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Meeblings 2

[UPDATED] Meeblings 2 is the second episode of Meeblings intriguing and challenging puzzle game by Ninja Kiwi. Help the Meeblings! Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Explore the Meebling's world in all 50 fun filled levels." Good luck and have fun!

Update: Added new working link!

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Meeblings 2 Walkthrough
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cool new one

yay! new game! time to give it a try!

Look at how cute these little guys are!

stuck on 8

hmm, can't figure out 8.

the first part was really fun.im sure this will be too

stupid game

got it when you click on green meebling you can change him to any color you want, so change him to the one who can stop fans

how do you pick what to change him into? i always get yellow.

got it, just hold down.

Has anyone figure out 15? The one with the trees and the falling box?

im stuck on 15 with the falling box and tree meeblings

haha. I'll let ya know if I get anywhere nottypomy.

just got it.dont do anything with the tree ones.when box starts falling click on yellow one and box breaks on small ground just below then click on yellow to bring all orange ones.you might have to try a lot

I've gotten the box to break twice but can't suck them in before they fall. Also, I noticed that everytime you start one of the tree meebles shakes and then i noticed that the shaking one grew a flower somehow!

ah! good call!

22 now

im stuck at 15!

let's play
Hi j@de!

got it after posting xD

teckhy, don't touch the green ones, I just kept clicking the yellow one and till I got the box broken
and hey alkmar nice to see you

Tecky, see post 14 from nottypomy, just suck em in!

still stuck on 8,can't figure out the color

Hey! Any advice on 13?

so on 26 i guess i just wait and hope that one of the flying meebles knocks off the one that turns into the way out?

got it

what was 13 juliana?

@Alimax: 13 was log ride... 2 logs, one orange in each. 1 below, 1 up. On the log up is an orange and a red one... (Excuse my English)

am stuck on level 9- help plz

level 9 turn the green guy into a blue one

Thanks - but how do you do that? I tried holding mouse button down on him but just change to yellow one

keep on holding.it will change color

Sorry i don't remember, i'll go back and look real quick.

Oh, for 13, let the bottom one get sucked up in the tube and then when he is on the top log let the red one burn through the ground.

im stuck on 27.tried changing green guy to gravity but doesnt help much.im trying out the red one

oh,it is so funny!

on 20 now

power of posting!the red one workd:)

21 is a difficult

Thanks, Alimax!! =)

I quitt for a little,my son likes to play on Habbo

stuck on 29 now.its my dinner time so i'll come back later..see ya!

Thanx nottypotty. Done it

But whats up with 26.... you just have to wait 30 min. till they all get there? No control ?

Is there anybody still here..? I'm on level 18 now, but totally stuck... (I'm taking my time to play... I'm at work actually... shhhhhhhhhhhh)

18 was a stinker .. you have to be real careful not to let the elevation one go into the exit. I just kept up and downing till they got just right before using the away blue one to push them home. Takes alot of patience on that one.

Aha! I did level 18!! Yeah for me!! =)
(Since I'm alone here, I'll cheer up myself... he he)

Well i made it to 44 but i have NO idea what to do. off to grab lunch and get some work done. If someone figures it out please post it!

stuck on 25

No Sakura this week? I dont like this kind of games.

20? Anyone?

whats the deal with 22?

back again

Any hints on 25 (reverse vacuum)??

Juliana, I coaxed the red one into the tube first. Then clicked the purple one to go up. Then held on the red one to burn a way to the exit.

I'll try that! Thanks, Idaho! ;)

strange the 26....

how you must control???

only got 15 by accident..

I'm on 26 too, alkmar... I guess you just have to wait...?

stuck on 17.... oO

I have 24 down... Still waiting for those 16 to go away!! They are driving me crazy!! All that jumping...

I'm stuck on 26 with you two...zzzzzzz only up to 16

arghh.. must start over?? again with only 10

I think there is a bug on level 26. Some people got through but never said how they controlled the rascals.

@ people on level 26!! Don't quit! Hang in there! I only have 7 left to go... Go grab a coffee while they jump up and down! he he!

Are you finding any way to control what happens on 26 ?

Idaho: yes. Just be really really patient... ha.

for level 26 i let the flying meeblings knock off the meebling that turns into the exit. then when he got close to the tubes i clicked on the exit meebling and just set up shop there and all the orange ones flew into it before getting sucked up in the tubes.

Very cool... Thanks Alimax... We would be here till Friday waiting on them to find there way...

i just went through it again. It shouldn't take long that way.

You are right, Alimax!! Your way is soooooooo much easier...

no problem. hurry up and help me with 44! i'm as stuck as stuck can be.

On 27 do I use the pink one?

yes,thanks Alimax!!!

Still on 26, on 39...zzzz


What di I do on 27? Help guys...

Ha! Got it!


I keep loosing all my orange little guys on 28... =(

get only 6 in it..try and try

Me too alkamar!

I can only get 1 orange one...arrg!

Alkamar, did you get past 28?

so close!!!

Pass 28!! Yeah!! =)

Juliana please give me a tip!

@lindaB, yes

Please one of you tell the secret!

@lindab,push the yellow one close to the way out sign,and then click on the yellow and the orange one will come

Whew, that was a pain, thanks Alkamr!

I didn't gave you any hints, LindaB, because for me it was just luck... ha ha.

whats 20? cant get it

oh..oh the 30 so close..and still can't make him


I'll try to finish the game now, I'm on 22, anyone still playing?

Alkmar, help!! Please!!! I can't get pass 30...

ohh..59, and I need 60!!

26 is quite difficult.. any hints?

do I just have to wait till they're all rescued?

@ J@de: for level 26 look at post nº70 ;)

How do I solve 29 please

for 30 i quickly turned the fans off, then quick pressed the blue meebling so that all of the others went to the right of it. i got them all the way to the right/over the fans (most the wood was on top of them adn then turned the fans on and clicked the blue one to move them to the right. The fans blew them out past the logs. hope that helps.

for 29, i started by sucking in the green ones and the oranges one on the left. then without holding down yellow i clicked on blue to push the last orange and the box onto the conveyor belt once the box began to fell, i clicked on the yellow one and when it broke i sucked in the last few that i needed to equal 8.

I can't make the 2 boxes go down on 31!! Damn!

@juliana,I went by lucky.first i put with the blue, 5 things against the wooden trees,than I clicked the grey one. With luck the trees go down on a way,when I start the ventilators again the things go to the way out sign.(It takes me many tries before I did get it)

32 is really hard!! I don't get what I'm supposed to do...

Ha! I just did it! Pure luck...

I go little to play a new karla game

31, i quickly clicked on and off of the yellow one until an orange one from each side at the top fell gently straight down and to the outside of the boxes. then hold down yellow and the orange ones will push the boxes off the ledge at the same time and they will break open.

I just did 31 again and i guess if you hit the boxes with the orange ones just right it will break them.

32, just quickly hit the exits and the trees and just let the orange ones take their ride and you should get 6 to bounce into an exit.

33, click the blue to push the exits away. the tricky part is that you can't let any orange bounce off the screen. so you need to keep paying attention to the outsides and clicking the yellow to bring them in. some get stuck at the top so quickly hit the yellow or blue to get them unstuck. just be careful not to shoot the yellow into an exit too early.

thanks juliana

34 is pretty awful. you have to time it just right so that when you click on the red it shoots out the log across the screen and smashes the box in its way down. Even then the fans make it almost impossible to suck in all the meeblings you need before they disappear off screen. This one will take a few tries.

I quit on level 35,it is late,goodnight and luck for everyone.
@Alimax,I hope somebody will help you very soon on level 44!!

YAY!!! i loved the first one im glad there is a second one

no alkmar! i was trying to get everyone caught up! oh poo! maybe you can help me with it tomorrow.

I'm on 37 now, have to quit for minutes then I'll be back, they're so cute, did you notice sometimes when they're falling, they scream lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

I see no possible way to stop those rascals from falling in the hole on 43. Did you get past it Alimax?

22 anyone???



47 is hard

I just got it, turn one of the lower 2 into grey and turn off the fan, top one should be red and most right one has to be yellow

J@de ... been stuck here on 47 for 15 min. I almost had it. My trick was to make sure the last two are yellow and blue.. trying to pull and push them both in from the right side of the exit.

Oh Yes ... very cool J@de ..it worked great... Thanks so much..

Wait... it didn't work J@de ... I turned off the fan with the top one ... made the lower middle one yellow and pulled them all together. Had to keep playing with yellow to get action bounce from the bottom one to go far enough right. Then pulled them all down to bottom with the bottom yellow. Then turned last one into blue and pushed and pulled. Had to time it just right to hold yellow just above the exit till all fell in ..then let go and last yellow fell.

48 is just insane.... I quit... next game for me.

50 is evil

you're welcome idaho sorry didn't see your comments, well that's a way to do it
for 48 I think I spent like an hour on it, 2 top one red to get rid of as many woods as you can, right bottom pink to and left botton brown (that's gonna be your way out), keep using pink one to change position, and everytime eliminate some woods, in the end change the brown into the way out (be sure there's a yellow one near it, or a blue one far from it) and try to move the others out.

for 47 my method was to turn off fan, turned top one to red and clicked it so that it fell down to middle level, then clicked yellow one (most right) that made the 2 lower meeblings go to the way out, and brought the red next to the yellow, then made a hole with the red and both yellow and red fell in the way out, I think it would be easier then trying to time your clicking on blue and yellow

Help on level 30 PLEASE!!!!

@jenn check comment 105

finally, I have completed the game.. it's almost dawn here in tunisia, what a loss!! I spent the whole night on that thing!

is there anything to do on level forty besides turning the grey-ish one into a way out and then waiting for the improbability of an orange one hitting it? i've had the darned thing in the background for 10 minutes now and it's only gotten 12 of 40.

I think on that one I waited till it got knocked off by another meebling then got carried over to where the two tubes merge at the bottom before i turned it into a way out.

I start the game again,lucky I don't have to start allover again,I am still on 35


Help on 40, please!!

NO! I came back to see if there were hints about 44 but everyone just moved past it without sharing their wisdom! I NEED HELP! haha.

Holy lord i finally did it! So clicked on the right most yellow one. Then let the exit one float up. When it got close the right end of the ledge i clicked it. Then i kept pushing the blue and yellow ones to knock the oranges ones off the ledge and then catch them. On their way up they will fly into the exit. It took a few times (like 126) but I finally got it! level 45 here i come!

Anyone still playing live today? I came back from yesterday, need help with 37!

I'm here to help

linda 37 just click blue one to move box untill it goes to the right and break, then yellow one to make orange meeblings fall into the way out

Thanks J@de, I will try it.

when use click the yellow, lower meebligs will move the wood and it will enter the tube and go up, then it will fall on box to break it I think

you not use

Got it now on 38...hmmmm.

38 just try to balance your clicking on yellow and blue, throw them with blue then bring them back with yellow until you rescue 13 meeblings

J@ade, any hints on 38?

Thanks J@ade on to 40... :)

Now on to 41.....

OK , help with 41?

how is everyone doing? just got back from music room escape.

Hi Alimax, I am currently stuck on 41... :)

Ok, on to 42.

I could use a hint on 42...?

for 41 i started by clicking on the yellow to get the oranges on the left to push the log (not too hard not too soft) and it will bounce off the middle part of soil, go down the wheels and smash the box on the left. then push the blue to repel the orange on the left and they will push the other log off which will smash one of the other two boxes. then hold down yellow and the orange ones will race across the bottom of the screen and smash the last box.

haha. sorry i was too slow to help you.

for 42 i just used the gravity one. waited till the log went up and then when it went to fall down i clicked purple, then the log will either block the fan or you have to click her again when they are flying under it and they will fall onto the conveyor belt and be taken into the exit.

no worries, power of posting now on to 43.

Ok, I'll wait for you on 43 Alimax...lol! I am stuck now.

43 click quickly green so it becomes a tree then really quickle the yellow to bring them all to you, when they're stuck aroud the fans, click the hatted one to make him grey, click him to turn off fans, and all your meeblings fall into the way out

when they fall try to keep clicking yellow one so that they won't go to the left hole

I've been trying 50 for a while now, it's doing my head in!

Arrgg! 43 is a bear!

Whew...now to 44. Thanks for help! This is addicting in a torcherous sort of way! Lol.

Definitely need help with 44.

49? anyone, ive tried like 1000 times

hmm, been dealing with 48 for a bit now. i think you just have to burn all of the wood out of there but i'm having problems positioning my meeblings well!

I'm trying to catch up Alimax!

44??? Lost!

Anyone? Remember how they 44?

I am thinking the green guy needs to be the "Way out" brown guy. I can't seem to break the boxes every time though and It's really upsetting me.

On level 50 I mean.

for 44 use a yellw to pull the brown in your direction, then change him into an exit in the air where they fall off the ledge, then slowly push them off into the exit

Alimax, Make one of the meeblings a pink one. this may make it a bit easier.

I have been trying 50 for ages, I just got it to one more needed, but no way to get him to the exit. very frustrating!

48, you make the two guys on top red, burn out the bottom green guys, make one pink leave the last one green, turn on and off gravity until you can burn enough wood to get some room. Make the last green guy the exit and get everyone out using the blue and yellow.

Now get to 49 and help me!!!

Got it thanks, on to 45. Tyring to catch up.

on 48 I made a red and a pink meebling and bounced the gravity and removed all the logs that way

49 you have to throw the orange so that the box hits the right side at the very end of the / part of ground (sorry can't find the word english is not my birth language)
you have to keep trying until you make it

Do you want the orange guy to hit the box on the top, bottom, middle?

Ive literally tried like 100 times

for 49 I just got lucky I suppose and the box smashed next to the exit. I think I just hit it on a high bounce. it bounces higher every now and then

for 49 I just did it again 2 times, so you have to start clicking blue when box begins to go up

you want him to hit it on the corner

49, I got it,

Watch the box go up once, then on the second time it goes up, hit it

Oh boy, 50 looks complicated!! this should be fun.

46 help me guys!

LindaB for 46 push the red into the fan, then when it gets to the ledge pull it across and burn away the whole wall down to the ground, then push them all into the exit. of course you need to get a blue on the right and the exit on the left as well

Oh thank youWavey!

50 is a serious pain. Finally got through. get the red guy all the way to the left, "dig through all level except the bottom. Turn the guy to brown and make him way out. make sure there are no meeblings in the way when you get the boxes to drop all the way down. Very tricky. Once boxes are brokena nd all meeblings are gone in the "trap", turn fans back on get the outside meebling in. Try to make one yellow meebling next to way out.

wooo hooo I beat it.

50. Get one yellow in the bottom left corner past the tube. Get the rest up into the castle thing. Turn off the power. Get the red guy to burn a hole in the side of the structure. Use blue and yellow to get the meeblings towards the exit. I eventually finished all my blue guys , So I had to make the green guy pink and got the rest to the finish by turning on and off gravity.

Also you could open up the green guy and turn him into an exit, I tried that and got close but didn't finish it.

Woo hoo good game

i can NOT get more than 5 on 49. when i push the box up further on the hill it doesn't break and just slides behind the exit or off the screen. when it does break its too low. grrrrrrrrrrr.

On 49, dont go for the first time the box goes up, The second time it goes up it goes up higher, thats when you need to do it.

well i finally got 49. matt on 50 do you mean get the yellow past the tub so its wedged inbetween that and the soil?

Yeah, get it in there and it can help you when your going back and forth with all the ones in the castle. I dont think you have to have it there but it helps.

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