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Medallions Escape

[REPLAY] Medallions is another new point and click type 3D room escape game by Zomayor and created for EscapeGames24 visitors. In this game you try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles to escape the medallions room. Good luck and have fun!

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Medallions Room Escape Walkthrough

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Yeah, new one.

Found toolbox, open with 2 codes at the walls, get screwdriver

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 3:28 PM  

Its live

Hello all. Let's go.

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 3:31 PM  

Well, there's not much doing so far — looks like we'll have to be breaking some number ciphers! There's number clues in the blue book and on the left side of the book case. Also zoomed in on the flower painting I see "3_5" and zoomed in on the table under the mirror, I see "_70_."

Takes a while to load.

evenin all

Found toolchest but need combo.

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 3:35 PM  

hi everyone

Got screwdriver. Number you found are for toolchest.

i thought i was going to sleep, but again a new game (thanks yalçin), so my bed has to wait a little longer

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 3:37 PM  

Click left side of book case about half way up, you get similar clues to those in the blue book.

Used screwdriver on floor.

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 3:38 PM  

Use screwdriver to open trapdoor on floor. There is a little piece of paper on the opened door, the paper has colored dots on it. Open the book to the page with all the letters and click the piece of paper: apparently the letters correspond to the colors.

Something goes in bottom left of picture frame.

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 3:42 PM  

You can turn the pentagon ornament on the table in front of the mirror by clicking. Sides are different colours.

there is also another clue in the book. the underlined letters are in the same order as the colored dots on the paper

the colorcode from the paper and the letters from the book are the code for red/green/blue buttons next to door

when i took the piece of paper it dissappeared? can't find it anymore, bug i think

oh no, it's there, but it's white, i couldn't see it

theres only 3 switches but 6 different colors?

hi all, it's catch up time here
@therealgodfather - how to figure code for switches?

@PßM but not totally different

@zoz use the alphabet. a corresponds to red, so first press red button and so on


Different colors are how the switches look on and off. Just can't figure out what to do with the letters.

there are buttons on bottom of mirror that can be pushed

There are numbers next to the big cabinet as well.
Under the mirror is an item with colours and holes, you can turn it.The mirror has buttons as well

bottom of mirror has buttons...anyone have any idea about the light switches?

Eep got it! Just press them in order!

found 4 buttons downside of mirror

Found a piece of paper. You can place it on the book when opened to the page with the letters. Not sure what to make of it.

i think the 2 mathcodes (book/left of shelf) need to be somehow combined, because of the squares

Third math code in next room in white cabinet.

put the medallion in the vase, now its stuck

pulled lever with rope and stuck.

ahhhh, got it, thx to therealgodfather and Alexandra:
1st switch = a = light green (turn green switch to ON)
2 = b = cyan (turn blue switch to ON)
3 = c = blue (turn blue switch to OFF)
I never would have worked that one out myself!

haha no problem. it took me a bit too!

i cant figure out the switches or the buttons on the mirror

btw this looks like a GREAT game; Thanks yalcin!!!

Found a piece of paper with a scribble on it. Also pushed in part of a wall.

The scribble has a square in the corner, so I think it correlates to the math problem in the book, but it may correlate to them all???

found flower in room 2, put ti in picture,, pattern matches dials on back of clock,

Found that flower piece too. Also found a painting of dice with squares in their corners. Mayhap what our math problems solve?

ok,, well, my plan with the clock went over like a fart in church

No, the clock plan is right. Count how many petals are pressed in and turn the dials that many clicks

rope from 2nd oom makes noose, you can pull the lever in the floor with it

i did alex

yeah, PBM it was as popular as a turd in a punchbowl

still a live game? will try to catch up!


lol @zoz

did you press the button afterward?

haha yes, alex. i am totally lost with the numbers, though

n/m,,, 345

scuse my laziness...... Alexandra

of the clock? i don't remember. i don't think so because that resets it but i'm not sure.

the keypad in room 2 has the squares from the math equation! (or did everyone already know this?)

Where is the painting of dice?

Oh nvm, must mean the place for the math equation codes.

4 math code behind flower in second room

follow the markings from the paper with the square and arrow in the white cabinet to solve all four math codes

then put code into wall in second room to get medaillon

Anyone get the letters for the combination lock on the bottom of the large cabinet??

medallions can go in slots by trapdoor and where clock was.

now you tell me kit,, mine are stuck in the rotating vase

I need 2 medallions, one for the green spot and one for the lighter purple spot...

Ughh even with that piece of paper I still can't figure out the other three math grids.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Got green medallion from floor panel in 2nd room, using maths equations, yay

i only found 3 math riddles?

Blue Book, left of shelf, white cabinet in other room, and behind flowers in other room

I bet the last 2 medallions are in the coffee table in the 2nd room, and the bottom of the large cabinet in the 1st room that needs a 5 digit letter code...any ideas??

yeah, great, how do we figure out the numbers to plug into the equations?

whats the code for the red toolbox... please help?

@ontherun its on the walls next to flowerpicture and mirror

the code for the toolbox is the numbers on the wall by the mirror and the blue vase painting.

toolbox code is on walls,, beside flower pic, and beside mirror

PBM...follow the "s" diagram on white piece of paper...note where the little black square is.

well, looks like we all got the toolbox down...

I still can't figure out how to do the equations. I'm horrible with math :)

ok, if we follow the arrow on the piece of paper I interpret it to mean starting from the square, lower right to upper right, then across to lower left then up to upper left. but when I do this, two of the codes are fractional numbers.
@therealgodfather, help!

Anyone have 5 letter code for bottom of large cabinet??? Or the code w/ the odd shape in the second room on the table?

thanks alot everyone i found it... just getting started

Tami,, im too stupid without being hit in the head with a ballpean hammer

Yes, zoz, little black square in bottom right...then up the right side, left to the middle, down the middle, left, then up the left side.

i never got past the switches.

thanks @therealgodfather, i did not see that one.
I think i had better gone to bed, because i have the same problem as you @zoz....

sweetie,, lt color, matched to the letter it resembels, the letter is the orderin which to push the button.
lt=ON, dark=OFF

lt=light, sorry

@tami, how do you do that one with the square on the left side under?

ok i think i have caught up with you all now, maybe

For example:
0 + 5 x 4
x + -
7 - 2 / 3

Start at 0x7-2+5x4-3=9

You have to turn the equation so the little black square is in the bottom right, then start with the # in the bottom right and follow the sideways 'S' pattern.

i think i get it, Tami

how do you do the buttons under the mirror?

thanks Tami! I was skipping the middle row. if only the curves were straight lines... nah, I probably still wouldn't have got it.
anyway on the off chance that the equations are all the same, here's a spoiler for the "dice" code


Hil 5-1 = 4-22 = -18 divide 6 = -3 x3 = -9 + 9 = 0

oh, you take all numbers, i took the short road:
0x7+4-3, now i get it. thanks tami...

That was mine too zoz.

Now...how 'bout that letter code for the large cabinet in the first room???

@ tami, would you share the code please. math is not my strong point.

Yw zoz and Hil:)

@nanna-bug...zoz shared above:)

Tami, did you have negative numbers, within the equations?

I need the letter code for the large cabinet also. Help?

At least where to find it.

thanks zoz

zoz & Tami, yall are the schzit!

I also wind up with fractions. Doesn't matter if I follow the PEMDAS guideline or just solve left to right, it's always a fraction.

@PBM...within it yes, but once you've solved, it becomes a positive.

anyone...mirror button help?

@PBM, um, thanks, I think
I'm wondering why we still have the toolbox
and I did all the clock switches but nothing happened - advice?

ok,, now im outta clues

has anyone done the next step in the floor with the rope and the lever?

try the clock switches
like that

Ok, so my dice code was the same, but I'm still confused. For the one in the book, the equation should look like this: 1+4x6-2/4+1, right?

@zoz, i made the mistake to do it the wrong way, you must count the leaves that are darker (ore gone)

Fill toolbox with sand

for equations you will not use all math signs, just turn your paper so that the black square is in the same spot as the paper, and the solve in the S shape. You can have fractions and/or negatives inbetween solving, but the answer will be positive and a single digit

yes megamaginmonkey, that's right

yes megamonkey

Got it - fill the toolbox with sand from teh medallion you get from the ground - then attach to rope and get a new room!

comment 89 is for one equation.

x +
+ -


Another equation is:

+ - +


last one, by flowers in 2nd room:

x -
+ x


fill toolbox with sand and attach to rope, which will pull lever

oh duh duh duh duh DUH! it was 345 then 12 all along, just like PBM said!
Thanks Hil!

thanks @therealgodfather, now i have an answer on my question, i have done the next step ;-)

Well, ignoring my confusion as to how that equation equals eight, I was just about to figure out the rope thing myself. Wouldn't have thought of sand.

hmm so now we're in possession of 4 medallions, and we have 4 places to put them, but how do we know which medallion to put in what place

ok, push at wall in new room, to get paper on other side. completes diagram in book...but what does it mean?

i put new medallion into the hold above the machine with lights and then it gave it back, went into other room on left side of wall a paper in that hole now to complete book page

btw, hi, i'm new to replying, just always used your replies for help with the games, I thought might as well contribute a bit and register my lazy arse ;)

Got 2nd half of last page in book, shows star, square, circle, triangle and oval...but what to do w/ it?

my medalion got stucked at the colorful vas

There are colors on each medallion. I'm putting them in their same-colored slots.

Found the missing scrap paper from the book. From the new room you can push in the other half of the wall. Go around and find the scrap paper. Not sure how to decipher it, but it's the answer to the letter-lock in the first room. The oval in the blue trapezoid would be on top.

sand in medallion? where? how?

the paper seems to refer to the lock on the cabinet door - as the trapazoid over the OVAL shape corresponds to the first letter of the lock. I tried OTC(S/D)S for Oval, Triangle, Circle, Square / Diamond, and Star, but it didn't work

Buttons under mirror change the lights in the secret room. My guess is we have to get all the lights blinking.

Need to get into that damned large cabinet in first room...I tried the first letters of all the shapes forward and backward...no luck...

Need one more medallion for green spot.

you can see a reflection in the mirror now when pushing buttons on bottom of it, don't know what it means yet

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 4:55 PM  

Hi started late cant figure out the three light switches Help please

should we try put all medallion into the colorful vas? my first 2 medallions already got stucked there. i've put the blue medallion near the white cabinet and red one on the floor, but nothing happen.

lights make shapes for coffee table. press a button and then go look at what lights are blinking,, over and over for all 4 buttons

thanks for the mirror tip - basically check the light sequence as a sort of connect the dot, and it will give you the code for the coffee table shapes.

yeah i pressed the buttons on mirror according to the flashing lights : 1,3,2
then they started flashing like this (on = o, off=x)
now stuck

Oh, the coffee table. That makes sense....

My medallion is stuck in the vase too. Still stuck in first room. :(

i'm going to sleep, maybe i will finish tomorrow. Good luck everyone and have fun...

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 4:59 PM  

@bas the medallions go in the thing that spins by the mirror. Colors all match up.

last medallion in coffee table

pinky, how did you get the green medallion? how to solve the puzzle?

How do you get out of the first room?

All medallions are released when all are placed

nice... im out!!!

filled up vase with medallions and then it spit em all back to me and says no need to put them back...stuck now

which medallion has the sand and how do I get it?

put in all medallions into thing by mirror, then a clue cylinder pops out and you get medallions back

oooh i forgot about the cylinder!

When you put all the medallions into the rotator, a cylinder will pop out. It's the answer to the letter-lock. Ugh, this is gonna stink...

Nanna - the sand is in the ground next to the flower pot in the second room. It was where the medallion for the dice puzzle came from. Put the sand in the tool box and attach to rope with lever.

Jess - use the new cylindar to get the letters for the lock on the cabinet

Ooooh you guys are so smart, I only have one medallion.

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 5:04 PM  

When you press the wall behind the lights, the ripped part of the book comes out where you pressed the wall in the other room

got second puzzle cylinder but no clue what it does - also not sure how to figure out which slots medallions go to on the walls.

ok, i've gotten NOWHERE with the entire blinking lights and coffee table thing.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I got lost after switches..I think I will come back tomorrow and see if there a walkthrough. Not good at math either...

lock combo=ALFHM

Put the new cylinder where you got the first one w/ the letter code on it from. it lights up where we put all the medallions to begin with....

Place the new cylinder where the old one was. Turn it on first though...

Lights will shine out of the old medallion slots. Place whatever medallion you had put in that slot into the respective color slot outside the rotating thing.

... My instructions aren't very good. Anyone know where the yellow sideways slot is?

now trace the dots

Assuming the colours match up, yellow medallion in painting, red by trap door, blue in wall in second room, i put the purple one in the lights side of the wall, and the green on the other side. nothing has happened, but i'm not sure i got them in the right spot.

zoz when you press the first light on the mirror(to the left) look at the lights in the secret room and jot them down, they will make a shape that corresponds to the coffee table shapes, do the same for all four buttons (you have to go back and forth from the mirror to the room)

@zoz...push the first button on the left at the bottom of the mirror...then go look at the thingy in the new room and watch it's pattern. That will be the first symbol to put in the coffee table, then go push the 2nd button on the bottom of the mirror etc...

- click each of the 4 buttons that's on the frame of the mirror (bottom part)
- 1 button make blinking pattern at that secret room. the 3rd and 4th symbol is bit tricky. jst try it around.
- that's to be used on the coffee table puzzle. it'll give you green medallion
- put all medallions on colorful vase, it'll give you cylinder. wtih that, trace each shape (square, oval, round, eetc) to an alphabet.
- put that alphabet to that lock in big cabinet. give you another cylinder and another puzzle
- put that 2nd cylinder (blue) into the colorful vase again, gives you different lights.
STUCK. anyone?

What does the key from the switches open? Won't work on the doors.

1 - press mirror button 1
2 - go to blinking lights and notice pattern

Mine was (X = on, O = off)


now connect the X in horizontal and vertical lines only and you will see this matches one of the shapes on the coffe table. Button 1 corresponds with the first code box on the coffee table. So this one would look like this:

-- --
| | |
-- --

Then press button 2 on mirror to change lights for next pattern and so on.

yes, cherry, i am stuck too, thanks for asking..

stuck right with you cherry

and out. awesome game.

match the lights from the vase with the colour on the vase, put the coloured medallions in the light colour. if that makes sense?

amy..please share with us what to do after you got the 2nd cylinder?

green medallion, red slot,, ect.

My cylinder spelled out 'drink your ovaltine'.....<<<- joke

cant find where's the yellow, green, and purple slots.


ahhh thanks amy

omg, jessica, tami, cherry, monkeybelly THANK YOU!

I just need to find one more sideways slot. It should be yellow. Can't find it.

I'll try and explain better. You have slots on the rotator. You put medallions in those slots to get the first cylinder. Remember which medallions went where, it should help a bit.

Once you put in the second cylinder, light will shine. These lights will match the colors around the sideays slots around the game. The medallion you put in the full-slot needs to go into the sideways slot that's colored the same as the light from the medallion's slot in the rotator.

Man, this thing is difficult to explain...

in flower painting
above light machine in new room
in floor where we used toolbox
above white cabinet in 2nd room
in second room where we couldn't "push it open" in the wall.

the colour of the panel on the vase - blue, purple, yellow, etc, matches the colour that is being shone out of the hole - white, black, red blue. match the medallion colour (blue, purple, etc) to the light colour (white, black etc)

the flower painting is yellow, whichever coloured panel on the vase shows a yellow light, the medallion goes there. same for the others.

Thanks for all the help everyone!!!! See ya next round:)

the yellow slot is kinda hidden, it is on the bottom left side of picture frame of flowers

and OUT. thanks amy.
just note. red medallion is into the white slots at the 2nd room's wall. and purple medallion is into painting (yellow slot)

hope it explains. good game

I am having some serious problems with these colors! they dont really match up that great

anyone still here?

nvm forgot to check back in cabinet after placing medallions, finally out

I'm still here, finally got into second room, failed to take key out of colored switch box, duh. Put flower on blue button on flower painting, stuck. Sorry, I'm not one of the smart people, won't be much help.

you get it figured out dogwood?

Please!!! Help with the clock!!!

roberta did you find the little flower piece yet?

what is the code for the toolbox?

hahaha just kidding
good game
thanks every1

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 5:59 PM  

this game was sooo fun.

Argh, apparently you cannot be good at math to solve these equations O.o I was trying to go by order of operations and wondering why it was not working lol

Thanks for askin Jessica. I went back up through all the comments and am now looking for slots to place the medallions. I'm very slow at these games, but I'm persistent. :)

no prob I am fairly slow at them too so I stick around to see if anyone needs help. 183 shows locations of slots

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