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AN Escape Series 4 - The Bathroom Walkthrough

AN Escape Series 4 - The Bathroom

[REPLAY] AN Escape Series #4 - The Bathroom aka Escape the Bathroom is another new point and click type escape the room game from Afro-Ninja Hint #1: you can't swim out through the toilet. How are you going to escape this mess, Smarty Pants? Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape the Bathroom Walkthrough
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Hey all...let's play!

good luck to all

i'm here too!

found spanner under tile

hi there!

hi all

Hi lets go. I hope I can help instead of just following :)

Right...found plunger, put it in the toilet, and then its head came off...used the head as valve on top of the toilet. Found baking soda and accompanying label....lots of spots to clean everywhere, but no cloth yet...and we'll also have find a tool, since a couple of places won't be budged by hand.

Code over toilet is to be read as 301, I guess...

Any other discoveries?

I LOVE Afro-Ninja games

have plunger, mirror shard, baking soda and label, have water and baking soda in sink, seen key in toilet, and am now stuck...

oh, and spanner under tile

filled water, put baking soda in

spanner? where? i found a wrench under tile

There is a key stuck in the toilet's cistern

Put baking soda in basin after you fill it with water. Plunge the toilet, use top of plunge inside the toilet (flush valve). Use wooden stick on glass cupboard to get piece of broken glass. Use glass on opposite wall on hard substance to get half a number. Should be able to fill toilet (tank) with water to get key, but now stuck..

somebody needs floss? lol

got baking soda, plunger.key in toilet.

you're right liefie, it's a wrench!

cleaned terminals (blue and red) with toothbrush (which i dipped first in soda + hot water)

Used spanner to open toilet tap...flushed it, and now got the key...

use wrench on tap under toilet, flush toilet and get key

have key!

hint in pills

used razor on stain on wall.... numbers


Yeah, lots of nice stuff in the mirror cabinet: toothbrush, razor, floss and pill bottle...gonna do my cleaning work as well now lol

used hairdryer for the wet terminals

out =)

got key

find spanner under tile in door view. Use spanner underneath the toilet, flush toilet, get key inside. Open cupboard, get toothbrush, pill bottle with message, razor and floss. Put toothbrush into hot water with baking soda and clean corroding terminals on energy cell. stuck again

Where's the hairdryer?

i don't get the code, somebody help!!!

hairdryer in on ceiling, next to lamp, use stick to get it

Where did you find hairdryer?

code 45801.

tx! the 3's make a 8 !

and out.... funny ending

Liefie: Some of us are more creative than others :D Have completely forgotten to check ceiling. Well done!

After hairdryer, stuck again

my bath is full of water... and now ???? :(

got the bath tub water running. now what?

bry the battery, click on the battery terminals then enter code on "panel" open tap.......... if you need help just shout

Cuity, a bit too soon to give away the code, I think...anyway, follow the link in the pill bottle, use the mrror shard somewhere in the room, turn off the light, and the you will find the code...

what happens when electricity and water meet?

please help. i got the bath tub water running. now what? something to do with the floss?

and out:-) fun

cuity...I guess we can floss..:P

just started

thx for tips all! am out too :)

       Anonymous  5/29/09, 4:57 AM  

there's water in the tub now, what do i do next. stuck. help please. :)

i have bee electricuted. nice game. hate the bathroom though.

       Anonymous  5/29/09, 5:00 AM  

bored with idiotic cryptic clues. Use given code, use wrench on new lever, throw hairdryer into bath

yes,I am out! Nice game,not to long not to short

Right...out! Liked the game...good logic, some challenge but not too much :- }

Thanx all...see ya!

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nice game indeed.
Just wondering about the floss.
Did anyone use that?

where is the wrench / spanner ??

       Anonymous  5/29/09, 5:47 AM  

first when u get in the cabinet u u that bleach water and dip the toothbrush in there then go to the energy cells clean it of with the hair dryier(up by the light us plunger to knock it down) then dry the cells off plug it in go to the code place enter 45801 turn on water with the wrench(go to the door and click on all the tiles and u will get the wrech then fill water up inn bath put the hair dryier in it then go to the door adn u HAVE ESCAPED =] !!

       Anonymous  5/29/09, 6:07 AM  

Here we go, full Walkthrough so don't read if you don't want spoilers:
-Get the plunger
-plunge the toilet
-take rubber part of plunger and add it to the toilet's back part to replace the flush valve
-turn to the doorway with the lasers and look on the wall...it makes an arrow pointing down
-click on the tile where the arrow is pointing
-take the wrench back to the toilet
-click to get behind the toilet where you can now turn it "On"
-flush the toilet
-take key from toilet bowl
-use key on mirror lock
-take the toothbrush and the razor
-click beneath the sink to open the cabinet
-take baking soda
-go up to the sink and click on the stopper-pully thing
-fill sink with hot water
-combine the baking soda and the water
-dip toothbrush into the water
-turn up to the ceiling
-click jarred tile with the stick from the plunger 5 times
-collect the hair dryer
-go to corroded "energy cell" terminals and use toothbrush on them
-now use the hairdryer on the terminals
-connect the wires
-turn to wired box and enter code "45801" **see below
-use the wrench to turn the nozzle inside
-turn to the bathtub
-turn on water
-throw hairdryer into tub
-You're OUT!!

**if you're interested in how to get this code:
-using the stick on the plunger, click on the mirror to break a piece off.
-once you have the razor from inside the cabinet, turn to the energy cell wall
-click on the gray spot on the wall
-use the razor to uncover some more characters
-use the broken mirror piece on the right of the characters and it will reflect the other part of the code from the other wall.
-Tada, you now have the code.

Right here is the full walkthrough:
1. Grab the pluger, click on the toilet bow and use the plunger with it, you will then have a stick and the rubber end.
2. Look into toilet cistern and use rubber end as replacement for the valve.
3. Use stick on mirror, and take the shard of glass.
4. Open cupboard and get box of baking soda and label.
5. press down the plug and turn on hot water in sink. When full, put in baking soda.
6. Turn to the exit door and click on the second from left tile nearest the door and pick up the wrench.
7. Turn back to toilet, and turn handle to turn water on for toilet using the wrench. Then go onto the cistern and flush toilet. Go to toilet bowl and grab key.
8. Use key with lock on mirror cupboard and take out toothbrush, pill bottle, floss and razor.
9. Then dip toothbrush into sink (NOTE: water may be too cold and require you to redo step 5 after undoing the plug. You then have baking soda covered toothbrush.
10. Click up to ceiling and use stick to keep clicking on raised tile, do so until hairdryer comes out and grab it.
11. Go to battery pack and clean off the knobs on top with toothbrush, then dry with hairdryer. Then attach wires by clicking on them.
12. Click on the wall in front and clean off grey patch with razor. and then place glass shard next to it. You should discover the code 45801 (the 453 and the 10E reflection from above toilet). Type this code into the box next to the bathtub. Turn handle with wrench.
13. Turn tap on in bathtub and then use hairdryer in it. ELECTRIC SPARS AND LIGHTS GO OFF. Door is now un-lasered and you can pass through.

Hope this helped

       Anonymous  5/29/09, 8:57 AM  

Not Sure what the purpose of the floss was but the game itself was a little short and not really challenging

where is the wrench and spanner???

OUT BABY!! Thx guys!

       Anonymous  5/29/09, 8:09 PM  

XD very good. I got stuck with the key because I hadn't thought of flushing, and I was lucky to look at the roof, but I cheated to know about the spanner. Very funny intro video too.

       Anonymous  5/29/09, 11:54 PM  

That game was pretty good!

that was awesome. haha i love afro ninja escape games

       Anonymous  5/30/09, 8:22 PM  


Hope this helped :D

ok to all you people who think this is complicated its not. You dont have to find the key or the code to the keypad! All you have to do is click by the 3 on the keypad with the wrench and the bathtub water will turn on, so you dont even need the key, pills, or the power box. Ans you thought you were all so smart! ha ha...HA

i had to finally cheat on code because the game wouldn't allow me to scrape of the grwy on wall with razor, even though i had everything else:(

       Anonymous  5/31/09, 4:42 PM  

what the heck is a spanner? do you mean wrench? just say wrench.

okay i heard someone say the floss used a secret end please help everyone look

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  6/9/09, 8:50 PM  

why is the code 45801?

1. Grab Toilet Plunger & place plunger in toilet bowl so stick and plunger head will come apart.
2. Open cupboard and take box of baking soda and baking soda label.
3. Use stick on mirror to break mirror and take mirror shard.
4. Go to the side where you are in view of the door. Click on 3rd tile in 2nd row, and take wrench.
5. Go to toilet, place plunger head where the flush valve is missing.
6. Use wrench to turn water to toilet ON.
7. Flush toilet and take key from toilet bowl.
8. Use key on padlock to open the cabinet and take items: Dental Floss, Tooth Brush, Pill Bottle and Razor.
10. Go in view of the ceiling, you will see an opening. Use stick to open up panel to reveal hair dryer.
9. Plug sink and fill basin with Hot Water and pour Baking Soda into the water.
10. Dip Toothbrush into Baking Soda mixture and use to clean corrosive substance of the battery. NB: Read the Baking Soda, as it tells you why.
11. Use hair dryer to dry off the wet terminals of the battery.
12. Attach wires to the terminals.
13. There is a grey mark on the wall. Use Razor to remove the grey marks to reveal the number "4", the number "5" and a mirror reflection of the number "3"
14. Place, the mirror shard next to the figures and you will see the reflection of the code to the panel, 45801. Hint: was in the pill bottle.
15. Panel is open, use wrench to turn water to bathtub ON.
16. Go to bath and fill up with water.
17. Place hair dryer into bath, this will cut power and switch off the laser beams on the door for you to ESCAPE!!

       Anonymous  6/11/09, 6:45 AM  

wow i feel so stupid it took 33 minutes to finish! just do the walk throughs, they help!

so i found out how to dry the electrical thing
when your in teh toilet room click on the ceiling
then keep clickiing with plunger stick
you'll find the dryer
use it dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!

       Anonymous  6/12/09, 3:04 PM  

Hah AH I got out all by myself. ilove Afroninga (sp?)


A tile in the laser room has a wrench in it if u click it

i didnt look at the top of the toilet so i got stuck

wow out! =) (._.) *<:) party! lolz took me half an hour

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 8:55 AM  

enter the passcode put the thingy on and put water in the sink and put the hairdryer in it and your out by the way cris and charlotte say there is a gun in this game is there

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 8:55 AM  

put the hairdryer in the bathsink

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 8:57 AM  


       Anonymous  6/17/09, 8:58 AM  


       Anonymous  6/18/09, 10:19 AM  

What a good game!

       Anonymous  6/19/09, 2:00 AM  

I have a shard of glass (i broke the mirror) a hairdryer (from the ceiling tile) and the plunger's stick. what do i do now?

       Anonymous  6/19/09, 2:04 AM  

now i opened the sink cupboard and put baking soda in the sink... now what?

i got out in 3.35 shame

       Anonymous  6/20/09, 11:21 PM  

under what tile is spanner?

also if you use the numbers as letters, like you do on a calculator you can make Oh I See...doesn't really help with anything but just something i figured out

i can't find the spanner what tile is it under? help me out plz plz plz

this is really easy it took me a minute 53 seconds to fully complete it lol wow on to the next game!!!!

If you need help email me at s.cox241@gmail.com and i will give you directions

       Anonymous  7/3/09, 8:27 AM  

you don't have to do the hole thing i can do it using the plunger the wrench and the hair dryer! my best score is like 35 seconds!!!

wow i escaped in 2:06 seconds on my first try with no walkthrough

yay i tryed it again and got 1:50

I'm Out; That Was Easy(:
And You Know How The Note In The Pill Bottle Says "Mirror.. On The Wall, The Link Between Two Parts Is Easy To See After All"? Well, The Codes On The Wall Have Something That Looks Like A Backward Three. If You Put Them Together, They Make An 8. Which Is Why The Code Is 45801. [:

i escaped...HAHA

how do u get the spanner

when bathtubs filled with water put the hair dryer in it then you can escape!

uhm, wow. i didnt even think about the bathtub when the power went out. lol. 45 minutes and 4 seconds! XD

       Anonymous  11/25/10, 7:11 PM  

Escaped in 4.02 (: I'm a beast

Escaped in 2:13 yeahhhh buddy!

DID IT IN 2:16

How the hell do u get the hair dryer into the outlet!!!!

you don't have to plug the hairdryer in, it is implied when you attempt to use it on something.

working link:


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