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The Freewill Cycle: Volume 1 Walkthrough

The Freewill Cycle: Volume 1

[REPLAY] Wyloch - The Freewill Cycle Volume 1: Redux Edition is another point and click room escape game developed by William Buchanan. In this escape game, you awake in an unknown room. You have to search around and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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New game! It's been a while since I've played let's see how it goes.



live game!

taking awhile to load

just starting. let's see if i can stay awake!

orion313 clue under the papers

typo, i meant orion313

that's code for computer on wall

I got A metal rod from room down the hall on the left. It is the far left leg on the counter

careful evry1 just died by going thru door into the "etherness", must restart;(

loading..I should be sleeping

Use the metal rod in room at the very end of hall. Put it in bottom of machine on the black circle. There is also a handle on the right side of the machine.

hi Michele
nice to see you in this live game and cute pugs i saw on your album.

nice graphics. Im so sleepy I can barely play

hi Shuchun, nice to see you too! glad you look at my pictures:)

@serran where exactly did u find the rod?

think I am going to wait to play tommrow, this looks like a nice one and I want to enjoy it. happy escapeing to all

got id card from floor grate in the hallway
nvm serran opened the door that lead to the hall-finally figured that out

Found the keycard in the grate in the corridor.

Hi Michele, up late?

Hi Shuchun, nice looking game.

found a lever that I can turn and it makes a noise, but not sure what it does???

Hey Martin!!!!
yeah! don't kno if i can last... I'm down in NYC and using my cousins computer cause mine "fried". I won't b able to play again for many days....:(

Hi martin
yep,nice 3D game and long time no see.

i manipulating stuff, but i have no idea what the h**l i'm doing or why!lol

I got a paperclip from the bottom drawer on the file cabinet in the first room you use the keycard with.

in office, green part of plant flashes and goes ding...gold thing on desk flashes three numbers- 23(red, 75(blue) and 9 (green), take paper clip of file in bottom drawer of filing cabinet

Use the paperclip in the room on the left at the end of the hall. Use it to pick lock on gray panel on the right to get some sort of wheel looking thing.

i can't stay awake so enjoy evry1 hope to catch u all in a few days when i fix my computer!
nite Shuchin & Martin!

nite, michele

I got a key from plant in keycard room. It is in the bottom. It's a gray thing on the right.

Where exactly to use iron rod?

Oh, Night Michele.

POP! got it!

Use the iron rod in the room at the very end of the hall. Just put it on the black dot on the machine.

The wheel looking thing goes in the room with the different color tube things. It goes on the little circle next to the device on the table

And use the bowl on machine, but when I press the red button I get only a flashing light and nothing happens.

Same thing here Henrique. I am stuck!

i got a red rod and put it onto the machine with the switch.....and now its combined with the black tube thing

where did you get the red rod?

33r, 49b, 2g for red rod

i kinda made it. i put in the red, blue and green amounts (from the keycard office computer) and put the glass underneath, pushed the red button.....and presto....red rod

What was the password for the keycard room computer?

oooh...a light-sabre thingie...red rod into grey handle on the machine where you can change the frequency.

martin....any idea where to use the light-saber thing we made?

@serran MAPLE


ok. used laser thing on wheel...got heated water...weird purple thing in room at the end of hall....drank it? lol

i mean---i gave the heated water to the purple pipe thing

how do you use the laser thing on the wheel?

Oops, should of read first and asked how you drank it...start over : (

Where are the glass and the bowl that you guys are talking about??

i just pointed the laser at the wheel and it made a few laser sounds, then what sounded like bubbling/steaming water

did you do anything with the glass after?

the glass is in the black cabinets in the room where you get the metal rod

i think i had the glass placed under the red button thing,
or after i shot the laser at the wheel---i may have put the glass to the wheel. cant remember. sorry :(

I put the glass under the red button thing after I put the numbers in from that gold thing in the keycard room, and that is how I got the water stuff

Thank you Serran! I tried getting into those, and couldn't. I have an unused key...but that didn't open them... Hmm...

i may have done it the same way as serran

a few things happened at once and i couldnt remember the order i did em in

how didyou find the amounds?? in the lamb they are different

The key you got from the plant should open two of them Escape.


Ok....after you give the water to the tube in the purple tank---you go back to the first room you started in, then go into the broken room and click the abyss.......and you're out.

Not really a spoiler.......just gets you finished with the game rather than wandering around trying to figure out what else to do.

That's it? It seemed like there was more to it

Thanks again, Serran. I'm a bit behind you guys. :P Took me MANY tries to get those open, but it finally worked. Seems it's pretty fussy. But I got the bowl. Thanks again!

so gonna try this one

mmm. still loading

okay I will start..

Help please! I can't put rod in black circle of maschine and I don't know, where to use key-card. It wan't go in door right of first room.

I can not put rod in hole and door on right will not take the card from grate,why?

My cursor is jumpy - it gets like that with some games. Anyone else experience that? Anything I can do?

I got the same problem Sable! you know what I did?

What did you do?

Alkmar, see you on another day. I'm going to sleep! At least I have a good game for tomorrow. :)

@sable before you go to sleep I tell you, it is nothing...I just quitte the game and going to try another time...
good night!

I have found the ID card but I can't use it on the door that is still locked !
I put the rod into the black circle thing, I have moved the lever on the side of the machine... What am I supposed to do, now ?

Thanks alkmar! I just died in the game so I have to restart anyway! :)

okay now you can sleep! bye see you!

Pascale, it's a bit picky about where you place things to use them. It will work on the door, just keep trying.

Thank you Martin. I still can't get it, however I try.

... the famous Power of Posting ! It finally worked...

Hmmm, maybe time to try a restart?

The grey key is supposed to open either the grey cabinet or the 3 black cabinets, aren't they ?
The game would be great if it was not a pixel hunt...

Is it the L4 card that I have to use on the door???

Yes, that's right Pascale. You pick the grey cabinet and can open a couple of doors on the black with a key. It didn't always open two for me but (thankfully) would always open the door required to advance in the game.

This pixel hunt is getting on my nerves... I finally opened the grey cabinet, I could open the leftmost black cabinet (nothing interesting in it), I can't even set the wheel where it is supposed to be...

The L4 card is the only card in the game Lotus.

Thanx Martin but I have tried it a hundred times om the door but it won't open.My rod doesn't want to stick in the hole either.Do you know why?

I have the same kind of problems as you, Lotus. I have got the red rod, but I still can't open the black cabinets.
I don't understand what is the point in making of this game a pixel hunt. It could have been a great game.

Lotus #77

Pascale, r/h cabinet for glass beaker.

Thank you Martin. I finally got the rightmost cabinet opened and could take the glass...

REALLY,i'VE TRIED IT ON EVERY PIXEL.I quit,see you all in the next game.

I put the glass under the red button machine, changed the value on each colour tank (33R 49B 2G), pressed the red button... and what happened ? nothing.

Please what can i do with red rod combined with tube?

I have the water, finally!!

I can't combine objects ! How do you get water ?

Put red rod in laser machine, with the tube that is there. For water: R23 B75 G9 (sorry for my english)

What machine is the laser machine ? The one with red button ?

Can anybody explain what we are supposed to do with the glass and the red rod ?!

the red rod to hold the wheel in the room where colored containers for water colors G9 B75 R23, place glass under red button and get the water ... the laser at 57 Hz must be made in the area where the wheel was in the cupboard

and there is still no end of the game when you're in space, is broken ... because it generally dies


I hope there aren't any mistakes but please correct if there are...

Zoom to paper on mable table. Move papers to reveal password for computer above.
Enter password on the computer. Get bold text clues in e-mails from J. Davies.
Get excited you were the winning bidder for a Barry Manilow plasmadisc and wonder if you should ask admin to see the spam mail (just kidding).
Open door and proceed to corridor.
Go forward.
Zoom into the floor level grate on the right and get L4 KEYCARD.
Back out and turn left. Use keycard on card panel. (it will work...promise)
Enter office.
Zoom into computer on the Maple desk. Enter code and get clues from the bold text.
Go back.
Zoom into Gold storage unit to the left, click on it and note colours/numbers.
Go back.
Zoom into top of plant.
Click on it to make a key fall.
Go back.
Zoom into base of plant for KEY.
Go back.
Go right.
Zoom into filing cabinet. Open bottom drawer. Get a file and get PAPER CLIP.
Go back. Go back. Turn right. Open door and enter corridor.
Turn left, go forward, forward, forward.
Turn left and enter door. Enter the Laser Assembler room.
Turn left and get Metal DESK LEG.
Zoom into grey box and use paper clip to get VALVE WHEEL.
Back out, turn right, turn right.
Zoom into black cabinets and use key on right door to get a GLASS BEAKER.
Go back, turn right and enter corridor.
Turn left and enter the Station Reactor room.
Turn right and put the desk leg into the reactor.
Zoom into right hand of the reactor and pull handle to energise.
Go back, turn right and enter corridor.
Go forward, go forward, go forward, turn left.
Enter the Plasma Sythesizer room.
Zoom into plasma canisters and enter the code water code for each colour.
Turn right, zoom into plasma sythesizer.
Place valve wheel onto right hand spigot and push the red button to get a RED ROD.
Go back to the corridor and goto the Laser Assembler room.
Click on the black/yellow panel to enter the correct frequency.
Go back and zoom into laser assembler table.
Click handle to place on table and attach the red rod. Click the left switch to get a HEATER.
Go to the plasma synthesizer room and enter the hot water codes into the plasma canisters.
Place glass beaker under the red button, use heater on the right hand brown water pipe (helps to have sound) and push the red button to get liquid TEMPORAL ARMOR.
Go to the Station Reactor room, zoom into radio active window and use the liquidon it. It will change colour and you will drink it.
Return to the first room and enter the 'Matter' room. Click on the matter and out.

my paper clip won't work :( and the metal rod as well! pixel hunting or what?

@Martin thanks for the walkthrough,without your help I will be there still late in the evening!

@terefetka, it is definitly an awful pixel hunt !
I'm giving up.

yeah, I'm done here as well... I've been clicking with that clip and rod like mad and nothing happened :/

terefetka, you have the clip on the lock held? an idea to the right of the castle, it is easier and crew to pull black hole

Goodmorning...Anyone on? Is everyones chat box on the right down? All I get is faces?

       Anonymous  7/1/09, 5:46 AM  

the ID card does not work...been trying for ages. Is there a trick to it?

Sylli I'm still trying to understand what you wanted to tell me :D and I've tried everything, every place on the lock - it just doesn't work :( should I bend the clip first somehow?

ok, got it :D
if someone has any problem with the hot spots, there's a bug in the game that you could use. for example with the laser: you grab it with the cursor, hold it somewhere near the gray thingy on the tray and press TAB until you get the laser in a yellow square - then just press SPACE and you've got it :D

help, I put each color code (G9,B75,R23) and (G49,B2,R33) and put (or not) the drinkwater under red button, and I get nothing.
No red rod, no water.
where is the bowl? i have only found a drinkware on black cabinet.

       Anonymous  7/1/09, 6:45 PM  

When trying to get key from plant be sure to zoom in on leaves first and click it to where it lights. Then look down at base and key will be there. Took me forever to figure that out.

What is the code for the Maple Desk? I can't figure it out with the hints from above : (

       Anonymous  7/1/09, 8:47 PM  

There is a bug in this game, when I got to where you get the red rod it popped up and I thought i had to grab it, but i ended up hitting the down arrow and it was gone, no red rod in my inventory or anywhere on the screen. Very annoying as I had gotten to that point all on my own and had to come here to see if I had to restart (and looks like I do, sigh).

the code is Maple ...hehehehe

Thanks Martin & backtomyst :D I was looking at the other e-mails with bolded words...didn't think to check ALL emails for bolded words! lol

space bar tab heater? can't figure out how to work it

heater still won't work on bar i give up gotta go to work

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 11:57 PM  

I loved this Game!

I am unable to find filing cabinet I have the key the walkthrough says to zoom in on tree to get key I found I could get key from tree without any need for zoom.It says to go back and turn right I am unable to go back and when I turn right I'm at the door? HELP

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 2:09 AM  

caught the 2nd episode from the random section & decided to play the 1st one, as I liked it very much

thx for creating this game, William ☺

& thx Martin for the WT (I know, long gone, but it's the sent energy that counts ☻)

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 4:35 AM  

the pw for Ritner's office is in administration, in a computer file
(there are 2 bold words, 1 is for location of the hidden keycard)

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 4:48 AM  

metal rod is in room experimental plasmas under the table with glowing stuff (use tool on screw)

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 4:58 AM  

metal rod is placed in non-zoomed view instead of the black pipe (left side of the other 2)

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 5:00 AM  

btw, wanted to rely on the WT, but it's a bit confusing, e.g. didn't find handle right of reactor yet - also didn't find a file cabinet with drawers yet...

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 5:13 AM  

ok, went to jayisgames to see the WT there - it seems that the game has been changed...!

click repeatedly on sculpture on Ritner's desk as per hint in the «memory alloys» email in Ritner's computer

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 5:15 AM  

I unlocked the lockers in administration room & got wheel for plasma room & an instrument used to turn circle after placing metal rod

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 5:26 AM  

core stability


epsilon = 24 (helicity)

x = base = 10
+3y - y=6
-2z - z=2

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 5:30 AM  

green liquid for glass

SPOILER as per email «test case 55»


       Anonymous  4/14/18, 5:32 AM  

from gold sculpture

don't place nothing in machine



get red cylinder

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 5:41 AM  

in laser lab

- place red cylinder behind striped door
- configure (note from file on a corner table in Ritner's room - 27Hz i.e. -4Hz filter, so set configuration on 31Hz)
- place glass with green liquid in other machine & turn knob to get purple liquid
- use syringe on it (from unlocked box in laser lab), you will get automatically an injection :-o

       Anonymous  4/14/18, 5:44 AM  

in reactor room, let also the radioactivity change your state

then go back to administration & enter zeta wing

Can't find the file cabinet that many people talked about

don´t like the graphics - feels like i´m running around in a dark maze w/o a map. not my cup of tea!

Castlerock, the game has been revamped since the 2009 release. A lot of the earlier clues don't apply anymore. The cabinet no longer exists, and the key from the plant can be used in it's place.

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