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Esc - Hard Escape Game Walkthrough

Esc - Hard Escape Game

ESC (hard escape game) is another new point and click type room escape type game In this escape game, again you are locked in ahouse and you try to escape the house by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Lets play...

hello everyone
a blue key, an A-sign and an arrow on the mirror in the bathroom so far

It won't let me.

try left of the sink

It's loading, guess I just had to post first.

i tried the numbers on the 1st right door and the result - red blinki ng light and i can't push any button

wow, this one its hard !!!! i have no idea what to do !

right door = 7 13

Well this should keep everyone busy....looks like maths involved...see paper and back etc...too late for my brain...

any hint or help for the "c-puzzle":
1 3
5 2 6

Xenon....could you explain with hints as to how you got the number? Just posting the result makes us lazy!

10x for the right door but how did you figured it out...

From the white note; I quess D=3 A=9 C=4? B=2?

From the back using above numbers x+w=7?, x-w+y+z=10?

I think A and D are correct. The rest are just quesses. I have no idea what to do with any of it.

i think the "a-puzzle" is connected with the bigger number, smaller number and so;
the "b-puzzle" maybe with the result of the subtraction and the "d-puzzle" combines devividing and subtracting...

too obscure to solve.
x+w < 10
x-w+y+z < 30
just brute force:)

same as todd - sure for A and D, not sure for C=4 and think B=5

put the clear paper on top of the house design

Combine drawing of house with the see-through thing with the markings. Then use the hint of the drawer to open the far most left door.

I did not know what color to use for the roof so I used the only one left(red). Thanks Jen.

Green Key in Kitchen

This comment has been removed by the author.

this link is fatal error for me. can somebody give me alternative link, sorry for my bad english

I finished the slider puzzle. It did not seem to do anything.

Tood you need to put the piece with the 3 (not the playing card) on it onto the slider once you're done, it's a clue for the chessboard door

the slider gives you 9 of diamonds and a clue for the chess puzzle - start the knight move from G3....but which direction i don'y know

David, I do not have a peice with a three. Back to look.

Goodmorning Megipoland!

use knife from kitchen on the drawing in bedroom

cut the picture with knife!
and i guess the cards mean a code as on the back of the card indicates, so iam missing one more card only and have 3. (just a idea)

i need a number of spades to open the far frontal door i think

any ideas on that knight move from G3

does any1 know how to open the green box in the kitchen?

I think I come back later,I want to have time to do this game!See you!

I tried to light up the whole board starting from G3 and moving as a knight. That seems way to hard.

i wonder whats the "RTBL" means on the fridge looking thing in kitchen!

the white cupboard /or fridge/ says "RTBL" - is it a clue, what do u think?

@ angelica - seems we walk with a same speed and direction :-))

is RT8L (from the fridge) something to do with the door at the end of the corridoor?

LOLOLOL, Thats 2 funny !!!! hey great minds think a like! right

the door at the end is found by the playing cards, there are 4 green lights that represent the suits on the back of the cards, i need the spade

@ david - u think sth. like Right Top Bottom Left? maybe...

i have to go , iam super tired now, good luck to everyone! Have fun!

bye, c u soon

Oh I'm out lmao, brute forced the spade (2) on the far door.
Make the pattern on the door match the way the cards are laid out, and do 2,5,9,3

I got out a deck of cards and tried all the combos(2-10) for the top left light(spades). none seem to work. I am not sure how you would enter 6. We must have to have the card.

if the 2 stands for the spades, than i can not figure out how to enter the 9

the door just doesn't open - i'm not entering the right shapes maybe

David, How did you enter two? top and bottom in the middle?

hope this comes out right for 9

Todd, yes, sorry that 9 didn'd come out right, I'll try again

Out. I had to reenter the numbers in order starting with spades. I wish I had figured out the chess board.

Turn lights on only one step from G3.

I swear I tried that Xenon pop

if the shape is like this:
1 2 3
4 5
7 8
9 10 11
what gives you the 9

@Ivan, look at the way the numbers are represented on the card's face. Don't try and make a number.

i feel dumb... i was trying to figure a number like in a digital clock...

Clue on the newspaper for the last card and out.

Use torch on newspaper for code for green box.


Green box in kitchen clue by using flash light on newspaper from the G3 room.


Lol too slow logging in to post.

@Ivan Me too! hehe.

Todd, if you are still there, you just need to light up all of the places the knight could move to if it only started at G3

Ivan, you have no idea how many different ways I tried to make a 9 and a 5...lol

this was an addicting game and many 10x to all who did their coments here

Went back to see why I didn't get the chess board to open the first time I tried the moves and it looks like the site has had a meltdown.

I'm pretty sure I'm not authourised to install WordPress at that site ^_^

u r right martin 0 same with my try...

till next live game - catch u there!

in green drawer there's a puzzle...but the pieces don't move...why?

This game is so hard that I can't even load it...

Oh error, can't get the game to load! Oh well, hope you all get out..ill try again tomorrow! Good luck

This comment has been removed by the author.

dont get the last door with numbers from cards?
what should i enter???

NVM got it.
Use the shapes position on the card and enter it on the door

Is there another link can't play, it's saying doesn't exsist...

I can't load either..bummer

did not see alt link oops

my internet conection never works anymore )=

Thx escapegames!

Can't plays with @escapegames's alternative link. But @Ludia's works for me see post 74

I can't figure out the drawing of the house. I put the clear sheet on top, and I looked in the blue drawer, but I still don't get it.

basoon00 my problem with the code is Japanese is read from right to left not left to right like English. So put the code in reverse.

Ok ready to play. Guess what ...lost..going to need a walkthrough for this one


Take blue key from top left corner.
Move stool to right side of wall, get paper A

Enter 1st door on left
Turn on and off hot water
Notice arrow on mirror and follow direction to find trap door
Click yellow thing to get yellow card and a clear plastic with symbols
Exit room

Double click paper A
< 2 3 means 2 < 3
> 7 6 means 7 > 6
= 9 ? means 9 = 9
Therefore A = 9

337742 – 4 = 337738 ends with 8
644161 – 3 = 644158 ends with 8
588143 – 5 = 588138
Therefore B = 5

1 3
5 2 6
5 + 2 + 6 = 13 = middle row
top row = 1 + 3 = 4
Therefore C = 4

26, 24, 12, 10, 5, ?
Pattern rule = minus 2, divide by 2, minus 2, divide by 2
Therefore D = 5 – 2 = 3

Turn over paper A:

The yellow paper says w = c, x = d, y = a and z = b

Therefore X + W = D + C = 3 + 4 = 7
X – W + Y + Z = 3 – 4 + 9 + 5 = 13

Click right most door
Assuming buttons as in phone dial
Enter 7 13 to go inside bedroom
Pick up house paper from under bed
Double click house paper
Then click clear plastic and place it on top of house paper to combine
Think about the colour and the corresponding symbols of sun, sky, grass and roof
(sun = yellow, sky = blue, grass = green and roof = some unknown colour)
Use blue key on blue drawer
Get flash light
Decode symbols in drawer. That should give you:
Blue, unknown, yellow, green, yellow, unknown
Exit room

Click 2nd door on left
By now you should know that the unknown colour is red
Enter door code:
Blue, red, yellow
Green, yellow, red
Enter kitchen
Pick up knife from counter
Click plant then pick up green key
Click white box to zoom in
Pick up Club 3 card from top of white box
Get piece of G3 card from floor
Exit room

Enter bedroom
Use knife on wall painting to get Heart 5 card
Use green key to open green drawer
Pick up Diamond 9 card
Play slider puzzle
(I know many people hate to do slider
So I’ll just tell you that the picture is a
Knight with G3)
Exit room

Click the room left to the bedroom
Click G3
Assuming your knight is at G3
Click all possible moves of your knight.
(E2, F1, H1, E4, F5, H5)
Now uncheck G3
Use flashlight to find light switch and turn it on
Use knife on painting to get newspaper
Exit room

Go to kitchen
Click green box on counter to zoom in
Double click newspaper and use flashlight on the face
You will see codes for green box (1 is on and 0 is off)
Get Spade 2 card
Exit room

Click anyone playing card and flip over to see the back
Top left = spade = 2
Top right = heart = 5
Bottom left = diamond = 9
Bottom right = club = 3

Click middle door
There is a green light on left of the buttons
Press button according to the green light
Top left green light = spade 2
(click spade 2 card and note where the two larger spades are located
Press down those two buttons on panel.
In this case press down the top and bottom buttons of the centre column,
Then press the horizontal bar)
Top right green light = heart 5
(press top and bottom of left column, middle button of centre column,
Top and bottom of right column)
Bottom left green light = diamond 9
(press all buttons on left and on right column, middle button of centre column)
Bottom right green light = club 3
(all buttons of centre column)

And Out!

Very nice walkthrough Ruff. I came up with a simpler reason why B=5 but your solution works also.

B - 337742 has 4 different digits.
644161 has 3 different digits.
588143 has 5 different digits. Therefore B=5.

This I could never do without help.
THX Ruff and the others.

@beyer12345, your method for finding B is definitely simpler than mine.
When I looked at paper A, I started doing the calculation immediately without even checking for other possibilities.

@tosca, you’re welcome.

My walkthrough was only a consolidation of all the hints, some of my own and some from others. I must thank all those who had contributed their ideas to this blog.

working link:


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