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The Great Bank Escape Walkthrough

The Great Bank Escape

The Great Bank Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game from Rogue Joker. You are in the bank. Find clues and objects to help you solve the puzzles and escape. Be careful to avoid the bank's security systems and getting busted by the cops. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Rachel]

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Whoa. I'm never the first person to comment. Live game!

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 1:56 AM  

there is a screwdriver on the desk and pilers in th basket

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 1:57 AM  

Cut blue and yellow

Hi all ...

I've just started ... my first live game hopefuly

FInally a new game!

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 2:04 AM  

What is the login and pass??? for th computer?
i tried the number the name in many combinations and nothing

cant find the correct login for computer

TH first wire is cyan

Its cyan then yellow

have zippo liquid and a star from tree

I guess the passward is on the chairs in front of the desk but the user name is unkown

B.Boulder what the firs B stand for .... :(

The username isn't bboulder with 2875 or boulder with 2875 or either of those with 7528

Money is on the wall in the office

how Jenn?

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 2:16 AM  

there is a pic in the withdraw's..shows which wires to cut..

Joao flash the lights a lot and look at the back wall, you will see it faintly.

I tried pretty much every combonation of money, 28, 75, boulder and bboulder (even tried money2875)

george, sadly I noticed that AFTER I guessed and check and got caught like a million times LOL

anyone out yet?

Nope... totally stuck.. I think we can't do anything until we figure out the username and password


Its B.Boulder and the pw is money

username B.BOULDER password MONEY pin 2875
now stuck with the calendar and numbers on glasses!

wooow thanx jenn

and the safe passward is on the chairs :)

Got Mug, blue glove, lighter fluid and 4 silver shapes. need pw for next pc.. stuck

you go girl

Got lighter, lighter fluid, weird blue spindle thing, glove, 4 shapes, and I have a mug and a piece of paper on the table with the glasses of water...

got it - vault open

the user name is Maureen but what is the passward ???

poor water and it gives combination for wall safe

Now I have super glue, stuck... haven't tried EVERYTHING yet

glue on the paper

picture on wall goody

got it ... :)

the user name is maureen from tha birthday card

and passward is p3nny :)

hwas yea thanx :)

Have a glove with a hand print on it

dry the lighter under the hand dryer

just stuck on colour code for vault door now :S

lol typed that then worked it out

don't enter the rays in vault-room, got busted !!!!

stuck with color code

In the vault room, have the 4 things in the spinner... don't know what colors... I know it has something to do wiht the windows in the first room (holes are the same shape as the shapes) and the color above it, but I don't now how

need to open the till windows then go around the other side to get colours

stuck with the finger print :(

how did u do it Haws

you need to dry it under hand drier in toilet before it will work

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 2:46 AM  

flip the switches near the computers get out to main area im place of 4 red boxes you'll get colours

where is the computer as i can not find it

woot live?!
lets go guys

o i have to catch up lol

how did you get finger print on glove?

karolica, its not working for me, I'm hitting the switches but the colors won't change.

Also I didn't hit them before because I thought they were alarms xD I'm dumb

any one get out yet?

i keep getting busted any help?

Jenn, you should put the fuse in the electrical box before you flip the switches. The fuse can be found in the meeting room.

ok finally no alarm.... o gee im stuck already.. all i see are the cashier windows and a security door cant click anywhere

keep getting access denied when using glove, any help please ?

Darthsimian, I have the fuse (the blue thing right?) but wheres the electrical box?

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 2:58 AM  

i accidentally refreshed the game i'm back in the toliet:(

i Hit the switches near computers when i had everything made, then walk out to the main area and above the 4 client places there were the 4 colours

Oh duh, nevermind

Jenn, it is just next to the terminals....the one with the 3-digit code to enter

i cant get out the room with the computer...???

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 3:01 AM  

on the wall between the wall with computers and wall with 2 doors

have the money from vault! but how do i get out??

Freedom comes from letting go.

Okay I have the money now... now I just need to get out

i have money from the vault and lighter and lighter fluid and i'm stuck.....

truus, where did u find the lighter ???

Missing top left star shape and fuse. Any help?

Where is the lighter??

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 3:04 AM  

did anyone used the lighter fluid?

money and fluid and still trying to get out

Out... somehow LOL

lighter in one of the toilets, flush it first

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 3:05 AM  

Death_Magnetic: in the first toilet

lighters in the toilet...

And I am very confused of how I got out

lighter is in the toilet, you must flush it...i don't remember, but i think is the past toilet

can't get fingerprint on glove

Chappie a litle help?

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 3:07 AM  

Jenn Hughes: what the colour combination?

Oh, I didn't even know someone else had gotten out!

but @ joao, hint Chappie DID give a little help

You can't take the money with you Joao it's not yours. You need to open the door. The fire alarm might do the trick.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I can't see what is written in the birthday card !

Karolcia, for me the diamond is orange, the 4 point star was green, the 6 point star was purple, and the octagon was yellow

And the code on the glasses doesn't work on the safe...

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 3:10 AM  

Fingerprint: you put cup, paper on the table put glue on the paper put the water pitcher on the cup and paper touch the glowe to the cup

out! =)

Jenn i did get the note. but i was lkooking for a place to burn the money and afterall it was inside the vault =)

       Anonymous  8/18/09, 3:12 AM  

Pascale try other combinations of those numbers

@Karolcia, Thanks!!!!!

I just need to know WHERE to light the money. :(

thanx all but I gatta go now ... :(

o boy im having trouble with the computer code and am i stuck in the room. im missing something right?

Nevermind. XD

And OUT!!!!

and out!! I can sure use that drink....
Thanks for all the help !

im not alone now am i?
*hopes not*

@rocker, what do you mean, stuck?

still missing top lef star-shape. any help?

@Truus im at the first computer got the vault open but the door wont open again and i cant look at the computer. am i missing something?

which door rocker?

help getting out of the first computer area?

I cannot find the basket with the pliers, help!

when you get the first key for the computer i cant go out that door again... is there supposed to be another way out of the room?

pfff, found it

did you login the computer with "maureen / p3enny" to open the vault door?

@Truus how can i get out of the room with the b.boulder computer area?

hmm... lol. probably not i just put in the b.boulder and i cant access the computer again

I also had troubles finding the right hotspot the leave certain area's

did you open the safe to get the keycard?

yup yup. i just cant leave the room now lol

i can wiggle the handle(door) if i click on the end of it but if i click any closer in i get turned around (bug?)

you can only leave the room when viewing the open vault, click somewhere under the left chair

hahahahahahahahaha i was already leaving the room! lol i didnt even know it lol thank you lots

i guess if you see the door, it means you're out

ya prob. hahaha (feels smart)

not really rocking right now, are you ??? lol

not really lol

have to go now, good luck !!

wait. does that make me alone? noooo

Thank you Karolcia !

Now I have a colour for each counter... and I'm stuck again. I can't read the damn birthday card !


1.Go to the service desk to take the screwdriver and look at the back of the withdrawal slip to notice the color of wire to be cut.

2.Turn left and grab the pliers from the rubbish bin.

3.Use the screwdriver on the security camera and cut the wires - Cyan & Yellow.Notice the date is Dec 21.

4.Go to counter no.2 to get the key in the office and pick up the star from the right bottom of the Christmas tree.Note the numbers 28 & 75 on chairs and B.Boulder on the name tag in the office.Take the fluid in the 2nd drawer.

5.Put B.Boulder & money in the computer and pin 2875 and take the swipe card from the vault.

6.Go inside the telling area and pour the water in the cups.Notice the sequence is 476 and pick up the piece on the table leg.Look and the calender and the birthday of Maureen is Dec 20.

7.Pick up the key from the telling area and open the door on the very left.Inside that office, pick up the other key and blue fuse.Then, use password 476 on the grey box on the wall.Put the blue fuse inside the slot.

8.Go back.Take up the shape from box 4 and other items from the counter, i.e. paper, glue and cup.Turn the switches on while pick up the items from each box.

9.Go to Teller no.3 and log on the computer with Maureen and p3nny to open the vault.

10.Now, use the key to toilet.Flash the 1st toilet once and get the lighter and go to the 3rd toilet to get the blue glove.Final shape is on the floor of the 2nd toilet.Dry the lighter with the hand dryer.

11.Go back to the table with cups and water.Place the paper on the table.Then, place the glue and the cup in the in the inventory followed by the jar on the table.Put the glove on the jar and you will get the finger print.

12.Go out and click on every window. Notice the color on top and the shape on the window.

13.Go back to the vault.Use glove with fingerprint for access.Then,put the shapes and the correspondent color.

14.After opening the vault, pour the liquid on the money and burn them with lighter and you are OUT!


is anyone still here that can tell me where i can light the money?

you cant read the card. where you started the game theres a calendar says dec 21. then when you get to the room where you read the card theres a poster on the wall with bdays. maureens bday is dec. 20(the yesterday) so the computer with the bday card on it is maureens you never really read the card. hope that helped.... and i finally got out..

Thanks a lot, Rocker !

I'm missing one shape ! I have the hexagon, the star and the diamond (square).

Entrance sceen
- notice date 21 december
- screwdriver on counter with papers
- pliers inside bin next to door
- open camera with srewdriver
- cut yellow & light blue cables with pliers
Counter sceen
- key on cunter behind 2nd window from left
- get silver star from tree (buttom right)
- use key on black & grey door
- turn light on (yellow dot)
- notice name (b.boulder)
- moove chairs to get code (2875)
- open buttom drawer of desk get zippo fluid
- turn on computer enter
user nameB.BOULDER
password MONEY (u'r in a bank!)
pin 2875 to unlock safe
- get security card in safe
Back to counter sceen
- use card on door
- notice birthday calender
- use water on glasses get code (476)
- get other silver star under table
Computer sceen
- open 1st drawer get tape
- get glue in 3rd drawer
- get key under 3rd chair
- turn on 3rd computer
username maureen (birthday card)
passwoord p3nny (drawing)
open door
- get coffecup next to 4th computer
- get silver star behind 4th computer screen
- open safe wth glasses code
- notice missing fuse
- use key on left brown door
- key on desk in front of
- fuse on right side desk
- put back missing fuse
- turn on all switches next to computers
Back to counters sceen
- notice colors above windows
orange green purple & yellow
Back to staff room
- Use key to open toilets door
- get lighter in first toilet after flushing
- get silver star under 2nd toilet door
- get glove in farest toilet
- put lighter under handdryer
- Put tape & cup on table
- use glue on tape
- put pichet above cup to see hand shape on cup
- take back pichet
- use glove on cup
Enter 2nd brown door room
- use glove on security screen
- use colors on stars
yellow green
purple orange
Enter safe & don't tack money (sniff!!!!)
- use zippo fluid & lighter to burn money

nice walkthrough Pitxun ... thanx alot :)

Thanks for the walkthrough Pitxun!It helped ALOT!:D

It was a bit challenging and fun, Pitxun helped me at the end.

       Anonymous  9/11/09, 10:39 AM  

Man If I didn't know you had to dry the lighter off I would have done it all by myself! Thanks for the walkthrough.

pichet = pitcher

caught this one from the random section

thx for all your creations, RJ ☺

& thx Catherine for the WT

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