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April 7, 2009

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Me and the Key Walkthrough

Me and the Key

Me and the Keys is another really funny and addicting point and click type puzzle game created by Bart Bonte. Use your point and click skills to solve levels and figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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first :)


yeah, just starting hi there!

just starting! hi everyone! not often in live game!

stuck on the level with the rope

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:12 PM  

What do you do for level 11?

hey another live game time to get started

hi ran41387 what did you on level 10???

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:15 PM  

which one is level 10?

im stuck on the level that just says "key"

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:16 PM  

type key

the one with the rope, you have to click on one side of the rope to pull it down, but dont know how to get a key

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:17 PM  

i'm stuck on level 19. so I can help up until then.

lost the page, couldn't blog, and the page wouldn't load, so i haven't even started;(

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:17 PM  

the rope level. I pulled then dropped rope and reclicked to move it further. the key is on the other end of rope

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:18 PM  

keep pulling the rope down, it slides back up, but if you are quick you can pull it further then click the key when you see it

level 19?

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:20 PM  

I'm stuck there too. Tried holding the right arrow key, typed "right" clicked everywhere. IF anyone figures it out please let me know!!

damn i was on a roll till 19

14?with the tree

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:22 PM  

ha! I figured it out. Right click

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:25 PM  

@babydoll: shake your mouse until the key falls out
@reddy: right click on your mouse

omg the 1 with the orange blocks that you have to hit is soooooo annoying!!

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:26 PM  

Right click for level 19

thx:)now stuck on 20

level 19 you have to right click on your mouse....

oh got it

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:31 PM  

How'd ya do it babydoll?

20 pull key all the way to top then drop

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:33 PM  

Dang it, I thought I had it all the way up, must have been a pixel off or something annoying like that.

ah, live game!
I'll try to catch up,

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:36 PM  

only 25 levels. level 25 is the worst. but if you can get it in the right spot the ball will just bounce up and down until you hit zero

what do i do in level 15???

stuck on 20 cant burst the bubble

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:38 PM  

Huzzah! The last bouncing level was fun!

power of posting i got it

finally done

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 3:38 PM  

which one is 15 again?

pull the rope all the way to the top then let go, you will hear it break

OMG 25 is annoying!

What is the deal with level 24?!?!?!?!


Nevermind 24, 25!!!

and done that last 1 was annoying took me a few times but i managed to get the right spot on bat and they jusy kept bouning without having to move them.

omg 22 is to hard ._.

it's running very slowly on my comp

Made it!

How did you do 22?

POP got it

how you do 16? it's an orange ball on a gray rectangle with a black vertical line

oh bounce

Help. # 24 is driving me mad. How do I do it please?

kiwi 24 just like the other. you have to trace the orange line

If I thought 24 was bad you should see 25. Now that hard. Think I will be here for ever. lol

very cute game!
that last one where you had to hit the ball 99 times was a bit of a toughie though..still liked it!

Well I got thru to 15 the one with the orange line and two penguins.....stuck???????

I love these Bonte games!

Anyone out there or are you all in bed!!!!!

just started.

Got 15 at last...


great game! i played it all the way through and it had some tough spots but concentration and practice help.

someone still out there?

Hello, just the Bonte games!

Hello, anybody still here?

oh, hello... wow, that's great!!! can u please help me.... pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeeee...sob

help!!!! for the life of me can't get # 20 with the stupid rope, any hints please!!!!

ana what level are you at?

i'm on level 14 and i just don't get it... how about you?

im at level 20 and it's driving crazy!! What is in level 14, see if i can help you

i'm just not worthy.... sob

there's a tree that follows the mouse pointer...

Ana you there!! what does 14 look like

oh, got it! a key falls after 10 minutes of waiting...i think...

hmm I don't remember that, oh I think you mean the one that you have to shake the key out of the tree, make sure that you put your mouse all the way on the top of tree and go left and right really fast

oh good you got it!! yay ok now hurry up to level 20 so you can help me-lol

ow 17's kinda hard...

AAAHHH this level is driving me coo coo ^%#^%&*(*!!! OK I think im going to give up- boo hoo

done! 18 now!

what does it look like

Oh great!!!!!!

hey bet, are you still on level 20?


are you there now?

my finger is starting to hurt dragging that stupid rope!!!

theres, gotta be some trick to it that I don't see

i passed it... you just have to break the glass that covers the key by making it fall... pull the rope until it reaches it's limit to break the glass. the second time you pull it you get the key...

What!!?? really what the heck!!

maybe it's harder on a laptop, cause i can only see the very tip top of the glass thing, then i can't go any further down

ok, I GIVE!! good luck Ana, hope you get them all. NIce playing with you.

25 is driving me nuts..haha

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 6:20 PM  

how do you do 15?

ciao bet! nice playing with you too... i made it! i finished the game... hope to play another game with you soon!

15? which is it?

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 6:25 PM  

the two penguins connected by the orange thing.. they hop up when you put your cursor over them

ah, you just have to pass in the orange line (without going out of it) from one penguin to the other...

15 follow the orange line holding down the mouse until the penguins pop up, and then go back and forth from each penguin until one gives you a key

what do i do with lvl 15 two penquin and orange line connecting them????

       Anonymous  4/7/09, 6:35 PM  


i find this game very cute... i even asked to be bonte's friend on facebook... hope he agrees...

thanks guys i was doing that, but not long enough to get key i guess!

how long do i have to do this for before they give the key? i keep tracing over the line back and forth, but no key. any more hints?

Are you being careful keeping inside the orange line?

Just playing the Bonte Duck game and having a great giggle!!!

you have to trace it from one penguin to the other without going out of the orange line and be sure to start with your mouse pointing the penguin and to finish doing the same thing to the other

thx red roo i'm doing the best i can, but getting frustrated, so i think i'll stop now and try another game

Having said that, it is driving me nuts.
Maybe one of my teenagers will get me past the 99 bounces. I have nooooo hand eye coordination.


The 99 bounces, try to get the ball bouncing straight up and down, then you just let it continue

level 19 the penguin say right what does it say
does he asked me to type right or wrong or key

dam fucking at level 22 i missed one button it just automatic restart the tv on level 22 again
but when i play level 19 i just used right click press key can solved

level 22.
how do i get all the tv screen without missed one tv screen restart tv screen again

Here is the solution to beat the last puzzle (nr. 25)
adjust it like this
sit back don't touch the mouse and wait!

What do i have to do in level 21 with the two balls?

nvm got it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

For level 15 : mouse on one of the penguins, then follow (exactly...) the line...

What to do i level 24

This comment has been removed by the author.

whats with the orange ball with the arrow pointing down

power of posting got it

1.Click the alien. Get the key.
2. Click all the orange balls. The last one has the key.
3. Click all the aliens till you see the one with the key. Get the key
4. Click the green shoot many times. It will grow and bear fruit. Click the fruit so they drop to the floor, and then click them till you find the key.
5. If you move the top layer of wood to the right , you’ll see a hole. When you move each panel to the left again, move the panel underneath it. You will see the key on the right.
6. Hit all the blocks with the ball till you see the key.
7. Move the aliens out of the way. The key is behing the last one.
8. Click all the spots on the ball so they are all white. Get the key.
9. When an alien appears on a TV screen, click it. It’ll stay there.When you click all of them, the last one you clcik will have the key.
10. Pull the rope. The key is on the other end.
11. Just type key!
12. Drag each alien to the right till a new one appears. The thrid one has the key.
13. Same as level 6, but hit each ball twice.
14. Sway the ree from left to right vigorously, till you see the ket. Get the key.
15. Put your mouse over one alien, and trace the orange path with your mouse till you get to the second alien and get the key. Go off the path and you have to start again.
16. Drag the ball to the top of the screen, and let it drop, so that when the ball touches the floor, the floor goes down. Do this repeatedly and get the key.
17. Make all the balls white to get the key, but be aware that if they touch each other, they’ll go back to grey.
18. Make the hole on the orange ball go downwards. The key’ll fall out. Get the key.
19. Right click, and click key!
20. Same as level 10, but this time the key is in a glass orb. Drag the rope so that the glass orb is at the top of the screen, then let go. The glass will smash. Get the key.
21. Drag one ball to the other in such a way so that the ball hits the blocks on the sides of the wall. When all the blocks have gone, the key will appear.
22. Same as level 9, but if you click some of the aliens, then miss one, the aliens you got already will go!
23. Same as level 5, but there are 3 layers of wood. Drag the first layer to the right, then the top 2 layers to the left, and finally all 3 layers to the right. Get the key.
24. Same as level 25, but there are 4 aliens. I would suggest starting from the top left in an anti-clockwise order, so that you only have to follow one of the horizontal wiggly lines.
25. Hit the paddles 99 times. If the ball goes, you have to start again. Very tricky, unless you hit the sweet spot where the ball only goes vertically up and down, and you don’t have to do anything.
26. Click the keyhole. An alien will look at you, and then let you in.

I can't pass level 22. The whole game is very good, like most Bart Bonte's games, but this levels sucks.

That was a cool, little game

level 20: teabag the glass ball

level 25 is hard :(

       Anonymous  4/10/09, 2:02 PM  

We figured level 19 out. You have to push the right mouse clicker. Then press key.

what do you do on lvl 20 with the glass ball and the rope

on level 20 you have to pull the key/snowglobe thingy up to the top then drop it. Then pull it back up and you will be able to grab the key.

I LOVE level 25. It's so fun, yet so challenging!

on level 19 on the mouse right click and it will say key! and click that

how do u do lvl 24

hello anyone there???? level 24 soooooo hard 4 me

got it on to level 25!!!!!! away!!!!!


This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.


I can't pass level 24!!I traced the lines and the aliens things were all up but where the key?Help PLEASE!

Oh,nevermind I passed 24.You don't hold the mouse button down.

What do you do on the level where there is 2 penguins and an orange line?

Im really stuck on Level 21. Does anyone know what to do? x

i am stuck on level 6 help

is anyone playing me and the key 2 cuz thts wat im on anyone help

hey im looking to talk to somone hey

22 so hard but got through it 25 impossible broke my heart first time went up to 20 then died did not go up to 70 after that still trying though

any one there

Lol, just played again because I saw new comments.
And a bit late, but to beat level 22; it's way easier if you set (zoom out) your screen on 50% or even less.

Oops missed that, about level 25

The best way to beat level 25 is just focussing on the top and bottom paddle. Try to keep the ball going as vertical as possible (let it bounce on the middle of the paddle) and then it's not that hard.
And it's the last level, so after that you're done.
Good luck.

thanx small tool helped good luck to u 2

once the ball hits the center of the paddle on level 25, let go of the mouse to keep the paddle in place(hint:very hard!)

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