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The Tower of Eternity 9F Walkthrough

The Tower of Eternity 9F

The Tower of Eternity 9 F is the sequel to The Tower of Eternity 1F point and click type escape the room game by InfuoWEB. In this game, you are trapped in a room and you have to search around to find some clues and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Another one? Yay!

thanks shuchun,for again a new game!

Hey everyone!

Found triangles, a two.. but what I need are keys!

Ah. Got red and yellow key.

All I have is a magnifying glass

@mia where did you find the yellow key?

Oh I don't have that. Where is it?

I used the red one,and now the room is red

Alkmar... When you have red key, you can find yellow key on the table.

it is on the top shelf of the bookcase, just move the paper. where did you get the keys?

@thanks mia, and I think I found the magniyfing glass at the cupboard

Red key is under the place where you have to put the keys in.

Ah, thanks!

Found small letters on the boxes, when the place is yellow. It says: next=? and there's the number 1. So red is 2, and yellow is 1?

no problem.have fun,all. still trying to find the third ending of dora's game.

When you use the yellow key, you can type in a password on one of the boxes on the shelves.

@shuchun,thanks! and good luck with dora

mia,what boxes did you mean,in the cupboard or at the last picture.where also showed 3 triangles up and the 2?

Can't find bloody green or blue key.

I meant the boxes in the cuboard, the right one.

saw the box with the password

I also find two cirkles when I use the yellow key and click on the left box in the pyramid, in the row of 3.

mm still can't find it

oh, work is calling,good luck and hope I'll be back soon

Thanks, I'm gonna walk the dog! Bye!

Oh no, that leaves me all alone, and I suck at these tower games.

I'm back serran...

I am stuck! where to find the code for the box?

BTW .. hello everybody :-)

Hello ZA.

Well maybe it has something to do with the three triangles, 2 circles, the yellow 1, and the 2 on the wall... but how?

Oh thank goodness you're back. I went back to that star game to see about the other endings.
Hi there ZA

there were only shapes and numbers for the white and yellow hmmmm

so 1 is yellow, 2 is white and 4 is red... cant find the other keys

Good question. The triangels are white/ greyish ... there is no key in this color.

"next=?" means "next floor=?" :)

Yes. And the "next=?" that you can see with the magnifying glas.. frustrating!!

Hi serran :-)

You can zoom in on the magnifying glass but I don´t know why...

Ah.. so I guess it's something with 1, 2, 4 and 10 Xenon?

what do you mean Hillda?

Ooooh next floor. I now have a green 3 and an "x" on the boxes

The next floor is "10f".

If you choose about item and click the magnifying glass you can zoom in on the handle...I think when we get another key we would see something there...sorry for my english :-(

Serran! Green 3 and x??? Did you find the green key?

Now we need a number code for the other box on the bookshelf

@xenon... haha what a password. thnx!

Ah, got it!!

yup it is in the box. xenon gave us the hint, the code was 10f

code with 9 digits... perhaps 3 x ??

Yes I was right....code on the magnifying glass when the room is green...

i see 123425 on the magnifying glass with green light

Thanks for the magnifying glass hint Hillda. That is where you get the code for the second box

Good job Kay!

so that goes in teh green light box...

I'm with you guys... now what :)

key x 4... hmm?

Now what on earth does that clue mean?

Thx! Hillda & key

the "x" appears in the table pyramid with green light, the "4" appears in the shelf with red light... not sure how that plays in lol :(

So we have all of these colors, numbers, and shapes, but how do we put a code into the last box if we do find out what it is?

I"ve found an IC card!!!


ZA where?

I can't remember how I did it ... I did something with the yellow and key card and the button ... sorry!!

What is important that the room has to become grey. Then you'll find a IC card in the dustbin.

Wow! room turns grey.

Serran, what last box did you mean? I dont know where to put in a code now.

Put the green key in the slot and then the red key ... room turns into grey.

How do you turn the room grey?

Xenon, how did you do it?

Ahn... How did you turn the room grey, people? Please?

wow,you all got much further,thanks for the tips

hi feline,good to se you

which slot, ZA

ZA, that's not working for me...

Alkmar, are you gaming at work :D?

First yellow key. Hit white button. then the green and red key.

yes, @xenon how did you turn the room grey?

@alkmar, hi! I thought you had gone to work. :) Good to see you're back!

My hair will turn grey before the room does...

Oh MIA I meant the box on top of the pyramid. It looks like it will need a code.
I still can't get this grey stuff

thanks @za, gonna try that


Follow the collor numbers. first yellow key than pusch button for white than green key and than red key

@feline,I work at home,customers are gone,have a little time again

Omg! Dark End:(
white number=2,red number=4,yellow number=1,green number=3. so you turn the room yellow,white,green,red.
then room will turn grey.

Oh now ... another code. Put the IC card in the box on top of the pyramid.

Thanks for all the tips

ZA, thanks!

People, to turn room grey, follow ZA's instruction: put yellow key, hit white button, then put the green and red keys without hitting the button.

@mia,lol,now i see your question. yes gaming and working

use ic card on top box of pyramid

Oh ok thanks ZA post #78 did it for me. Now we need a 4 digit code.

You're welcome Feline :-)

@alkmar, lol, good for you.
I have to go to work in half an hour and the rain is flying horizontally here!

Lotus, you're a genius! Thanks for clarifying that order for us!

Look in the bookshelf for hint

Got the blue key !!!!

triangle, cross, circle, square...
is that the combi for last code?

see top right cupboard

Xenon, lol! You explained the order too! Good! Better more explanations than less!

code ... uhm .... again ... 03?2 ... I was trying and then it happened ... so I don't remember the third number. Just try from 1 to 9

2314 doesnt work... hmm.

Got it too!

Try all the keys around the room, you see 3 triangles, 2 circles, 1 cross and 2 squares, I believe.


Has anyone found the squares? If so, where, please?


       Anonymous  7/7/09, 1:44 AM  

It´s 2413 times 4 (9652) than push ok a certain amount of times to get the blue key

code is 3122 (3x triaq 1x cross 2x circ and 2x squa)

It was three triangels...two circles...one cross and two squares

well the bookshelf has a clue for the code

Haven't found them, just trial and error(story of my life lol)

yellow is zero, white is three, green I can't remember and red is 2

got blue key and dark end.

3122 give's you a dark end

Ooops I'm kinda late with that

I am out anywayzzzz :-)

Thanks for playing everybody, I'm going to work!

With every color you could find the hint in the pyramid...

mia,happy raining holland?

Oh, POP! I forgot to look on the shelves. Feeling ashamed here... But I got the dark end... :(

uur geleden hozen in den Haag

She's putting on her wetsuit Alkmar ;-)

haha dark end with grey, white and yellow lights on.

Does anyboddy know how to get the good end?

@lotus, did you have that problem also last sunday?
we were swimming here!

There is only a dark end .... as dark as the clouds above my head. Rain is coming!

Yes.. it's definately raining ;)
Lol@ ZA!

@ za, that is a good idea.lol

Did anyone get out with a "bright" end?

No,sunday beach day,haha. No rain here

@ mia, enjoy your work,and you know...if holliday starts in holland,rain started to!

@lotus, really?
I think I live at the wrong part

@ Feline did you have the bright end?
how where and why??

@alkmar, you over estimate me, friend! I had only the dark end. I was just in the hope someone was much smarter than I and figured out the bright end. :)

Have to work.
Bye everyboddy

I'm freezing here trying to shed some light on the end of the game... Lol!

Put some clothes on Feline ;-)

Oh, I tried the password that Full posted (9652, post #108) and got a different blue key, but using it led me to the dark end too!

ZA, lol! I have them on, but living in city on the hills doesn't help much! The wind sifts through every possible tiny hole! And I must keep the window half open to allow passage for my cats... Brrr!

Oh, by the way, the number (2413) from the password from Full is the number of the keys in the order we find them.

@feline,I really thaught you got the bright end!
can't you give your cats a key?
i think they are the sme smart like you!
my "street"cat gives a hi to all of your lovely cats

Did that make sense?

Am I alone here? In the cold darkness?...

@lol feline I also tried the 9652, but...nope
we need smarter people overhere

no ,feline...I am also in the cold dark space.

@alkmar, lol! Phew! My all-street-cats say hi to yours!

Okay, I'll give the message to him! or she? I don't know,and he/she won't allow me to check that

I think we were left alone to figure out the bright end. If there is one... Wooo...

Thanks Alkmar for your 'bright' remark !!! ;-)

@ za, did you figured out another end?

Nope Alkmar ... I really think there is no *bright* ending ... I've also tried 9256 but it was the same ending.

Alkmar, lol! My "street cats" are actually home cats with no breed, you know? If you can caress your street cat, try passing your hand on its back (not behind it, but on it - on the back). It will raise its tail and then you can take a look.

ZA, it would be 9652, then you can have a different blue key (that leads to a dark end, though).

@feline, do i need the magnifying glass for that?To look behind him under the tail?

Input 9652 and press the OK button till the box opens.

I have had a different blue key with the code 9256 ( I am no kiddin'). I am going to try some other codes ... later!

@alkmar, LMAO! No, just pass your hand on its back, specially near the tail, then the cat will raise the tail and you can look. If it is a male, you'll notice the two protuberances!

ZA, the blue key from 9652 IS different from the one from 3122.

I know Feline .... did you try my code?

Oh well ... I have enough of searching ... seee you all next time! Bye

After you got the blue key with the code 3122, click the right side. There is a clue for the "to be continued..." end :)

Hmmm... I've just noticed that any password you input that is not 3122 gives you the same answer, making you press the OK button several times (after the 10th, the box opens).

Maybe we need to use that while typing the code? Maybe pressing OK 9 times (because its floor 9), then changing the password and pressing OK again?
I'm wondering because the blue key from the simple code 3122 also gives us the dark end, so we are missing something, right?

Xenon, lol! Let's replay to see it! Tanks!

Xenon, our saviour! Thanks!!! At last, the "bright" end!!!
I was surrendering myself to my German side, complicating things! Lol!

ZA, I tried your code and noticed what I wrote on post #162, but Xenon has saved us from certain doom! Again...

Still here :-) ... How did you get the *bright* end?

congrats! feline :)

Xenon, I meant "thanks", not "tanks", on post #163, of course! I want peace, not war, lol! Thanks again!

ZA, get the blue key with code 3122, then check the right side of the box (in it). It's a pretty straigh-forward clue, I promise!

@ xenon,thanks very much!!!you"saved"our lives!
@feline,i think the cold is over now!

@feline...I know how a male looks like!LOL

@alkmar, lol! I wish... It is really cold here. (Maybe not as cold as you may be used to, but for me, it is cold).

Hurray, I see a red picture ... what to do next? I am blonde ... I know ;-)

@alkmar, so try passing your hand on the cat's back to make it raise its tail (they usually do it when you pass your hand on their back).

@za, I think we are all blond! I am!

ZA, use your blue key on the door after making the room the colour from the picture. :)

No cat talking !!! This is no cat chitty chat chat !!! LOL. Give me the answer ... pleazzze

Oh, Im a brunette, but maybe I was born with severe blondness disease? Lol!

Hahahah alkmar ... glad to hear :-)
Yessss, finally .. .OUT !!!

ZA, there is the answer! So this is no cat chat? Lol! :D

Feline, you are just *blond by heart* ;-))

ZA, congratulations!

@alkmar, what about you? Did you get the "bright" end already?

Blond by heart! Lol! It's not even 07:00h here, and I am rolling on the floor already! Lol!

@feline,didn't you sleep again? or did you wake up early?
@Za yes a found the bright end! thanks for asking,so we all escaped the darkness.phew!
well se you both at a new game.bye!

It is always nice to make someone laugh ... this is good for my karma right now! Another two extra lifes.. LOL

@felin, sorry,hahaha, now I see YOU asked if I have the bright end! yes I have!!

Bye alkmar ... cu next time :-)

@alkmar, well, my modem got tricky and disconnected me, but no problem about mixing up people! I think we all understand. (Brains get exhausted after several bangs on the wall...)
No sleeping for me today (or yesterday) yet! Glad I could catch a live game!

I don't find the green key.

... no help ?...

Pascale the green key is in the lower box on the shelf
you can only open it in yellow light and the clue for the password is next=? (look at comment #36 if you need more help

Thank you, Bryan. Anyway, I don't guess this password, what does "next=?" mean ?

I have found in another comment that the answer was 10f.

       Anonymous  7/7/09, 7:10 AM  

The tower of eternity 9f ( "next" would be 10f )

Hello? anybody there?

wow this one was tricky, i feel proud i deciphered most of the clues myself but i wasnt able to get the good end without xenons clue to look on the side of the blue key drawer.

also didnt notice the code on the magnifier until i read about it here, cant believe i missed that! that was the 1st place i got stuck with this one.

after 5 and 6f were so easy that i didnt need any help and beat them in just a few mins, 7-9f are sure a lot harder once again.

working link:


       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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