good Grief --- LOL

I've treid everything!
it just doesn't work.
it's probably a bug of some sort.
thanks anyway buddy

try using two fingers alternating on the mouse button

finally beat that ugly rabbit!!

grndbaygal, the turtle can win but you have to click like mad all the way to the end

divinyl - im with you...

LAH, which is 28? Maybe I can help?

FINALLY!! Got 28. Wow that was a pain! Thx Phoenix. You're right, it was all in the timing.

Definitely still can't get 32...going to have to come back and try again later I think!

been stuck on last part of 32 for some time.... just cant get it with a trackball....

gl2a.... have fun

faithless - did you ensure you were clicked inside the box you type in? I clicked in the center of the box and typed "Sandy Cheeks" (not with the quotation marks)and got to the next level with no problem.

"Sandy Cheeks" in lvl 31 doesnt work for me either

In 31 is there a button to press after typing? I can't remember but maybe there is a second step?

Sandy Cheeks didn't work the first time i tried it either but i backspaced and cleared other things i wrote and tried it again and it worked.

thank you grndbaygal! it took 1 minute to clear all the stuff i typed in before :)

Stick can't get all of the balls on 32 but have to take the kids to the park now. Good luck everyone!

Glad to help someone else for a change Herman.

any help on level 34?

grndbaygal -- see post 119 -- and you have to answer yes to the question.

stuck too on 32:(that`s impossible

No babydoll -- not impossible -- but very frustrating -- LOL

Any help on 23 ????

What is 23? I don't remember per say but I may remember how to do it if you tell me what it is?

Making Terry win the race..

yesss i did it:)))can`t belive that lol

Click like mad -- I used 2 fingers. Click fast all the way till he gets to the finish line.

ok hun ty..gonna give it a try...again..lol

thanks Pooter i thought i read them all to find it.

You're welcome. :D

finally got my cookie and ate it all!! thanks everyone

and done yeah! i liked this game:)

thnx for all the help everyone...this was a good game if you leave out all the clicking...atleast i get to have my cookie over and over again:)

is somebody still there??? can't figure out 25!!!

What is 25?

Explain what it is and I'll see if I can remember how to do it.


oops didnt mean 2 use caps

now im stuck on 24

help im on 31!

duhh... the arow keys 4 31... hey what is 33

i dont get 19 i have holes but hold water or i have 2 3 4 legs

sweet i just beat the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have hole but hold wate = Sponge.

The different legs = Human.

Oops -- Have holes but hold water = Sponge....

1st question = Fire
2nd question = Sponge
3rd question = Human

Hey everyone...28 is killing me. Am I supposed to get all of the arrows to point to the blue smiley face? I ready to chuck my laptop out the window.

Make each arrow stop at the smily face that it's next to -- the colors mean nothing.

Thank you so much Pooter! You can imagine my frustration when I thought all of the arrows were supposed to point to the acutal smiling "smiley face"

how do you beat 20?

never mind.. lol got it :P

I must be tired, but can some one help me with level 4?

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