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Grow ver.3 - Remake Walkthrough

Grow ver.3 - Remake

Grow ver.3 - Remake is another funny puzzle game from Eyezmaze, the creator of Grow series. Drag panels in your selected order. Items you drag will grow and grow with each turn. You will complete the game when all panels' level is max. They effect each other as they grow. So you have to think about the dragging order. Good luck and have fun!

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well this is kinda pointless

I think I've seen this game before.... it's kind of fun

this is a classic

I wonder what I can build this time!!

then again, not for me tonight
G'night everyone!

night zoz, got pretty far, but I quit for now

there is definitely an optimum order.... i've got 'max' position for 3 items..... anyone else playing? the "right" order for a functioning visit able planet must exist....

i dont laayk!

ok walkthrough:
3.orange ball
4.blue hill
9.(the brown screw thing)left-second row
11.(the black screw thing)right-sixth row

ok i'd say"

ladder to heavens, robot block, sun flower, mountain range, animal egg, water pipe, orbital fan, storm, machine cog, satellite dish, gravity base, tv screen....

i don't really understand this game??

Fire ending:

1 - propeller
2 - blue hill
3 - pipe
4 - tornado
5 - gear
6 - engine (bottom-right)
7 - cube
8 - rectangle
9 - egg
10 - plate
11 - ball
12 - ladder


Hey, it's been redone because of bugs.

Gama's placement gives by far the most points = 30k! It's fun to see how the things develop according to placement. My first effort gained me 6k points but got a booing from the unseen audience. My later efforts won me less points but an applause. Interesting.

this game loooks cool

This is a supernifty game, with (according to JIG) over 40 million possibilities. The more you explore, the more unusual things you find. For instance, try the combo tornado, mountain, pipe, propeller, egg anywhere in the series.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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