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Nekonote Escape 10 - Dream 3 Walkthrough

Nekonote Escape 10 - Dream 3

Nekonote Escape 10 - Dream 3 is the sequel to Nekonote Escape Dream point-and-click room escape game by Nekonote. Collect items and use them in order to get out of the room. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:20 PM  

First!!! Sweet!!!

WOOOO here goes!

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:22 PM  

So far...have a hammer and a bottle of some sort..

Yay! Let's play!!!

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:23 PM  

got anything yet ??

hey everyone!

oohh Hi yeah new game!!

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:24 PM  

Also...have piece of blue paper and a drawing of a water drop...

Ive got a piece of paper from a wooden house thingee and seen a number 1

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:25 PM  

have a bottle and a knob .

We will def need a screw driver. ALso have sun, blue paper and bottle of ink now.

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:25 PM  

Used bottle of water on blue paper and got drawing...

ok so far found a #2 on the side of tv and a place for code on th side of shelf

haha, found a drawer which is ROCKED, not locked! hahahaha. Also have picture of drop of water.

found a hook that opens up to pop the blue balloon left of the sofa.

Got a hook from under the rhs of the couch, found anumber 4 and theres a large blue ball on the lhs of the couch.

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:27 PM  

I used the hammer on the thing next to the door...I'm not sure why yet though...

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:28 PM  

I have a moon a water drop and a red doll with hole on back

star with the number 4.

I guess the codes are different for each game...mine is #1 next to tv.

Theres a hook in the ceiling - you can see it when you look under the drawer where you find the blue cloth. Click on the hook there and you can zoom in

I think the little red guy is a lighter

where is hammer?

Wheres the hammer and the little red guy?

i clicked on my hook and its now a knife

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:31 PM  

Where'd you guys get the red guy and the moon??

Theres also a door to remove on the bottom left of the red door.

& where i red guy?

used the hook to bring down a safe...and a key.

Found the hammer on the left hand back cusion of the couch

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:32 PM  

The hammer is in the back left part of the couch... click on the top left part of the left cushion

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:33 PM  

totally stuck were was the hammer and blue papper

big blue thing left side of couch, lit candles

Battery from the drawer. Wheres the red guy/lighter please

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 7:35 PM  

Where's the lighter???

ANd did someone mention finding a knob for the drawer earlier too?

philippa you are funny, just found the rocked drawer - ha ha

We are going to need a four digit code to open the right hand drawer under the TV. COmon guys, Im leaving hints - how about returning the favour huh

Sorry...where was the knob Lymyinpa???

lighter is left drawer on coffee table

Thanks nitefishie - wheres the knob then please

Nevermind...knob behind the books

Well I am stuck...I will come back tomorrow. Got hammer from couch, big hook thing beside couch from plant view, a key-used (don't remember from where), blue ink-used on blue paper, white paper, battery on top of face thing that comes down w/ hook, a paper w/ rain drop and a sun (from pic w/ lion on it) I don't remember anything else. Hope this helps someone finish this so I can finish it tomorrow..lol. Good luck

white paper in hole, in wood house

I didnt write my shapes down from the white paper and now I cant put it over the candles again. Can someone please tell me their shapes. Mine was circle, square, star and triangle I THINK

um...what wood house are you guys talking about??

screw driver in right red drawer

Hi all
what's the knife for?

@mumma face the couch, then click the thin black line above it - will show you an alcove with the house and pictures

my shapes were circle square star octagon

wood house at top of screen on couch veiw

i haven't been able to find the hammer, behind the couch on my left side is a device that needs batteries

Oh crap now a puzzle behind the double circle painting.

@nitefishie, hammer is left cornner of couch

Thanks a ton Philippa...that was driving me squirrely!!

Nitefishe the hammer is on the cushion - you are clicking too far to the left

@Philippa, how did u open the 2 circle picture?
do u have screwdriver?

ahhh thanks!

my paper had circle square star and stop sign shape
and where is the bottle??

need the color code for the box benind the couch.. and a number code ,,, and a screw driver!

anyone have any luck with the puzzle on the wall?

nvm got it

@Sirima yes - you use the code off the white paper to find a four digit code which opens the red right drawer under the TV to give a screwdriver

I need the colour code too, and it appears Im missing one square for the puzzle behind the circle painting.

any1 has fire pic?

I think that the answer to the puzzle will be one of each item in each row and column. Can you try that someone?

puzzle on wall is just you take the pictures you have & you put them in without letting any of the same pictures in each row or column but i still need the fire picture to finish mine

No fire picture here - thats my missing one

nitefishie...where do you use the battery??

Fire must be in the box behind the couch that needs the colour code

HELLLPPP-sorry wanted to get your attention, please where exacly do you use the hook to pull down safe- key??

@mumma battery goes in back of box behind left side of couch - the thing that came out of the blue ball when you popped it

@bet I gave details of that earlier

@nitefishie, it's like soduku
it's all i can explan, my english is not good

the color code gives a hint on the blue paper that you put water on... it is refering to that color wheel but the book on the table shows that you have to put the code in backwards so mine was pink, light blue,dark blue, and green

Ok...have to think...
used the lighter, the knob, the white paper over the candles, the code to open the drawer for screwdriver, placed missing pieces sans Fire in their places...broke glass over odd shaped hole and now I can't really figure out that blue sheet of paper and it's meaning...

& you get a purple disk from the box that goes in the safe thing that is hanging from the ceiling

I guess I'm here, it'll probably be finished before I catch up though XD But I'll give it a shot.

Anybody know where the leaf picture is??

@rdnck I didnt see that note - good one! ANyone seen a place to use the disk from that grey box?

where is the water to put on the paper??

i haven't got the battery yet :p having problems finding where to use hook...

@philippa did you open the bottom left of the door yet?

@momma the leaf one is under the panel on the Left hand side of the drawer - you will need the screwdriver

I can't figure out what to do with the circle that you can move around. My paper says move it clockwise until it gets to 7:00, with a blue background. I've tried both 7:00 and blue, and lightblue darkblue...but nothing seems to happen. Can anyone help me?

@nitefish no, what do I use? The disk wont work. Also if you read my earlier comment you will find out where to find the hook, which will lead you to the battery

Philippa use the purple disk on the safe that is hanging from the ceiling

@eleni check about four posts back - great clue given

Out. Great game, thanks Shuchun and thanks everyone for your tips...I had to catch up fast.

@rdnck Thanks!

eleni look at comment number 73 for help

Martin where is the fire picture?

no problem

Anyone - how do I open the little door on the red door???

where do u find the hammer

@kazza look back at earlier comments - its been posted

ok so i need the fire paper.. and i guess another disk..
and something to open the panel on the door

Fire pic is on lower lh corner of red door.

@sweeti me too and no one is helping *pokes tounge out*

thank you rdnckwritr, got it now!

where did Martin go? he is the only one finished so he can help!!!

I'm out! anyone need help?

Martin how do you get the little door open?

'cause i forgot where i found the blue paper so i don' know where the hook is :-(

Pls help

Sirima click under the table with the single drawer. You will then see the hook up in the top right hand corner. Click it to zoom in

sirma the hook is on the frame of the couch. right side..

eleni how did you get the door open?

@Philippa, got it Thx


Zoom in on the red door and click lower rh corner of flap

It's not a little red door. It's actually a piece of paper stuck to the door. Click lower right corner to lift.

rdnck, I used the little ghost figure in the place next to the color circle. Then the door opens. (You might have to move the color circle to blue also, but I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it.)

Thank you

well now i feel stupid

And out!!!

I think several of you are talking about the "little red door" but you mean the paper on the bottom of the red door? If so, just click the bottom right corner of the paper on the door, and you will get the fire card.

This sucks...hmmm....I still don't have the fire for the picto-sudoku thing. And I don't have the yellow disc...no idea where to look except for that panel on the door...but I can't choose my screwdriver anymore...


@ philippa, i never got it open, it may just be there for the fire pic, looks like it should open though!

Haha, yay nevermind! Got it!

Holy crap...glad that's over!! Thanks for all the help guys...see you next time!!

And out!

Catalyste, see #113 for the fire.

Walkthrough Time!!!

eleni, I already figured that out! lol, thanks though.

Thx all

and out!
cute game!!!

eleni, I need help, how do I get the ink open? I can't do anything here

abigail, i dont think you have to "open" the ink. Do you have the blue paper? Open in it the about screen, and add then click on the ink to add it to the paper.

Sorry rdnckwritr, I'm at work and every now and then I actually have to do some LoL

OK, got the blue ink thing, found 1 key but I need the screwdriver and lighter.

Hummm... Folks? I still can't find the lighter... Can someone help, please? Later posts didn't help me find it (I think I'm not that smart...).

that was a nice game! some reason i was making the color code harder than it should have been, haha

The lighter is on the couch on the left hand cusion at the back

Ill write a walk through.

OK, what is this code off the white paper..... mine stays blank :(

My lighter was in the drawer with moon pic that opened with the knob found behind the books...different each game?

No, the lighter was in the drawer with no knob. You can find the knob by looking behind the books.

When you get the doll/lighter, you have to view it and click the button in back to light it.

Quote: The lighter is on the couch on the left hand cusion at the back

The hammer was there, not the lighter...

abigail...how're you doing now? you still need help?

Oh my FREAKING GOD! I had the stupid lighter the whole time?!?!? I thought it was just a dumb doll! LOL

LOL abigail =)

Trying to crack the code. My pattern was circle, square, star, octagon. I found 8 star, 6 square, 6 circle and a 0 w/no shape.

1 Main screen - click bottom left corner of red door, click bottom right of 'panel' and collect fire token.
2 Back out and turn right to face couch. Click back left corner of left cusion and collect hammer. Back out and click to the right of the couch and collect hook. Notice number on pot plant. Back out and click on black line above couch and then on wooden house. Collect white cloth and notice number. Click on sun in right hand picture and collect sun token.
3 Back out and click red folder on table. Read picture clues and flip through book to read clue about colour code.
4 Back out and turn right. Click on photo of sky to zoom in, click it again and collect ink. While still zoomed in, click to the left of the table and look underneath. Click on blue cloth. Notice hook in top of right corner. Click to zoom in.
5 Click on hook in inventory and pull down safe. Take key and use on drawer. Collect battery.
6 Back out and turn right. Click on left hand red drawer. Collect water tile. Back out and click on the left of the cabinets and see number. Back out and look on the left top side of the TV. Notice number.
7 Back out and zoom in on books. Click at back of books and collect knob. Use knob on drawer and collect Moon token and lighter.

Now we can start using stuff.


1 Use hammer on glass square next to red door.
2 Look at hook in inventory and remove cover to find knife. Pop blue ball which is to the left of the couch.
3 Click on grey box from inside ball and click on bottom right corner to turn it. Remove cover and insert battery.
4 Using 2 clues from red folder (flip a few pages) and from using the blue cloth and ink, work out colour combination. Get disk.
5 Using lighter (after lighting it in about items), light candles and hold white paper over flames. Get shape combination. From around the room, find your four numbers and use on the right hand side of the red drawers under the tv. Collect screwdriver.


OK, now what to do with the color code thingy....

       Anonymous  5/13/09, 8:36 PM  

Help, I can't figure out the red drawer code.

ok can't found blue paper..anyone??


NOTE: You cannot open the code before you see it's clue first...I know I tried.

Go right:

check left corner of couch coushin for hammer.
click right of couch for octoganal number on plant (numbers vary per game).
Take long hook.

Click above couch:

click house for paper and circle number.
click out and click on the right-most picture for puzzle piece.

Go right:

Click on small picture on table for water.
Click left-side of table for blue paper and view of hook. Click on hook and now use long hook to bring it down.

Go right:

Click table.

Open left drawer for water puzzle piece.
Click left-side of table for Star number.
click the books on the right-side of table till you find missing drawer knob for coffee table.
Click upper-left of TV for Square number.

Make two rights:

Coffee table..

attach knob (looks like a light bulb) and open drawer for red lighter and Moon piece.

Open book for clues on paper.

Go right:

Click on the lighter to turn it over, press the button.
Light the candles on the stand and now select the white paper for the candles. The four shape code should show up.

Go right:

Click the right-corner of the table and plug in shape numbers in order of appearance on the paper.
Open drawer for screwdriver.

Go left:

Unscrew picture above table and panel on table (when you click it's left side and you will get the Leaf piece).

Go right twice.

Click the bottom left of the door and now click the bottom right corner of the panel for Fire piece.

Go left twice:

Place all the puzzle pieces in their rightful place with no repeats in both the vertical and horizontal rows & columns. Solve this to get Yellow diskette.

Go right four times:

Click left of couch. Click long hook to view and make it into spear. Pop balloon.

Note it's colors are the same as those used on the color wheel next to the door.

Look at blue paper and now go to the door to your left.

There are four positions on the safe, so you need to know which colors to use in the combination. Note to colors you see when you follow the directions of the blue paper.

Now use them backwards on the safe. Solving this will get you the purple diskette.

Go right:

Now click upper right to view safe. Insert both diskettes for final piece.

Go right twice.

Break glass with hammer and insert piece.

Click door and you're OUT!!!

6 Use screwdriver on left hand side of locked drawer and collect leaf token
7 Use screwdriver on circle painting to reveal puzzle.
8 Use tokens found to complete puzzle and collect second disk.
9 Go back to safe (that was pulled down by the hook) and insert disks. Incidentally the order is the circle painting circles. Collect ghost.
10 Insert ghost in hole beside red door.

Congrats - you are out!

Holy crap, I made it out! Thanks eleni! And Philippa for the walkthrough :) (I only looked once, I swear!)

You're welcome abigail!

That was a great game! There were a few spots I overlooked initially, but it was completely my fault. There were no hidden pixel spots, although there were a few hard-to-notice areas, but once you've found things, it was pretty intuitive from there. All the codes and objects made sense, except for that red doll. I had NO idea it was a lighter, even after I lit it! I guess I'm used to flame being orange, yellow or red, not white.

As a side note for anyone else who gets this too, the number on the back left of the tv for me was a 0 (zero), but it showed up as the computer zero with the line through it. Whatever font was used, it didn't look like a zero to me, it looked like a screw. I kept trying to open it with the screwdriver. I only figured out it was a zero when I guessed at my code and the missing number was 0.

Lol, wow I forgot the mention grabbing the key when you bring down the safe using the long hook.

But hopefully you'll see it. :)

My goodness! I was wondering what to do with that doll! So I just needed to fing the right pixel to turn it! (I tried before, but for some reason it only worked after you guys posted it. Go figure...)
Thanks for the help! After that, I am glad to anounce I did the rest on my own! Very rare thing... :D

well i guess i missed y'll cause i was watching LOST! well just starting now..

Ha, ha! There's a dwarf waving his hand at us in the end! Can't we just catch it and hear it squeak? Lol!

@michele-with-pug, hello! So you got lost watching LOST? Lol!
Try not to lose the clickable areas on this game. :)

got numbers but can't figure out, so I can't get inside rh red drawer

anyone just want to give out the color code, i'm kinda tired tonite:)

Hi Feline!

too sleepy to continue, will do it tomorrow...

out by comment 109

Mixed up numbers, then it all came together then I was OUT...Thanks for the help!!!

The shape code is: circle, square, star, octogon.

You can't use this combination before you reveal the code on the white paper first.

The code for the safe behind the couch is:

pink, light blue, blue, green

This game was fantastic.. loved it

It is 8.44, I have 10 minutes to play,let see what my brains wants

lovely "little" blue ball behind the couch

pang!! what is that?

not 10 minutes,only 5,customer has arrive,got to do my work. I'll be back!

I miss the octogon number, is there still anyone around to help, please!!!

Gnouche, the octogon number comes from the plant vase. Zoom to the right side of sofa to see it.

Thank you from France, I'm out!!

Let's try again!

I already like the game,there are a lots of nice things to click at,and...I just love it!


can't get a leaf pieces

yeah, very great Game!

where did you found the leaf pieces?

nvm,found it

Yes, I am out,@philippa and @catalyste thank you both for the walktrough!!! I couldn't make it on my own,I realy needed your help,Thanks!!!!


Great game!!! 1 Nekonote = 100 Karla's IMHO

I love these games... out without help & they are logical without glitches etc...

NICE GAME! i'm out!

Yeaaaahhh!!! Great game!!!

yoohoo nice fun NEXT!!!

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