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Alkirian 2 - The Seven Scepters Walkthrough

Alkirian 2 - The Seven Scepters

Alkirian 2 - The Seven Scepters is the sequel to Alkirian 1 point and click type room escape game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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Alkirian 2 - The Seven Scepters Video Walkthrough
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another one already?

let's go

hey hope this 1 is not as long as verago

Don't really get this. got 1 sceptre, some flint or something and a brush that you can reveal things with

brushed eye on left wall and spider on ceiling and opened door

am the same as you graham dont have a clue what to do

you can also brush the cross to thr right of door and the wand on the right wall thats in the hand

opened door

in second room, brush 2 dust piles off floor, pick up roll of paper, light it on torch and use it to scare scorpion away. pick up block, put it in pyramid take sceptre. 2nd sceptre in open casket on wall.

Hmm stuck in the next room with five septors but what is the next step..

How do you open the casket?

six septors but still need the open in the casket.. Graham how did you open the casket?

Hi all, just starting, try to catch up

get other sceptres by following the pictures next to each, brush 4 pictures on right hand wall in 2nd room first

I have brushed those pictures and used them to open the four walls with septors which now I have six... I put the stone in the pyramid after scaring the scorpio but cannot open tomb

not opened main casket yet, was refering to 4 on wall.

i'm stuck in room 2 :(

And done

Okay..so where is the seventh scepter?

anybody got the 7th sceptor yet? cant find it

in the casket go back to the first room and look on the ride door frame symbol after that it should be clear what to look for in the second room

sorry look on the right side on the door frame

and out thanks dayhead

i also got six of them but i can't see anything else

no problem

Got it thanks Dayhead

nice quick one

Umm ... where is the brush?

nvm, found it

Stuck with 6 septors, any help please

Hey everyone! I will try to catch up.

hi gabi, where are you stuck?

rakfesk, move all of the rocks around in the first scene.

have it and out

@gabi, use the stone to take the ankh off the coffin. then put the ankh in the corresponding place to the right of the door in first room

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you alimax i found it

and on to the next game!

and thank you zoz, see you in the next game

What order do u click the tiles in the second room on the right side?

I have brushed all the places in first scene, but door wont open for me. What am I missing?

Ha! Got it!

And out! @ Breda: The order doesn't matter, but remember to use the tiles in the 1st room as well. @ Linda: Have you also clicked them?

How do u get the three ankhs out of the solid glass windows?

@Breda: Click on the tiles corresponding to the symbols on the side of each window. Use tiles in both rooms

Still live??

I'm still here kady.

I got 3 out of 4 sceptors from the wall but how do I get the bottom left one? Probably something obvious!!

Hi Linda

Stuck in coffin room. Got it open, tho.

I can't get out of the second room. Have 4 sceptors.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anyone help me get out of second room?

Got out by myself. A little slow this morning :)

Well then I must be very slow cuz' I still can't figure out the bottom left sceptor

Veronica. I don't have my game up, but just unpush all the buttons and repush them in the order of the symbols right next to it.

I know. There are two sets of symbols that open two cases. And one case already was open. I can't figure out how to open that last one

Maybe I'm just slow, but how do you open the things on the floor in the second room?

Veronica. Are you using symbols from both rooms?

Yes that is how I opened to two other cases..

Cyber. First dust off everything with brush.

Done that. Now what?

Light the scroll on fire and scare off scorpion.

And now I have to leave for a little bit. Hope someone leaves me a hint:)

For the first room, to get the door to open, make sure you are using the hand to push the buttons. they won't push if something else is highlighted.

only one of the ankhs comes off of the sarcophagus (sp). use it in the first room.

the other case does not open.

remember to paint the sceptor in the first room on the wall.

V. Snake, bird, water, spider. In that order should open the box.

Thanks kadylady but where did that come from??

It's the picture next to the case.

Nevermind I see now. I thought the 5 symbols were all uysed to open one case. Duh!!

in order to open the cases containing the three sceptors:

1. eye, water (squiggly), boat
remember to go out to first room and unclick the eye
2. bird, boat
3.snake, bird, water, scarab beetle

All the buttons in both rooms need to be unpushed first.

Everybody out now? I'm movin on...

still live? i'll try to cautch up

I have the five obvious scepters from the second room. I just need to know how to open the boxes.

Nevermind. Got it!

i have 4 scepters and i can not take the others i cant open the boxes

Hi tonia. You need to go back to the other room and un-push the buttons. Then using buttons in both rooms, push them according to the pix next to sceptor cases.

do i have to push them in a special order?

nvm i took them

In the order that you see them. Only the pix right next to the case.

light up the paper on the torch
then scare the scorpio

now what?

@agomahodas geia sou patrida

where is the seventh sceptor?

now u can leave

www ki allos ellinas
with the stone hit the last cross on the mummy
then take the cross and put it in the first scene

Did you get the one from the casket?

and out!!!! thank you all

@agomahodas egw volo, U?

thank you kadylady for you help

No problem. It's fun to be in a live game for a change.

yeah thats true

They usually post in the middle of the night, my time. I always miss out. :(

lets see if we can find another one :)

so..... bye bye hope to see you around

sounds good. see ya

first, move the rock pile next to bird person
get rock
move rock pile next to door
get brush
dust ankh on the door (cross thing)
dust the eye on the wall
push button
dust scarab beetle on celling
push button
dust scepter in hand of dude on left wall
go thru door
use brush, dust piles of dirt on floor
get paper
set paper on fire with torch
scare scorpion away
get cube of stone
put cube in empty hole in pillar
get scepter
dust snake pic on right wall
dust bird pic on right wall
dust zig zag line on right wall
dust oval pic on right wall (under crack
go to first room
push eye and beetle buttons
go to second room
push bird and oval buttons
get scepter
push oval button
push snake and zig zag line buttons
go to first room
push beetle button
go to second room
get scepter
go to first room
push beetle and eye buttons (once each)
go to second room
push snake, bird, and oval buttons (once each)

thats as far as i've gotten.

ive got more!

use rock
hit last ankh on mummy
take ankh
go to first room
put ankh in hole in the door
go to second room
click on the mummy
scepter jumps into inventory
go to first room
hit arrow to leave

thats how u win that one

This game is a nice break from work. Check out my singing video. Just search Mike Metivier on You Tube. Thanks everyone and good luck.

Video Walkthrough:




1. Move the Pile Of Rocks on Left & Right side of the screen to get a Stone & A Brush!

2. Use The Brush On These Areas:

- Right-Side Of The Screen on Wall: The Scepter The Human Is Holding
- Right-Side Of The Gate
- Left-Side Of The Screen on Wall: The Eye [Not The Chicken-Humans Eye]
- Top Of The Screen: The Spider

3. Take the scepter from The Human! Scepters 1 Of 7

4. The Gate Holds 2 Symbols: Spider & The Eye! In order to open it, you have to active blocks with the same symbol on. Click on the 2 Blocks, The Eye & The Spider ones to open the gate. The Eye - On The Right Side Of The Chicken-Human. Spider - Top of The Screen! Proceed to the next room!

5. Use Brush On Right-Side SandDust to get a piece of paper. Use The Paper On The Torch to Fire it! Use Fire-Paper on Scorpion to scare him away! Take The Stone Cube. Put The Stone-Cube on the missing piece of the stone-something right-side for the coffin! Get a Scepter. Scepters 2 Of 7!

6. Each Glass has a Scepter in it. The 4th One is open, so take the Scepter. Scepters 3 Of 7!

7. On The Right-Side of the screen, there are 4 symbols. Use Brush to get the blocks! Each of the glass has symbols on the left or right side on the wall of it. UnActive all of the blocks with symbols on, and only Active those shown on the glass! Hint: There are also 2 Blocks on the other room! Do it like this:

Remember to UnActive the 2 Symbols on the 1st Room!

1st: Crow, ?Stone? - Active the blocks with the symbols, Crow & ?Stone?. Once the glass opens, take the Scepter! Scepters 4 Of 7!

UnActive All The Symbols!

2nd: The Eye, Wave, ?Stone? - Active the blocks with the symbols, Wave & ?Stone? on this Room. Go back to the first room and active The Eye! Go back to the 2nd room and take scepter. Scepters 5 Of 7!

UnActive Blocks On Both Rooms!

3rd: Snake, Crow, Wave, Spider - Active the blocks with the symbols, Snake, Crow & Wave on the first room. Go Back to the other room and active The Spider block. Go back and take the Scepter! Scepters 6 Of 7!

8. Use The Stone on The Coffin's Golden Cross! Go Back To The First Room And put it on the right-side of the gate. When you go back, you'll relize that the coffin is open. Click inside it and get the last Scepter. Scepters 7 Of 7!

9. Go Back to the first room and click the Arrow Pointing Down!

10. Congratulations! You Found All Of The Seven Scepters & Finished The Game!


really good game but im not gettin yhe step after the 3rd activation of symbols

thanks for the walkthrough prid it really helped

How do i scare de scorpian?

i did it thanks to prid

i got the casket lid to open but istill cant get in there

okkk so i have all seven skeptors is that all there is to do or is there a nextlevel

working link:


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