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The Scene of the Crime Walkthrough

The Scene of the Crime

The Scene of the Crime is another new point and click type adventure game from Pastel Games. Something really bad happened in an unknown motel room. Collect evidence, find suspect and solve the case by searching around the grisly crime scene. Good luck and have fun!

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Uh oh...new game...on my own...this is not good.


idk how to use anything /=

Let's check it out


I'm here too TerryJ so far have taken watch from body also have lipstick blood splatter and bloody knife

YAY Live game!

Got bloody knife, lipstick, paper or rag

Hey Vizzy

I have the time, lipstick, keys, wallet, notebook, have taken fingerprint off lipstick

Oh and have mobile phone with no battery

hey all is this still live

Found cell phone... put the battery in, but need pin number..

just joining

Finger prints off knife and lipstick. Didn't get watch tho. Trying to get back in bathroom

im just starting...

Oh lifted toilet lid off got knife, got some fingerprints off that that matched those on the lipstick

Hey Michele.

Can't get watch off.

hi michele-with-pug

Aww don't exit the crime scene until you have everything!! Case went unsolved for me... starting again

hi tangoboy

I have a 9mm shell....where is phone battery?

well i have a few items i have a lipstick got figerprint a card from the wallet a blonde hair knife alos lifted finger print keys a victims note and a letter stating ransom

i haven't found the cell phone where is that i think i have the pin

hi tangoboy
mommytoava - code for phone is in victims notebook. rub page with pencil. where is phone though? i only have battery

Cellphone is under the bed and battery is in the TV stand in the middle drawer

TerryJ - phone battery is in middle drawer below tv

Thank you Vizzy! :)

picked up some keys, notebook, cell phone. wrote in notbook with pencil, but can't make out all the letters only "OSH"

thanks mommytoava

Hi every1!

okay i got a message stating that they got the prize now i am stuck so stuck

Hey Michelle-with-2-L's. teehee.

Thanks for pin hint vizzy,
found money in safe, keys on TV,

Hmm.. one more little dot away in my progress.... what am I missing?

i havent posted in a while because i suck at these kinds of games but love to play them

found the safe now stuck again

Where's bullet?

picked upa piece of hair/evidence from the bed

D'oh...turned out I already had the phone battery...have had it sitting there for ages...sheesh!

vizzy, what was the code? i rubbed, but it's hard for me to see

got blood evidence now

Found something, maybe bullet on right side of TV, then message says "case solved".

michele you just run the mouse over and look at the top after you click the pad it will give you the code

Why kill two people and then leave all the money behind? Doesn't make much sense.

michele-with-pug click on the page after you rub with pencil and the description above will tell you code

OUT! Wooo, nice and easy!

wow after you get everything and it says case solved go out the door

Michele-with-pug....If you look at top of screen when in "personal notes", it gives you description and hints. Small but helpful. At the bottom left it gives you "progress".

i actually did it by myself except for the cell phone hint thanks for that hint well off to find other games that was fun while it lasted even though no one talked to me but hey that's cool see ya

Sorry slow posting, lol.

has anyone gotten any farther

hey michelle why are you stuck?

OMG you guys!!!! how dumb of me LOL!!!!!!duh....thx!

Hey angelgurl, good job! Good to see you in live game. How can we help Michelle?

Case solved!

Michelle, did you match the fingerprints off lipstick and knife?

michele-with-pug-just click on the notebook where you did the pencil rub and it will tell you the pin up above the screen in text

Hi, all.

Well done angelgurl. I'm still trying to find last bit of evidence..... one progress dot to go

Hi michele-with-pug.
Hi tangoboy.

This is great! A brand new game by Mateuz!!!

i just need one last piece of evidence. (got locked out of posting for a few minutes..)

OMG Ruff, just wndering where you been... and POP there you are. LMAO

where is the knive?

Hi Ruff!
where's the liptick, it's the only thing i need...

thnx fo rthe fingerprint tip tangoboy.
Great game enjoyed playing but funny end.... mistress left without the cash!!!!

..and meatbun66, it's been awhile.

Michele-with-pug.. you got hair, knife lipstick, keys, notepad, cell phone, battery, hmm, paper from trash, fingerprints

what else?

where is the knive?

NVM found it and so Case solved!!!!

Devon, back of toilet

Lipstick, was in the bathroom I think

You're welcome Vizzy (and she stabbed him 5 times...evil witch lol)

where is the knive?

knife near the dead man. Lipstick above sink.

Knife is hidden in the toilet tank.

This comment has been removed by the author.

well nice to play with u all se ya next game...

michele-with-pug, you are leaving already?

no ruff I'll stay:)

I'm here too

@tangoboy: nice to see you again! Enjoy the game!

I'm still looking for the last piece of evidence.

Thx meatbun66, you too.

Ruff look at my post 67, what you missing?

Did you match fingerprints yet...post 56

sorry Ruff, i thought that you were out, what do you have so far?
Hi Tango And Meatbun!

Case solved!
@tangoboy, thank you very much for telling me to match fingerprints.

tangoboy, michele-with-pug, how are you two doing lately.
I have been missing live games one after another all these days.

congrats Ruff!

I've been very busy, but good. I also have been missing all the "24gamer regulars" at live games lately.....

Woo hoo, welcome Ruff
Good playing with you all again, next post not my kinda game. So I'll wait to escape with y'all another day.

Fairwell, from flooded florida

I have been busy too.

Is Florida flooding?

Yea, missing the regulars too, but catching some of you all in the comments. A few good "new" gamers joined in.

I got a bit bored with the looking for cards and cigarettes stuff.

Yea, here near Daytona Beach we got over 2 feet in the past week and more to come. Been raining steady now for 9 days straight or so. Before that not a drop for weeks. Oaks coming down all over.

Those seek and find games are good in morning, wakes me up. Don't have to think to hard. haha

I hope the flooding will end soon.

This comment has been removed by the author.

michele-with-pug, that's a neat simple walkthrough.

Eh, we're a bit used to it after all the hurricanes a storms we get. Next comes all the darn mosquitos, but after finding them all in "those" games, I think I'll manage.

Good job Michele.
Notebook in jacket pocket in wardrobe
Keys on top of TV
Something was on left of TV..HMmm

@tangoboy and michele-with-pug, I hope I'll find you in another game soon. It's getting late (almost midnight) so I must leave now. Bye!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Ahh wallet in jacket pocket with receipt

thx ruff! goodnite to u too! so great to play live with u all, i redid the W/T to include tangoboys comments:) thx

Goodnight michele-with-pug, goodnight tangoboy!

Nite nite...

warning spoiler...

evidence needed
wallet-jacket pocket inside closet
lipstick-fingerprint it -bathroom
bullet- by TV right side
Knife-fingerprint it- bathroom toilet tank
cellphone- under bed
battery- in tv middle drawer
message from trash
notebook in bottom drawer of tv
hair- on bed
keys-on top of tv
combine fingerprints together
pencil- use to rub on notebook for cell phone code

complete this time:)

night you two, lol i kept deleting the wrong W/T - i miss be tired too:)


Examine the watch on the dead guy.
Turn right and read paper on the floor by the toilet.
Examinr the toilet tank and removr the lid to find knife.
Click on the mirror and take the lipstick.
Examinr the trashcan to the right of the sink and take paper.
Turn right and enter the door.
Search the drawers to find a cell phone battery and a small book with a torn out page.
Click to the right of the TV stand a 9mm shell.
Click on top of the TV to find car keys.
Click the door and take the blood sample.
Turn left and open the left door.
Search the jacket for a wallet and then search the breifcase.
Turn left twice to face the bed.
Click the drawers on the left and take the sample of human hair from bed.
Remove the picture on the wall to reveal a safe with money inside.
Look under bed for the cell phone.
Now we are ready to examine our evidence.
Take fingerprint brush and dip it in the dusting agent.
Use it on knife and lipstick to reveal fingerprints.
Now use the fingerprint tape on those two items.
Combine the two fingerprints.
Put the battery in the cell phone.
Use pencil on victim's notebook to get a PIN number. (random)
Use the PIN number on the cell phone.
Search the wallet for a receipt.
Read the threat letter.
If you have searched everything, CASE SOLVED will then appear over all the evidence.
Exit door and watch the end.

ahh forgot the blood sample by the door:)

Great game...nice to wake up with. Wonderful graphics again...just loooove Pastel Games.

See ya!

Yay...another Pastel Game! Thanks Shuchun! You and Megi post great games...keeps all of us poor escape addicts coming back for more ... lol! On to the scene of the crime...

too hard to recall this games

Wow, their games seem to be getting darker with each release! Good game!

i did it without any help yay

Hmmm. Interesting.

Though the game end video does not explain why the money was left in the safe.

hello everyone
intresting game i still dont get why she left the money when thats al she wanted ah well x

wahhh i was almost done with the game but then i accidentally clicked on one of the stupid ads on the side and i had to start the game all over!!! TT__TT

Why would stabbing him make his watch stop?
Maybe it was her safe in her house, Micky.

... and if the wife was shot at the hotel, how did the cartridge end up behind the TV back home ...? Good game though!

working link:


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