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Loom Blend Escape Walkthrough

Loom Blend Escape

[REPLAY] Akarika - Blend Loom Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by Akarika. In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Let's go !


still loading

loading, loading, loading loazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hmm this one seems hard ..only have a floppy and found lot of clues and devices/puzzles

was in, went right, got a green screen and couldnt do anything more. try to reload

now loading ... now loading ... grr lol

Got one Floappy, switched off light "powered green tea" written on wall.

it will take sum time to load. dont worry, a few more min to wait.

got a red ball with the arrow puzzle ( the ball is in the triangle downside)

there is some clue under bed, in note book and on door. tried dat option but its not helping.

hi all good luck

hi, I'm in....open the play this game link a few times...one will load.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi everybody...can´t play :-( game is temp not available:-(

great a new game

taking 4ever to load...

Oh...It´s finally loading...and loading ..and loading...

not loading 4 me... any atl links

ok, got a floppy disk (used), a handle and can't reach something on a high shelf.

pressed pin on the picture got peace of wood to put in wall

you can push the nail on the flag with japanese characters (sorry for my english). I got something in wood on the shelf near it (like a handle)

code for puzzle in drawer is in looking thing in the door.


where do you use floppy and handle ?

floppy in the projector on top of the drawers.

yvon, not working for me even with 180° hint ?!

Ok have floppy and handle...but no idea where to use...And where is the ball?

for the puzzle, turn until the look at the direction the triangle shape is pointing in...

can't either insert floppy... mine is buggy ?!

tried dat code but its not helping

the red ball/spot is inside the sliding puzzle.

you can use handle on the floor where the light of the projector shines. down to the left.

when you click on the items you have collected, make sure they have a green border. Floppy goes at the bottom of the projector..

ok got it ! thanx for puzzle hint. You have to solve the puzzle in drawer first, and then insert the floppy.

thanks sioux..But how to use it?i click the floppy and the projector but nothing happened

turn the code a quarter to the left i think (look at the form of the triangel)

i can't play it!!! to many players

still not loading... gla
going to play club pogo

turn out the light and see if it's worked...

hi all, stuck after discovering code under the door on the floor...i can't read japanese letters...help!

thanks Yvon, was going handle crazy...got box of shelf now too.

more codes, have the blue box on the ground

thanks everybody..have it now...you are great...

still live?

maybe the code powdered green tea has something to do with the code into the ground (8 letters, 5 letters, 3 letters, also 8, 5 and 3 buttons). Don't know how.

Hi all, is there an alternative link, dont get on that page :(

Hi all is this live? just starting

look at the book, tell you what you need for the buttons on the floor, along with the 'd 180degrees p'

ahhh few refreshes and here i am :-)

sue, keep opening the link 9without closing the ones that didn't work)...it worked for me.

serious server problems with this game

found a key after puttin new code on the machine on the wall...

japanese symbols...oh no!

finally in

i really hate slider puzzles!! can someone do a screen shot of how its supposed to look? did i mention i really hate slider puzzles????

handle used on the floor
code : 60391819 78112 514

This comment has been removed by the author.

its not working for me it keeps coming up unavailable


after putting numbers of code on the floor, look above the door on the top right. you'll see japanese symbols (i think)...put the on the machine on the wall and you'll get a key

This comment has been removed by the author.

i stuck with this slideer puzzles...I hate them too...

put them ;)(not put the)

yeah its finally loading!

nypooh32, if you have truned your projector on and switched the light of you can zoom in on a pic of the finished slider puzzle....click on the wall to the right of the low table...

@ypooh...turn out light.next to the table -on an red stripe there is an picture...

i hate slider puzzle too. hey, how did u get number password.

powdered green tea.....

great = 78145, down + 9032 and p = 6

Don't forget about the Japanese signboard in the 2nd drawer.

opened drwawer with key, have new piece of paper and also can click on grey line at front edge of drawer to see four japanese characters?


siouxana, i'm really stuck at your same point...i don't know what these symbols mean!

anyone sussed the top of the blue box yet?

what is the highlighted picture for ?

nice shiny screw on furniture next to the blue box....oh for a phillips screwdriver!!

Can't find the handle.

Where is the key????

Drisana, turn off the light and you'll see the pic. Shows you the location of a panel in the floor.

can look at pic witht the light of - bird eye view of room

Key is in the 4-code panel in the wall.

still can't get this stupid puzzle!! i saw those pics by table but still not getting it!!!thanks guys

oh, oh, symbols in drawer also on wall hanging..no idea what this means???

It seems that we need a screwdriver for the bottom drawer (there is a screw on the right, view of the blue box on floor)

Press the nail that's holding the Japanese banner. One of the shelves in the 4 corners comes down that has the handle.

What is the code to get the key. Can't figure it out...

Where did you all find the handle?

Oh I give up...I can´t solve the puzzle..and the sun outside is too beautiful to stay inside to try to solve a puzzle which i´m too stupid for...so...see you

NVM power of posting!

japanese characters in 2nd drawer on wall hanging, correspond to buttons on blue box, put I'm doing something wrong...?

Siouxzana i think you're right but it's not working ...
tried :


This is how the slider should look like.

Stuck now. Found a note in the locked drawer, but don't know how or where to use it.

I tried this as well, but didn´t work, in no combination

got it...yay

got it !! think about 180° Siouxzana !

Where is the hint for the blue box?

there are five matching symbols on the wall hanging.
Look where they are and imaging the right hand side of the blue box is the top of the wall hanging...

Hum.. last puzzle (i hope !!) in bottom drawer... last but not least... :)

got a screwdriver...I'm a happy bunny!

Waiting for your smart brains for this one ... :)

oh blimey....maths?

almost like an iq test...pattern sequence?

Hi all! I cant see japanies letters in my computer. can any1 please write the color of the letters for the green machin?

Can somebody make a screenshot for the code of the panel because, my computer can not read japanese characters.

actually not, just count the elements and add the fitting one, like if there were one line, and then two lines, the fitting piece is two lines and one point and so on

I did it, but hav no idea how...

And f...k off !! clicked and closed the game ! Restarting :(
By the way, what about the ball and the triangle ?!

Got it :)
Didn't see the symbols in the drawer before.

@Beachfun, thank you so much for the screenshot!! yay, i finally did it!!

Bless saving function ;)

ok, got a key...no door action...need two more balls for triangle??

key is for beamer pic
but then I am stuck

i didn't understood the puzzle 3rd drawer) any help Siouxzanna ?

Hi all! I cant see japanies letters in my computer. can any1 please write the color of the letters for the green machin?

You're welcome nypooh :)

Stuck on 3rd drawer puzzle. Any hints please?

Can somebody make a screenshot for the code of the panel because, my computer can not read japanese characters.

colors are brown red blue green

its pattern matching. have a look at the signs that are before and after the missing one. finde the pattern, like circle and a line and a point and sth like that

its kinda a logical sequence pattern.
top right corner is the maths division symbol.
next line down its a dot a the top with two line underneath (spread out at the bottom).
Bottom line left, like a face with and open mouth and lastly is a music note - hollow with a dot next to it (I think)

Feminin here is

TNX Drisana, but it didnt work 4 me :(

thnx MegiPoland!


This was my code for the green box.
Not sure if its the same in every game though.

Thanks Fabienne and Siouxzana :)

my code was : like a brown t a red square a blue v upside down and a green = :( sorry it doesn't work for you :(

thx Siouxzanna for the code ;)

you're welcome, it's usually me asking everyone else.
Any luck with the beamer pic Fabienne? Directions arrow through the corners and then the breen wall box is circled too?

green not breen...getting click happy!

ya, that´s seriously driving me crazy.....
no idea at all

maybe the sings are japanese numbers? and we have to bring them in the right order?


new key, let the light off. See what colour the bookshelf is. put that colourcode in the green box. My code was pink, bleu, white brown.

well each corner is raised at different heights which i thought may correspond to numbers and rearranging the code we got for the green box before but that didnt work

Stuck there too Siouxzana.
Thought there would be some japanese characters on the shelves in the 4 corners we had to put in in the green box, but can't see anything.

trying to decide, do the heights of the shelves correspond to symbols on the wall chart, that are then symbols we enter into the green wall box to get a key?

oh, lots of posts while I was typing!

off the light and look carefully for last puzzle

Yvon, doesnt work for me, all shelves are white

Great find, Yvon. Thanks

pink, blue, white brown works though

all grey...oh no...see what colour line on the wall koins the shelf in the corner..

Same code here Yvon thx :)

very nice one, Scuba!

And out, but have to go back to find balls?!

And out :)
Thanks for sharing and all hints.
Only found a red ball though.
Now I can go back into the room to find the other 2.

Oh, it's still live! I'll try to catch up..

oh flip....not enough balls!!

some object with symbols on the back side of door, where the eye piece is

on the door a round thing. can put in in the top drawer puzzle. dont now what to do next

Well found a circle on the door with the signs for the 1st drawer puzzle.

Blue ball in drawer lock 1 more !

front side of door eye piece now says 'Get out wonder area'

whats the number for letter u

Drisana - where is blue ball?

don't need a number for u?

Third ball, maybe new symbols on green box ??.... it's driving me nuts !!!!!!!!!!!!

nevermind, found blue ball

Siouxzana, turn off the light and look at the pic, you see the blue ball on the drawer's lock. go to the drawer open it and click on the lock.

zoom on on middle draw, then click the lock

finally out with 3 balls!
THX Siouxzana~

turn off light, look at the red line next to desk

I kinda don't want to find the last ball. This is the first game for ages that I could really sink my teeth into....don't want it to end.

When the door is still opened, take off the thingy with X O and triangels.
Put this thing on the box in top drawer.
Now turn off the light, and look at picture again.
Go back to the drawers, open middle and click on the lock of it.

At the end, when you click on balls, it colors the scene... but stll stuck with the 3rd ball

Yay for being late :)

Papabear, where did you find the last ball?

yeah, I got the blue one, thanks guys.
Where's the last one?

papabear..don't leave us now!

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase the last oooooooooooonnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee !!! :)

under the hatch in the floor, put in the numbers 715 0?5 302918 4814 and leave the ? as the symbol. then look into eye piece on door and click it

I just keep getting a screen that says "Loom Blend Coming soon ... Please wait" with no sign of any loading activity ...

what a bummer.. im getting 503 service temporarily unavailable

Got it now :)
Thanks Scuba. But how did you figure this out?
(always wondering why I put in a certain code ;))

you clever old stick!!!! YAY for teamwork

THX !!!
thanx everyone, was very cool with all of you ;)

get out wonderarea - using code from book, again.

yay after hitting F5 a bunch of times it is loading

Beachfun, the code corresponds to the sentence you can see on the door after taking the symbols part ;)

because there is the quote 'Get out wonder area', and from lamerfoo saying 'whats the number for letter u', i figured the quote must correspond the the code in the book

Sweeti - enjoy it - we all did and you will find all the clues/help you might need from the previous posts!

and I thought lamerfoo was just dyslexic!

help on the box puzzle in drawer please. the sequence on door doesn't work.

Justme, you have to tip the clue on the door on its side - so that the triangles point the right way.

got it now I think, there's now a blue circle. thanks anyway.


got it now Siouxzana, thanks. :)

503/F5/503/F5... and so on... and so on... :(

I am tottaly stuck! The only thing I have made is to turn on the projector and knock down the box. Any help? Or even better any walkthrough??

how to figure out which letters go in green box? the box in floor has japanese signs but how do you figure out which ones to use?

Is this still a live game? I get the infamous "Service Temporarily Unavailable" when I try the link.

Please help me for the grey box...

oh no.. a slider puzzle!

Rrrright. I think I'll try this sometime next year... Perhaps by then they have a decent server and enought bandwidth...

still stuck on getting colours for green box. :(

still live? ill try to catch up

anyone here?

anyone still here? anyone know the dots on blue box order?

Is there anybody playing now?

What's with the swastikas?

given up. maybe someone will be kind and do a walkthrough. ;)

someone help please, i need a japanese program or something in order to see the japanese charactors on the wall, all i have is blank blocks

@ sabrina: i only know the ggolge page to translate:


but i dont know if it helps you...

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