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Escape From Dungeon Walkthrough

Escape From Dungeon

Escape From Dungeon is another new point and click type escape the room game from Gamershood. "Room escape game where you are locked again. This time into dungeon. Use your great escape skills in order to escape this tricky dungeon." Good luck and have fun!

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Wow just posted. hope I won't be alone too long

still loading

collecting spider webs at the moment... and got a stone too

so far have 4 cobwebs and a stone

Hi all, got 4 spider webs and a stone

got that too... clicking around just now

a bone right of skeletton....

when you look through the hole you can see a key and a clue to turn something round

have bone and chain now too

connected the chain to the bone, and now my screen froze! i cant close out the window :(

sarah you need to add the webs then go to the torch outside and light it

made torch and open one gate
but stuck now....

and stuck the spiderwebs to the end of the bone also

@ Koralle, thank you!!! :)

got the gate open

welcome :)

open gate, but stuck. burning bone and chain in inventory

Combine bone chain and cobwebs, light them on the torch and use lit torch in dark window. Throw rock at cogs

I'm stuck with torch and chain going round but can't find anything else

put chain above barrel...

attach the chain to a trapdoor on the ceiling above the barrel, now stuck with torch onlt in inventory

chain to the cieling door next to the main door

but cant do anything with the chain now...

turn around and face the gate that you just opened, to the top left ceiling click the hotspot and connect chain to hatch in ceiling, then connect the bottom half to gate and now stuck w torch

combine chain with the poles of door !!

climbed the ladder up to ceiling, but nothing there

but nothing happens lol

got the iron rod

thanks all. now with you

and the key

what ladder?

now up in the hatch after letting gate back down

nice sarah, but where is the rod

where did you get the iron rod from?

I have climbed the rungs above the door at the top of the stairs but can't do anything.

@tesen87, go thru the door and when u come to the next door, click to the top of the door and there will be a ladder, climb all the way up and turn right then wiggle the iron rod loose

now go back up and use the rod to knock the loose stone out of the wall and get key!

i meant back up the ladder and turn right again lol sorry if im making it hard to understand

found the rusty valve up on the roof hatch. how to get the oil?

knocked the loose bricks outta the wall up in the hatch, but now stuck again has anyone gotten any further?


@ Koralle, how do you get the rusty valve?

what do you do after you attach the chain to the hatch and the bars?

no Sarah I think we need to figure out how to get the oil from the small window

oh found the valve also, but how to get the key thru the stone wall?

ok got the oil... use the long stick

@ serran comments 37 and 38 should help you

use the longer rod for that sarah

nevermind I found the ladder and key

ok, now seen clues as to how to turn the wheel, but im getting nowheres fast! lol

trying to turn it according to clues but nothing is happening

same here Koralle

can't figure out the puzzle for the valve. it looks like 2 turns counter clock wise and then 2 turns clock wise. But that doesn't work.

4 right 3 left 2 right 1 left to open the valve

i'm out!

Nice chitsa!!! :)

Left 4 Right 3 Left 2 Right 1

still nothing happening here what am i missing?

and out! finally!

where did you get the bone and chain

Comments #37 and 38 would help if I knew where the rod is !

Koralle, go with comment 57

Yay finally thanks for all your help and I'm so happy I got a live game :)

@ Pascale, go thru the wooden door, then click above the next wooden door and there will be a ladder, climb all the way up and then turn right, there is a small iron ladder, all you have to do is wiggle the crooked bar back and forth until the iron rod falls off

@Pascale when you go up the ladder turn right and get the top loose rod off the other black ladder. Hope this helps

Nice playing with all of you, its been a while since ive caught a live game!

LOL @ Sarah - seems like we're thinking alike

@ Koralle, great minds think alike!!! :)

im out, nice game.
thanks for the hints

Does anyone need any more help?

still can't find bone and chain

where is the chain???? and how do you combine items?

floridaguy -- the bone is to the right of the skeleton against the wall I think...

Chain is in the room with the bench. On the left chain, click near the top of the chain.

Thanks a lot, Sarah and Koralle ! My problem was that I didn't see the ladder. Now, I have the iron rod !

Now, my problem is to find where is THE loose stone...

@Pascale Loose stone is right where you found the loose rod - it's a different colour

Thank you again, Koralle, I must be blind !

Happens to the best of us Pascale

I cant get the valve? whats the order?

found it, now the chain

i combined them but can't close the window

got it

Room 1
Stone door view
- Tack spider web left side
- Notice key & hint in wall hole
Jail door view
- Tack spider web right side
Skeleton view
- Tack spider web right side
- Tack bone right side of skeleton
Bench view
- Tack spider web left side
- Pull down bench get stone under it
- Use bone to tack chain on left side
- Doubleclick on bone to combine it with spider webs (4) & chain
Jail view
- Use combo bone on torch
Bench view
- Use torch on window to see other side
- Use stone on machine to activate it
Jail opens enter 2nd room
Enter 3rd room by wooden door
- Climb ladder till up turn right moove black ladder untill a rod falls
- Get down to tack rod
- Get up again turn right & use rod on top left stone of middle wall to get key
Go back to 2nd room jail door view
- Look up left side & attach cain to trap
- Look down & attach cain to door
- Use key on lock right side to gate jail down & open trap
- Enter trap & get long rode
Back to bench view
- Use torch to see the other side
- Use long rode to get oil
Back to trap
- Use little rod to crack watter entering
- Use oil on valve so u can turn it
- Use hint to activate valve
4 left 3 right 2 left 1 right
Back to 1st room get key to exit by 2nd wooden door

ok have chain in place on gate and trap door but can't do anything else

opened wood door but can't turn

what cain

- Look up left side & attach cain to trap, what cain

1. pick up COBWEB up left. Notice hole in the wall. If you look through it you'll see a key hanging and some clues.
2. go right. pick up COBWEB in right corner. Look through iron bars and see torch.
3. go right. get COBWEB over skeleton and BONE next to skeleton.
4. go right. get COBWEB up left. click on board against the wall. get STONE under the board on the floor.
5. use STONE to get the CHAIN on the left of the screen
6. combine BONE, CHAIN and COBWEBS
7. go right twice, look out the iron door, select the combined items and click on torch. You should now get a lit torch of your own.
8.go right twice to the scene where there is the board and the iron window. click on the window, select the torch and click between the bars. you should now be able to see what there is
9. use the STONE and click on the two wheels on the left. As you now see, the iron door is now open.
10. Go right twice and walk out the iron door into the room with the hanging torch

11. go right twice and notice a barrel on the left of the now open iron door, and a key hole on the right
12.if you click above the barrel to the top of the screen you will see there is a hot spot. click on it and see there is a small door in the ceiling.
13. attach the chain to this door
14. back out of the screen and attach the other end of the chain to the door iron bars by clicking on them
15. go left once open the brown door

16. click on the bottom stair and you find another brwon door - this one's locked.
17. click on the top of that screen - there is another hotspot - it will take you up a ladder
18. click up twice until you reach the top. go right and notice a black ladder with a loose rod. just click on that rod and it falls off.
19. go left down down down till you reach the end of the stais and pick up the ROD
20. go back up up up and left till you get to the balck ladder again and use the ROD to hit the stone that's a different colour. Get KEY
21. Now... you guessed it.. you have to go left and down again till you get back into the room click RIGHT to the scene with the barrel, the stuck chain and the keyhole

22. use the KEY in that keyhole and the iron bars will go back down. Now click to the top of the barrel again and notice that the roof hatch is now open .

23. click on it to get up thru the hatch. Pick up the LONG STICK. use the IRON ROD on the pile of small bricks blocking the way. you will also notice the RUSTY VALVE

24.go back down and thru the iron bars door that is now half open. look out the small window again and notice that next to the wheels there is an oil can. use LONG STICK to get it
25. GO back up thru the hatch and use the OIL on the rusty valve
26. Remember when looking thru the small hole we saw a key and some clues? Now is the time to use those clues. Click on the Valve to get a close up of it.

27. Click 4 times LEFT
3 times RIGHT
2 times LEFT
once RIGHT

28. Immediately water starts flowing out and crashes the barred wall downstairs
29. Go down and through to get the KEY.
30. Go out the first brwon door, up stairs, use KEY on 2nd brown door... and you,re OUT

Hope this helps . It is my first Walkthrough !

out thanks

its such a shame people write a walkthrough!!!!!

Best game I've played
in a long time!!!

@ personage Please note that people write walkthroughs to help others. I know how frustrated I get when I'm stuck especially if no one is playing at the time. All YOU need to do if you don't like them is Don't READ them !

@koralle Great walkthrough. :)

@personage -- I think that is the first time I have seen someone complain about the presence of a walkthrough. Usually, people complain there isn't one fast enough. lol

This game was awesome!!

@Koralle: Great Walkthrough, But I Couldn't Get The Chain Using The Stone. I Had To Use Bone To Get It. On Step 5 Of Your Walkthrough!


this game is really buggy

fun game!!!!!

working link:


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