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Avalon Escape Walkthrough

Avalon Escape

Avalon Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from escapegames. Gather items, use them in right places and escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Avalon Escape Video Walkthrough


hello everyone

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:13 PM  

lets play guys

Well, I WAS going to vacuum... guess it will have to wait!

started a fire, don't know what to do next. i'm guessing we need to heat up something metal and pound it with the hammer?

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:18 PM  

gotta fire going

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:19 PM  

found some sort of silver saw or something on the side of the table

What did you use to start the fire? I have to wood (barrel) there
got a gem from picture using ram head

POP got the candle

put silver metal rod in fire

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:22 PM  

heated up the silver saw thing - it changed colors

i got a little gem but i don't know what to do with it

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:23 PM  

then make it into a sword with hammer

Okay, just finished the Coins game, let's see how this one goes. Music's a little dramatic!!!

what do we do with the flaming sword?

hah nevermind.. i put it out

where was the hammer?

any ideas on what to do with the crown?

found the hammer lol

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:26 PM  

anyone figure out the shape box yet

opened chest

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:27 PM  

stuck with 9 sheilds a crown diamond and a sword

the clue is on the crown daisysos4

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:28 PM  

The crown gives the code for the box with shapes.

same onecenthdr

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:28 PM  

put the ram head on the picture...get red gem

except i also have an x

onecenthdr same plus a big X

still live?

Got 9 shields, a hammer, a ruby and really big X. What to do now?

yes youcef

and I am stuck....

combined gem and sword, and stuck again

rambler, you can make a sword with a metal bar and the hammer by the fire

Where's the sword then?

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:33 PM  

stick sword into stone by the chair

when you are looking at the corner of the room with the door and fire and table in view, does anyone else see a sword on the wall?

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:33 PM  

and your out don't really need the crown

Sorry Jo-Ann, didn't see your post. I'll try that.

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:34 PM  

You have to make the sword..the one you see on the wall it's nothing

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:34 PM  

wheres the metal bar

Denita, which chair?

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:35 PM  

keep rotating around the table and then you will get to the other side and the metal stick is on the corner edge

sheilds spell out excalibar

I think metal bar was on table somewhere

i put the sheilds on the wall and now i'm stuck


nevermind i'm out

put sheilds on wooden pegs on wall to spell excalibar,
add x to sheild with no name(2nd), put sword in stone at throne

and out

Can't get metal rod :(

How do you get the red gem onto the flaming sword?

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:42 PM  

just click the gem and then the sword

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:43 PM  

you have to put the sword in the water barrel first so it's not on fire

@daisy, it's not working for me? I tried it in close up view and regular view and nothing happens :(

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:44 PM  

the metal rod is on the side of the tabletop in one of the views

I've tried every angle on that bloody table until my my finger is all clicked out but I can't find the metal rod.

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:45 PM  

tribble...your sword is not on fire anymore right? I just clicked the gem and then the sword and it worked for me.

And POP, there it is :-)

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:47 PM  

Rambler...the table view you need to be in is when your looking at the table, that wall picture is to your right a bit. Then just click on the edge of tabletop

LOL Daisy, I was still on fire! Thanks for the dunking tip

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:48 PM  

no problem Tribble happy to help

@ daisy, thanks, but I got it.

still live?

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:53 PM  

im still here

i can't do the excaliber thingy on pegs.i dont even have names starting with those of my shields is blank

Let's see this one...

Bloomin' sword won't go in the stone now! I'm not doing very well with this one hahaha :))

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:56 PM  

and out. thank you everyone

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:57 PM  

@rambler you have to place the sheilds on the pegs first

notty, it's EXCALIBUR, and the X is a blank one.

well apparently the blank shield is an x!!

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 12:58 PM  

@ notty click on a sheild then click on the peg it spells excaliber (1st letter of each sheild)

oohh thunder on putting the X!!haha out of this one


first scene, zoom in on wooden wheel and click lower spoke for hammer
zoom candle stick on table to get lit candle
click right, next scene, get shields from wall
zoom chess board, get crown and note shapes on crown, this for wooden chest, get x from box
click edge of table for metal bar
click right next scene, zoom armor for axe
click right next scene, take shields from wall
click right next scene. zoom throne use axe for left ram head
click right next scene, take the last shields
click right next scene, zoom barrels in corner, axe on left barrel.
build fire in the centre of room in stone circle,with broken barrel and candle, highlight metal bar and click on fire to heat then beat it in a sword on anvil with hammer.
remember barrel cold sword down in it.
rams head for pic on wall to get red ruby for sword,
click on ruby in inventory then sword to put it in
zoom in on line of wooden pegs on wall, put on shields to spell excalibur, 2nd shield with have no name add x to this

finally, zoom throne and add sword to stone OUT!!!!!

I forgot to put the X on the blank one - palm of hand meets forehead lol

please excuse spelling and grammer

thnx for help..the virus seems to have infected my game playing

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 1:14 PM  

my sword wont go in the stone...

good game! I got it - with a little help ;)

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 1:20 PM  

Nice game

woww almost got it all by my self...couldint read the crown right ..tks blackhat ...see you all next game ;) love from canada xx

Too be continued...

Maggie Mae

very nice game

I liked this game, nice and short..
thanks meme for walkthru it helped me to know what to do with all those shields.

This comment has been removed by the author.

This... was... a... great... game!
84265 968!!!!!!!!!! :)

You have to make sure to put the letter "X" on the blank shield on the wall otherwise you can't put the sword in the stone.

I can't combine the sword and the gem! I click on the sword and then the gem, but, nothing happens! I click on the gem and then the sword, but again, but nothing happens! What am I doing wrong?

Nevermind! Out!

working link:

       No Spam!  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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