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August 4, 2009

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Amnesia 2 Walkthrough

Amnesia 2

Amnesia 2 is second episode of Amnesia 1 challenging point and click type room escape game from Doctor Fou. Again you are locked in a room and you need to escape there by searching, finding and using items with clues. Look everywhere carefully and use items at right places to escape. Good luck and have fun! [Created and Subbed by Fou]

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Amnesia 2 Walkthrough


wow, check in and first thing a brand new game!

I've never played a live game!

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 12:45 PM  


woohoo!!new game at 1 am lol
lets play :)

Yeah... I'm apparently useless in this one...

lol, notty. look out, i start a new one this morning at almost 2 and stayed up til 4 am. it's only 15:45 here now
and welcome to your first game thatjust... first timers are in charge of solving it, you know!

lol zoz... if that's the case you guys are in for a looooooooooooooooong game!

so far i've just found one clue: L84, and can't pick anything up or enter the other room, pffft

lol i spoke too early..i cant find a thing

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 12:51 PM  

OK, the only thing I can do, is move the yellow jacket from the hook to the desk and back...I put "Why?" in the computer and got no response, lol


I found a ripped piece of paper that could be a 39 or an 89... not sure... I tried to put both numbers in all of the books but it told me there was nothing useful.

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 12:52 PM  

Have tried several page numbers, with no luck...anybody find anything?

yeah, who are they to tell us there's nothing useful? We're trained professionals, lol

found a crowbar a utility knife a photo and the ripped piece of paper...and sooo stuck now

found Knife, used on green chair, have card now for door

Crowbar to the left of the chair.

where are you finding these things??
on moving jacket..a key fell under the shelf..need something long to get it

in second room now

so far:
use crowbar on chest, get knife
use knife on green chair, get card
use card on left side of door, and enter second room

also found a piece of paper near trash in first room, with nr..39

found in second room:
a magnificus glass
a book page 149, with a note on it

I can't even figure out how to use things from inventory. haven't found anything and can't move jacket. Notty wer'e being blown out of the water here!

the page from second room, belongs to the green book in first room, there is page 149 missing ;)

ok, beginning to get this...

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 1:02 PM  

Ohhhhh, finally found piece of only thing I can do left of green chair is open empty with the crowbar please?

zoz, if you need the items, they will be used by itselfs, some items you can click on to see them better, like the knife, you have to pull out the knife first in inventory

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 1:03 PM  

Got it, wooooooooooohoooooooo.

i cant even find the crowbar....just got the note that too thnx to carola
im dense tonight...cant think right lol

Hi all. Is there an alternate link? Can't open.

Can't find the crowbar ...

notty back up from the chair next to where the chest is, then click around on the left side

notty, at the places where you can do something, your cursor shows a hand instead of an arrow ;)

Stuck at the safe in 2nd room

kady here's where i am:

This game is way too dark!

I can't find Anything! No paper, nothing!!

I'm stuck on the safe too. So far we only have the last nr

I think the code has something to do with 10 to the left and 39 to left/right?!

Why ca't we just use the crowbar to get the key that is fallen under the closet

This comment has been removed by the author.

And still can't get the key under the closet :(

Thanks, zoz. User 'doctor' has exceeded 'max connections'. I guess I'll try back later. Should be working anyway :)

crowbar anyone ... please?

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 1:12 PM  

Got stick from back left corner of desk...used to get key. And as usual, having trouble posting....

is this live? oh greatttttt

thatjust, it IS too dark! why is the light blinking in the desk/computer scene after opening darkroom?

Can't get it to start :/ something about being full

YEAH Found something new.
Check the pocket of dead man and get a photo USE TABKEY
and use magnific glass on the photo

Unable to connect to server : User 'doctor' has exceeded the 'max_connections' resource (current value: 3600)

nieceytdc71: Where exactly did you find the stick? In what screen?

I'm in!

Can't play the game ... unable to connect any longer ...

There is a name on that photo, insert this name in the COMPUTER and get another part of the code

Still live?

I am in again!

Catching up...

TAB works!!!

and yes the game is too dark for me to find anything..even with the screen in front of my eyes!!
photo is under the arm of guy on floor and found stick and crowbar too

HELLLP ... where is the crowbar?!!

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 1:19 PM  

Look at the back of the desk...shows back of computer, part of door.

typed "who is this" in the IM at the computer and i got reply "it's me, your boss, arthur"

ginger, use TABKEY there, view door on left and desk in front

Got a photo, piece of paper and the code L84

ZA look to the left of the chair!

Got key!

I did zoz but I can't see a thing!

ginger, use TABKEY there, view door on left and desk in front

and found another part of the code for the safe L84 in the little closet with the plant on it, open his door and it's written in the upper left corner

ThanX Carola

code from computer = 212

so we have
39 or 89 or 68 on part of the note
212 from computer
L10 from missing page
L84 from little closet (little door open Left uper corner inside)

someone alresdy opened the safe?

you can get a closeup under the bookcase but i can't see anything but dark
how did you enter name in computer?

Ahaaa ...I was looking at the desk chair .... the other one had the crowbar .... pfew

zoz... zoom in on the bookcase then go left.. it will show you the computer screen.

212 is not part of the code. You are supposed to look this page up in the book. There you get nr 59.

Don't know how to use the safe code thing..

Finally, i can get in. Little late, but i'm going to try to catch up with you guys (and/or girls)

So we have L10 R59 L84 en 39 89 or 68

In and finally found crowbar, thanks to clues from you all

yeaaa .. another room!

i can get the computer screen but can only get IM and can't put name in?????

ah, good old POP, got it

i think that Left arrow+10, and Right arrow+59
is for the safe lock in the red room

Still stuck on safe.

Out in 10 minutes, 50 seconds for Rank A :D

me too ginger, thx for the book tip about 212!

tried L10 r39 l84 r59 and l10 r89 l84 r59
but no luck

I can't find the key, or where to use the crowbar. The only chest I see is by the bookshelf. Needs key, tho/

Vixen: any hints about how to use the numbers on the safe?

what do you do with the crowbar?

Ahh, been waiting for ages and cant get into the game. Too many ppl playing or sumfin!

Great Vixen, so what's the code for the safe please?

ZA and kady, use the crowbar on the chest to open it

kadylady, no the chest needs the crowbar ;)

Vixen has left the building, lol

I had a key to open the chest ...

Vixen please help. Don't tell me you finished the game and left!

Za, strange, my key is still unused, opened it with the crowbar :/

aaahhhhhhh i clicked on another link on i cant load the game.i couldnt see anything as it is...
good luck to others playing.i cant play this :)

indeed ginger

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 1:43 PM  

SCREAMING at the safe! ARGGG

I'm not getting anywhere with this safe... do you hit OK after each number or what?

the computer says, r58 (p212) is the LAST part of code, so that part must be right

where is the safe>?!?!

Sorry, the safe is: r97 L10 r59

strange indeed Carola .... the whole is a strange experience ;-)

... game ... i mean

were is the safe

L84 r39 L10 r59 doesn't work either :(

i've tried everything on the safe, but aaaarghhh..

please guys ... the safe?

thx Vixen!!!!

Haha... Out... Rank D

When you find the picture of the man and woman, use the magnifying glass to see the name badge. Enter his name in to the computer and you'll get a message telling you where the last code is!

look at page 239 (from the scrap of paper and a bit of trial and error) in the first book (light blue)

ZA: safe is in the red room (behind one of the photo on the wall)
thanks vixen for the code.
guys, just dial the code exactly to " r97 L10 r59"
dont make mistake. once you've done right 97, left 10, right 59, click on OK

ARGHHH ...can anyone tell me where the safe is?

thanks Cherry ...!!

the code is L39 L97 R10 L59 THEN hit Ok

thanks vixen!

za... the picture taped to the wall... click the tape and the picture falls down to reveal the safe.

Carola. when i click on the chest with the crowbar, it asks for a key. Can't find the key. Arrrggg.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Vixen. Where did you get nr 97?

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 1:55 PM  

Ok, Out....BUT...would someone explain how R97 is the first code? Because I don't get it. Thanks.

kadylady, pull over the light brown jacket on the desk, a key fall under the bookcase, use stick to get the key

Out in 36 mins, 2 secs... Rank: C

that safe was a PAIN!. and David I used R97, L10, R59, then OK and it opened. I think it's a little quirky.
thanks for a fun game everyone (and of course, yalcin :)

Must the stick the same as the crowbar? What I have is a stick. It won't open the chest.

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 2:00 PM  

Kady...the crowbar is to the left of the green chair..hover around until your pointer turns to a hand, then click.

Thanks, Carola, but I have moved the coat about 15 times. never saw a key fall out. Found space under bookshelf, but empty.

Thanks, niece..

Yeah. Found crowbar, which opened the box for me. No key...don't need it I guess. I'm so far behind :(


And out... code for safe is R36, R97, L10, R59...
just turn the wheel untill you get to the number that you have... So right 36 is turning right to number 36...

i am reading the posts and am hoping someone liked the game enough to do a others, I could not see well in the dark screen and when I enlarged the page there was no bottom scroll so the right side was missing! Hope it was worth a walkthrough and then I might try it. thanks everyone...wish I could have joined the live game.

Katjuh, only the last 3 numbers are enough :) r97 L10 r59

Debra, use TABKEY ;)

Hi everybody,

I'm the creator of Amnesia 2. I'm sorry for the error. The game will be available again as soon as possible.

I know I'm way behind, but...I found the safe, but think I need to enter Harry Evans on the computer first. All that i see on computer screen is IM page

Safe code doesn't work for me. Must be missing a step

Webmaster, thx for the game

Kadylady, you can enter the name in the bottompart of the computerscreen and click on send

Grr i am always too late for a live game, i wait for hours and nothing, then i go away and when i come back it is over *cry*

Rats! Guess I'm alone is this dark creepy office.

Hi webmaster! It looks like a great game but is so dark. I will try again when you fix the error , whatever it is...thanks!

Thanks, Carola. Does that give me a code?

Well ok, anyway it is too dark there lol :)

Zazie. I'm here. Lost, but here.

Kadylady, if you enter that name on the computer, he will replay you with: the last part of the code is 212.

212 is a page in one of the books, if I remeber well is light blue, if you look up that page, it gives you a part of the real code for the safe

= R59 (on page 212)

kadylady i will quit thisone. Sorry, but i can´t barely see anything, i must be too tired.
Hopefully we´ll meet at the next game but i wish you good luck for thisone !!

Thanks, Carola. Went thru all the right motions, but didn't get page 212 etc, but, when I went back to the opened this time. OUT ! Thanks for all your help.

You're welcome! :) Bye

This comment has been removed by the author.

I can't open the safe. I have :
L10 from book page
R36 from page 236 in blue book
L84 from cupboard
R59 from page 212 in brown book (the last code).

Now, the code to open the safe can be
L10 R36 L84 R59 or L84 R36 L10 R59

Unfortunately, none of these works.

I click OK after each number, am I right ? Or must I wait only a couple of seconds between 2 numbers ?...

Pascale, I clicked ok after each number - don't know if you have to but that worked for me. You do need to be exact though - R97 L10 R59.

Thank you, Gamesraider, but where does this R97 come from ?...

walkthrough anyone?

Anybody knows why 1st number is 97 yet?

my safe won´t open using numbers given.

the first number is not 97, but 36

under the plant near the sofa you read L84.
In the book pages 84 gives you R97

and I still have a bottom right space empty in inventory.
and I haven´t used the key yet.
someone help please.

the little key under the self can be used to open the chest. also can be used the crowbar. the key in the safe opens the door.

That doesn't make sense : how are we supposed to guess that we had to choose page 84 ? The hint says L84, not page 84 !
So, now I have 5 numbers for the safe !

Thanks elympertos
But I still can´t open the safe.
I have R97(from book) / R36(from book) / R59(from book) / L10(from note) / L84(from shelf). I´m confused.
What numbers do I have to use and what order?

Henrique, you have to use R97, L10 and R59.
Why ? Don't ask me, it doesn't make sense.

The worst clue in this game is the piece of paper (39)
We don´t know if it´s really 39 and we still have to guess the first number (2) making 239.

84 is used to find R97.this is the first.
L10 from note is the second.
R59 from book from computer page is the third and last.

one little paper with 39 on it I didn't use it.

Hi Pascale! my safe doesn´t open using these numbers.
When you say R97 you mean I have to click on right arrow, or spin the numbers to right?
Tried both ways and still can´t get it!
In post 156 someone said the 1st number is 36 instead of 97!

It worked at last, although I did the same I was doing a long time.
My rank is D when should be Z.
Thanks to all of you!

R97 click right arrow until number ok
L10 click left arrow until number 10. press ok
R59 right arrow until number ok.
safe is open

I can neither "pull over" the jacket, nor open the safe.

L36 must be the first (first book)
R97 the second (second book)
L10 (third book, missing page)
R59 (fourth book)

you click on yellow jacket and two start shining. Holding down the mouse button you move it from on point to other.

Great, thank you!

I simply can't open the safe :o( I have tried both the R97, L10, R59 code, and with L36 in front. I have tried clicking on the left arrow for right, so the safe dial spins that way...nothing :o(

That was a pretty hard game, lots of fun though...Thanks Yalcin

Hey Divinyl, just finsished, and I did what Gamesraider said and it worked for me after trying 10 times..Comment #151

for the safe code :
- R36
- R97
- L10
- R59

and the safe opens...

can't cut chair

blkhwk2410,,,,open the box cutter/knife first...

       Anonymous  8/4/09, 6:35 PM  

I may be wrong but I think this is what is accounting for the safe problems...

When you go R97.. you need to pass the first 97 and keep going like a regular safe lock. You have to go past 0 and then start. So since it has a starting at 50, you go by 97 once, then hit ok the next time 97 comes around.

Is the chest to the left of the green chair. I can not find the knife for the life of me. I've been searching forever. Please HELP

Hi, I am a Brazilian lost here. hope to play with you.

Hi Athena. I'm lost too. only 2nd time posting. Did you find the knife yet?

hi bluejean, or do not know how to get started. ksksk

ksksks, sorry, I wrote your name wrong.

Dang Athena. It's been so long since I started, I forget what the beginning was like. Are you in the game?

where do I find the knife?

I'm been having the same problem for about an hour now. Can't find the knife for love nor money

I'm trying to play, translated ... I'm all confused here. hshshshs ...

There were others playing a while ago. It seems we are the only ones left. So sorry for you cause I'm no help at all

ksksksks ... have those books on the shelf. you know which page they ask for us to enter there?

Athena! I found the chest! It's behind the coat rack after you take off the brown coat. I think I was clicking down around the bottom somewhere

That's where the knife is. just click on the padlock

do not worry, I will try to play another. maybe I just get used?

I think I'm with you about that. Now I can't find where to use the knife on the chair.

I was giving, ksksksksks ... how did you do?

blujean, I get the brown coat! \ 0 /

I figured there must be some reason for moving the coat and went to close up on coat rack and started clicking around. Now I can't use the knife now that I found it. not on the green chair anyhow.

Oh hehe. You have to open the knife first. I do remember reading that now. click on the knife then open it.

I can not find the knife ...

sorry for the long answer, I am using the translator, ksksksksks. my English is horrible!

blujean, under the shelf that has the books has a key. need something to get it.

this key must be brir to the lock box that is next to the bookshelf ...
continued without finding a blessed knife!

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