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The Second Room Walkthrough

The Second Room

Second Room is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by the author of The First Room. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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mmm, cleaned the blood spot on floor with t - shirt, now what is the code?

Please share your hints, tips, tricks, walkthroughs and comments to help other gamers - no more first, second etc comments!!!

stuck with t-shirt and hanger...

what to do with the code...

where's the light??

Cleaned the blood spot with shirt, got code

code: $&#, if you look at these characters on a japanese keyboard layout and then take the associated numbers you get: 463.

hi, i'll try to catch up

language barrier...

liiight, help

Got snipers, used them on hanger.
Now have hook

stuck with hook...

got pliars and bent coathanger, but now stuck

oh jesus i guess i died

ok change the hanger with the nippers and then what?

can anyone tell me, how to get the lights on? just a black screen for me :(

btw hi everyone

Hi there...I'm stuck in the dark! Heeeeelpppp...

what to do with the hook

in part next to the closet /right click/, there is small hole on the left side...strange

thorsten and ginger just keep clicking on the right arrow!

to get out of the dark, just click left or right multiple times

Please help...did y'all start with a black screen too, or not? The game loaded fully, until a 100%...is it supposed to begin in complete darkness?

thx, that helped ;)

@thorsten and ginger i just click around few times and lights were on

@G: thanx...I'm in the light now...Folks, just click left about 7 times, and there will be light lol...

i took a shirt and used for cleaning blood

anyone figure out what to do next i mean after getting the hook??

Still stuck with hook.
Can`t do anything

now stuck with t-shirt (used), pliers (used) and hook.
can't open the second left locker.

Okay I have the shirt(used), hanger, and pliers(used) now I am just confused.


i'm sooooo stuck

pass for wardrobe is writting on place that is cleaned


Wiped away the blood spot with t-shirt, and found a code: $&#...translated that into 473 to open the cupboard, but nada...

welcome all to "stuck" club!!

@ginger , it`s 463 (japanese keybord)

used pliers for hanger

Ahhh...thanx Hedwig!

Has anyone found the door to the attic above the blood stain? Use the hook there.

yw. hope you can help with hook

OMG I can not believe that we can not figure this out, is it me or should it not be this hard.

@ ginger actually it's 463

Can't enter the trap door in ceiling. Anyone?

Thank you farmerswife

       Anonymous  5/16/09, 4:06 AM  

there's some black line in the middle of lefthand side of the screen with an empty wall...can't do anything with it though...

Wow Farmerswife thanks

pliers iron rod and tshirt nothing else?

Used pliers on coat hanger and bent it...but can't use it on opening in wall...anyone?

Ah, key drops out of ceiling when you open the door with the hook. Look down where the 1st blood stain was.

use the key to the locked locker and get a ladder

thx farmer. and now im dead... lol. restarting

Pull down attic door and then go back down. There's a key on the floor for the second locker.

aahhhh, just died. I don't like being decapitatet.

thank u farmerswife i got the ladder i guessed it,s for the attic but no luck

Got ladder from locker, used it on trap door
now on attic

DO NOT cut the cord in the attic! You will die! Sorry G! Forgot to add that the first time!

out. short game.

i died when i cut the wire... :(

Jane...fold out the ladder first...

I'm dead...I think...have to retry...

What trap door

u can transform the ladder in one piece

cut wire with pliers now i died

now in attic

finished... thanks

Okay I don't know about you all but this was really weird game (I am out)

and out
thanks all for hints

@Muna, click up above where the blood stain on the floor was.

Thank you everyone for all your help....

only one ending? a bad one

No Hedwig, don't cut the rope in the attic. See comment 57

No Hedwig...did you die? Retry, and when you get up the attic, don't cut the wire, but get the pass at your right...that's your ticket to freedom and the end (without dying lol)

Thanx for the hints all...I'm out (and still alive lol)

See ya!

What the heck? I found the attic door, died once, restarted, gave clues about the door and now I feel really silly 'cause I can't figure out how to get out without dying!!! Any clues?

Never mind...after I posted, ginger's hint was there! Thanks ginger!!!

finaly found the pass but still no idea, where to use it.
can't get aut, I'm such a looser :( ;)

turn right few times and lights will be on
go left and open the third locker from left take tshirt and the hanger
go right twice and use tshirt on blood
zoom in the cleaned spot, u have a code for locker
translate in japenese keyboard the code is 463
enter code in locker and get the nippers
zoom in hanger and use nippers twice on it now u have a hook
go back to blood spot click above it, use the hook on attic door
zoom out and take the key and use it on second locker from left. take ladder.
zoom in ladder and click its bottom it will become one piece
go back to atic door and use ladder
in attic don't cut the wire or u will die
take the card on the right
go back twice, turn left, use the card on the extreme left
and u're out

excuse me for some typing mistakes

thx mimie, I must be so blind, haven't seen the cardslot in the wall at all.
shame on me ;)

finaly out, thx to all who helped.

Heyy anyone on?

letti, still there?

well that was pretty simple except got tripped up on the japanese key board glitch. so i had to look above for hint...hee, hee...

Can the last person who took the card from the attic put it back please as I cannot get out without it. Help

working link:


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