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Medallions Escape

[REPLAY] Medallions is another new point and click type 3D room escape game by Zomayor and created for EscapeGames24 visitors. In this game you try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles to escape the medallions room. Good luck and have fun!

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Medallions Room Escape Walkthrough

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Is everybody gone? I had to go make dinner.

Anyone still here? I'm having trouble posting.

Could someone please post a walkthrough?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm so far behind.

I don't know if anyone is still here, but I finally made it, I'm out thanks to all the helpful comments. Whew

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 6:29 PM  

how do you get to second room ??

Hey guys andbody still there

heyy, anybody still there

Anyone still trying, this was really hard, but the comments have all the answers if you can get through all 200+.

Hewy is anybody still there

The key to the second room is in the box after flipping the colored switches.

Dogwood are yu there, Can yuu help me

I'm still here.

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 6:33 PM  

I have read all comments still cannot figure out the colored switches

Ohkaii, juss wanted to know

What do you need april.lynn?

same here, lymyinpa!

What do yuu do with the switches, dogwood

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 6:40 PM  

I know you put the paper with colored dots in book on page with weird writing and underlined letters . Tried to turn on o off those switches but still getting nowhere

Each switch has 2 colors, one light and one dark. The colored dots on the paper match the underlined letters in the book. Click on the switches in abc order.

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 6:47 PM  

OMG thanks !!! would have never got that

Don't forget to take the key like I did. lol

I cannot placed all medallions in place :( I cannot understand locations and coulor association :( pls help

In the vase or in the slots?

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 6:53 PM  

Over 200 comments already! Graphics very pretty! I like-ee

in the slots :(

Ohh, thanxx dogwood, juss got the dot thingy, <3

purple medallion - yellow slot
yellow medallion - blue slot
green - red
blue - black
black - white
The colors are weird, some people called the purple medallion red.

I'm so confused. I can see the paper pushing thru, in the secret room, but can't grab it??????

where is everybody, i wanna know if i am wayyy behind everybody

Don't forget to go back into the cabinet, the machine in there will tell you if you got the slot placement correct, then it will give you the key and you're out!

dogwood aree yuu a girl or a boy
How old aree yuu??

april.lynn, the fast and smart people have been here and gone, I got left behind trying to finish so I'll help you guys for a little while, paybacks for all the help I got earlier.

dogwood, how do I open the table in the second room. The one with the weird pix for a code???

Ohkaii, so r u a girl or a boy, for sum reason i believe u are a girl

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 7:02 PM  

so far i found a book and a toolbox, what is the code for the toolbox, i'm so lost

First you have to open the secret room. The code comes from the flower painting and dice painting.

and also , how doo yuu open the table in the second room, and what is the combination for the abc's thingy in the first room

I have opened the secret room. Did the flower/clock code and the dice painting.

i have never been so stuck :D
read about the paper that should help with equations,where can u find that?

michelle, the combination is 3705,
you get it from the number by the flower painting and dice painting

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 7:05 PM  

Okay, I'm totally confused about the last part. I don't have a black medallion, Dogwood! After I place the medallions around, the last one is sort of hot pink color and I put that in the white slot. I went to the cabinet, and the light is red. argggggh.

Press the buttons on the bottom of the mirror and check the blinking light machine after each one. The pattern will match the shapes on the table.

April, the combo is ALFHM for the cupboard.

Ohkaii, i give uhp, I AM NEVA GONNA MAKE IHT

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 7:07 PM  

stuck with flower painting

Thank you, dogwood. I think i can do that.

For the blinking light patterns, see comment 170.

wait, kadylady, how did yuu find that???like for the abc's


is there any girls here who aree 12 years old, i hate playing escape games with older ppl, is there anyone younger than like 16

The medallion colors aren't very clear, the one that looks black to me is probably purple.

dogwood you are so helpful!

thx for your help :) I'm out now :)

Someone gave the code about 100 answers ago :) i just used it.

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 7:14 PM  

finally got painting

HELLO< I AM TWELVE YEARS OLD AND WHO IS THAT AGE??????? dogwood how old r u, aree yuu agirl or boy

Green medallion goes in red slot in trap door

Light blue medallion goes in black slot in secret room

Dark purple medallion goes in white slot on wall just inside second room on left wall

Yellow/goldish medallion goes in blue slot above dresser in second room

Light purple/pinkish medallion goes in yellow slot on bottom left corner of flower picture frame

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 7:20 PM  

Okay, finally figured out the problem. The black medallion looks dark purple. The red medallion looks like bright pink. At least on my screen LOL
So: the Pink/Red medallion goes into Yellow slot
Yellow medallion into Blue slot
Green medallion into Red slot
Blue into the Black slot
And the Black/dark purple goes into the white.
Then check bottom of big cabinet, and light will be green and you get key.
Finally I can sleep! Thanks for all the help along the way...

ohkaii, yuu guys, i juss spazzzed out there, but anywayz, i am never gonna finish this game, i will prolly watch how to play iht or a walkthrough on youtube

Byee, everyone, add me as a friend

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 7:24 PM  

Oops, Jessica beat me to it! Thanks to all the great hints, finally made it out.
Good night all!

looks like everybody is finished playing, GOODBYEE everybody, i wont forget yuu,
CYA LATER< BYEEEEE (bye dogwood)

isn't anyone gonna do a full walkthrough??

Bye, michelle

Thank You, Dogwood!! I had a little trouble matching up the slots, but I'm OUT!!! Yeah!

Bye kady lady

Out! Thanks for all the hints.

hey Ruff, guess i missed evry one...i'll have to do a comment scroll...all 270 of them :)

i just really want the answer for the math equations, i hate doing the math...

the switches open a the little compartment next to the switches and give you a medalion

2, 9, 8 and 0. not in this order, but i think the right one is 2, 0, 8, 9

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 8:50 PM  

for the light switch this is how u do it. "a" is light green "b" is light blue "c" is dark blue "d" is red "e" is dark green "f" is light blue "g" is dark red "h" is light green and "i" is red, so basiclly it's a b c d e f g h i, i hope u can understand what i'm talking about

hi,for the 3 coloured bottoms:
green on
blue on
blue off
red on
green off
blue on
red off
green on
red on
(thanks to therealgodfather,Alexandra and zoz)

We want a walkthrough!!

the pattern for the clock:
3 5
7 2
then turn the clock and take another madallion

The following walkthrough is a consolidation of all the hints provided by many people.
We have to thank them for leading us through this game.

Due to the limitation on the number of words I can post, I have to break down the walkthrough.

Walkthrough part 1:

Zoom in bookcase, get blue book
Open bottom right cupboard door, get toolbox
Click left side of bookcase to reveal first math problem
Note down math problem (don’t forget to mark the position of the tiny square)

Zoom in wall painting
Notice numbers in bottom left (3__5)

Zoom in mirror
Notice numbers in bottom right of mirror (_70_)

User code 3705 to open toolbox
Click hinge under wall painting
Use screwdriver to break lock
Take small paper from left side of trap door

Open blue book
First page contains another math problem
Turn to second page where there are many alphabets
Place the small paper found inside trap door to the left of the alphabets
Match underlined alphabets with colour dots
a = light green
b = light blue
c = dark blue
d = light red
e = dark green
f = light blue
g = dark red
h = light green
i = light red

Click switch between vanity and door
Press colour switches as from a to i
Switch colour is light when on and dark when off.
Get medallion and key

Use key to open inside room
Zoom in plant in the corner
Note down math problem
Zoom out
Turn left in room

Click circular trap door on top left wall
Push it left half
Zoom in clock on dresser, take clock
Open top dresser door
Get rope and a piece of paper
Again, take note on math problem

Go further left in room
Click under coffee table
Take flower shaped piece
Exit room

Zoom in painting
Put flower shaped piece on blue vase in painting
Some petals of the flowers are pressed down
The number of pressed down petals is the number of times we need to turn the corresponding clock dial.
Click clock and turn to back
Turn dials
3 4 5
7 2
Get another medallion from front of clock

Click trap door on floor
Check rope and turn it into a noose
Use rope on lever
Click rope several times until you see a message “Now to the next step”

Click paper in inventory and use the direction of the arrow to solve math problems.
The number in the corner next to the black square would be the first number in the problem.

1st math problem: 3 / 6 = 0.5 x 5 = 2.5 x 2 = 5 x 4 = 20 / 10 = 2
2nd math problem : 5 – 1 = 4 – 22 = - 18 / 6 = -3 x 3 = - 9 + 9 = 0
3rd math problem: 1 + 4 = 5 x 6 = 30 – 2 = 28 / 4 = 7 + 1 = 8
4th math problem: 0 x 7 = 0 – 2 = -2 + 5 = 3 x 4 = 12 – 3 = 9

Enter inside room, click wall panel
Click button under each box to turn display to match answers of math problems
2 0 8 9

A small square of floor is gone beside plant near door
Pick up a medallion
Click tool box and use it on sand pit to fill it with sand
Exit room

Open floor trap door in main room
Use toolbox on rope
Click toolbox several times until green light is lit.
Zoom out
Enter secret door behind bookcase
Zoom in pedestal
Pick up 4th medallion

--- to be continued ---

Walkthrough part 2:

Go to mirror
There are four buttons under mirror
Click left button once
Go to check pedestal in secret room
Note down lights that are lit
Repeat same step for each button under mirror
You should have these four codes:

Enter inside room
Click coffee table
Match pedestal light patterns with shapes to decode
(4th pattern, 6th pattern, 2nd pattern, 7th pattern)
Get last medallion

Click circular shape above pedestal
Push in left portion
Enter small room
Click circular thing on left wall
The right part should stick out now
Take piece of paper from slot
Open blue book use piece of paper on last page

Zoom in the pentagonal gadget under mirror
Fit medallions in holes
(You won’t make mistakes here because you can only put the medallion in the right hole)
The top part is now raised
Press it down to pop the medallions out and get a cylinder

Rotate cylinder to follow routes for shapes in last page or book
Oval = A
Triangle = L
Circle = F
Square = H
Star = M

Use these codes to open bottom left door under book case
Take another cylinder
Check cylinder and press red button
Use this lit cylinder on top of the pentagonal gadget under mirror
There are different colour beams coming out of the gadget
The colour of these beams and the colour of the faces will be used for matching medallion to their slots

Black beam = blue face
White beam = dark purple face
Blue beam = yellow face
Yellow beam = purple face
Red beam = green face

Black slot above pedestal
Use blue medallion (4th in inventory)

White slot on left wall of small room
Use purple-blue medallion (2nd in inventory)

Blue slot above dresser in small room
Use yellow medallion (1st in inventory)

Yellow slot in bottom left of painting
Use the pinkish purple medallion on this slot (5th one in inventory)

Red slot is under broken lock of floor trap door
Use green medallion (3rd in inventory)

Open bottom left cupboard
The green box is opened
Get key
Use key on front door

And out!

       Anonymous  6/17/09, 9:28 PM  

anyone left ??

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  6/17/09, 9:53 PM  

thanks for walkthrough It was great

@Ruff - fantastic walkthrough! That was a great game. My sister called me (from far away) so I had to exit at the end.
@sabine I'm not sure I understand your comment (#282), but I was awfully confused by that clock, so you should just ignore anything I said about it!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@sabine - yes my comment #65 is misleading, mainly because I'm so dumb, so I'm going to delete it so nobody else gets misled. I really enjoyed this game!

ok:)so do i

by delete my comments i delete also the thanks to ruff...
so thanks again for the great walkthrough, ruff

fractions? sand? secret room? flashing lights? I am sooooo lost!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I like games by this author. They are very challenging.

It was a very good game : not too difficult, not too easy, and well designed.

       Anonymous  6/18/09, 7:17 AM  

Good game! I really enjoyed it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm glad that some of you do find that my walkthrough (comments #279 & 280) helpful.

@aleksa23, the link you mentioned in comment #294 has actually copied my walkthough. :(

       Anonymous  6/18/09, 9:02 AM  

it wont work for me :(

ruff thx for the W/T i actually had evrything but the colors of the medallions where making me insane. and the colors coming out of the medallion holder was very deceiving and i was getting confused...

This comment has been removed by the author.

I am having problems matching the medallions. I dont have a red medallion, I have yellow, dark blue, green, light blue and purple.

I was having trouble with the medallions but I finally got it:
*yellow picture frame=Purple Medallion
*black slot in hidden room=light blue medallion
*White slot in second room=dark blue madallion
*red slot in trap door=green medallion
*blue slot in second room=yellow medallion

successful escape!

what are you supposed to do with the clock, what do you click first? seeing as there are only 5 you can click not seven, tried clicking top one 3 times, then the next 4 times and so on but not getting anywhere?

Yahhh!!! I finaly done it (after 1 1/2 hours).

This comment has been removed by the author.

For those who KNOW mathematics,
1+4x6-2/4+1 is not 8 EVER.
for those who skipped classes :P it's 8.
So, i'll clarify the issue for the ones that do know how to compute. Well, just FORGET all you know about operations' priority, and do the computing one operator at a time.

1+4=5, now we use the 5:


Bottom line, to be able to do the "equation" area, you need to be completely unaware of how mathematics works

That was a pretty hard game, lots of fun...Thank you for the "Perfect" walkthrough Ruff ( Gosh, I needed parts of it for this game) Great Job Ruff!

       Anonymous  8/27/09, 3:27 PM  

Hi everyone, I'm stuck. My medallions don't want to get into the cylinder. The lights don't correspond and I'm having trouble getting out of here.Help!! Anyone :o)


we will always miss you :(

I just found this game when it was posted as a replay. I don't think anyone said what colors go where (I was stuck at the end and had to go back to figure out which color medal went in each color face of the thing under the mirror). So, for anyone else stuck at the end (which medal goes where):
Gold medal in gold face and then blue slot where clock was
Blue medal (with 5 circles in it) in dark purple face ends up in white slot (where you couldn't push in)
Light green medal (with 8 circles) goes in the green face and ends up in the red slot (in the floor by the lever)
Aqua/blue/green with 4 circles goes in the blue face and later in the black slot (above the machine with the 9 white lights)
Red (with 9 circles) goes in the light pink/purple face and ends up in the yellow slot (in the picture frame of the flowers.

The different number of circles in the medals are interesting--I wonder if they mean anything (I didn't find anywhere to use them in the game)

thanks to Peke for suggesting this game

Not loading

Beginning pixel hunt: wall to left of bookshelf

Still not loading, just white space. IE and Chrome. Oh well. I can't find a place to report a non-loading game. Shrugs.

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