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Sacrificium is a new point and click type room escape game by AssJoe. You wake up in an old and scary house, with enemies lurking at every corner, and soon you begin to realize what has happened...

Warning: This game is only for +18 gamers!

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Hello everyone, this seems slow to load....but I will give it a go.


*shudder* I think I am here alone, in a scary game.

TAB key works.

Too scary for me. Tried door B and was out. Tried door A and died :(

I am stuck on the code in the wall, anyone got to that yet?

yay, live game!!

you mean the DAI?

Theresa, no when you go up the stairs, there is a room second on the right, that has a keypad for a code.
I found a diary, and a book, with 2 sets of numbers, that dont work.

Hmmm. Doof.

the D A I is the hint for the keypad, then you get a key to open the door on the left

i'm stuck upstairs on the first floor, every door is locked and i can only move the picture

Theresa, ahhh, thanks, I was not thinking of using the DAI as numbers.

oohhhhh I picked room A and died.

Hello. :)

how can you die? i was in every room and nothing happened to me

Well that game was lame, picking room B is no better...LOL

Theresa, jiggle the picture on the wall a few times, a key falls out. You can unlock another door on the right of the picture.

Has anyone managed to shoot the nasty dog yet? I keep dying...

after you shoot the dog , the game ends

Grammazoo, yes I have shot the dog, but then it just goes to the credits...end of game. Not really a good ending from either door taken.

I don't get the key pad.

ok, got that, thanks! but what is the escape-end? door B you can only click on the candle and die, door A you can take the desert eagle and (i don't really know) shoot the dog? is that how you escape?

Jam DAI make them numbers of the alphabet a = 1 etc.

keypad is 419

i have the key but the door on the left won´t open

Theresa, you dont seem to escape from either door. I think the creator might have run out of ideas.

Oh. Thaanks.

zazie, that's a kind of a bug, make shure you click on the white arrow when you get the key, else you have to get it again

If those are the only endings...ick! And it started so well... Thanks for the help,anyway!

Ahh thx Theresa i will try this

By the way, has anyone tried flicking the light off & on in the first room with the dairy? Eeek!

I went through a tunnel and game was over, did i die ?
Strange game.....

still live? try to catch up...

im upstairs now, and can only move the picture? what do i have to do?

all doors upstairs are locked...

Keep moving picture, a key will fall down...

thank you zazie, and now i have too doors: a and b - i think ill die, when i take one of them?

Take door B

oki, thank you! i took b clicked on the candle and escaped? - really a strange game!

and there seem to be more than one endings - did you figure out the second one?

No i just read what the others wrote. If you take door A you have to kill a dog or you are eaten :)

i see, but the dog is too quick for me - i died... but ill try again i think...

hey cool, i shot the dog and escaped :-)

Haha, short but fun, LOL

Disappointing :/ Too simple path... good animations that scared the hell out of me lol


That indeed was a spooky game. Did not like seeing that toilet though...yuck!! I went thru door B and it looked like I went to heaven...I think. I killed the dog but nothing happened....just ended.

Ok new game!

Let's play!

Ok I finally shot the dog.

So you pick B and you get sacrificed (as you're the boy in the basement chamber).

Pick A and you have to shoot the dog or else you die.

what picture on what wall?

By picture, do you mean the photograph of the girl?

That was very....creepy.

Picture to get key is upstairs, on the wall, before you go through the door.


This is AssJoe, creator of the Sacrificium game!
I just wanted to thank you all for playing my game, it's been a lot of fun making it, and I can't wait to start on my next project!

Thanks again!


Kind of short, but GREAT graphics, sound effects, scare moments, etc. I really enjoyed playing. Can't wait to play your next one, Joe!

Very Short, but still fun. Loved the Silent Hill reference.

hehe, you noticed?

Coudn't get out so came back to give it another go. Can you be more specific about the picture upstairs, please? All I find upstairs are doors. No picture. This is the hall with the bathroom, the bedroom and the room with the grid in the floor and the panel where the key is, right?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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