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Nursery Escape

[REPLAY] UsawanHouse - Nursery Escape: Escape from the Children's Room is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Usawan House. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from the room successfully? Language barrier may be a problem. There are two possible endings in this game. Good luck and have fun!

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Twice around the room, found & placed triangle, flower shapes. Found circle (can't use) cylinder (can't reach). Key & marker used. Need 3 # code, another key, more shapes. Language might be a problem!

Threw the green ball and knocked off the cylinder but I can't find it now and there is a clue where to find the closet key in the purple poster.

Can turn the picture of the dog around and open the back as well.

woot! new game!

found astick - scissors- can turn the picture of the dog if you click in the right side

have done a lot...but now stuck


       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:15 PM  

Marhaba! I have no clue what I'm doing! Yay!
Put three shapes in so far though...

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:17 PM  

after cylinder falls, look on right side of chest of drawers

use the scissors to cut open one of the heart pillows

where is the stick?

cut pink pillow with scissor and got key.

Cylinder fell behind dresser...can't find triangle but have everything else...use scissors on the pillow to get key.

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:18 PM  

I've got all shapes in the box, just looking for 2nd magnetic card to swipe at door.

found 3 shapes, key(used), card, scissors(used), and yellow color(used)

use the ball to get down the thing up high behind the couch

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:21 PM  

where is the four pointed star shape?

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:21 PM  

Okaaay, so now the cylinder falls across the room with the power of the green ball!
Interesting...ONE SHAPE LEFT!

wow, I'm doing so bad tonight. What do you use the stick and the house shape for?

oops, house shape was triangle.. pop...lol

Have found only 3 shapes. Hint?

where did you guys find the square, star, and four-pointed star?

Haha, I thought that was an envelope.

me too mimi.. circle, triangle and flower is all I found and have stick and card in inventory and stuck.

okay... so far i've found a green ball, a pink shape, scissors,a key, a card with a paw on it, and a yellow house shaped thing.

I used the stick behind the right side of the dresser to find something

where is that four pointed star???

if you mean "stick" that is yellow, it's a marker, use it on the notepad in the same closet you got the marker from.

Code is not 367 or any combo of that =( Where is stick?

mokona, use green ball to get thing on shelf and yellow house is actually triangle shape to put in brown box by window.

Oh! thx megnhood - I did use that. 29 & 74 might be a clue?

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:28 PM  

anyone found out the code?

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:28 PM  

Yup, I'm stuck. No four point star for me...

Thank you Rachel. Now have another key!!

'kay thx Dejavu

still missing both stars.

am i too late?

there is another stick, find it on the base of the bunny hat rack

no prob. still stuck tho :(

yw mokona.
hint on the 2 stars anyone? All I have left is one card key.

thank you rachel!

Hi guys, still live?

Anybody figured out what the strawberry thing means behind the picture of the dog?

Hello michele-with-pug.
Hello Dejavu.

Rachel, i've got a hot spot there but can't seem to get a stick.

Hey Ruff, long time!!!

got square by using the stick in the corner of desk, got shovel and dug around plant for key for bottom of desk.


Good one Sleepy! But stuck again.

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:38 PM  

got the code for the pink box!!!

Where? How? Tell!

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:39 PM  

guess I got a bad end...dog peed on the floor

hi all hi Ruff/Martin-trying to catch up, almost there...

I'm missing the star one! (I've got the orange star, just missing the other one).

found something like aladle behind the dresser use it to get another key from the yellow flower

The 5 pointed star is in the jar of stars in the closet (use stick) Can't find 4 pointed star...

Hey Michele.

ooooh, really becky? hint please????

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:40 PM  

um...so....anyone want to share the location of the four point star? I see the purple poster, but am not getting the hint...

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:40 PM  

I got it through process of elimination....let me know if you want it...don't want to give it away for those who don't want it yet.

Tell us!!!

still can't get that second stick!


       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:41 PM  

hint....it starts with a 3

Becky! please! :D

Got it open! :D

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:42 PM  

code is..
don't look if you don't wanna know...


actually, you don't need the stick to get the star out of the jar, just click on it.

need to find square and two star shapes and what to do with id card

where do you get the 4 point star?

thank you becky!

I swear I clicked all over that jar 2x and didn't get the star!!! Now just need last star and 2nd stick! HELP!!! LOL

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:44 PM  

Good luck to the rest of you...I gotta go for now...see you next game

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 7:45 PM  

you're welcome megnhood

is their a second stick or were they thinking the yellow color was a stick?

Sorry Megnhood, I thought I had clicked all over that jar but when I had the stick I got it straight away...just luck lol

Thanks Becky :)

ok just need 4 pt star now-i'm guessing it's when solve code, but i haven't worked that out yet and i'm trying not to look up>)

This game is not easy.

Safe code is 315
pun with Japanese and English are mixed
-use yellow pen on the paper in the bottom of the cupboard
-back of the dog picture
AN5(ango=cipher) = 3(sun) 15(ichigo=strawberry)

For those want to get 2 endings:
The thing on the top-right in the cupboard is dog foods.

@bmo there's another stick on the rabbit stand (click near the bottom up to the red backpack).

Anybody know where the 4-pointed star is????

don't be sorry, i was thinking i had to start over but gave it a shot anyway w/out the stick and i got it. just trying to help :D. but don't be sorry martin! lol

Michele-with-pug. code does not get you the 4 point star... I have no idea where that is and no one is giving any clues for it.

i couldn't get the star shape out of the jar unless i had the stick highlited too :)

sleepystudent, thanks but that is the stick I got. Is their another one?

still can't seem to get that stupid stick on the bunny stand!! aarrrggghhhh!

ohhh ok. Dej, so now i'm still hunting then for 4 pt star? also since i don't speak the language i have no idea what the yellow writing on the paper meant- anyone know?

dejavu, bunny stand where bunny is looking at you not to the side.

Hello I am lurking! Got two magnetic strip cards....and stuck...(done everything except the four point star)..

Boy, no ones giving up on that 4 pointed star...

Has anybody else noticed all the eyes in the pictures seem to be looking at something?
The poster too has an Eye looking at the 4 sided star...

Thanks for the explanation Xenon. I want to give up but must.find.star!

I got just one stick from the backpack.

deja vu- start w/ your cursor from the bottom of the rabbit stand until it turns into a hand at the hot spot and then you'll get it- in the view of the stand where it is on your left

the stick on the bunny stand is sort of in the middle of the entire stand.

thanks bmo but I got that one already. so is there a 2nd stick?

Martin...apparently we need security clearance to get that last hint... ROFLMAO...

Just kidding guys!!!

@bmo nope, not that I'm aware of.

dejavu, that is the only stick I found. dont know if their is another

i need the star, dadgummit

dadgummit..... I like that one!! LOL

i've unlocked the bottom drawer with key i found in plant after i got shovel using stick on the bottom right side of dresser

we must be overthinking this one. It cant be that hard can it?

im workin on my foul mouth, Deja

LOL Dejavu

I think there is only one stick from the hat stand, the other was a yellow marker used on the notepad Xenon mentioned.

dejavu- i think evry1 meant the yellow crayon as the other stick..but i could be wrong..

It's in the carpet in front of the box with the code box inside.

what are we suppose to do with the hammer?

sike ,, kidding about hammer

Hello...I have two magnetic strip cards left and dont know what to do (also cant find the four star)

the pruple poster pts to the 4pt star and we founf the id card under the poster which has a paw print on it...hummmm any ideas???

hello.. neither can we

it must be the window!

I didn't want to go out before I figured out what to with Xenon's tip about the dog food but too late...start again

Hi Red read #104

Thanks martin for hints on 4-point star.

Out with dog peeing.

Martin you're my hero. Now will you clean up after the dog?

the poster says look down for the star, if you click down by the blue chest youll find it in the rug

OMG Martin.... You are my hero... I must have clicked along that box 100 times then POP!!! Thank you!!

Well, clicked the up arrow and the dog peed but at least I'm out!!! LOL

anyone know why we can zoom in on the picture of the two children?

Never did figure that out michele

Thanks Martin......

its ok, i swatted the dog on the nose with a newspaper

i'm must be a dummy, but i keep clicking the front of the box (where the hot spot is) and can't get it :( what am i doing wrong? btw, thank you martin!!!

4 pt star - click to get box with code, click arrow to get away from it... then click same place again, in carpet... hope you find it!

not finding it in the rug clicking evrywhere.....

Retried game, out with good end.

Dog is happy now.

played the game again using the hint about the dog food and got a better end. Thanks again for all the help everyone. Good night!

Thank you so much for hints on 4-point star and dog food.

megnhood... took me forever to get it. it's a bit of a pixel hunt. its by the lower right corner of the big box.

oops I mean lower left..sorry.

so the game has multiple endings??? 0_o

michele-with-pug, move your pointer just under the trunk in front of the window. The pointer will turn into a finger when you have found the spot.

       Anonymous  6/1/09, 8:12 PM  

Thanks Snoyarc!

thank you dejavu but still having trouble, i give up!! :(
thanks for the help everyone!

Ruff, what am i suppose to do if my finger turns into a pointer?

ruff when i do that i get a hand for the hot spot, but then a message shows in the white area and i have no clue what it's saying arghhhhh

hi e1... been playn & not posting... thought e1 was gone... I find the hot spot for 4 point star but get nothing.... Help

same here michele

pbm, if you move your mouse right down the middle of the blue trunk, it will be a finger at first, then it change into an arrow, keep going until it changes back into a finger (very close to the bottom of the pink frame). Click there, you should see a purple thing sticking out.

It's not pee it's a yellow blanket XD

Got it!!! Thx Ruff

Ruff, I was teasing, heh

we all must not have something in our inventory, or have not something...... what could we be missing???

do you have 2 cards?

got it!!!!!!!!!!!! thx for that ruff!

pmb, I get your joke now. You should see your doctor if it has really happened. lol.

good job, michele-with-pug.

michele & pbm... i clicked the pink line directly in the middle below the blue box... it should show carpet with purple think sticking out... took forever

michele-with-pug, after opening door, go out once, come back to get the dog food before going out again.

glad i could entertain, nite all

@pbm, nite nite.

now how thw h**l do i get the dog food from the closet!

michele-with-pug, use the down arrow to return to the room.

Holy ****!!! I must have clicked in front of that box a thousand times, and never got that star, then all of a sudden it is there!

whoops...didn't refresh page before i wrote, so i just saw ur comment Ruff aboutn the dog food...will...do!

oh gracie (my pug who is laying right next to me) would be very happy that i fed the dog- she has a personal investment in it lol!!!!

michele-with-pug, so both dogs are happy now.

michele-with-pug, have to go now. Good night. cya.

I'm dumb. Had a house, started reading the posts again and found out I screwed up and could have out a while ago.

where is the darn triangle

POP found it

it is dificult to read so many comments{?} when are you from unenglish? country!

where is the triangle??

anybody?!?! the triangle?

where is shovel, and square shape

Lvin, I believe the triangle was in the red backpack

Mazza, square shape in lowest drawer

Mazza, use stick on right of drawers first, to get shovel. Get key with shovel to open lowest drawer.

How do i get the star out of the jar in the closet?

Not sure, maybe you should highlight the stick?

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