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Multiple of 3: Escape Game Walkthrough

Multiple of 3: Escape Game

[REPLAY] Multiple of 3: Escape Game is the first part of the very cute Japanese point & click room escape game trilogy developed by CogitoErgoSum. In this door game with three rooms, you must collect three dogs resp. cats as well as six cellphones. Find and use other items and hints for solving puzzles. There are three different endings. Language barrier may be an issue. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Let's see this one

Well at least it's more then just a key. Now we got wiggling dog tails!! The designer is improving!!

gm all
found 2 puppies & a note pad i cant read...

Game on!

Good morning 2 dogs notepad stuck

Got out of the first room and now I have 2 cats and 4 cellphones.

you have to click on the dog on the notepad! That's three.. and now?

In second room. 2 cats and 4 calculaters??

Stuck in cat room with 5 phones and 2 cats

already stuck... i hate when that happens so early in game...
so far i have:

puppy under right side of couch
puppy under left curtain
a note pad i can look at in fron of tv

any1 have something else?

i'm still looking for a stick to reach the air conditioner, but i think one of the dogs stole it

power of posting...
thanks Jen

I have only 1 cat and three cellphones, pink, red and green.. where's the other one, and the other cat?

Tried to put the cat under the carpet and skwoesh it!! No luck!! :-P

okay i found red key under the doormat, opened the drawer and found yellow key, now got orange cellphone

red key under mat in second room
@MartyS Stop that!

LOL at ZAZ. Well had to shoot a pig in a few games before!!

5 cellphones 3 cats

where are you finding all that stuff janee?

We need one more cell. The book says 3 cat and 6 phones

i've only got one cat and i'm still missing the green key
i think the cat uses the five cell phones to make prank calls to the dogs...

okay got 5 cellphones, but where is that 3rd cat?

Don't forget to extra klick the second drawer for key for the third!

my cat is sitting on my lap and "helping". She has no idea either.

you get one cat when you click on the crabpole and it moves to the right go out of the screen and back again

stuck in the kitchen

after you open the third drawer on the left Noalisa

Thanks MartyS ! in kitchen now

2 in dresser red & pink
yellow key drawer

& i cant quit remember the other maybe left of dressor but not sure

cat on bed... then one showed up on cat tower after i moved it

where to click marty?

       Anonymous  6/8/09, 7:49 AM  

I can zoom in on bottom of dresser but can't do anything with it.

Thanks MartyS!
Has anyone noticed it was 3 o'clock in the first room, 6 in the second room and 9 in the kitchen? Or have we been here that long???

You'll see the tail ones you open it

Time flies when you're having fun zoz

clickes like a million times on that drawer... But got it now, thank you!

@ marty thanks for tip on 3rd key... falling behind now because i just couldnt find it...

3 notes so far in kitchen "2,4,6,8" and picture of red, blue, orange and green buttons with the word "push" and another i can't read

darn - language barrier for door code it seems.

oh, and a wadded up piece of paper

got a red key

you have to count the things in the drawers (recyclethingies) and that's the code... so for got orange and red

Threw the piece of paper in the drawer with the red sticker.

noalisa i cant seem to get my drawers open.. where did u find the key

stuck opened orange and red

Key can paper.
I call to the Great Goddess of Gaming Shuchun to come to our rescue with her sword of translation.

OK In kitchen there is a note on the right side of counter(2468) I can lift left burner. Don't know why. Picked up crumpled paper and put in recycle bin. Found a couple of notes but can't read. Do you think we have to fine four different items? Like 2 of Item one, 4 of Item two, etc.

nvm found it

the key is on the right chair

i just explained what we have to do macmomma, but i'm really stuck.. and we don't need translation, we need superclicker!

@noalisa, how did you open the recycle bin drawers?

What's with the soda can all crumbled up??

ah, the old key to open cabinet containing crushed trash trick!

i guess i need the crumpled paper but cant find it on my screen... have a can in inventory but no papaer... can any1 give a hint as to where it might be

In the cupboard janee

@janee318 i think it was in cabinet under sink

@ zoz, you have to click the item and then on the drawer..
@ marty, it's recycling!! :)

by the sink

use the can on the orange box

Yeah Looks so noalisa.

So fisrt number is 2 and third number is 4 right?

the notes are written in different colors; the 2,4,6,8 is green
the red note in the drawer looks like you have to do subtraction
Xenon!? Shuchun!?

okay, now i'm bored... can't find stupid non-flammable things and nooooo bottles :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

yeah, i think so marty.. but i think you have to find everything, cause i think i tried every combination

sorry, subtraction is on orange note

it's called multiple of three escape game.. maybe we should take a minute and think about that?

okay im done..

@noalisa, lol your minute is up!

thank you ZOZ... had to restart it wouldnt open then froze system... but caught up quick stuck with yall now

Well that's it for me too. This is just the guess work left and me dun speaky japany. See yah

Lol @zoz, what's life like when you're a wildlife rehabilitator?

5 notes & i cant read any of them

nooooooo marty, don't go..! Let's get stuck together :P

Next game is posted already and they are out!!!

pfff... didn't even have the guts to come and try our game!

@noalisa, it can be hectic/exasperating/stressful and at the same time calming and incredibly rewarding. And I never know what the day will bring...

Red: The bark of dog in Japanese
Blue: Clock
Orange: Written in the bottom
Green: One of 2,4,6,8

I don't see no dog barking Xenon, But I'll have what you are drinking!!! LOL

Hooray, Xenon you heard my plea!

I must be pretty bad off cause I still don't get the hint, Lol...

Lol @marty
@ zoz, where do you work?

"bow wow" is "one (one)" in Japanese:)

just played new game posted... in & out fast.. lets c if i can finnaly get out of here...

I thought that was a child rapper!

THxs Xenon Just playing with yah!


thanks zoz... yall hagd

@ marty, it's not a child anymore!!!! He's not little anymore you know!!! Tssk...

thanks zoz

between Xenon's dog and clock hint and guessing the 6 from the 2,4,6,8 hint and totally guessing on the 5, it somehow worked

@noalisa I work out of my home - it's all volunteer and I have a permit from the government to work with wildlife

Ahh How time flies Noalisa.....

wow, that sounds very exciting.. and yet you're playing escape games ;)

@zoz, are you on facebook or myspace?

@noalisa, there's never a dull moment, lol
maybe i'll put something on my blog, since not everyone here may find wildlife interesting...

Scroll down the game page to the bottom, a number is there.

what's your blog?

just click on my screen name - i've written some silly escape game stories when waiting for a new game.

that's funny stuff..

I don't get how to get the green key in the cat room.

Me either ajsteven :(

@ajstevens and abigail, click again inside the second drawer, the one you opened with the yellow key.

i did it i finish the game thank for all the hints

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  9/6/18, 3:14 AM  

caught the final part of this trilogy from the random section & decided to post all 3 parts for the replay - this is the 1st part - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, CES ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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