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[REPLAY] PastelGames + ArcadeTown - Bermuda Triangle Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Pastel Games for Arcade Town. Bermuda Triangle Escape is an underwater mystery - first you're trapped in the infamous Bermuda Triangle itself, then you must discover its secret and devise a way to escape. It will take every ounce of cleverness you possess or Bermuda Triangle Escape may well be the last adventure game you ever play. Good luck and have fun!

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Bermuda Triangle Escape Walkthrough

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Let's go! :o)

Ohh Pastel Games Are awesome!

Hmmm...I seem to be stuck in my ship underwater and can't find where to go next...

I found the diving gear (no shoes though). What now? Only one view...

Help... Stuck in the second room.. How do we know how to arrange the shapes on the cubes?

How did you get underwater?!

What cubes Midnight??

Kiri, click the right, there is a broken window. (first find all the items) If you are stuck, try attaching something in your inventory to the airtank to to right! ;3

Sharon...find all the diving gear, read the journal and get the 'piece of plate'...then I just got a system error and my ship sunk! I'd played with all the knobs and buttons before I did that...don't know if that was necessary!

After you get out of the ship. I am ahead of you xD

What second room?!

No, it isn't. I don't believe the knobs and buttons do anything

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 6:28 AM  

I think the cubes were in that book...don't know how to arrange them...still trying

Oops. I didnt take the plate out of the journal. Now it sank...

Midnight...if I try to click on my inventory (which is just 'me' in a diving suit, or half a piece of 'plate') it just goes small again, so I can't attach anything to the air bottle. Am I missing a piece do you think? I can't find any other hot spots!

Ah...pop! Sorry Midnight...got it...so dark in that second room that I can hardly see! Now have a funcitioning air tank...onwards and upwards!

i have found both "plates" and put them on the big round structure but now stuck...midnight what's next?

After you exit the ship, underwater, you go right and take the thing in the seaweed. Note the symbols on the right rock. Then go left once and click the plane. Click all the rays (Manta rays on the floor.. They look like darker sand patches) and under one is an orb.. Also somewhere on the right of the plane, is an item. Now go right then straight. Put the two coin things into the center of the big sphere. (Click on the middle porthole)You need to combine the two broken pieces of the coin thing. Then go straight. Put the combo you saw on the rocks into the first door. Now go through. The second gate combo is the cube that is in the book back at the ship. Enter that in and go straight.. This is where I am stuck

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 6:32 AM  

anyone get the cubes done yet?

Ooh...now in an antirely new room! :o)

i cant find any clue how to arrange the cubes with the 3 symbols on them

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 6:35 AM  

midnight...how did you rearrange the cubes...don't have my journal anymore?

For cubes to door, exit ship and go right. The code is on the "rocks"

u can go back to the ship daisy

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 6:37 AM  

I tried to go back to ship...it won't let me : (

Herman...that's where I'm stuck too...I don't see any clues anywhere? Maybe it's just like dominoes and all the sides facing each other have to match? That may take some time! Lol

I'm at the cubes with the symbols on them. Any ideas?

Possibly about colours as well as shapes, as there are different shades...hmmm, struggling to get things to match up!

Stuck at the cubes too...

I tried making the cubes shading match the one in the book.. it didn't work

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 6:42 AM  

I think my ship has sailed.....can't get back and can't get the cube box

im at same spot, looked all over again still can't find any clues

Ooh! It IS about matching the symbols! I have got two lights in between the blocks now...but need to keep playing with them, as the rest below catch match how I have them!

Got it! Got a 'red matrix' now and moving on :o)

Put all the triangles together at the bottom two and the center cube. Tou'll get a shiny trianle between them. do the same with the circles at the right and rectangles at the left.

There! Thanks Kiri!

And a 'green matrix'...this is fun!

No worries Midnight...wouldn't have got there without a shove from you in the ship! Lol


and OUT!

Aargh! I seem to be stuck in a room with lots of springy balls...I had 3 'crystal balls' which I placed, but there are spaces for 3 more. I don't seem to be able to back out of this screen to check out what was to my right instead of left :o(

The bouncy ball room is fun.

Thanks Sharon! Now I'm stuck all over again! LOL!

im missing 1 crystal ball

Phew...managed to back out! Now have one further crystal ball from the right path, but seems I need another 2?

Triangle shape: Three "L"s. Left upper is dark, bottom shaded, right white. Have blue triangle now.

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 6:55 AM  


       Anonymous  8/1/09, 6:55 AM  


Help please! I am missing two crystal balls and can't yet seem to do anything with the floating balls. Am I being stupid?

Hint on location of last ball please? I am guessing it is in the room with the water spheres but not getting it.

OUT! Thanks and have fun!

For last two crystal balls, go backward. One is in the "hallway" the other is on right wall with round holes near bottom.

TY Jonz. Totally missed the one in the hallway

I missed it like three times, LOL!

WHich hallway Jonz? That's the one I'm missing I think :o)

I've got the one from the sliding panels, if that's the one you mean?

out how easy and cute was that game

im getting confused on the third puzzle.its a big triangle with 3 shades.some of them are fixed.i have tried in many ways and cant get it

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:08 AM  

Nottypomy I'm with you....i have no idea what I'm doing : (

Dark on left, light on the right notty

...I asm getting annoyed now! Still missing one crystal ball. I helped everyone move on earlier in the game, and now they've all just buggered off!

Im stuck at the triangle puzzle

I LOVED that game!! That was one of my favorites to date. I solved it all by myself but it was perfectly challenging and full of cool surprises. GOOD WORK!!

KIRI..open ALL the sliding walls in the hallway. Also there is one in the hallway before that in the wall on the right side.

Notty....use the fixed ones as the basis for the shading and then just complete the triangle.

thnx kiri finally got it!!

just make the tiles like the ones that are already fixed in that line...you should get it then :)

FFS...please help! This music is beginning to drive me crackers! I have looked all around and can't for the life of me find the last crystal ball!

Didn't realize this was still a live game :) Got all three matrices, then cubes, and now have crystal balls and two rooms to go in. I like this one so far!

Check all the floors and walls. Open all the sliding wall doors. Can't remember where I found them all

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:18 AM  

I also can't find last ball : (

Kiri, check the hallway where the walls have circles all over them. It is on the lower right side.

Ah, sorry Muse...posted before I'd seen your post. I think I have opened all the sliding panels (9 in total, right?)...only found one ball there. I have the one from the hallway with the circles on the wall (bottom right), and the other 3 I got were in plain view on the floor. I am going nuts here! Lol.

Notty...no problem at all...glad you are moving on :o)

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:20 AM  

Kiri, I think we must have missed one earlier on...I am stuck where you are

Got that one Jonz :o( I wonder why I'm finding it so difficult to find when no-one else seemed to have a problem? I was breezing through til now!

Daisy...I guess at least we are not alone! Lol :o)

Kiri, there was one I almost missed in the hallway after the first room in the sphere, one of the holes in the walls at the bottom left is actually a crystal ball.

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:22 AM  

I'm with ya Kiri : )

when you enter the hallway from the place where the diving suits are...there is a ball on the right wall on the bottom line

Nope...got that one Luminara...although thank you for trying to help...that is very much appreciated :o)

Sorry, guess I didn't refresh fast enough...the crystal balls in the sliding-door panes and the holes on the wall are the only ones in weird places, if I remember right, the rest were just sort of lying on the floor in different rooms for me.

Yep, got that one Notty...3 from as I was going through just on the floor...one from the sliding panels through to the right at the end of the corridor. Still missing one :o(

and im out!!nice game with good puzzles :)

I'll replay and see if I can find them.

I think I must be blind then Luminara! Lol. Have walked back and forwards and back and forwards...simply can't see another one :o(

there is one outside near the plane,sliding panel one,wall one,others on the floor

I'm Still Stuck With The Cube w/ Symbols - Puzzle :(

Playing through again...there's the one by the plane outside that's hard to spot?

Got It :D

Notty...you genius!! I didn't have the one by the plane!!! Thank you thank you and a million thank yous! (And thank you so much everyone else for trying to help!). Now to get out of this hole! Lol.

And finally out! Great game...my frsutrations with that damn crystal ball aside! Lol.

lol kiri.happy to help =)

You out too Daisy?

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:35 AM  

NO! Sadly, I can't get back to the ship....what is my problem??? help!

Found it under the planes right wing

oh lol...a little late

Daisy, does your cursor not show up as a hand at the bottom of the screen?

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:39 AM  

Yes it's a hand, but everytime I go back to the plates screen and hit the ball in the middle, I'm back at the place where the two suits are hanging....can't put my wet suit back on...

This game isnt live anymore actually

You don't need to do anything to put your wetsuit back on, it'll do it automatically.

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:41 AM  

but I still can't get to the ship...must be simple...what am I doing wrong?

You can go back from the place where the suits are hanging Daisy...you don't need to physically put it back on :o)

MUSE...I'm so sorry for your troubles...you are a saint for helping out though, nevertheless! :o)

Bcordone...it seems that it is...just because you have finished doesn't mean that other people don't need some help getting out...like our friend Daisy.

DAMN! How Could I be SO BLIND???

I found the last Crystal Ball! You Know Where All The 3 Puzzles Where, The One With The Cubes? Go There, And Look At The Wall On The Right Side. The One Nearest To You, But The One After The, The 2nd One. Look At The Bottom Of It, And You'll Find A Crystal Ball ;)


Daisy, you just need to click towards the bottom of the screen, maybe to the left slightly? Then you should be able to got back the whole way you came (although you only need to gto to the plane!).

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:44 AM  

Kiri...thank you for trying to help....I really can't get to the ship tho....what a joke! lol

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:46 AM  

Kiri!!!!! Thank you!!!! This whole time I was clicking the crystal ball in the middle! I just needed to click the bottom of the screen..duh! Got the last ball,,,yay!! Thank you!

Well done! :o) It's simple from there...congratulations on sticking with it long enough to get out!

idk, Daisy...maybe it's a little buggy? Have you tried restarting?

       Anonymous  8/1/09, 7:48 AM  

O U T!!! Kiri, thanks for not leaving me behind!

No worries at all...I know how frustrating that can be! Well done!! :oD

Wow, this is SO Michael Crighton.

Great game!! Thank You Prid, couldnt have done it without your video...Thanks Yalcin, very fun game..

Great I escaped without help! It has great brain teasers.

Great game! Bring more of these!

ah sorry when i was searching in google for a walktrough, it appears that in escapegames 24 you had play at this, so i'll try to escape with your old help.

really, really stuck at third puzzle with squares, I don't understand how or what to do there. Any help please

I am sorry but those video walkthroughs are a waste of time, much prefer a written one

OMG this is SO fascinating! :D Must be one of the best games for a while...wow... The puzzles are so thrilling!

Yay! Out! That was so lovely :D I'm almost speechless. What a fantastic game <3

Escape the Museum is a lame game.

@ reddc: Before I did Video Walkthroughs, I wrote Text Walkthroughs For "PencilKids" Games like Bowja The Ninja Series! But now, I do walkthroughs. When I started with video walkthroughs, I also wrote the Text Walkthrough, but then I got Lazy and only make Video Walkthroughs. But Now I know that someone still needs Text Walkthrough!


       Anonymous  8/2/09, 1:47 AM  

a text walkthrough would be nice, please. Thanks.

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 8:21 AM  

I agree w/everyone - AWSOME game!!! More, more!

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 7:34 PM  

Perfect Pride, your text walktrough and the "edited pictures" are simply wonderful! Was worth it!

@ doucemer: Thanks, I really appriciate that. But I call myself For Prid, not Pride. Just saying it, and I'll try to make more walkthroughs with pictures ;)

And Definitely Make Video Walkthroughs Before Tasselfoot And Then Make Text Walkthroughs. And Thanks To Everyone For Making Me Have More Views On My Video Walkthrough Than Tasselfoot :D



WOW! I'm out with little to no help! That was fun, LOVED that game.

Is that a dowmload or just a regular?

this game is awsome but it took me halve an hour to beat it it is pretty easy i dont get how you cant solve it


im stuck on the symbol cube thingy help me plz my brain is hurting

aha! done, 1: when on ship diving gear is in: under the left and right computers, in the bottom right cupbored, open left drawer and get the green book,find the page with the strange shape on it and memorize it,then find the plate with part of the planet on, then you get pulled underwater, click on the cracked window on the far right, open the cubord on the left, then get the octopus, from the inventory, and drag it to the air canister, and click on it. then click on the spere through the cracked window, click on the arooplane on the left, under the right wing of the plane, there is a ball, pick it up, then click on the flatfish under the plane (they look like dark sand) and under one of them there is a plate, pick it up and go back, go to the right, at the seeweed, there is a rock the rock has a code on, memorise it, click on the plate inside the seaweed on the left, go back and click on the sphear, click until you get to a white hole next to two pictures of planets, drag the full plate from your inventory to the left square then click on both the halfs of the other plate and drag it to the right square, click on the white hole, you should be in a room with 2 diving suits, remember the code on the rock, put it into the door by clicking the circles, below the diving suit on the left, there is a ball, pick it up, go to the next room, click on the squeres to match the shape you found in the green book on the ship, colect the blue matrix an go to the next room, the two bottom and the center squer must all have triangles facing eachother (a bit like dominoes) then do the same to the other squeres (right side is circles and left is squeres)get the red matrix and go to the next room, make the left side of the triangle fully shaded, the right side not shaded and the bottom partly shaded, and collect the green matrix, then in the hallway, the walls have circles on, the 9th accross the bottom right line of circles, is actually a ball, collect it, the next room wants yoou to put the matrix's in there slots (blue at top red in middle and greena t bottom) each time you do so, a squere apears, get the squere, then get the ball below the green loght on the right, then in the next room, put the squeres in there slots (like with the matrix's, then go down the right passage, click on all the sliding pannels on the wall and the 2nd one accross on the right has a ball in (get it) then go back, and next to the left entrance, at the bottom there is a ball, get it and go into the left passage put the balls in your inventory to a circle on the wall until it sticks to one, get the key code from the black center hole and go back into the right passage (with the sliding pannels) and click on the blue circle at the end, get the key code and put it on to the matching slot on the bottom right next to the floating ball, the window of the ball will light up, click on it and then on the door part that sticks out, and hey!! bobs ur uncle.

OK, out in some weird submarine thing.

Good game

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