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The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 3 Walkthrough

The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 3

The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter Three - Know Thy Enemy is the third chapter to the The Several Journeys of Reemus point and click type adventure game by Zeebarf, who is the creator of The Visitor game. "Reemus and Liam learn the truth behind the sudden return of the Gygax and journey to warn the neighbouring kingdom." Please be patient while the game is loading. Good luck and have fun!

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HiFrom oz

Excellent, here we go

Hmm, a useless millipede. Can't get it up the tree.

Okay, sorted, tring to fight the killer mole now :)

Game not loading for me

make it go to the spider web

Trying to get the politician roach out of the tree, I have the mushroom head, but am stuck for the moment.

Hi guys, just starting, im at the lake with the thing fishing, but the slug keeps going on fishing line, but the big thing keep shaking it off, now stuck

anyone at the triangle door yet?

Okay, the bees have it...

Just got there Donny..

i cant figure it out.....i assume the plants would be up top

aah got it make it go on little tree stumo on the right, them click on strawberry and the strawberry will fall in the water, fish appears then click on fish, then the big thing will catch the fish anf fish eat him!!

@ donny, did you get the plugs from under the rocks?

Sorry, scratch that. Same as you, I can't find the order. I'll try alphabetically.

yeah just cant figure the order.....i think its a type of food chain

hey all :)

Alphabetically doesn't work, using Rabbit or Hare.

GOT IT!!!!! put the owl up top....then under that the snake and rabbit.....then connect the two plants to the rabbit and then frog and rat to snake

Snap :)

killed the insect attached to the tree.... have I to restart?

i smacked the creature with a stick......he didnt like that

@youcef no thats just a different path

no youcef

donny42024 & larue thnx... but too late I did that :(

help!! I have a stick and the top of a mushroom, Rammbler in the be seen how do tou plug the little volcanos to get to the bees please??

Liam can bounce off the strawberry lake!!!

@bet, use both of them, Liam collects the bees.

@bet have reemus stand on the top left spout and use the blue guy to grab a bee

How are you doing donny, I've got the monster to sleep, and Liam to the other end of the cave so far.

yea rambler you have to get past the creature

im out of the cave.......with some crates and a boat

im stuck with reemus beaten sensless by a bird and liam with painted tulips.

yeah, hi everyone, I´ll try to catch up...or are you all out?

I can't get stupid Reemus past the monster, can't find any hotspots for him. Liam has dropped down a creeper for him.

aha thanks rambler

no hot spots just click the ground to make him walk around...........towards the bottom of the screen


suggestions anyone?

finished with path of least resistance.....going back for the other ending

still stuck..hopfully you'll figure something out when you get here donny

herm how do i get the axe head?

you have to "stick" it to the stick on the same screen..

nvm got it

get the stick with reemus..use reemus and liam together to get the glue.

i got the flag......pretty stuck with you herm

im still at the same place..any luck donny?

how'd you get the flag?

I've got the same prob Herm

grab it with the blue guy as reemus gets whooped by the bird

you can get a tulip form the center and paint on the rock next to the bell..thats all i know

the bird stopped beating reemus..but reemus is incapacitated.

hmmm it won't let me take the flag despite Reemus getting hit round the head...

Herm stuck at the same place as you

i started a war lol......put flag on rock then paint it

how can I get the flag?

omg, why can't i take the flag :(

hint please

im tempted to restart.

at the squirrel apartments now lol

oh boy lol- poor guy is getting hit on the head by the yellow monster guy, and little blue guy took the flag, now stuck again

how did you take the flag?

to get the flag i used reemus to start a fight with the bird.....while he was gettin smacked around i used lliam to grab the flag

yeah maybe i'll restart

might be buggy

tried that but cant get the flag!!

then use the flag as a stencil to mark the orange birds rock with tulip.....hell go nuts and play punch for punch with the yellow bird

can't get flag either!

it is a beta so i could have some bugs

ha ha nvm, ow to bird guys are fighting and im able to move

I just had to restart

purple guy has flower in hand, but won't take flag. other guy is being hit on head by yellow bird.

good cuz i need some help bet

perhaps should take the flag while the guy was hit by the bird

soooooooo stuck right now

i restarted..gotta take the flag while he is still beating.

restart.. again

you have to grab the flag (with the blue creature) while the bird is beating Reemus, after heˇll stop, you can´t do it

at the bird feeder anyone?

game is very buggy, had to restart about 4 times now!!!

wow...another bug...put two rocks in holes in center screen...acorn in the bowl..squirrel jumped around now can select any characters.

donny42024, while guy is getting hit ckick on little blue guy and then he can get the flag, sorry can't remember if he had the flower in his hand or not, but a do not think so, try to drop the flower to get the flag


im off..i'll wait for the non Beta version.

i know im stuck at the squirrels not the flag

oh sorry donny42024 I though you where asking how t get the flag,

the guy is being beaten, but purple guy won't take flag! maybe i have to restart

i have to go to work......good luck guys

tried without flower in hand also!

i got to a point where i put an acorn in the bird feeder and a squirrel leaves his tail.....but i think its buggy because i cant grab it

yup same here, went to the edge of the cliff and made both guys, grab the stum or tree what ever that thing is and the little blue guy grabbed the nut, then threw it in the bird bath, then im s stuck too :(

I can't get the acorn. The blue guy won't grab it. HELP!!

hey guys, how are you?
How do I bounce the strawberry lake?

NVM, got it!

ok made big guy pick uo small rock my cliff and plug both wholes in second seen, them made litle blue guy put the acorn in the bird bath again and squirle run in holes but now I can not move!!

oh well got to go too, I think its buggy, cause can't move anywhere, good luck all hope you make it!! Bye

I caught a squirrel.

Bet I got to the same spot as you and can't move has to be a bug I hope they fix it

how? I finished with the other way

You have to have the big bloke ready to catch the squirrel.

can u explain more Jacky?

I tried that before

I put a stone in the left hand side hole of both screens, had the big bloke waiting at left hand side of tree, then sent purple to put the acorn in, moved him to middle screen and the big guy caught it.

thnx I will try it

Oh no, it said to be continued, I wanted to join the party on the beach, lol.

Jacky did u finished the two paths?

Two paths? I thought there was only one way through, I did the animals/birds peg game and then the coloured water thing and went upstairs to the beach.

Dammit, I love these games, but this one is really buggy and freezing on me. I have had to restart 3 times now.

i need help on the rainbow-colored circular puzzle!

if u save the attached insect it will show u another way

ive finished that ending, wanna complete this ending now. :) so... does anyone know how to solve it?

I coudnt finish the squirrel path... think its buggy

gd guide on comment 103. then get reemus to click on beach wiith squirel. then youll be up to where i am rite now :)

* i KNOW!!! the game is SO glitchy. but its only in BETA so guess that explains everything...

stuck on the rainbow puzzle too Elaine

yep :( maybe its better to quit now, and play the game again fully, when they release the gd non-glitchy version wih official walkthrough. lol

hey do you realise the pins on the left side reverse when put in hole, but pins on right side dont? u think that mite be a clue?

no I didn't notice that I was thinking it was along the lines of what eats what but not successful w/ the arrangement so far

I did so but I found myself on a knoll where I cant do anything

Hey all. game really buggy. Door puzzle froze on me.
Other path couldn't get blue guy to take nut because he had flag in his hand. Try one more time then giving up til the makers make a clean game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

youcef, after you get to the stump thing, click on the stump. the puzzle is on the stump i think?

anyways, i think i should be going so c ya all:)
gd luck

an alternative link would be welcome, this one doesn't work for me :(

ok not having any luck w/ the rainbow puzzle :( guess I'm going to take a break and go do the grocery shopping I'll check back later for a walkthrough hopefully :) good luck everyone

second try : 2 of the bee strings disappeared when I attached them to log so couldn't fly out. BUGGY GAMES SUCK.. Shame cause I really liked the other ones.

Man this bites it wont let me take the flag now ..was able to get it before. I am giving up. game makers please do Not post games until you have worked out the bugs.

If game makers read this, PLEASE when players make wrong move, like losing the ax by hiting the beast in cave and having it break, let us restart from that point and not have to start over from the beginning. Way too frustrating and takes all the fun away.

Anyone solve the cave puzzle??

Help read hints on cave not opening what the order please

#126 (person named "a") You have to break the ax so that Reemus can give the beast a green mushroom. Don't give up...#128 top is the owl...think of which animals the owl eats, then what those animals eat...

Thanks Shopping I did give the beast mushroom but could not do any thing after that, make the lake jello, could highlight one item but neither character could do any thing with it. Going to give up for a while and go play outside and try later. Peace and thanks for the hint.

This comment has been removed by the author.

how do you make liam jump on the jello lake... I've clicked everywhere!

If anyone's still on, I can't seem to figure out how to save the politician roach. I've got the mushroom top cradled on the log with a bee tied to it and Reemus with an ax, but I can't figure out what else to do!

Dang, had to restart. Figured out how to save the roach, but didn't make the ax in time. *sigh*

Lumi ...
Liam click mushroom hut and bees fly him high, he rid beetles, then either click on the trunk and fly to the cave or Remus falls with ax red tree and yellow birds come to the ... 2 way

Has anyone symbols for cave discovered, had tried everything possible'm stuck ...

Cave opened ... owl, snake, rabbit, frog, mouse, grass, Carrot

any1 still here?

hey is everyone having the same problem where you fly off with the squirrle but then you land on this clif where you can't do anything?????

forgot to refresh... Hi!

i'll try to catch up

was i supposed to do something else???

ok.... O_o

well i'm in a cave now and stuck. i've got to read all the posts now...

cave use the guy to get mushroom (the 1 by itself) then give it to monster, then walkt the guy to the end of the cave

what birds and flags and squirrel are every1 talking about?

THe lake is red, the monster is sleeping and I'm tuck...

tks lilly, allready did that. But can't do anything with the vines

then use little blue bear guy go to cabinet get jello throw it in the pond got near the door click on the rocks at the top then with him hanging just move him to the end of the cave push down one of the vines, get the big guy to grab it out

i meant "stuck"

tks lilly

welcome now if only i can find out the cliff O_o

in the cave, Liam opens cupboard, find gelatin, throw in the lake ... Remus gets green mushroom, and enter into the mouth of monkeys caught ... Liam on stairs and jump from rock to rock over to the monkey corner, click on Liane. ..

and out! But didn't get the birds, and fight, flag,...

what cliff lilly?

oh yes is already there :-)

each time i try to refresh this page, it freeze and i have to go to eg24.com agina and enter the game...

its the cliff after the birds, when your trying to catch the squirrle then you fly off with it, but like i land on this cliff where i can't do anything

well i don't feel like starting over. So, off to the next game. Tks all.

sorry Lilly, i didn't saw the birds but i don't want to play again. Didn't like this game...

Monkey sleeps, he begins Liane no ... it could be due to green mushroom?
Still someone here?

its kool i think its the game aww well

ive done the whole lewis part and heres the walkthrough. after the slug bit go right with lewis and pick up the mushroom. then put it on the spikey log from before to make a cradle. now take reemus and go all the way right and make him stand on the steam thing to shut it off. get lewis to pick up a bee and tie it on the log at the start. you need to do this three more times, so you have 4 on the log. then click on the mushroom to untie the beetle. you will then fly to a cave, and reemus follows. find some clickable rocks to get some stoppers. there is four rocks to click. when youve found them (theres one behind where reemus appears) click on the holes to zoom in. the order goes (from top to bottom, left to right) owl, snake, rabbit, mouse and frog (any order) and grass and carrot (also no order). in the cave, still with lewis, open the cupboard and get the gelatin. throw it into the pool to turn it into jelly (yum!). go to the steps and click on the spike with lewis to bounce up there. follow the spikes round to land on a ledge. go to reemus and click on the leftmost green mushroom, them click on the monster to make it go back to sleep. click on the vine to lower it for reemus. swith to him and go below the monster to get to the vine. after that go to lewis and go right. click on the lighter part of the tree to grt paper, then go back to the first screen and click on the pink goo. nearly a seal. swich to reemus and go right twice. talk to the guard and he says he will give you a ride if you outwit him. click on him again and then click on scissors. you are supposed to lose for the keys. unlock the box on the screen to the left to find a medallion. switch to lewis and go right for the medallion and click it. theres your royal seal. go give it to the guard and theres a cutscene, then congrats!!! (for now). ive tried the reemus part but i am stuck, or it is currently undoable. your welcome for the walkthrough!

thanks for walkthrough Jason

As a guard letter with a seal over, he leaves the ship Reemus and Liam in the boat and ship is attacked by Invisator ... and when finished you can continue to play elsewhere ... this was not displayed? so you do not have to again from scratch ...

after what slug part and who the hell is lewis?

Lewis determined with Liam the blue bear meant ...

just finished path of aggresion. much more challenging than path of least resisitance.

i guess the ranks make sense, since path of least resistance was easier than the agression, did anyone see the pattern for the circle puzzle on the agression path, because i just kept guessing till i got it...

anyone know how to solve circle puzzle? i need help on that.

the two ways of caving ... you can not stop pigging Killer: to get to the cave, when Liam (blaue Baer) bee collects and on tree mushroom hut ast, Bee Caves tether - puzzle -> top owl, 2 Series: snake, rabbit, frog below, mouse, grass, carrot ... anything as described.
the way to the birds: Reemus is red tree with an ax -> arrive before the tree house, bell ringing, yellow-bird irritated Reemus go 2x to the left, speak and orange bird will beat 2x ... Liam go left, take the flag back to tree, flag on the rocks, go left 1x, take back with tulip tulip to flag painted on rock, bell ringing, yellow bird to see and be furious race to orange bird, both to beat and you can now continue to the left-bin with Liam left - come back to tree, 2x left tree cliff, to branch out Reemus and Liam take glans, then Reemus get 2 stones and set in place before then burrows tree with 2 holes ... unfortunately not been as image stuck ... hope you can understand a little bit, not very good English have

've tried it yet -> nut in bowl throw Reemus blocked both burrows with stones, so the squirrel can not escape and then, you remain stuck -> if there are no stones in burrows, so flying squirrel from cliff like a bat -> shame, shame ... now you have to wait until bugs fixed

You can beat path of aggression. for the stones, as jacky said, you need to put a stone in the left hole on both screens, the right holes should be open. have reemus wait on the far left of the 2nd screen (between the fountain and the cliff) have liam place the nut, leave to the left and come back to the right. if you make liam go back to the left again it seems to glitch so just leave him at the right. the screen will shift to the right and you will see reemus capture the squirrel. then lead both liam and reemus to the far left to the edge of the cliff and click on reemus. that will lead you to a puzzle. i basically did trial and error to get it, since i didn't see a pattern anyone else?

thank you this has worked, both of which are flown by squirrels and are now stuck on the rocks, can not click on puzzel?

I cannot click on puzzle either

the puzzle in the path of aggression does have a theme. top feeder fish, bottom feeder fish, birds of flight, land bound birds, rodents & mammals.

There is no hot spot to be able to click on puzzle - tried all over the picture

Tried the other route and couldn't find ledge - was just stuck hanging there.

there are glitches. had to restart several times but, finally made it thru

um, the walk through nor any comment besides comment 4 mention how to get passed the angry mole with the red flying thing in the first scene.....

why do you people seem to hate leaving useful comments for players that come after you?

i agree maxi.s he.art. i managed to get by it by clicking on the grass/plant next to the mole. a snake pops out and eats the flying animal.

i'm still trying to figure out how to work the colors in the cave for the statues. i thought it would just be the colors above each of the heads when the big guy stands on them but it doesn't seem to work no matter what order i put them in.

Look at the colors above the fountain.

THIS GAME IS IN BETA. It was released to those on Zeebarf's mailing list. It is SUPPOSED to be buggy..that's what the beta testers are testing it for. Quit complaining and report the bug's you find. www.zeebarf.com is where you will find all the updates and info. FOr w/e reason some game sites have posted this game...it's still in beta people.

Completed the path of least resistance and now trying the 2nd path but got stuck on the cliff with the puzzle like the rest of you..Can't wait til the game is out of beta :) Zeebarf does great work. I love this series.

for the puzzle on the cliff each group of 3 you match-up have something in common e.g. one group are all marsupials


SORRY FORGET WHAT I SAID ON MY LAST COMMENT I CAUGHT THE I caught the squirrel but it’s goes to a black screen.

there are 3 yellow buttons top right and the left one is the reset button.

argh! Help! I'm at the statues holding ceremonial vases... can't figure out the colour combination... the dots below the vases are both red and ive tried putting all the colors that include red in the vases in different orders and it just doesn't work... Please someone give a clear hint to what to do.. :S

above the fountain there are 3 colours on each side, those are hints as to what the colour combination is for each statue.

How do you play the locked games?

caught the 2nd episode from the random section & decided to play all parts in order

thx for all your creations, Zeebarf ☺
& thx Jason for the WT

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