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Claustrophobic Closet Escape Walkthrough

Claustrophobic Closet Escape

Claustrophobic Closet Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from roguejoker. You are locked in the closet, try to get out by clicking on objects to move them around and look behind and underneath them. Find objects to help you, some items must be combined with others to work. Good luck and have fun!

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Please share your hints, tips, tricks, walkthroughs and comments to help other gamers - not FIRST, SECOND etc

thanks for a new game megipoland, we will see how it goes....

mornin all

zipper for gym bag, white coat in closet


Hi Hil, you are welcome, good luck all!!!


this is my first live game nice to play with you all!

all i have is a clock

flashlight in closet, move shoebox

mornin Meg

got string & clock so far

has anybody else found anything only a string and a safety pin here

there is something in the black box

i have a sore finger from clicking around, have found a string, flashlight, pin (used as zipper) and a battery which i can't reach

hmmm, what to do,, what to do?

where da battery>?

Hi all, good morning or good evening :lol

paperclip used.. alarm clock and a magnet so far
one battery also

where are the batteries?

in the Estados Unidos,, its definitly mornin,,

take battery from clock

where is the clock?

there is a knife in the bag

I have a clock, a zipper (used on purple back), a string and a flashlight. I've seen a batterie in the ventilation thing... I can't get it and nothing happened when i opened the purple bag...

where is the string?

ok,, i'm proud you found some stuff,, it might be more helpful if we knew WHERE YOU GOT IT

there is a string in the black box you have to get it quick before it closes

if theres a knife in the bag, immma flying monkey

found a clock

where is the magnet?

@sweety, where is magnet?

wow then you are a flying monkey! you have to click many times on the bag..

The clock is behind blue hat in brown box. Also found the knife in purple bag, cut off the pillow and found magnet. combined magnet with string and got battery from ventilation. Now I'm stuck.

how did you get the knife in the bag?

oke it's official, PBM is a flying monkey, i've found the knife also....

@renato_ferrao, just a lot of clicking in the purple bag

magnet is in the box on the floor.. under the hat.
um.. i dont see a black box?

used the string and the magnet to get battery

lmao@pbm knife is very top of bag between centre and right hand side

ok i got it

Can't seem to find the flashlight, any help please :)

Battery (Vent)
Knife - Used (Bag)
Pin - Used ()
Clock (Box, under blue hat)
String - Used (Dark box)

hey everyone--it's been a long time for me with a live one--thanks megipoland

hmmm teddy bear moves but don't know why? so far have shoelace, clock, flashlight(needs battery) and pin (used)

Edit: Two Batterys (Back of Clock)

magnet in the pillow

hmmm, magnet in vent....what vent?

Flashlight is behind the brown box on top self on the left scene.

the flashlight is behind the box in the view with the clothes

use magnet and string to get other battery out of vent

i think you have to have the battery in the clock, first, to get the one in the vent

oke, my flashlights works. Now what?

does someone knows what to do whith the purple light?

What is the code

Bah, ty only moved it one way :'(

stuck dont know where to use flashlight

oh goodness
i would swear i tried to open and move the two boxes by the door.lol
got the string now

What is the code of the green bag.

Use flashlight between red and purple clothing to reveal code

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 6:00 AM  

Stuck with just flashlight, HELP!!!

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 6:00 AM  

too many clickings!!


YaY!!! Out!!! Use the flashlight on the area between the purple dress am the green jacket. Move the clothes to make space

i used the screw driver on the door but i cant open it

and out!

Sorry... Not green red blouse.

thanks tom.moved clothes for 5 min

i swear i had clicked every area there with the flash light, power of posting i think

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 6:04 AM  

I opened the suitcase but can't find anything in it. Why cant it get rid of the stuped purple light?

and out

Same problem Debsrabbit, get rid of the light by clicking the [/] box in the top right

Eirini, Thanks for the code.

The screwdriver is in the suitcase.

Tip: you have to click the robe like 1800 begillion times towards the top, to get it to move over to the next hook

Out...And FYI, the tab key works. Makes find the little pixel hot spots much easier...

use flashlight on wall behind hanging clothes for password to briefcase, get screwdriver, use on door and out

I can't turn the clock :(

How can I reach the back of the clock. It doesnt move after clicking on it - just open from the inventory and cant turn it back

...and smotething else - I have only one blue battery ( from the vent) - its in the inventory as well, but clickig on it does make nothing - look like stucked. What should I do with this dead battery ?

I have the same "problem" a Lyland

Where is the pin????????

David, I think I give up....lost to much time. See you all in anotner game

@david en @lyland, just keep clicking on the clock, i had to click it a lot of times before it turned around, once you have two batteries, you can pick them up

i have tried it again, and you have to click the clock just right above the right paw

damn, maybe i have to wait till 1u50 before the clock turns :D
(my finger hurts)

@julselhan, the pin is on the white blouse in on the hanger, you have to move the yellow sweater forwards

OK I'm out, thanks to some of the earlier posts

HOW !!! a miracle !! the clock turned when I hit the right foot

Out with screwdriver on door hinges

you are right 'maxi.s he.art' about comments. here i havent a key! many games i cant finish

Where is that clock ???

if i didnt have to click a bazillion million times this game would have been better

clock is in box next to umbrella under the cap

LMAO the tab works, but I have nothing inside the suitcase, where is the screwdriver? Thanks

ANybody elses screwdriver missing? Just clothes in my suitcase

kjwalsh the screwdriver looks like some green cloth.you can see very little of it.click like mad around that spot:)

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 9:17 AM  

i cant figure out how to put the batteries in the flashlight ..i found the batteries in the vent and clock. wat do i do now

If people have trouble finding the right spot you can use TAB key it works in this game!


Move the blue shoe box by clicking the bottom of the it.
Open the black shoe box and take STRING.
Go right and look inside the cardboard box.
Click the sock until it cant be moved anymore. Then click the book until that cant be moved anymore. Keep clicking the hat until you are able to get the CLOCK.
Examine the clock and click the bottom right of it to flip it over. Open it and take BATTERY.
Go left twice and click the right side of the yellow shirt to move it until you see a PIN attached to the white shirt.
Click the right side of the brown box on top shelf to move it left. Take FLASHLIGHT.
Go right and use the pin on the blue bag to open it.
Click near the yellow and purple clothes to find a KNIFE.
Go right and cut the pillow with knife.
Take the MAGNET.
Examine magnet and attach the string.
Click the vent in the upper right and use the magnet to get the second BATTERY.
Examine flashlight and insert batteries.
Go left twice and move the red and purple clothes to reveal the wall.
Use the flashlight on the wall to get the code 7390.
Click between the purple and grey clothes to find a SCREWDRIVER.
Use screwdriver on both hinges on door and escape.

       Anonymous  6/2/09, 8:16 PM  

I'm out too! Nice little game with NO math!

nice game thanks for posting out of course lol

and out thanks for posting

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