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Obama Potter and the Magic Coin Walkthrough

Obama Potter and the Magic Coin

Obama Potter and the Magic Coin aka Obama Potter y la Moneda Mágica is a new point and click type adventure game by inkagames. Voldemord has stolen the coin and has cast the "Crisiatus curse" on it to ruin Muggle World's wellbeing. Face up to Voldemord and recover the magic coin. Good luck and have fun!

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Obama Potter And The Magic Coin Video Walkthrough
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Lets play!

Michael gets you past the portrait..

wand under pillow

Darn! I have to continue later, have to pick up kids, good luck all.

Nice i love these series

how do u get shield down from the wall?

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:00 PM  

Use the broomstick

apart from potion what do u use feather on ?

got it with with

Got tweezers, skull, vessel, Felix Felicis, strange substance, feather with ink, ladle, cloak,nimbus, heavy ball, paper, magic wand, ink pot, hammer and 4 books.
Can´t pass the knight.

got a feather with ink. don't know what to use it on though...

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:19 PM  

use broom to get knights gold shield/emblem in the room. give to knight and he will move.

how do you open the chest?

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:21 PM  

use the spell to "revellio" on blank paper to reveal. then use the ink on the feather on the paper.

use ink on papper on top of chest in harry s

ok..and where is the blank paper?

@daisysos4 What paper?

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:23 PM  

i think i found it in the room with the chest

what to do with chocolate before I give it to rat boy

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:24 PM  

where is the cholcolate?

Nvm found it!!

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:26 PM  

paper is on dresser

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:26 PM  

@Fey...where's the chocolate please

chocolate is in top drawer of dresser, where are the tweezers?

how do you put ink on it

use potion on chocolate

can't get ink on paper either

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:29 PM  

the top of my dresser is bare...no chocholate

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:29 PM  

you have to dip the feather in the ink first

daisysos4, chocolate is in top drawer after putting skull in bottoms drawer

I did dip the feather in the ink, paper is blank

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:32 PM  

I put the skull in the second drawer but first drawer only says theres a "smiley frog" in there now!!!

mine says chocolate frog

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:33 PM  

dogwood, did you use the spell on the paper first...the one to reveal??? have to do that before you use the ink.

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:34 PM  

@dogwood....I'll trade you my smiley frog for your chocolate dog?? : )

how do u cast spell on guy in blue when he just kills me right away

oh, that did it, thanks, don't know what to do with it now, tho

Where did you find the unicorn´s tail hair?

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:35 PM  

Anyone know how to get past the troll?

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:36 PM  

Fey you need the magic cloak that makes you invisible..it's in the chest i think

please help me open the chest

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:37 PM  

okay guys...anyone need help...i can't find the chocolate so i'm just sitting here stuck : (

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:38 PM  

Relashio spell should open chest i think

@cowcatkitty Use a spell on the ball causing the troll to get knocked out.

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:39 PM  

@cow...you need to "reveal" the paper then use the feather with ink on it and give it to troll

wonderful, thanks. now how do I get things out of the dersser. I don't see anything

put the skull in bottom drawer, close it and open the top one. When it says there´s a smiley frog, click again and grab it.

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:41 PM  

daisy, it says 'smiley frog' in the game, but once you pick it up and it's in your inventory, it is then labeled 'chocolate frog'

no I'm in the cave now and don't
have cloak anymore I wish I did

Any help on finding unicorn hair?

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:41 PM  

Ohh okay thaanks

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:42 PM  

Henrique...you rock...it finally worked. thank you!

where to find the finger?

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:42 PM  

if you guys read the books you pick up in the fat lady portrait scene, a lot of your questions will become easier to solve

where are the tweezers

smash the jar with hammer

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:43 PM  

The finger is in a jar in the room with the cauldron

Yay! Out.

tweezers? do I need them to get the unicorn hair?

This comment has been removed by the author.

i cant find the jar at all

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:47 PM  

Anyone in the scene with the blue guy?

ok so I so suck cant move red skeletons or cast spell I just keep dieing

MmmSlash help me to find unicorn hair pls

how did u kill him Mmm Slash

unicorn hair is in room behind armor

how do you get past the elf

how to go to the port>?

give elf the paper

are we supposed to get the water bucket down? and are we supposed to do something with the skull/candle?

Obama signs paper and then gives to elf, then he commands elf to leave

found it

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:54 PM  

Oh someone replied me and I didn't see.

did anyone drink the felix?

can't get the water

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 8:57 PM  

Drink the felix before going into the voldermord scene.

how to lit up the fire?

use the nimbus to get the water

I don't think you can light the fire until all the stuff is in the pot

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm trying, but nothing happens

The book says to light the fire b4 put ingredients.
I´m trying to put them in but it says I didn´t read the book.

how to get in door behing knight

they say my spell is too weak.what to do now?

Got it

give the knight the lion head

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 9:04 PM  

you put the water in first...then light the fire...then put in the rest of the ingredients in a certain order. It's in the Magic Potions book you picked up from Fat Lady scene.


the bucket is too high, why isn't he taller!

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 9:07 PM  

dogwood, if I remember correctly, the correct spell to get the water down is "descendo"

they say my spell is too weak.
what to do now?
could someone tell me?????????

how do i get the unicorn hair

it sounds like your missing something in the spell

use the tweezers, finally got the spell, I could swear I tried the magic wand before, oh well, now what to do

i put the skull in the bottom drawer. the top drawer is empty and i can't open the botton drawer

really?? whaat did i miss??

where are the tweezers

The tweezers are in the room with the cauldron, next to the skull with the candle in it.

Finally out!!

what did i miss?? can tell me?? is anyone here?????

I'm stuck with the troll

how can I help?

To skip the troll use the wand on heavy ball

i need to know how to defeat the 'voldemold'

       Anonymous  7/24/09, 9:21 PM  

@innocent: if you read the black book, it says that you have to move the skeleton away

Use wand on red skeleton
Use wand in voldemort
Use wand in voldemort´s wand on floor

i'm in the room wit the mouse. gave frog and now it's a guy.. now what

Talk to him to get a key

where is red skellton

thx perscriptrix

In last scene. Valdemord´s scene

i talk and he says he's loyal to someone but no key

finally, got it and out!

anybody need help with last scene?

yes i keep dying

Have you used the magic potion on frog?

levitate red skeleton, take away wand, burn wand - all 3 spells are in the book, took me awhile, you have to move pretty fast

give potion coated frog to rat boy, he gives you key, which looks like a trophy

In the room before voldemort, the skeleton on the wall has a corkscrew. Open the felix with it, drink it, then voldemort misses the spell. You have 20 seconds to levitate the red skeleton, expelliarmus on his wand, and burn the wand.

yay for Obama games!

where is frog?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  7/25/09, 2:34 AM  

cant find the finger, i think it disappeared!

       Anonymous  7/25/09, 3:15 AM  

Where is the skull please???

       Anonymous  7/25/09, 3:29 AM  


The frog is in the upper drawer that you get, when you place the skull in the lower one.


THe skull is in the laboratory.

       Anonymous  7/25/09, 3:30 AM  


You have the finger in your inventory when you break the glass where it is inside with the hammer

       Anonymous  7/25/09, 3:33 AM  

Thx, Estelle, but unfortunately that doesn't help. I'm completely stuck. Was in the room with mirror and unicorn and in Harry's room. Gave shield to the knight, password to the fat lady and dy when I pass on to the man with the cat. Seem to have tried everything everywhere ... *sigh*

I am stuck too, i gave the frog to the guy and he gave me something, but where shall i go now ?
Where are the scelettons ?

       Anonymous  7/25/09, 3:55 AM  


You have to hide under the invisible cloak (the blue one you find in Harry's room) when you pass the man with the cat (who's name is Finch, the housekeeper).


Click on the portkey he gave you, then you will be transported to the cave where you have to fight against Voldemort.

Pop found it out.

Nonethelesse thank you estelle :))

And out :))

Where is the feather, please ? In the pillow ? How do you get it ?

sorry guys, i have stupid question :) how can I get the feather?? :)

aaaaa... it's making me angry... can't do anything with this pillow :|

       Anonymous  7/25/09, 5:46 AM  

If I remember correctly, you have to use your wand with "wingardium leviosa" (i can be wrong)

Still no feather... I can't use the wand on the pillow.

I'm with you, AreS, totally stuck.


* Act 1 - Getting Started *

Recent Location: [The First Room]

1. Click Right-Arrow To Go Right

2. Once Again, Go Right!

3. And For The Last Time, Go Right Again Until You Are Where The Portrait of A Fat Lady is

4. She Won't Let You In, Because You Can't The Password! If you talk to the Ghost-Man on the previous Room, he'll tell you that she writes the password on the wall near her! If you look under the Right-Torch, you'll see something black. Click it, and the password will be revealed.

5. Once you've found the password, talk with her again and answer: Michael. Take the Books on The Shelf & Enter the Room!

* Act 2 - Learning Magic *

Recent Location: [Harry's Room]

1. Move The Pillow & Take The Magic Wand! Also, Take the Hammer Under The Bed

2. Take The Ink & The Piece Of Paper on The Table!

3. If You Read The Blue Book, you'll Find A List With Spells! It's very useful, but in this walkthrough I'll just tell you what to choose when the Spell List Pops-Up. I'll write the tems name and then the spell (with Square Brackets) You have to choose: Item - [Spell]! Use Wand On, Heavy Ball - [Accio]. And Also Use Wand On, BroomStick Nimbus 2009 - [Accio]!

4. Use Broomstick On Lion Plaque, The Golden Lion Face On Top Of Wall!

5. Use Wand On, Chest - [Relashio]. Open the Chest & Take The Cloak!

6. Leave The Room!

* Act 3 - Gathering Ingredients *

Recent Location: [Hall - Fat Lady Portrait]

1. Use Cloak and Go Once Right. The reason Why you Have To Use Cloak is because you are not allowed to wander the hallways! Try it yourself without the cloak ;)

2. Go inside the room with the opened door! Once inside, take off the cloak!

3. You'll see a piece of something silver on the floor, right to the table where the Skull-Candle is. It's Tweezers. Take it! Also take "The Ladle", "Vessel With Finger Within", "Little Blue Bottle" & "Feather". Don't Know If "The Strange Substance" is necessary to take. It won't help you in the future, so eiter leave it or take it!

4. Time for Some Magic! Use Wand On, Bucket - [Discendio] & Yellow Skull - [Accio]. Once You're Done With The Magic, Take the Items!

5. Leave The Room!

Next Comment - Next Part


Walkthrough - Part 2:

* Act 5 - The Potion Of Truth *

Recent Location: [Hallway - Guard + Cat]

1. Go Back To The Hallway where the Knight is. And Remember to Use The Cloak When Passing The Guard And His Cat!

2. Once You're There, Use The Golden Lion Head On The Knight's Shield To Put It There! He'll Move Himself. Use Wand On, Door - [Alohomora] & Enter The Room!

3. Use Wand On, Mirror - [Reparo] & Look At The Mirror. Obama Potter will see a Unicorn, Something He Dreamt Of When He Was Young. Use The Tweezer on the Unicorn's Tail to get a piece of it!

4. Go All The Way Back To The Room With The Cauldron. Remeber to use The Cloak When Passing Guard And His Cat! The Room Is In The Same Hallway the Guard And The Cat is, this is a hint for those who don't remember!

5. Once You're There, Pour The Water From The Bucket In The Cauldron. Then Use Wand On, FireWood (It's Under The Cauldron) - [Lacarnum Inflammare] to Light Up The Firewood!

6. Throw The Feather Into The Mix. Then, Use The Hammer on Vessel With The Finger Withing, To Seperate The Finger From The Glass. Throw The Finger Into The Cauldron! And At Last, The Unicorn Hair. If The Smoke Smiles Happily, You've Done it Correctly!

7. Use The Ladle In The Mix, To Get A Bit Of The Potion!

8. Exit The Room!

* Act 6 - Double Trickery *

Recent Location: [OutSide The Room Where The Knight Guarded The Door]

1. Go To Harry's Room & Open The Lower Drawer. Put The Yellow Skullhead Inside it and close it. Then, open the Upper Drawer to get a Chocolate Frog! Use The Ladle With The Potion On The Chocolate To Make The Eater Reveal Everything He Knows!

2. Go Twice Right Until You're In A Hallway with An Elf! And Remember To Use Cloak When Passing The Guard And His Cat. There is An Elf There, We Have To Trick Him, Mohaha! Use Wand On, "The Piece Of Paper" - [Revelum], some text wil appear! Drag The Feather On The Ink to get a Write-able item! Use Feather With Ink On The Piece Of Paper! The Note Says That The Elf's New Master Is, Obama Potter!

3. Click on The Piece Of Paper, and Select: "Deliver"! Then, click on the Elf and Star Talking With Him! When Done, Click On Him & Talk Again! An Option List Appears With Your Respond, Choose: "I Order You To Let Me Through!". He'll Disappear.

4. Use Wand On, Door - [Alohomora]. Once That is Done, Enter The Room!

5. Use Wand On, Mouse - [Animagum Revelum] to Reveal A Person! He knows Volemords' Location, But He Won't Tell anything about it. In order to force him to tell us the location, we have to give him The Chocolate Frog with The Potion! Once he eats it, he'll answer anything!

6. Make Him Tell You Voldemords Location & How To Get There. Once you ask him How To Get There, He'll Give you A PortKey!

7. Once You Have The PortKey In Your Inventory, Click on It To Teleport To Voldemords HQ!

Next Comment - Next Part


Walkthrough - Part 3:

* Act 7 - Obama Power *

Recent Location: [Voldemords HeadQuarters]

1. Use Wand On, Heavy Ball - [Wingardium Leviossa] to Smash The Big Troll Down! Proceed To The Next Battle!

2. Get Ready! Don't Move or You'll Die! Use Wand On, Demmentor - [Expecto Patronum] To Slash Him Into Pieces.

3. Take The CorkScrew From The Skeleton's Arm, The One That Is Attached To The Wall!

4. Use CorkScrew On "Little Blue Bottle" To Open It. Click On It And Choose, "Drink"!

5. Prepare For An Extreme Battle, You Have To Know What Spells You Have To Choose! Proceed To The Next Battle!

* Act 8 - Final Battle / The Battle Of Death *

Recent Location: [Battle With Voldemord]

- If you read the "Spell" & "The Dark Forces" Book, You'll Find Out Yourself How To Defeat Him!

1. When The Timer Stars Running, Use Wand On, Red Skeleton - [Wingardium Leviossa]!

2. Once The Red Skeleton Is Removed From The Arena, Use Wand On, Voldemord - [Expelliarmmus] To Make His Lose Control!

3. When He's Down On The Ground, Use Wand On, Voldemord's Wand - [Lacarnum Inflammarae] To Burn His Wand!

4. Congratulations! You Just Defeated Voldemord And Recovered The Magic Coin!

Please Keep In Mind That I Used Alot Of Time Writing This Walkthrough, So Please Tell Me If It Is Helpfu or Not :D


Hi Pascale,

the feather is in the next right room. You have to wear the blue cloak to get in.

Thank you Romy. Prid, your walkthrough is helpful.
Anyway, I have a problem with the drawer in Harry's room. I have put the skull in the lower drawer, I still can open the upper drawer, but I can't take anything from it.

Maybe you have to move your character so that you see the chocolate frog?


The frog-chocolate appeared in my inventory... magically lol !

       Anonymous  7/25/09, 7:46 AM  

can't get the feather into the Cauldron

Good To Hear :D


"Can't Get The Feather Into The Cauldron": You Have To Do It In Order. It's in the 3rd Book, if you read it!

1. Pour The Water From The Bucket Into The Cauldron

2. Use Fire Spell [Inflammarae something] On The FireWood Under The Cauldron

3. Put The Feather Into The Mix

4. Put The Finger Into The Mix

5. Put The Pony's Tail-Hair Into The Mix - if you did it right, a smiling smoke-face will appear!

6. Take The Ladle and get some of the potion!

Hope it helped :D


Game Makers... I Love these games. Thank you for making them and look forward to the next one.

Great walkthrough Prid :-))

Prid, walkthrough excellent. Thanks:)

       Anonymous  7/25/09, 12:18 PM  

It won't let me put the feather in the cauldren..
I already put the water in and lit it..

Thanks Everyone, I really appriciate it :D

@ picklebuddy7: I don't know what prevents you from putting the feather into the cauldron, but try refreshing the page :D


lthanks for the walkthrough Prid.

@picklebuddy7, You have to use the feather on the ink and the paper before you can put it into the cauldron.

Ifinished the game.And that was so easy

       Anonymous  7/26/09, 3:36 PM  

i also finashed and i also thought it was easy

       Anonymous  7/27/09, 3:00 AM  

i tried using the cbox but it said i was banned??
so if anyone could tell me why i'd really like to know. :/

i could give you all the walk through but i cba

       Anonymous  7/30/09, 7:56 PM  

don't know if anyone already posted but there is an english version too.


Thanks for the the guiad it helped me a lot :)

how to get past the portrait?

what is concution

how do you get the potion? and what do you do with the chocolate frog?

how do you take the potion and what do you do with the chocolate frog?

how can i put the feather?

how can i put the feather?

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