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Laundry Escape 2: Escape from the Laundromat Walkthrough

Laundry Escape 2: Escape from the Laundromat

Laundry Escape 2: Escape from the Laundromat is another point & click type room escape game developed by ShatteredGames. Something bad has happened in this laundromat: it's not your fault, but you'd better get out before you get caught up in this mess. Interact with objects in the room and solve puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Play Laundry Escape 2: Escape from the Laundromat

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I'm just happy to have a game in english! yay!

Got a camera, a screwdriver (used), a rod and a rainbow ball.

yeah bew game!!! HI!!

ohh where is this famous screwdriver please

oooh i posted first on the other one :(

I have camera , a can of soda and a florecent light

oh well, screwdriver is in the laundrybar thing on first screen

ok that was interesting, just left a comment, when I refreshed the page it said "site does not exist"... ;)
oh well, hi all, as far as you all!

u can put the light in on the ceiling, you can get coin from out of order washmachine and buy soda, or maybe toy i bought soda, but i think i maybe needed the toy heheh

ah yes, I saw you on the other site noalisa, that's where my comment is too hehe

ahh nvm found it

you can get another coin from phone. Dial call#

oh and got a detergent bottle now

Oh yay other players! I need your help! I used the socks to deactivate the alarm.

found coin

got another coin and bought rainbow ball with it

alimax, did you find a place to use the detergent?

ok got screwdriver from soap machine, a light from the chairs, a camera and a can of soda, really stuckkkkkkkkk

how did u get the sock?

nobody was here just a few minutes ago. I had to retrieve my password and now there are lots of you to help me. Good morning all

AH! Throw the ball at the X.

anybody find where to use key?

Use the direction the socks are facing noalisa.

thanks alimax!

bet, you can look up somewhere, and there's an odd contraption (or something) and u have to put the soda in it

put light in ceiling over socks

Leithian, Yes, put the soda in the bucket.

throw soda in bucket on rope, get knife

oh, there a knife in it.

and out!

aahh thnak you noalisa, have detergent now

no, I mean the detergent, not soda! can't seem to use it anywhere...

I got a coin from the washing machine and used it to buy a toy ("bouncy ball"). Even if I dial # on the phone, I don't get any other coin.

thanks alimax, does someone have anything to pry with?

and out!

knife in red bottle

Did you use the camera nic?

oops, didn't noticed it was a knife! Lol
A pascale, you have to dial call#

oh yes, thanks alimax..... ;)

Pascale dial CALL#
Press the numbers that correspond to the letters

Yes, literally, "2255#"

ok have the alarm disabled, but can not get the key from the bell

I disabled the alarm. Look at the socks : the pink and the yellow ones are higher, so, the button must be on the right. Don't touch the others.

just looked at pictures on camera. Thats how i knew to dial Call#

okay what next, got only the camera left... i can see key by the door, but i cant do anything :(

And Out- check out the photos on the camera..

No problem! I like have the rare opportunity to help others instead of needing all the help!

where do i use the screwdriver? and how do i get the coin from the phone???

Am out...but didn't find any use for the camera I don't think!

Thanks a lot, nicmckenna26, I would never have found it by myself.

bet - throw bouncy ball against cross. open panel in floor, use key & get pliers.
Pliers get key from bell

Use the snippers to get key from bell.

and have bouncing ball don't know what to do with it helpp!!

Ooh...how do you look at pictures on the camera?? I'm going back in to have a look!

but how do you open the floorpanel?

noalisa use knife to open panel, then key (from light)

Bouncy ball must be used on the blue cross on the wall. When it falls down, zoom on it, there is a trapdoor.
Soda is used in the bucket, to get the detergent.

i never got a key from the light? how do i get that?

There is a knife in detergent. Use it on trapdoor, the small key on keyhole. You get a tool to cut wires.

a-ha! you nedd to actually dial the word call, like in a cell phone, and then #

Sorry, I meant "you get pliers" lol

what key????? to get pliers, all I have left in my inventory is a camera

noalisa find long bulb on chairs by window. Fit bulb and a key should appear

i did that like 20 minutes ago, and i never got a key :(

Use pliers on the key that falls down. Pick it up, use it on the door...

me too noalisa :(((

when you put the light into its place a key apears right at the end of the light, its also grey, and it has a special shape

bet - did you put bulb in light? You get a silver key when you do that.

Noalisa - you might have to start again, thats strange!!

Anat said : "a-ha! you nedd to actually dial the word call, like in a cell phone, and then #"
I would have never guessed this, we don't do like this in France...

can't find key either...

clicking on the celing light again but nothing no key!!! and the light that I put in there is gone?? Please what im a doing wrong!!

noalisa, maybe it's because we started on the other page?

oh i get it-
after you get the pliers you go to the door, and theres a light bulb infront of the door. to me it looks like a bell
use pliers on that and a key will fall

I have been trying to get the screwdriver and cant seem to find it, is there a trick?

yeah got the same bet, im starting over :(

does the key fall down to the ground??

bet - i think it is a glitch, you probably have to start again. Or check if the bulb has returned to where you found it!!

How do you get the sock?

nvm I got it now

Key appears next to where you insert bulb

Darn!!! ok will start over :(

can someone please tell me where to use the screwdriver?

Pick up camera. Click on question mark next to camera to zoom in on it. Turn it around and look through the pictures. Notice the license plate that says "call#"

Zoom in on laundry detergent dispenser and click on small gray button. Pick up screwdriver.

Go right and pick up light bulb that is resting on the metal rod behind the chairs.

go right, click on bell to zoom in. Use screwdriver to remove screws from panel on the right. To view the panel click right again. Back all the way out.

go right, zoom in on phone and then number pad. click the numbers that correspond with Call# (2255#). Pick up coin.

Zoom in on bulletin board and read the postings.

Zoom in on toy machines twice and use coin to get a ball. Back all the way out. Throw ball at "X" on the wall.

go right and click upwards. Place light in ceiling fixture and get the key. back out and notice the direction and color of the socks hanging. Zoom in on out of order dryer and click on it to collect another coin.

go right, zoom in on soda machine and use coin to get a soda.

Go left twice. Click on the red detergent bottle hanging from the ceiling. Put soda in the bucket.

Back out and pick up detergent bottle. Click the ? to view the bottle and click the cap and get a knife from teh bottle.

Click on the ball on the floor and use the knife to pry open the hatch. Use the silver key to open it. Get pliers.

Go left once and zoom in on bell and go right for the panel. Click RLRRLR for the buttons.

Go left. Use pliers on bell to cut the key. Zoom out to obtain key on the floor. Use key to leave.

use screwdriver on panel on right of door

okay, im out now.. could have been out, 20 minutes ago, but i didn't take the key immediately cause i didn't see it, so it was gone :(
Ah well, next game i'm gonna beat you all :P
just kiddin' see u next time

i'm sorry leithian, i didn't see your comment, but it was just a flaw in the game.. it had nothing to do with the previous page, it was just because of the key that we didn't take right after we put in the lights...

nooo have to start over again too then! ;) darn... see you in the next one noalisa!

when you insert the fluorescent light a key apears next to the light
another key falls from a bell in front of the door after you use pliers on it

how to turn off the alarm?? comeon people

ok this time it worked, but got sires and i ran out-lol thank you so much for all your help everybody, have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anat- pink to the R, orange-L yellow-R, blue-R, red-L and green R

anat, look at the direction the socks are pointing. then move the buttons right to the door in the same directions! look at alimax walkthrough to see order! ;)


For a split second, I thought this was about something that happened at my house. We had a pen explode in the dryer.

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 10:57 AM  

@Alimax: Thank you for the walkthru!

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 12:48 PM  

i won

       Anonymous  5/22/09, 3:05 PM  

blarg i cant figure out how to see the pictures on the camera. how do i do that?

I never used the camera... :S

Wow, that was short.

Only hint I needed was where to get the second coin! :)

       Anonymous  5/26/09, 2:08 PM  

i cant figure out how to get the screwdriver!!
i need helpp!!! :)

where is the ball on the floor that you are supposed to get the pliers from?

how do you get the silver key?

how do i get the silver key

wheres the silver key?????????????

what do i do w the key?

Nm i fig it out

This game is buggy. The first time I put the light bulb in and never got a key. Restarted, and the second time, I put the bulb in and got the key, and the bulb reappeared in my inventory.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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