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Blue Orbs

Blue Orbs is another new point and click type room escape game by akanemaru. In this game, you try to gather items, use them in right places and escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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thank you diana

i have some problems with blogger here is the link

thnx for the link!!

i was clicking around and found a diamond.dont know where it was

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:05 AM  

having some trouble...language!

diamond goes in the door lock
have candle, candlestick(?), paper, mug, ball, key, and 2 shapes = numbers clues.

put the diamond next to door and now in another room

found a candle,candle stand,mug,2 notes,key,blue ball and saw some codes written in file,trash and left of sofa

Diamond is automatically given, I think.

There's also a shape on top of the green shelf. A couple of shape hints in the books as well.

Put diamond on the spot and you get into another room

Also a scooper near the big computer.

Hint to a combo in a blu book

Hello, i have the same as you and found a code box on floor (under carpet) and a code hint in a book and 5 number hints.
So it says : 19x47 =893 but this is too short to enter in the bottom safe.

another number next to sofa

That is the code for the lock to the basement.

Zazie, I don't even see a carpet

Diana, which lock ??

Sorry, I meant lock to the safe in the basement. Through the grey door behind the statue.

On the bottom right of the big bookshelf kadylady.

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:16 AM  

Matches back of couch on left side..

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:17 AM  

matches behind sofa, when looking at the number on the left side, look behind sofa, matches.

Where is the big computer with the scooper? Need scooper for plant!

Thanks, zazie

zazie how did you figure out cercle = x ??

But the grey door won´t open and where to enter code ?

ANyone find the second orb?

shovel left of the gss machine

If you remove all the white papers on the desk you will see : cercle --> X

Where to use the key???

o = x from the notepad.

@zazie key to grey door in one of the drawers

This comment has been removed by the author.

aha, thanks zazie, I removed some and got tired!! we should never get tired of removing papers in an escape game

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:21 AM  

@j@de where is the gss machine, and what is a gss machine???

ok you need to select the key and then click on grey door to open it..thnx jade

used scoop on candle stand and put candle on and lit it

Jade thx, i totally forgot to use my key lol.

so it was a scoop haha thought it was a shovel and kept using it on the plant

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:24 AM  

finally caught up to you...duh! GSS machine is in next room...LOL!!!

@ Aslt I don't know what's a gss machine, but this one is a machine with gss written on it ;) it's in the grey doored room, open it with key from the drawer

Thanks for the grey door hint. Didn't see a keyhole, so didn't think to use it :)

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:25 AM  

use paper with the lit candle..

Don't see how the combo hint fits the combo lock.

Now i opened the safe in the basement and got a sack with grains (?) in it, also lit my candle.

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:25 AM  

ok so far 0-x, Square = 4, triangle = 9, diamond = 7, star = 1, hope this helps

I think the candles is to be used on the white paper but it didn't work for me

yes it worked when you said it george!!

i got 0 -> x and 0-> 4

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:27 AM  

I put the code under the rug in.. but nothing happened

@ michele square = 4

ok i'm just getting started so i'll stay out of every1's ways here, maybe try to catch up! :)

Code is for 3 digit code safe in basement.

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:29 AM  

no the 6 digit code..

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:29 AM  

From mssg it gave me star-triangle-circle-square-diamond. Not enough numbers.. Anyone else have it yet? Also how did u get code for basement?

I throught it would be 191047, but that didn't work

good luck michele !!

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:30 AM  

x = 10

Zazie what's the basement code

19x47 = 893

Thanks Jade. Should have figured that one out

893 from the shapes hint in the book

Where is the code for the star?

I thought about what is written on the machine : GSS in numbers is 71919 - 3500 = 68419 but still not long enough to enter in bottom safe.

You guys have fun. I need to get back to work.

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:36 AM  

top of the green bookshelves.

Thank you.

star code in on top of the green bookcase

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:37 AM  

TC Kady. Talk at ya soon.

for the safe I tried 191125 = SKY (code from the paper) but it didn't work

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:37 AM  

so, besides sky, what's written on the paper?

What the heck are we supposed to do with the bag of seed looking things and has anyone noticed what looks like a chute that should have water at the base of the statue?

besisdes it's written, don't even think about thinking about understanding me I'm here as decoration, I'm no use ;P

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:41 AM  

I was just wondering the same thing.. We are close. Also what is with the blue thing in basement with a door.

ok think i'm caught up to evry 1 got sack of something out of locker in basement, have candle lit, note that says SKY blue orb, shovel, matches ,cup, key, now on to that computer so we can get water for that silly stick plant upstairs!!!!

yes trish, and I think we need a sharp tool for the sofa hahaha *evil face*

On the right side of the GSS machine seems to be a cd slot.

Yeah, Trish, I saw that chute, don't know what it's for, tried planting seeds in flower pot, totally stuck.

i think we have to put water in up and then pour into plant and then we reach the "SKY"

So where is the water

I don't know, Trish, and I'm asking the same things...

the blue orb can go in the door lock with the diamond or in either of the statue's eyes

I think we definitely need this code to go on :(
But all i tried didn´t work.

i think in the metal tube that runs on the ceiling of the basement, but we have to turn computer on somehow...it's just my theory...

I'm tired of being stuck

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:46 AM  

I'm sooooo confused! LOL

And what about the book with blank pages...?

and what's with the big blue thing in the basement, looks like it has a door that should open

ahh i found a space beneath the right side of base of statue with a small opening, but can't do anything with it yet..

stuck, stucker, stuckest

michelle i think that there should run some water, but how ?

I guess that we need the 2 blue orbs for the statue. The question is : where is the second one ? Maybe in the locked drawer...

oh, for a screwdriver, kind of like a security blanket cause I don't think there's a use for one here

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:52 AM  

Have tried placing blue orb in all spots with no change. The code is key.. I am at a loss. Sorry everyone..

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 10:52 AM  

Pascale, in the book with blank pages was the triangle code.. it fell out when you opened it

If you put the paper in front of the candle, you can read many (interesting) things... in Japanese...

tried Nordinho, no help there

stucker than @dogwood!

no, no, I'm the stuckestest

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 11:00 AM  

I think we all are stuckestester!! rofl. I am going back through everything again and see where we are missing the code..

has anyone found a cd for the right side of the computer? i went back thru everything, but because the language clues are foreign i don't know how to figure the code!

Maybe in the safe is key for drawer and in drawer the second ball...

I checked Nordinho again, they are "stuck like a duck" over there

Or maybe it is a slot for a keycard.

g2g, good luck and have fun

I see i didn't miss much. Still no code for floor safe?

Nope :(((

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 11:07 AM  

tc Jade. TTYS

Well, that's sad news.

where are all the translators!!!

Well i will leave for a while and come back later, hopefully a genius passed with the code lol.
Good luck everybody !!

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 11:14 AM  

TC Zazie.. TTYS. I am going onto another game. I have been through this 3x now and still cannot find anything we missed.

where's shuchun when we need her!!!!! or xenon!

Hey everyone!

I'm stuck just like you with the code on the floor... :-S

I was thinking, the numbers for the box on the basement had colors too, so what if the code on the floor has to do with those same numbers but with colors AND the order of the books?? I would only be missing one number... BTW why did george said 0=10???

Chiqui: X=10 in Roman Numerals

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 11:18 AM  

I agree Michelle. A small hint on where we are missing it would be nice especially with the language.. I went through all the books and such with no avail. frustration sets in lol.

I guess I'll check back later, too. Good luck!

Think I'll go clean out my car, I'll check back later, be sure to check Nordinho, there are a few people there working on this, good luck

Right! tx totempoles :)

So my theory doesn't work because there are no black books there...

Clue for the safe code:
The scroll paper in green shelf is Periodic table.
Check the atomic No. :)

Da da DAH Xenon to the rescue! you heard us!!!!!!!

boo hoo, i don't "do Science" :(

how to pick up the scroll?

cannot pick up scroll..tried to use everything i have on it :(

@Xenon. How do you view the scroll, I can't pick it up.

Ah.. google Periodic table!

Atomic Numbers of what? All we have afaik are numbers and meaningless letters that don't seem to relate to the periodic table. (G and X are not elements)

I've been trying to pick it up since forever! Can't, how?

Sky- don't forget sky>>>> water too.....

Still live? I feel very incompetent, not being able to place the candle on the holder and light it :( I'm going crazy!

Nvm. Forgot about S-K-Y

Xenon, what did the note say with all the japanese writing on it? the one that we use the candle onto see...

atomic numbers for S K Y

How to pick it up? Anybody???

Hi, eveyone!

I made a chick?

Chiqui, I don't think you need to pick it up -- you just need to know what it is.

chiiqui use shovel to scrape off old wax, then u can place new candle

Really? lol k. :) Tx!

Okay, couldn't pick it up but got the floor safe open.

sorry that was for blige

tony are u gonna hold out on us again???


Oh, so nice to move on....

michele-with-pug, see comment 131. This link might help: http://www.webelements.com/

have wooden circle, now what?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Okay. So now I have a round piece of wood. Not much help to me I'm afraid.

... or read comment 140, and save some time! :)

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 11:38 AM  

I'm out, but I don't know whether it is a a bad end or not.

hooray for Xenon!

you can open wooden circle. diamonds and yellow stuff inside.

If you click around on the round piece of wood, you should find a seam.

used shovel on wood got 2nd blue orb and out through roof ladder

I'm guessing the chick is hungry...

Sulphur, Potassium and Yttrium are the atomic numbers you need michele....

opened safe and got circle wood thingy.turn it over and use scoop.click around to get blue ball.now you have 2
use that in first room with diamonds and you can get out but you miss some stuff

going to try other ends..have to put ball in eyes of statue

never did get water on or use gss machine must be another ending

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 11:40 AM  

They know that lots of people who don't speak Japanese or Chinese play these games. And partly they even use English words. Why don't they write the texts in English??? It's an nice game but without Xenon's hint - no chance.

And out??!! There must be another end!

Progress. Have two blue balls now. Put in the eyes of the statute for water.

I made the statue cry :~(

sue: Because it's made by a Japanese person. Simply put, we don't make games in Spanish or German because we don't speak it.

memo says that
I cannot live long.
I'll give all treasure to those who find them.
The "key" for the treasure box
This is the treasure hunting game:)

Anyone know what the little award thingy on the green shelves says?

If you put both blue dots on the statue, she cries and then you can fill your cup with water.

We still have a Bag of "stuff" that hasn't been used and a Machine and a Couch that hasn't served much purpose as well as three unused Item slots

got water running. filled cup and watered plant. got a chick?

A chicken tree!!!!!

i have a happy chick, but i still am thinking that i need something, tried to feed the seeds to the chick but he won't eat them and got so excited when i opened the safe that i didn't put the seeds into the plant tree thing just watered it. so now what am i supposed to do with the craxe happy chick lol!

Take the cup of watter and puor it in the flower pot and a red balloon forms - wait for it to stop grpwing and click on it and a little chick falls -- click to pick up chick.

i still can fill up my cup again with water and i tried washing the gems inside the wooden ball, but nothing happened!

Xenon, when you click on the hot spots of the couch, what does the text say???

whats the blue thing on green shelf?havent used it yet

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 11:53 AM  

I clicked on her eyes again and now my orbs are gone..

looks comfortable. good for bed.
blue thing:
plate of some prize.

thx Xenon!!!!

I think the orange book called "Kingdom gold" has something to do with something...the map on the wall shows an orange triangle in the same spot as the orange book...maybe just over thinking things!!

so did every1 get out. i was waiting to see if i could do anythin more with the chick, seeds and water before i placed the balls and diamond..

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 11:58 AM  

When you have finished there is a screen where you can click on the note "SKY", the chicken, the diamond, the yellow stuff with diamonds and on the two blue balls. Their place is empty because I left them downstairs. Maybe one should bring everything up for a perfect end?

been out and come back in again - still haven't found anything for the slot in the side of the GSS machine. There is still one slot not filled

when you take the balls and diamond out you lose the ladder @sue27

it is not possible to get out with the two blue balls as it brings down the ladder.so we need to find another exit...

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 12:02 PM  

Yeah, what about the blue door in the cellar?

well i went up the ladder and out , wished i understood all the explanations next to the chik, blue eyes, noteetc... at the end...

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 12:04 PM  

we also need to get into the top drawer

looks like I can take the diamond and still get out.

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 12:07 PM  

Although this doesn't help, I think, that we have to insert a card, than the blue box opens and we can leave.

Ending 1
Place diamond in door panel to open door
Enter room
Click desk drawers for key and candle
Take mug and paper from desk
Look at note pad on desk -- pull papers until you see O=x (~18 pages deep)
Look in trash can to see square = 4
Turn right
On the bookcase, look at the blue books and see that there are hotspots where you can take certain books
Take the second blue book to see the code for the padlock star, triangle, circle, square, diamond
Pick up the other books to find the hidden card -- it falls on the floor in front of the book case
It shows triangle = 9 (the card is upside down)
Click on the floor to the right of the bookcase and see the carpet is cut
Click on the bottom left corner to reveal a safe
Turn right and take the candlestick
You can’t pick up the bottom scroll, but it says it is a periodic table of elements
Click the top right of the bookcase and see star = 1
Turn right, click the statue and see the blue ball in her eye -- take it
Turn right three times
Click the left side of the couch and see diamond = 7
In that same view, click behind the couch to get matches
Turn left 3 times and use key on grey door
Turn right and see computer
Click to the left of the computer and get the chisel
(If you click on the right side you will see a slot)
Use chisel on the candlestick to clean it of old wax
Put on new candle then light with matches
Add the paper from the desk to the candle flame to see the word SKY
Turn left and go into basement
Click on the panel and see the padlock
We know the code was: star, triangle, circle, square, diamond
So 19 x 47 = 893
Click lock and then open panel to get bag of seeds (click on bag in about item view to open it)
Go back upstairs to the large bookcase
Look up a periodic table to see the atomic numbers for S K Y
You get 16 19 39
Enter that into the floor safe
Back up once to see the safe handle and open it and get a wooden ball
In the about item view flip the wooden ball over to see the seam
Use the chisel on the wooden ball seam to open it
Click on the blue spot to get the other blue orb
Go to desk and leave the room
Place both the blue balls in the panel with the diamond
Click on the ladder to climb to the trap door in the ceiling
Click on it for the incomplete ending

Im sorry but I think there might be a lot more than that...we need the card, we need to feed the chick (I'm assuming), we need to open the top drawer and we need to get into the blue tube thingy...

       Anonymous  7/31/09, 12:11 PM  

You can also click on the right bottom of the water basin. In that view you can't fill the mug but there's a cursor. But maybe all this - unused things and so on - ist just meant as an irritation.

Right, I'm off, this is boring now. See you all later...

yes Estelle - if we can just figure out how to open the drawer - bet the card is in there

sorry kit...I was referring to the other ending...your walk through is very thorough though!!

@mumma3 it's ok :)

when you put the 2 orbs nest to the door a ladder comes out, take the gray key on the left and go bak to the desk, do not click on the exit

where to the left Leela??

thnx xenon(forgot before :) ) and leela!!
got system card now

up in the ladder, the left handle, small thing showing out

Alright, I've opened the Blue door (Add seeds and make sure water is on), but I have no idea what to do with the Gear/Knob and which way to turn it.

i cant see a grey key


Opened upper drawer and found keycard, inserted it in GSS machine then put seeds into machine, it says ok, then what ?

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