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Kidnapped by Aliens Walkthrough

Kidnapped by Aliens

[REPLAY] Kidnapped by Aliens is another new point and click type room escape game. How did I end up in this space? The bright lights... Strange voices..... It feels like something is wrong..... I need to figure out what is going on. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Tosca]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Kidnapped by Aliens Walkthrough
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Frog one not to interesting ... will try this one! :)

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 1:18 PM  


my door padlock

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 1:25 PM  

the furthest i got was moving the locker and climing through the vent...now im stuck in the office.

hi there!

I'm stuck too. Can't find any clues for the tick-tac-toe.....

THX Megi. Was plaaaying on kongregate, but was stuck

Found screw driver and triangle head. mow stuck in room with laser beams

hi from MN!!!

Where did you find the screwdriver and the triangle head?

Got an invisibility bracelet....

move cabinet to access vent shaft caroline. screw driver in drawer. in room it leads to. use writing on wall in vent for clue to locked galss thing with round thing inside

Bionic Bulldog: Where did you find Triangle head for the multi-driver, please?

I can't do anything here

Nevermind, got it from the green alien. :)

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 1:39 PM  

I can't fin anything but a map

trying to work laser beams out. keep thinking the panel has something to do with the way tyhe whit dots are moving on beams.

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 1:40 PM  

Does anyone know how to crack the circle code in the Armor room?

ok. got axe from armoury now.

look at the white dots and way they travelling on the laser beams ashley.....

can't figure out code in office room to get triangle piece

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 1:42 PM  

Bionic, how did you get past the lasers?

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 1:42 PM  

ok you guys are moving way to fast... how d you input the code in the office to get the bracelet?

turn cirlces same way as white dots travelling on beams ashley.

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 1:45 PM  


whr did u get triangle head?and i cant open the lock by entering the code next to the bed..

Anyone figure out how to get past the second set of lasers?

code for lock is on wall in vent shaft sonal...

Waterpipes = turn the valves until you get the result shown on the board, right from valves.

oh gt the code and the bracelet

turned wall poanel green in H20 room. cant seem to do anything in other rooms yet

thanks bionic bulldog. I'm new at this and I feel useless.

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 1:50 PM  

Bionic the code has 3 symbols with scratch marks below them..ive tried entering the symbols in the order of scratch marks as well as pressing each button the number of times the scratch mark indicates..niether has workd.

ah... test tube on floor in H20 room

long. enter them all in sequence from top to bottom. Y then 0-0 then 0 then 0-0 then Y

use test tube on somthing in the room you started off in

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 1:54 PM  

got it..thanks

o and all them big black round things on wall are not just decoration........

Glass rod from round windows in crridor

is there something we can do in the lounge?

little locked door outside of H2O room

keep trying to use the test tube with water and glass rod on the lab bench... but nothing happens

do i need to use anything on the glass windows in the corridor?

and out!

Julia, we need hints.....

there is a key behind the left TV in the lounge.

finally got the glass rod by the windows...sheesh...it was just lying there all along...

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 2:05 PM  

the lounge puzzles me. And what is that big thing in the middle?

use tube on that thing in human pod room

majorly stuck :(

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 2:08 PM  

Found gem...used in fusion room.

Hi everyone! Trying to catch up

Fusion in prosess........fusion of what?

got diamond and i think it shud fit in the room with the slot but it keeps sayng water is not on :(

look in the lounge

hi everybody...late again but starting now...

i can't find any note for code on the vent walls, help please

o made purpole liquid now on lab bench... assuem i have to pick it up somehow.


go to the view with the screen blocking your way, turn around, and look on the right side of your screen

made some purple liquid...now what?

thanks julia

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 2:13 PM  

so far all I found is a map and a code, help! lol is anyone sitll here?

use the glass block on the laser panel in the H2O room.

@Sonal turn on water pipes in the H2O central room

can't find the gem...help!

@ronch gem is in locked box by water central room

what do i do after i get the test tube and fill it with toilet water?

where is glass block?

@cjgirl5 - push the yellow dresser.

@BlackHat add blue water to orange in test tube, mix to make purple, and then solve the rest for me because I am stuck

nevermind, found key

glass block is in lounge after fusion is started

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 2:18 PM  

Ronch, after you find key behind TV in the lounge. Use it on the lock in the corridor.

where's the orange stuff?

And out! Thanks, Julia! Thanks all!

lol, nevermind that too, found it

ok that is to hard for tonight to catch up...there a lot of round things on the wall to spin...but to which side?

thanks kitkat but i'm still stuck :(

i'm just up to getting the glass rod, filled the test tube with blue water and turned on water.

thanks julia...


uh oh, something tells me this will be a long game

Howto get purple liquid and what to de with it ?

@Julia thanks! don't blow torches make everything better?

thanks so much ashley!!!!
finally found the key and gem!!!!

grrrr. my rusty thing got stuck on top left corner of my screen and I can't pick it up!

made chemical mixture with green stuff

and out! nancy you can still go in to your items to get it, just ignore the top left thing

@ tosca: when you turn on the water and put the gem in the slot, go to the lounge and get orange liquid and put in beaker. then go to human pod and get blue liquid out of toilet and add to beaker and stir with glass rod. leave the beaker there and go get green stuff and put it in the thing next to the purple liquid then pour the purple stuff in it

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 2:29 PM  


I can't get it. my rusty thingy is STUUUCK!

anyone else need help? i'm at work and i'm bored..

@Maggie 77 are you still here?

nancy just go in your items and click on it again and it'll show up.. it happened to me too, even after i finished the game

green stuff where?
The rusty thing I found and teh lasers in the corridor off.

can someone put a walkthrough?please?...

@BlackHat: my not-so-rusty thing is also stuck...what do i do with it? and the blow torch?

after the lasers are turned off there's another room with barrels and a crate, the barrels are leaking green goo, put some in your test tube

@tosca in room with crate (I think across from the new locked door)

Ok pink stuff now

@ronch use torch to burn open cabinet in room with beakers to get "strange device"

blow torch? i never got one.. lol. the not so rusty thing goes in the wall by the locked door then you're out. ignore it in the top left corner of the screen and just use it from your inventory

Where is the gem ?

kitkatfox i never did that and i still got out, where was the blow torch?

ok thanks kitkat....but i've already got the pink stuff and have the shiny thing already...

my shiny thing is stuck at the top left corner of my screen too...

the gem is in the locked box accross from the h2o room. use the key from behind the left tv screen in the lounge

I've clicked on it like 1000 times. blackhat believe me. it won't show up.

thanks so much for all your help!!!

i've been going around in circles and didn't notice the space on the wall for the locked door!!

haha....thanks thanks thanks finally out!!


ronch i just started playing again and it's still at the corner of my screen, i dunno why but i could still use it from my inventory

@hey kitkat..yes but very frustrated..found the key but now i can´t do anything...have no idea what to do next:-(

that's weird, it worked for me. dare i say you have to restart? that sucks

@ronch and nancy -- my rusty thing finally showed up so I could use the cleaner. I then clicked on the shiney thing and the door lock. It worked even though I couldn't see it. If that doesn't work, you may have to restart :(

it was working all along blackhat.
i just didn't know where to put it...

but thanks to all your help finally saw the space on the wall...probably passed it a million times already..

@Maggie77 key goes in the small box by the h2o central room to get gem

I left you a note in the castle game about how I reached the queen, too

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 2:40 PM  

Once i have purple liquid what do i do?

well,blackhat,my rusty thing must be a little
stubborn. cause I can't use it.

@lucien use it to clean the "rusty thing"

pick the green stuff and put it in the other beaker

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 2:45 PM  

Yeah i already cleaned the rusty thing and clicked everywhere in the game while having it selected but nothing :/.

Ah..thanks kit kat..finally got fusion work...

I am still stuck at the stupid water pipes! I've tried turning them to match the chart on the wall but nothing is working! I must be missing something obvious. . .help please???

well, I give up. time to go to bed. bye all!

Oh geez, never mind - I kept watching for the pipes to turn colors, not the diagram itself!

hey guys
where is the green thing?

what to do with the shiny thing?

Walthrough: (it’s my first, so be gentle.. lol)

-get map from under the bed
-click on right side of cabinet to move it
-click arrow to go into vent
-go forward all the way until you get to the next room (note code on the wall in the vent)
-use code on glass cabinet to get invisibility bracelet
-get screwdriver from top drawer of desk
-go all the way back to the first room
-pick up triangle head that alien dropped and go back into vent
-this time go forward then left, and use multidriver on the vent
-notice which direction the little white dots are moving on the lasers
-click on panel and rotate the circles in the direction of the white dots from top to bottom
-lasers should be off now, take axe
-go back to the office and use axe on glass cabinet to get strange device
-go into items and look at strange device, note code and use on panel by the door
-go to H2O room and pick up test tube
-note the screen on the left hand side. click on pipes on the left and turn them until the right side of the screen looks like the left side of the screen
-go to the lounge and click on the side of the left tv to move it, get key
-go back to the h2o room and use the key on the box outside the room on the left hand side, get gem
-go to the fusion lab and place the gem in the slot to start fusion
-go back to the lounge and use the test tube collect orange liquid from the centre
-go to laboratory and place orange liquid in the beaker, pick up glass block
-in the hallway where the circular windows are, click on top middle one to drop glass rod on the floor, grab it
-go back to the human pod and use test tube to get blue liquid from the toilet
-place blue liquid in beaker as well, stir with glass rod to get purple liquid
-go back to the H2O room and place glass block in wall panel by the door. The lasers are now off. Go to new room and collect green liquid in test tube. Use axe to smash crate and get rusty thing. Move barrel to get blow torch
-go back to the lab and put green liquid in the round beaker next to your purple liquid. Pick up purple beaker and pour into green liquid to get pink stuff. Use blow torch on the glass cabinet to get device (it only tells you how to mix the liquids, so you don’t really need it at this point)
-place the rusty thing in the pink liquid to clean it (to do this, select it in your inventory, then go back into your items and select pink liquid)
-go back to the hallway and place clean shiny thing in the slot by the locked door. Click on the door and you’re out!

sorry if i missed a step, let me know if you guys still need help

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 3:03 PM  

the greenthing I think is that slime in the storage room and thanks julia everything is going smoothly enough but thanks anyways

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 3:04 PM  

where is something you can stir the orange and blue liquid with?

cjgirl5 in the hallway where the circular windows are, click on top middle one to drop glass rod on the floor

hey blackhat..i´m back but i had to restart the game...now i have no idea where i found the glassstick to mixt the liquits?can´t find it anymore...can you tell?

power of posting...found it again...

isn't that always the way Maggie77? lol

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 3:16 PM  

out (= fun game

yes...;-)thanks for your help...i´m out now...hope to see you in one of the next games...good night...

lol well i've been off work for 15 mins now and i was so busy writing my walkthrough i forgot to leave! anyone need any help before i go?

no problem! have a good night everyone!

how do you get the thing out of the case in the room where you make the purple stuff

where is the glass block?

nevermind found it

were is the vent?

and cannot see anywhere to put a cod on the galss cabinet?

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 3:40 PM  

I'm having trouble with putting in the code for the doors.

i turned the laser off, but the new room is locked

okay, i have to just say i LOVED this game!!!! it was absolutely wonderful!!!! thank you! thank you! thank you!!!

great game!!!

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 9:46 PM  

Im retarded i can't find the code in vent.

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 9:52 PM  

@reddc I din't a cod will work. where did you get a cod fish?
j/k :P

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 10:07 PM  

Cant find glass block

y cant i fiqure out the code in vent

finally got it

Glass block was in lower left area of yellow goo. I thought it was just a shiny spot or some bubbles.

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 11:39 PM  

ok kt share

       Anonymous  6/24/09, 11:41 PM  

how did you turn off the Lasers?

For code in vent, first note the symbols on the wall above the bed in the first room you are in. When you crawl into the vent, you can either go straight, or turn off to the side. When you turn, you encounter a screen. Back out of this view and you see the tunnel you just came from. Before you head back out there, look to your lower right and you'll see a code on the wall. It is the first symbol, second, third, second, and then first again (I think - going by memory). This is the order that you enter on the case where the invisibility bracelet is.

       Anonymous  6/25/09, 12:04 AM  

the ones in the hall.

and where's the glass block?

       Anonymous  6/25/09, 12:05 AM  

thanks cleste

       Anonymous  6/25/09, 12:13 AM  

This glass block thing has me stumped. I click all over the beaker and the lab still no block :(

The glass block is actually in the lounge when you collect the orange liquid in the test tube.

i am stumped. where do i put the glass block? it's a triabgular glass block right? clicked all over the screen of the lazer in H2O room but nothing.

@foxana, yes that's right, its the triangular piece of glass. It goes on the wall panel to the right of the door.

Thanks a lot, BlackHat !

Didn't expect too much when I started this one (I've never played a Flonga game before) but it turned out to be a _great_ game! Thanks Tosca!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

what is the code for the bracelet?

       Anonymous  6/25/09, 9:39 PM  

is anyone else's shiny object thing stuck in left hand corner? or anywhere, really

Lol rock0head420 I meant code hehehe

hello, i need the code for the door in the room with the office door (maybe the office i don't know)

Okay, I'm completely STUCK in the office. Can someone tell me exactly what to do for the code??? People say "click the first, then the third" or something, but which symbol is what??

I have no clue wat i am doing

how do i open the desk drawer for the screwdriver??? im so stuck

Nice game although I had troubles moving around.
I just hate those endnings that arent clear at all. I mean now I played the whole game to find about how and why he was kidnapped, and the end doesnt answer much, just creates more questions..

BlackHat, thanx for w-t but got out b4 I saw it...LOL

working link:


already solved it somewhen in 2017 / 2018

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