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Find the Escape Men - 2: In the Telephone Box Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men - 2: In the Telephone Box

Find the Escape-Men 2: In the Telephone Box is the second part of Find the Escape-Men 1 : in the Bathroom. You have to collect The Escape-Men, and escape the room. Let's find all Men! Good luck and have fun!

Play Find the Escape Men 2
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Not loading for me :(

Woo first (feeling dirty for saying that now :P)

Hi I cant get it either. It says page not found.

Does anyone have another link to this game?

I googled it and have it now

Go to http://www.no1game.net/games/jp/game016.html see if it works...

link is wrong..remove http:// at end of link


Hi notty! Found 4 sofar.

doesnt work.

Thanks Debra and Notty, I'm in

Looks like a horrible maths equation :O Got 6 men and a phone card put dont know a number to dial

Ooh another one

I have 4 green men

I love these games! The phone card won't go in the phone...got 4 men...

You don't have permission to access /games/jp/game016.html on this server.

Oh just found the phone card behind the white paper on the glass

Lift the handset up before putting in card gives you a number 1 :S

there is a man on the back of the card

there's something written on the phone card ; some numbers

found 6 so far, phone card, cannot understand code hint above phone. if a=1, b=2 and so on, I end up with 455, if I go by the phone keypad, it's 144, how do they come up with 210?

lift the handset up a few times and a green man drops into money compartment bit

thanks , Paul, I clearly do not know how to use a phone card..lol

thanks paul

8 men now one on the side of the phone :D

i have the number, got a laughing man on the line abd a white card back, now stuck

Great Paul, now for the number to dial.

number to dial: 2 x 3 x 5 x 7 = 210.....
now look what letter has what number and make the word game....

Can anyone move or get that stick in the corner?

have only 7 men, where's 8th?

I can't put the number in, where do I type it at?

I cant seem to input the number either. Have you got the one from the side of the phone or maybe the one that drops when you lift handset up a few times Hil.

one is on the floor, under it I guess. I peeled up a corner somehow.

Oke, have 8 men nowk, but don't know how to escape. I get the feeling i should have 10 men, on the back of my card are 10 spaces for 10 men...

@julselhan, take the hook of the phone, put in your card and click the numbers on the numberpath

i am stuck and a little lost on word game thing...

The one on the phone is hard to see. Stuck with 8.

dial 5273 on phone.

I have the white card now, yes I think we need 10 men. @paul 5273


If you spell game, then the code is 5273.

Hmm im confused is there supposed to be a word we use for the number??

I tried that but my G is number 4!!!

you need only 9 men..the last one is by magic or something lol
go to view where you can see a track on floor.zoom on white card and click it...you should see a green guy running on track and out of game screen
im not sure if its necessary to look at card but thats what i did..i was clicking around like mad!!

hi susana!!

*grumble mutter*

Found 9th men...on one of the scenes there is a path on the floor. Clicked there and man came running out!



I have that guy already he appears if you just wait. Still seem to be missing 1 (or 2 according to white paper)

Yes! 10 spaces and I only have 7 of them...hmmmm
thanks carolina for the #...later when I'm not in a RACE maybe I'll figure it out...

got him!!!

Paul, did you find the big one on the floor already?

Got him if you turn right from the phone and click bottom centre of screen you get a floor view :)

And out thx everybody :)

do i have to catch that guy while he is running? can't get him..

out. thanks Notty.

Hil, I clicked on him while he was running.

Lol yeah just wait a few seconds he will apear

For the tenth one, you are a green man so he just rubs it and it appears lol! Out!

That was like rat hunting...ha he he

now i'm out, but i lost my phonecard, but i'm too scared to go back, don't know if you all will be here again to help me out.
thanks for this time, ....

Are you entering the #'s in the phone? I cant.

Someone mentioned slots on their card for their men, how do you get them on there?

Of course, I am missing one!!! always the slow one here...

Susana, pick up the phone, put your phonecard in the slot then enter the number (5273)

I am doing that. Do the #'s appear where the 1 is lit up on the phone? Mine dont push in!!

No the numbers do not appear.

If you wait a couple of seconds after putting the numbers in you get a new card.

what happens? Thanks for helping!!! I will try again.

Does anyone remember where all the men were?

Pick up the receiver, insert the phone card and dial the number. The numbers won't show. Wait a couple of seconds and the phone will give you a new card.

Thanks. I got out. I think I had to click on the slot again after I put in the card!!! Thanks for helping!!!!!

No wonder I didn't understand the equation..I never found the one above the phone!!!!!

Well, if anyone is interested...
On bottom phone book
Above phone on right
Go right click under rt wall at floor
Top corner same scene
Go right, card behind white paper, back of card
Go right one in green sign and one in track on floor
Hang up phone 5 times and coin slot gives one
One right of phone

Green Men:
#1 – jiggle phone handle a few times, one appears in coin return
#2 – found on green phone book
#3 – on closeup of phone, found on right side of phone
#4 – click right once, is found in upper corner of booth
#5 – from this view click on floor to find man
#6 – click right again, peel back white sign to get phone card, man on back of card
#7 – click right again, man will run along the track on floor if you wait a bit…click quick!
#8 – on E of game in green sign
#9 – Click right again, and then above phone to get ninth man (on right) and see code for phone. Find 4 numbers between 1 and 10 that would = 210, the inequality assigns letters to the four numbers, spell out a word (clue given when you found man #8). Pick up phone, insert card, and enter the code. Listen to maniacal laughter. Get another card.
View new card and click on it. The tenth man is provided for you! You’re out!

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the answer to the equation is 2 3 5 7 because 2x3=6 x 5=30x7= 210 not sure wat it means tho

finding that green man on the right side of the phone was really difficult! what a pixel hunt! other than that good game!!!!!

i cant flip my phone card over to get the last man!!!!!!

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