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Andy - The Cave of Treasure Walkthrough

Andy - The Cave of Treasure

Andy - The Cave of Treasure is another new point and click type adventure game from Flonga. You have a map along with a packpack, whip and lantern. There is supposed to be treasure at the end of this cave. Can you find it ? Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Tosca]

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first? yeah! :-)

Stuck allready. Can't open the one with the rock in the way...


Hi Susana....
I've opened the rock cave. You have to put the stones with the eye just like the one you see in the first cave (a small spot on a rock wall). Look carefully... The eye is upside down.

Hi Tess. Thank you!!!!

I cant back away for the rock in first cave!! I think I will start over.

easy and out

but veray nice game!

@ susana:

you dont have to start over. there was no bug in the game for me...

i have only 7 minutes, then i have to go. but till then i can help if you want

Ok, i'm stuck again....
I can't pass the bridge, don't know how to play the little game. What to do ra-kanzlei?

you dont have to pass the bridge

build a boat:

at the river you find wood and remeber one of the first caves - there were a fireplace. there you find the rest of the woods. you also need a rope. build your boat and get the treasure

I'm not that far, I think. What to do with the crowbar or the cave with all the little rocks in front of it?

The game is big for the laptop screen. Had to scroll up to see the x to get away from the rock. I still cant move the rocks around the eye??????? Help!!!!

1. take left cage

touch the bats and take pin

go further

use whip with rock and klick on eye.

I have the stones placed correctly, but I still can't get past the first door.

@ susana: have to go now. will make a walkthrough later. but you somewhere find an eye with dots around it. look at it the other way round (top = bottom; bottom = top) then go back to the eye with rocks and move them to the same position like in the hint:

0 = no rock
X = rock

0 X X
X eye 0
X 0 0

hope i remember it right and i could help

@ Cyberjar88; did you turned it upside down? You can see the eye has turned 180 degrees.

@ Tess: Yes, I did. I took a screenshot and used MS Paint to rotate it.

Thanks ra-kanzlei!! Got it. I have to keep scorolling the screen up and down to do things.

And out! I got a bit lost in here, but at the end it all turns out fine!

Stuck at the end of the tram shaft.

I can't see any eye with dots around it :o( I can move the stones around the glowing eye near the fire, but have no reference as to where to move them to! I have walked back and forth, back and forth looking for the clue, and tried what was posted here, but that doesn;t seem to do anything :o( Please help...I can barely get started!

the eye with dots is at one of the entrances. It's real small you have to zoom in on it.

Hi. Click once into first left cave looks like writing or scribbling on the right side.

Hi. Is anybody trying to build a boat yet? I am stuck trying to cross the bridge. Went back to river, but cant find wood.......:)

Found 2 shapes but still missing 1.

ich komme nicht weiter habe 2 teile zum einsetzen in felsen bekommen und stehe vor einem steinhaufen und einem hebel wo ich nicht rankomme und ein steinvorsprung ,habe die hälfte des weges ungefähr hinter mir hilfe bitte

I am stuck at the wall puzzle with the lever beside it, any help ? How to arrange the tiles ?

Got rope from box that is nailed shut.

Hi Zazie. Did you see the hint? Make one pull down handle then do another pull again.....

Ahha!!! Got last piece. At broken bridge.

danke bin raus,mir fehlte das seil und die hölzer fürs floß

Aha! Thanks Pixelhound and susana! :oD Never would have found that spot! Finally moving on...

where is the oblong stone? I have the pointed one and the diamond shaped one.

susana, i cannot pull down handle, it won´t move, i guess i have to solve the puzzle first, but where is the hint ? i am running around in circles and cannot go back by the railway.

I came back and finished the game. I finally got smart and zoomed out. Made it alot easier. Thanks for the game Shuchun!!!

can someone tell me where the oblong stone is please?

I think the oblong one is the one you get after doing the puzzle with the 3 shapes.

Where is the diamond shaped stone?

i've missed that puzzle somewhere. I found 3 shapes on one of the walls but I can't do anything with them. Any hint?

@zazie the hint is 3 shapes on the rock wall in one of the caves after the tram. Maybe the on blocked by the little rocks. Then you make the first shape, pull handle, make second shape pull handle, then 3rd. Hope that helps.

Hey, first time posting, I can't seem to open the bars or get back via railway. I have the crowbar and 2 of the gems but I'm stuck! Any suggestions?

There are 3 tiles to put into the shapes, but i also am missing two of them.

Pixel, Those are the hint to the puzzle Zazie is working on.

Use crow bar on handle that wont move in the scene outside the opening to the bridge, then hit arrow to back up.

I had to use the whip on the handle that you couldn't reach.

woo! Thanks. Out.

I think maybe I used the whip too. Sorry:)

Cannot make the shapes in the puzzle, 3rd shape does not exist on it. feeling really stupid lol.

To go back to the start caves use whip on lever that you cannot reach.

Zazie. Are you making them one at a time. Right in the middle. The last onelooks like a icecream cone.

Sorry i was afk, i will try what you said susana.

everyone gone? i am making the little house in the middle facing every way and nothing works on the levers...got all this far alone and now stuck...uh oh

nevermind went back duuh

hi anyone know how to fix a wheel on the cart? or where to find one?

i cant find the crowbar either :(

never mind.. found wheel

guess am plain stupid.. now i cant find the shapes that go into the slots.. will wait for a walkthru if someone will be kind enuff to do it :)

@radhu: Starting To Write A Big Walkthrough ;)


thx a million prid.. eagerly waiting :)

where are the crowbar and the wheel?

nevermind I found them. Now I can't find the last stone ha ha ha

I hope you all liked the game. I did.

Where is the crowbar?

Walkthrough ???

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I have put the switches in the order you explained, but nothing has happened!


One Mistake...


Top Switch - Middle
Bottom Switch - Left
Right Switch - Middle
Left Switch - Up


Top Switch - Middle
Bottom Switch - Left
Left Switch - Middle
Right Switch - Up

Sorry, One Mistake. Going To Delete And RePost!


This comment has been removed by the author.

Walkthrough - Part 1:

1. Enter Left Cave!

2. Move Your Mouse Over The Bat On The Left-Side, To Make Him Drop A Pin. Take It, And Enter Cave!

3. Use Whip On The Light-Gray Stone [Near Top Of The Screen], To Smash It Down!

4. Click On The Eye To Make It Blue. Leave The Cave!

5. If You Follow The Up-Arrow's X-Axis, You'll See Some Marks On The Wall. Click To Reveal The Code For A Later Puzzle! Note That The Eye Is Looking Down, Which Means It's Upside-Down. If You Turn It, You'll Get The Answer For A Puzzle Later!

6. Leave The Cave, And Now You're At The Beginning Of The Game. Enter The Right-Cave And Then The Left-Cave!

7. Turn The Switches In Following Position [Remember The Upside-Down Eye With 4 Dots]:

Top Switch - Middle
Bottom Switch - Left
Left Switch - Middle
Right Switch - Up

Once Done, Just Leave The Cave, And Move Right!

8. The Gate Is Open, So Enter It! Move The Box To Reveal A Bottle. Take It, And Leave The Cave!

9. Go Back Twice, Until You're On The Same Spot As The Beginning Of The Game. Enter Left Cave, And Enter The Cave Right In Front Of You!

10. There's Water! Fill The Bottle With Water [Water On Ground], And Go Back Twice [Same Spot As You Started The Game With]!

11. Go Back To The Cave Where You Found The Bottle [Right-Cave, Move Right, Cave In Front Of You]

12. Move Left, Inside The Cave. You See The Bowl Below The Dried Eye, Pour The Water In It To Move The Big Rock Blocking A Secret Cave!

13. Enter The Cave On Left-Side, And Take The Wheel. Go Back And Move Right Ahead!

14. A Mine Car! Put The Wheel Where It's Missing, And Then To Keep It Stable, Attach The Pin! Click Mine Car, To Get To Somewhere Else!

15. Enter Cave On Right-Side, And Then The Cave Right In Front Of You!

Read Next Comment For Next Part!


Walkthrough - Part 2:

16. Look On The Wall, Left-Side For The Cave Right In Front Of You. You'll See Some Arrows! Click To Zoom In And Get A Code, Arrows Facing: Right, Right, Up, Down! If You Enter The Cave Right In Front Of You, You'll See Some More Marks On The Wall In The Cave. Click To Reveal 3 Images:

Each One Of Them Has 4 Bricks. The Words In The Square Brackets Tells What Part Of A Shape It Is, Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left And Bottom-Right!

1. Looks Like An House [Square Diamond, Square Diamond Square, Square]
2. Looks Like A Police Badge [Square Diamond With Spike, Square Diamond With Spike, Circle, Circle]
3. Lookes Like Something Weird [Circle, Circle, Square Diamond, Square Diamond]

17. Close Window, Go Back 3 Times [Mine Car]! Move Down, And Look At The Wheel With The Arrow. Remember The Code: Right, Right, Up, Down. Click The Wheel Three Times, So That The Arrow Is Facing Right. Pull The Lever Twice! Click The Wheel 3 Times, So That The Arrow Is Facing Up, And Pull The Lever! Click The Wheel Twice, So That The Arrow Is Facing Down, And Pull The Lever! The Bars Will Move!

18. If You Look Below The Lever, Just A Little Bit To The Left, You'll Find A Crowbar. Take It And Move Into The Right-Side Cave!

19. Remeber The 3 Images, We Have To Use Them From Left To Right:

There Are 4 Bricks. One On Each Side, Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right. To Make It Easier, Let's Just Add Some Nicknames:

Top-Left = TL
Top-Right = TR
Bottom-Left = BL
Bottom-Right = BR

Image 1:
1. Click TL 3 Times [Square Diamond In Middle]
2. Click TR 0 Times [Square Diamond In Middle]
3. Click BL 0 Times [Square In Middle]
4. Click BR 3 Times [Square In Middle]
5. Pull Lever [If Correct, The Arrow Will Move On Top]

Image 2:
1. Click TL 3 Times [Square Diamond With Spike In Middle]
2. Click TR 3 Times [Square Diamond With Spike In Middle]
3. Click BL 3 Times [Circle In Middle]
4. Click BR 3 Times [Circle In Middle]
5. Pull Lever [If Correct, The Arrow Will Move On Top]

Image 3:
1. Click TL 2 Times [Circle In Middle]
2. Click TR 2 Times [Circle In Middle]
3. Click BL 3 Times [Square Diamond In Middle]
4. Click BR 3 Times [Square Diamond In Middle]
5. Pull Lever [If Correct, The Arrow Will Move On Top]

Once Done, You'll Get An Oval Stone, Take It!

20. Leave The Cave. Move Down Twice, Until You See A Lever On The Middle Of The Screen. Use Whip To Active It!

21. Now You Can Move Down. Click Down Arrow To Get Back To Where You Were Before You Took The Ride On The Mine Car! Go Back Twice, And Then You'll Be Outside The Cave With The Switches. There Is A Box! Use The CrowBar To Open It. Click Inside It To Get A Rope!

22. Move Right, Move Up, Move Left, Move Up! Now You're Where You Took The Mine Car. You'll See Another Stone, Take It!

23. Go Back Twice, And Move Right. Enter The Cave On The Right-Side! Attach Rope To The Stake And Climb Down. Take The Stone, And Move Up!

24. Take The Rope, And Move Back. Move Left, Move Up, Move Left, Move Right, Move Left! Now You're In A Cave With 3 Slots. Put The 3 Stones On The Slots By Shape! The Door Will Open, So Enter It!

25. You Have To Click The Log!

26. Once Done, Follow Me: Move Down 9 Times, Until You're Outside The Cave With The Switches!

27. Enter The Cave, Take The Logs, And Leave Cave!

28. Go Back To The Area Where A Log Was [Move Right, Move Up, Move Right, Move Left, Move Up, Move Left, Move Right, Move Left, Move Up]

29. Move The 2 Logs You Have Next To The Log That Was There From Before!

30. Once Done, Attach The 3 Logs With The Rope, To Make A Small Raft. Click The Raft To Find The Treasure!

Congratulations! You Escaped Yet Another Fun And Long Flonga Escape Game. Well, It's Really Fun To Play The Game, But Not So Much Fun Writing A Long Detailed Walkthrough Like This One, But I Hope It Was Helpful :D


Im having a major problem with the tiles..I can get the 1st one but its slanted, I cant get it straight in the middle...Can you do an image Prid?

The shapes..I dont know where I started to be able to count clicks Prid..I had already been moving them before you posted..I Must be slow today

Nevrdmd, got it..was trying to make the darn shape at the bottom of the pic...duh...house, badge,cone

Another great game, ( no wonder, it was created by selfdefiant) Thanks Prid, you were very helpful...Thanks for finding & subbing Tosca...Loved It !!!!!

this is the cool games ever.

Good job on the walkthrough, Prid. Found it very helpful!

where's the pin???????

all these walk thrus and no one mentioned where to find the pin for the wagon wheel . grhhhhhh

nvm itotally missed the clue, was in the very first sentence of a walkthru above, unfortunately i can't seem to delete my dense comment above

Out! fun game!

thx for the walkthru prid.. u made it sound so simple.. but believe me i'd never have done this without it.. thx once again :)

i don't see the bats. :(

@Devon: I Know, It's Kinda Hard When The Text Always Appears >:(

But They're On Top Of The Screen :D


Prid, Thanks but I still don't see them. I went left from the beginning screen and clicked every where on the top but I just see the stalactites. I'm not sure how I am missing them.

where is the middle shape stone?

this is really annoying

ugh nevermind i'm just an idiot

@Devon: Weird :S

Enter The LEFT [<-] Cave, And JUST STOP THERE!

If Any Text Appears, Just Close It!

If You Look At The Top Of The Screen, You'll See 2 Black Weird Squares, But Not Squares, A Weird Shape. 2 Of Them! They're Black, And Have Gray Outline, So It Isn't So Hard! If You Just Move Your Mouse Over Them, The Bats Will Fly Away, And The Left One Will Drop A Pin!

If This Still Doesn't Work, Try Starting A New Game ;)


Thanks Prid, I think the computer I was on before, the flash wasn't working correctly which is why I couldn't see them (nor click on them). Thanks again :)

       Anonymous  8/26/09, 1:04 PM  

Prid - you are a TERRIFFIC walkthrough writer - thank you so much for such detail. I never could have got through this without you ! This was a really great game - thanks and keep 'em coming!!

@Devon: Good That it Worked, And Hope You Enjoyed Playing The Game ;)

@star2751: You're The Second One To Such Powerful Words To Me, Thank You So Much :D

In Case You're Wondering, The Powerfullest And The Best Comment I've Ever Gotten, Is From "tosca" on "Another Small Favor", Those Words Were Really Powerful! But Thanks Again, Yours Are Almost As Good!


Thanx Prid! I'd have been lost forever if it weren't for your marvelous walkthrough lol...It was fun!

See ya...

the box with the rope in it wont open, it will just move

working link:


solved 05.03.18

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