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Find the Numbers Challenge 26 Walkthrough

Find the Numbers Challenge 26

Find the Numbers - Challenge 26 is another new Find the Number Challenge point and click type hidden object game from 123bee.com. "Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers which are in various forms. For each accurate click,score will get increased and for wrong click,score will get reduced. Try to find out the numbers within given duration." Good luck and have fun!

Find the Numbers Challenge 26

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I can't find number 1 in level 2


nevermind, found it

I can´t find 5 and 21 in level 1.

hi...lets go blind finding numbers!!
i miss 25 in lvl 1 so far

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:15 AM  

missing 25...any ideas?

need 25 in level one?????

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:16 AM  

5 is up above number 11 on the speaker..can't really see it and 21 is behind the curtain on the left side...really hard to see

5 lvl 1 is on top of that grey thing next to curtain

numberzzzzz! sick in bed but still gonna do numberzzzzz!

25 is under the front table on the carpet.

21 is on top of left curtain
i think 5 is on the speaker..not sure what number that was

Thank you all!
Up to level 2.

thanks feminin

I found 25 I think it was close to bottom under the table maybe??

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:20 AM  

fun game!!!

Hi ! need 1 and 14 on level 2

14 on left building on window green colour

14 (L2) on the left, in the window, number is green

thnx feminin!!
on to lvl 2 cant find 1

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:22 AM  

Missing 7,11,15 and 5...any help

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:23 AM  

on Level 2

Thanks !! Still looking for n° 1 too..

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:24 AM  

Now missing 7,11,5..on level 2

5 is on the light post

7 is on post holding chains just behind left table
11 on building window behind it
5 is on lamp post on right
15 is on red white cloth on left on corner

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:25 AM  

Number 1 is next to number 9 by the post but #1 is on the wall

5 in the second level is the middle of the right lamp post. I need 1 and 7 on that level.

11 in white on the window of the lower left building

5 is on the latern on the right.
15 is on the parasol on the right.

Level2 #1 is white line on top row of windows on lefthand side brick building.

i can' t find 2 and 7 level2

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:27 AM  

#11 Lvl 2...what exact building is it on?? Hard to find

still cant find 1 and 5 lvl2

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:28 AM  

thanks found it...onto level 3

where can i find 2 on level 2?

still cant #1 on lvl 2

found 5

2 is leg of chair in middle of scene

i'm with you notty, where the heck it #1 on lvl 2???

Looking for no.8 in level 2?????

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:32 AM  

missing on level 3....2 and 18

#1 anyone? nottyyyyy

susana, look at the middle chain

One is on left window of brick building

found it!!! left brick building...top row of windows to the right...its look a bit like the 11 only its a 1!! lol
on to lvl 3

i mean middle left chain

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:34 AM  

Okay nice found number 2 now in search of 18 on level 3

Thanks zoz

       Anonymous  8/5/09, 8:36 AM  

Hard time finding 18 on level 3.. Anyone found that one yet?

i found 1 on the middle upper window of the building on the far left

Number nine on level three?

I think 18 was on table leg below blue tablecloth

18 is foot of table on lvl 3
im looking for 10

need 22 on lvl3 my last one

9 is top right window of house..its a lighter brown color

18 base of table in level 3

nvm found the 10..its on the ground next to chair at back

I can't find 11 on level 3.

10 is on tablecloth

missing ten in level one!!!

#11 lv3 = Front of balstrade where first flight of steps comes to a landing

11 anyone level 3??

Done, that was tough

22 on lvl 3? Thanks much

Thanks gamesraider!!! OUT!!

hi all, I need help with 10 in level one!!!

22 lv 3 by plant pot on left by front door

thnx for the help everybody!

Thx Gamesraider

#4 lv3 anyone?

3 on lvl 2

Welcome susana and Jacob;)

Never mind, found it on toy at front

gamesraider, look at the kids toy

Thanx zoz:0

Diana-10 is on the table. I need 22!

i waited all morn. 4 this. this is not an escape game. we want a real game.

Does anyone have a hint as to 3 on level 2?

posting works everytime! Becky, look to the left lightpost. The right lamp has a 3 sticking out from it.

That was a bit hard on the eyes..Fun as usual..Thanks for hints everybody..

24 on lev.3 anyone know where it is?

nvm found it on the sidewalk bricks.

Hey everyone, need 20 level 3 then I am out. Thanks

never mind clicked every where finally found it

I missing number 20 on level 1...

found it

Hi! Is this one live?

thank u zoz for #1 lvl 2 we got so many locations on brick wall,.by no.9 they are all brick buildings geeezzzz

cant find 22 on lvl 1

cant find 3 an lv 3

level 1

1 at the foot of the stairs
2 on the left book on the front table
3 on the orange plate on the middle table
4 on the left chair leg (below the 7)
5 on top of the speaker in the back of the room
6 on the painting in the right corner
7 on the back of the left chair
8 on the pot under the stairs
9 on the bottom of the chandelier
10 above the orange cup on the middle table
11 purple numbers on the bottom of the speaker
12 nearest lampshade on the right
13 on the vase in front of the 6 painting (right corner of the room)
14 on the couch pillow
15 on the left edge of the right curtains
16 the right book on the middle table
17 side of the stairs and the railing (large numbers)
18 side of the landing to the right of the chandelier
19 on the rug as black numbers
20 on the chandelier on the left side
21 window in the top left corner (to the left of the left curtains)
22 on the fruit bowl to the left of the left lamp
23 on the stairs near the top
24 on the middle chair pillow
25 on the rug under the front table (near the right table leg)

Just need 9 and 17 on Level 3.

This one is way better than the previous few...in those most of the numbers were simply invisible!

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level 2

1 a line on the left brick building near the top (just to the left of the 5th white column and down right of 21)
2 leg of the bench
3 on the left lamppost just to the right of the right globe (almost directly below 14)
4 front of the food stand
5 top of the right lamppost (next to the left light globe)
6 on the front trashcan
7 on the chain post above the left picnic table (just above the red teapot)
8 part of the chain in front of the food stand
9 blue number on post holding chains
10 left side of brick building
11 on the left brick building in a bottom window (to the right of 18)
12 front of middle brick building
13 on the green and white awning (above 22)
14 green numbers on the left brick building
15 corner of the red and white awning on the right (above 9)
16 under the left picnic table
17 on the ground by the right lamppost
18 just above the green trashcan
19 red numbers in the bottom right of the window of the short center brick building
20 left seat of the left picnic table
21 top of the left brick building
22 white numbers in the center of the screen (to the right of the food stand)
23 on the side of the left gray building
24 right side of the gray building
25 right side of middle brick building

I still cn´t see 1 on lvl.2

level 3

1 very left corner of the upper floor (to the left of the 1st window)
2 on the upper door
3 ladder on the right of the house
4 in front of the pink thing in the toy car
5 side of the house on upper floor -- to the right of the upper door
6 on the lower door
7 on right planter pot (between 17 and 3)
8 green number in the rocks and grass to the left of the table
9 right corner of upper right window
10 on the ground between the right chair and the wooden chair behind the table (left of the planter)
11 in the railing of the stairs at the landing (just above 16)
12 railing of stairs near the top
13 center of the house near the roofline
14 back of the table’s chair
15 post between bottom floor door and the stairs
16 on bricks under the stair landing
17 seat of right chair
18 base of table
19 on the blue tablecloth (hard to see but behind the gray things on the table
20 on the ground behind the right chair (right of 17)
21 side of house between floors
22 left of small planter next to the 1st floor door
23 top left of the house near the roofline
24 on gray bricks of the walkway -- near the left screen edge
25 on the lower door (above the 6)

now i need #
5 lvl 3

@Cathy the left brick building has a series of white columns on the front of it. The 1 is almost in the top right corner of that building to the left of one of the columns. It is in line with the top windows and is a white line. Hope this helps.

I see you got the number 1 already. The five on level 3 is blue on the blue siding to the right of the upper door

working link:


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