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August 9, 2009

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Haven - The Hospital Walkthrough

Haven - The Hospital

Haven: The Hospital is another new point and click type room escape game created by Pixelatrix Games. You wake up in a hospital room. The staff is dead, a few patients are missing, and you're not feeling so good yourself. Are you alone? Can you get out? Will you solve the mystery of Haven? In order to reach your goal you'll have to solve puzzles, confer with ghosts, unlock secrets, avenge past deeds, conquer evil, and restore faith in humanity. You have in your possession a pillowcase, a notebook, and a jack-in-the-box. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is not suitable for younger players!

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Haven - The Hospital Video Walkthrough


       Anonymous  8/9/09, 2:12 AM  

hello all

But there is no online game.

       Anonymous  8/9/09, 2:17 AM  

it opened for me

first first yihhaa

let's see how far I can get without any help... :P

I got in!!

Ah, firefox blocked the popups. Now I'm in.

No way! I caught a live game?!?! Wow, I've been missing them 4 a while...

Not found....

ha,ha Diagnosis: Possible Gamer

Morning everyone

i'm stuck at the moment, have found some clues and a syringe, but have no idea what now

I am executing for the normal FF.
Sorry ingles. Eu sou brasileira.

Found a key for the elevator on wallboard near dead nurse

the director looks like the clown from IT

oh, missed a floor, now checking....

Theres a dead guy in the bathroom...

lol! Maybe we should get him a kitten~

i'm now looking for the name of the goldfish....

Well, i thought the fish's name might be fishy... lol.

Hey, I'm also playing.
Got key to eleveator and syringe.

It has a butterfly in the light bulb… Station 3

You can break off the Mr. Dedd's arm with the pliers. Use the arm to get the box from the padded room.

@Diana. Tanks

Geez, all that for a little red ball?

I must say, this game is not only good and creepy, it's funny too! I also snickered at "Diagnosis: Possible Gamer," truus! Love it!

i have been in the morgue and outside, took a key from a barried body brrrrrrr
still not lucky with the name of the goldfish, i've tried wanda also, but no good

I found a red bal in the padded box....

how did you get outside hil??

Used red "ball" on one of the pictures...

Thought the red ball was missing button for Storage Room, but was wrong.....

i guess the red ball is not a ball at all.....

Diana, can you remember which picture?

The picture of Dr. Sarcoborus~ Or, the clown in other words...


thanks Dor, now why didn't I see that ? lol

red ball is nose...

I have to make notes about the floors, I keep going the wrong way

@angemel, i don't remember exactly

hmmmm not sure what i just found in the morgue

i'm already there hil....thanx anyway

@angemel, i think i got a card from the picture with clown when i put the red nose in, with this card i could get outside to the graveyard

i'm stuck again, have no clue for the codes and didn't find a knob. Still guessing for the name of the fish

Hi all, is anyone playing??? i have problems to opening the padded box.... HELP!!!

i iz stucketh... um, i think the stuff from the morgue is bonemeal...

The guy in the isolation ward iz annoying... I cant go in there, and i dont want to either...


For the box in the padded room, you have to click the squares so they all turn brown. Click to find the first one, then click to find the second one, etc. If you click the right one, they will stay brown, if you click the wrong one, it will reset. Then you just have to start the sequence again.

i think your right doreans..... i tryed to use it on the code-doors....did not work though

hmmm if the old guy with the fish had could he remember his fish name???

hmmm, stuck

       Anonymous  8/9/09, 3:29 AM  

code for exam room on 2nd floor: 5786
you'll find a key there.

do we just click the letters on the box for the fish's name? Nothing seems to happen.

Howd u find that, Phoebe???

what to do with what's left of the bones......

oh, cuz the #s r bloody, right?

Found ash in crematorium. use this to make the tombstone readable. The fish´s name is.....

5786 comes from the bloody prints on the numbers. The lighter they get, that means they come later in the code.

       Anonymous  8/9/09, 3:32 AM  

i just looked at the panel and saw the bloody fingerprints and then i treid all the possible combinations =)

Wow, this is still live - so not used to that, I didn't think to look. Seems I'm way behind tho :(

Use the bonemeal in the graveyard to get the fish's name...

use key in exam room 2 get um... a bottle of stuff (i cant remember nd im too lazy 2 look ;)) in the closet in station 2~

use loaded syringe (with blue liquid) on nurse in recreation room

and thread and hook combined gets you key in basement

So stuck with a moth I got using a lamp in station 3 after turning off the lights.

What is up in the recreation room?!?!?

the fridge, that's where I always keep my heads lol

now I have a lighted lamp

Get wool in recreation room, add fishhook to wool and get key from reception

yeah, what to do with the moth?

I wouldve soooo eaten the cheesecake...

Can hear sounds when you turn off the light.

Ahh, got moth.

       Anonymous  8/9/09, 3:46 AM  

Diana, how did you get the moth?

What is the code to recreation room ?
And where are pliers and red ball (nose) ?

Use the moth to get the button in the Rec Room.

And used the moth in the Rec room.

hmmm where can we use the moth....

oooooh nooooo, I refreshed the wrong page!!!!!
stupid me, have to start over again.....GRRRRR

i tryed that but didn't work

ahhh i didn't put em on the knob

woohooo, It said continue game!!!

       Anonymous  8/9/09, 3:49 AM  

How can i get the moth???

I'm so not finding any bonemeal in the graveyard - just a key and the mysterious headstone.. Do I need to do something else first?

Sneaky, EXIT doesn't mean you're out.

use the eye on the third floor

Bonemeal (or ash) is in the Morgue.

ah. got it.

Ah, my comp froze, but all is well... I dont have 2 restart...

Ahh, it is out. Just a plug to buy the "The Old Asylum".

Yeah...ffffftttt! Still fun though.

Stuck~ I got the thingy from the guy in the rec room using the moth, now what???

nvm. I feels stupid~

Angemel, where exactly on the 3rd floor?

Where is morgue ??

hmmm....don't know what to do in the record-room

in the messy room

truus, use the eye in the messy room in one of the drawrs

has anyone found out what to do in the record room????

@dor - the thingy from rec room is the button for the sorage room

aaahaaa, finally! Thanks Angemel

i need some kind of a code in the record room.....have no idea what it is

you're welcome....maybe you know what to do in the record room truus

What is the code to enter rec room please ?

the code for the record room is on the third floor in one of the drawers in the mess/bloody room

I wish I could help Angemel, sorry

       Anonymous  8/9/09, 4:12 AM  

What eye?

In Record room look at the signs of the box. ;-)


I found exit but I doesn't let me out.......
Think I missed something.

Ok thx Angemel !!

ofcourse.......!! thanx usha i'm an idiot for not seeing that

I see the code in the drawer, but i cannot read it :((
It is too small.

out! Sort of...

       Anonymous  8/9/09, 4:18 AM  

Think we need a way to the ducts (in the storage room), where we can find money to continue. How can we take the rusted key in the roof?
SPOILER for the record room:

Code for the box in the record room:

oke i'm kind of out now, but wish we could play the entire game....

all this to get us to buy The Old Asylum?
well, it was fun !!!
thanks everyone for all the help

       Anonymous  8/9/09, 4:19 AM  

How do you read code in drawer? It sux to be blond sometimes.

Still missing the code for rec room and record room, help please !!

Zazie, for the code in the drawer you'll need the eye you'll find in the storage room

These game designers are awesome! Knowing that we need to find a way to read small print, they offer us monocles, a magnifying glass, and binoculars: none of which they'll let us pick up! Instead we get an eyeball. Brilliant! I love their sense of humor!

Thank you Angemel, i am looking for the eye now.

Ohh no ! I don´t have any button to enter storage room :((

my diary tell me, that´s much work to do:

-Note on roof
-Rusted key
-Money in ducts
-Revenge of dead patients
-there are catacombs remaining

       Anonymous  8/9/09, 4:27 AM  

Thank you so much!

Zazie the button for the storage room is in the recreation room

you're dead right R C !!

Feeling blond today.
How can i get the button in the rec room, if i cannot enter storage room for the eye to read the code for rec room ?

in german it means ,,the,the,the,,...
this joke made my day:)

to get the button in the recreation room, zazie, you need the lamp from the kitchen (I think) in the basement. Light it with the matches, take it up to the 3rd floor, the room with the flickering light, and turn off the light switch to attract the moth to the lamp. Then click the moth to put it in your pillow cover bag.

Thx RC i will try to go ahead, lol.

Zazie, you need the lamp from the kitchen combine with matches. go to the third floor into the room with the dead nurse on the floor en turn off the light to catch the moth. Use the moth in the recreationroom on the button

sorry, zazie, I forgot to mention that the eye gives you the code for the Records room, not the Recreation room, so you don't need it yet.

For anyone who has already escaped, and may still be around....

Did you just leave through the final door? It tells me I have to get into the Asylum, and won't let me leave. Is this the end? No, "you've escaped" message? (even if only a "you've escaped, for now")

This game is killing me :)
I even cannot find any kitchen and i have no more key left and the key from reception i cannot take.

Ahh i made some progress :))

I haven't actually 'escaped' yet, so I went back into the basement. The kitchen is the barred room with a lock and chain behind the gurney, between the elevator and exit door views. So you need a key, but now I can't remember where that key was found.

Zazie, you won't be able to get the key from Reception until you've entered the Recreation room. From there, you'll sedate the patient and take their thread. That thread will combine with the hook, to get the Reception key.

I don't understand i went threw the exit but it says i am not finished yet.
What to do next?

Yeah i am out finally !
Thank you very much for all the help, especially RC and Angemel !

I'm with you Feminin21, I'm not really sure I'm 'done.'

Zazie, yay! You got it! But now tell us, how did you know you were 'finished'?

If you look at the picture of the game next to the game, you will see that the woodenboards are removed.
I assume that is the asulum.

By the way i still didn't got the key from the roof!

The downsides to this game were 1) a cumbersome inventory system and 2) a tedious route of going floor to floor to floor to floor. Normally, those can ruin a game for me, but this was truly fun and completely worth playing!

The scenes and storyline were genuinely creepy, but interspersed with so much great tongue-in-cheek humor that I laughed almost the whole way through. I went to their link for the whole game, and I've got to say that $6 is a good bargain. The ONLY reason I haven't purchased it yet is that I can't find anywhere on their page whether or not the download is playable on a Mac. (Pity if it isn't) Although, this was so fun I'm tempted to purchase it anyway just to help the developers make some money. Well done!

I'm sorry I can't do a walkthrough. It's just too late for me to replay. For all who come to this later, do play it! It's well worth it, and not too hard. All the hints you need are already posted here. And hopefully someone will do a walkthrough (hint, hint!)

R C - it works great on a Mac!

It is really a good game !
But I don't know how to take the rusty key on the roof...

Did anyone get the key on the roof?

8674 for recreation room

9081 records

thank you Celli and Vivi

RC i just clicked the exit door (the second one)
There is written "i did it ! I escaped from the hospital" etc Isn´t this the end ?

I think it goes further when playing purchased ...

what is the code to open the box in the record room

ok I've found

Wow, that was another great game!!!!!!

Great Game! But How Did You Find Out The Code For The Box In The Record Room? Why 403??? How Did YOU FIND IT??


Square = 4 sides
Circle = 0 sides
Triangle = 3 sides

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ Evariste, thank you for the heads-up! Taking your word, I bought and downloaded the full game, and it does work on my Mac.

For anyone else interested in purchasing, once you download the game it still plays through your browser, so I'm thinking if this online version worked on your system, the full game will work also for any platform.

@ Zazie, having downloaded it, I now know that there was no 'official' "you've escaped" message. The Asylum portion starts with the exact same screen we ended with, (you can leave but it says there is still work to do), with the only difference being that the toolbox now contains the tools you need to get into the catacombs.

@ Loobyloo, Pascale, etc. no one got the key from the roof. It's still there because what we just played, The Hospital, is only the first half of the full game. It's a teaser, I bet!

@ Prid, when opening the box in the Record Room, there was a book next to it that showed a dolphin (0), a scorpion (8) and a cow (4). I read that as dolphin has 0 legs, scorpion has 8 legs, and cow has 4 legs. That gave me the hint for the code, as Catflap said in comment #156.

Also, Prid, in case you see this, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your text walkthroughs. I usually come too late to comment and let you know, but your walkthroughs have helped me immensely, so Thanks! I'd sign up for your YouTube, but I never bothered getting an account there since video works horribly on my computer (it's over 7 years old, but handles escape games well!)

walkthrough please

@ R C: Wow, I Can't Actually Believe That My Text Walkthroughs Actually Help People. When I Most Of The Time Check EscapeGames24, And I See New Games, I Always Come Too Late, Because Most Of You All Have Already Discussed Through The Game... But The Only Game I Got To Discuss, Was Deep Chalk: Third Phase, But That Was The Only One. Anyways, I Wouldn't Have Made My Video + Text Walkthroughs, If It Weren't For You All. Because, Even I Am Stuck Sometimes :S

Anyways, Going To Post The Video And Walkthrough Right After This One! And The Text Walkthrough Is Really Huge, And I Spent Over An Hour Working On It, So I Hope You All Enjoy Reading It ^^


The Game Itself Is Pretty Awesome, But It’s Also A Bit Hard. So I Decided To Make A Walkthrough :D

NOTE: This Walkthrough Does Not Contain Steps, On What Information You Need To Write Down In Your Notebook, It’s Just A Normal Walkthrough That Shows You Step-By-Step How To Get Out :D

How To Use An Item: Click The Box, And Then The White Pillow. Once You’re Inside, You’ll Be Able To See All Of Your Items! To Use One, Simply Drag It To The Arrow Pointing Down, And The Pillow Will Be Closed! Drag The Item Where It’s Needed ;)

Walkthrough - Part 1:


[Floor 1]

1. Click On The Text: “The Hospital”, To Continue!

2. Move Twice Left, And Click On The Chair To Crush The Glass. Click On The Piece Of Glass You Destroyed To Open The Door. Then, Click On The Left-Side Of The Screen, Where The Door Is A Bit Opened, To Get Out!

3. Go Inside Station 3, And Click The Noteboard To Zoom In. Take The Elevator Key, And Leave The Room!

4. Move Twice Left, And Go Inside The Toilet! Check The Trash Can For A Syringe. Take It, And Leave The Room!

5. Move Once Left, And Enter The Elevator! Unlock The Elevator With The Key You Got In The “Station 3″ Room, And Click The Button Above The Key, To Close The Door! Go To Floor 2.

[Floor 2]

6. Move Once Left, And Go Inside The Bathroom. Watch The Open Toilet To Reveal A Dead Man. Check His Pocket For The Roofs Code, But Don’t Worry Memorizing It, The Notebook Will Automatically Note It Down. Just Check You’re Notebook To See The Code!

7. Leave The Bathroom, And Move Once Left! Enter The Elevator, And Move Onto The Roof!


8. Click Door To Zoom In, And Enter The Code You Got: 3165! Once You’re On The Roof, Take The Plier And Leave! Enter Elevator And Move Onto Floor 2.

[Floor 2]

9. Move Once Right, And Enter Room Nr. 211! Move The Curtain, And Take Of The Skeletons Bone-Arm By Using The Plier! Take It, And Leave The Room!

10. Click The Exam Rooms Door, To Zoom In! The Code Is Very Simple. If You Look At The Blood On The 4 Numbers: 5-6-7-8, You’ll See That The Blood On Nr. 5, Is The Darkest. The Blood On Nr. 7 Is A Bit Lighter. And Blood On Nr. 8 Is Lighter Than 5 And 7. And At Last, The Least Blood Is On Nr. 6, So The Code Must Be: 5-7-8-6!

11. Once Inside The Exam Room, Click On The Bowl, Right-Side Of The Screen, To Reveal A Key. Take It, And Leave The Room!

12. Go Inside The Room: “Station 2″! Click On Closet To Zoom In, And Use The Key From The Exam Room, To Open The Closet! Take The Bottle Named: “Laudanum”, And Leave The Room!

13. Move Right, And Enter The Elevator. Move Onto Floor 3!

[Floor 3]

14. Move Once Right, And Enter The Middle Door! Click On The Small Hole On The Ceiling To Zoom In, And Use The Skeleton Hand To Get The Box. The Box Holds A Code, With Colors. Click On The Colors In The Following Order:

1. Pink [Row 2, Column 3]
2. Orange [Row 1, Column 1]
3. Green [Row 1, Column 3]
4. Red [Row 2, Column 1]
5. Purple [Row 1, Column 4]
6. Blue [Row 1, Column 2]
7. Light Blue [Row 2, Column 4]
8. White [Row 2, Column 2]

Once Done, Open The Box And Take The Red Ball, And Leave The Room!

15. Move Right, And Enter The Elevator. Go To The 2nd Floor!

[Floor 2]

16. Click On The Clown Portrait On The Right-Side Wall, To Zoom In. Put The Red Ball On His Nose, And Get An Access Card!

17. Move Twice Left or Right, And Enter The Elevator. Move Onto The 1st Floor!

[Floor 1]

18. Move Once Left, And Click The Door To Zoom In! Use Access Card To Open The Door, And Enter!

19. Click On The Dug Up Grave Twice, And Open The Coffin By Moving It. Take The Key From The Dead Mans Hand, And Leave The Graveyard!

20. Move Left, And Enter The Elevator. Move Onto The Basement!

Read Next Comment For - Part 2


Walkthrough - Part 2:

21. Move Once Left, And Click The Lock To Zoom In. Use The Key You Got On The 1st Floor! Click On The 3rd Heater, To Zoom In. Open It, And Take The Ash!

22. Leave The Room, And Move Left. Enter The Elevator, And Move Onto The 1st Floor!

[Floor 1]

23. Go Back To The Graveyard. Note That There Are Only 3 Tombstones Without Cross On Them. The One Mostly To The Right Side, Click To Zoom It, And Use Ash To Reveal The Words. You’ll Find Out The Name Of The Fish: FINCH!

24. Leave The Graveyard, And Move Left. Enter The Elevator And Move Onto The 2nd Floor!

[Floor 2]

25. Move Once Left, And Enter The Room: “211″! Check The Box For A Fishhook. Then, Click On The Puzzle On The Bed, And Type: F I N C H, To Open It! Take The Matches, And You’ll Also Get The Code For The Recreation Room!

26. Leave The Room, And Move Right. Click On The Door Of “The Recreation Room” To Zoom In, And Enter The Code: 8 6 7 4! Enter The Room!!

27. Open Up Your PillowCase, And Combine The Syringe And The Liquid, “Laudanum”! Use The Syringe On The Woman Right In Front Of You. Once She’s Knocked Down, Take The Red Wool!

28. Leave The Room, And Move Twice Left. Enter The Elevator, And Move Onto The Basement!


29. Click On The Place Below The Text: “REGISTRATION”! Combine The Fishhook And The Wool, And Then Use The New Item To Get The Key!

30. Move Right, And Click On The Lock To Zoom In! Use The Key You Just Got, To Enter The Kitchen! Take The Lamp, And Leave The Room!

31. Move Twice Right, And Enter The Elevator. Move Onto The 3rd Floor!

[Floor 3]

32. Move Once Right, And Enter The Room: “Station 3″! Close The Light, And Use The Matches To Light The Lamp. Use Lamp On The Dark Room, To Get A Moth On The Lamp. Take The Moth, And Leave The Room!

33. Move Once Right, And Enter The Elevator. Move Onto The 2nd Floor!

[Floor 2]

34. Enter The Recreation Room, And Click On The Man Watching The TV, To Zoom In To Him. Give Him The Moth, And Get The Knob He Was Holding!

35. Leave The Room, And Move Twice Left. Enter The Elevator, And Move Onto The 1st Floor!

[Floor 1]

36. Click On The Door For The Storage Room, And Insert The Knob. Press The Knob To Enter The Room!

37. There Is A Pile Of 3 Boxes Behind All The Others On The Left-Side. Click On The 3rd One, And Take The Eye. If You Got In The Correct Box, You’ll Also See A Teddybear!

38. Leave The Room, And Move Twice Left. Enter The Elevator, And Move Onto The 3rd Floor!

[Floor 3]

39. Move Once Right, And Enter The Door Nr. 311! Click On The Drawers To Zoom In. Open The 1st Drawer, And Use “The Eye” On The Little Text! You’ll Get The Code For The “Records” Room!

40. Move Once Right, And Enter The Elevator! Move Onto The 1st Floor!

[Floor 1]

41. Move Once Right, And Click The Door For The “Records” Room. Enter The Code From The Drawer: 9 0 8 1! Enter The Room!

42. Click On The Shape Box, And Note The Sides Of Each Shape!

Square = 4 Sides
Circle = 0 Sides
Triangle = 3 Sides

Code = 4 0 3

Enter The Code: 4 0 3, And Take The Key!

42. Leave The Room, And Move Once Right! Enter The Elevator, And Move Onto The Basement!

43. Click On The Lock For The EXIT Gate, And Use The Key You Just Got! Move Inside!

44. Move Left, And Go Outside The EXIT Door. But You Won’t, You Want To Find Out More About What’s Going One. So You Decide To Stay!

45. Congratulations! You Just Beat Another Awesome Game, And You Should Be Proud Of Yourself! Anyways, For The 2nd Part, You Must Purchase It :(

Have Fun Playing The Game, And Enjoy This Long Walkthrough! Please Tell Me Something About The Walkthrough, Spent More Than An Hour On It, And It’s Really Long :D


And Something In The End.. Something I Wanna Ask Most Of You: Who Do You Think Make Best Walkthrough Videos? And Who Do You Think Makes The Most Helpful Video Walkthroughs?

Prid (me) Or Tasselfoot?

NOTE: Tasselfoot Works For ArmorGames, And He Has Done With The Video Walkthrough Buisness For Much Longer Than Me, And He Gets To Make Video Walkthroughs Before The Game Is Out. And The Game Developers Also Include His Video Walkthrough In-Game. So That's An Exception!


Thank you Prid....I was just about to do a walkthru, having just finished the game, and refreshed to see you had done it....'re not much of an escapist, are you?

Come on, try it on your own a bit! :)

I'll wait till 9-10 for the free version! lol

if i had a fish id name it Finch ;)

Can anyone help me find a walkthrough for Haven Asylum. Man, am I stuck! Thanks.

I'll even take a hint. LOL

barb, im stuck in the directors room? how far are you?

Hi Matt...Can't get past C ward. All I have is a penny. Don't think I've been in directors room yet.

im stuck on c ward too.the key to the directors office is in the box in station b. write down the poem, heaven is the top button the beetle the bottom etc. click all buttons in order of the poem

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 10:46 AM  

hey, am at the monsters be here bit of the old asylum part and i have the following items....
-random rusty type key from the vent in the roof
-sledge hammer from the dead guy in the wall near where i am
-coin from front desk of asylum
-and a misterious black pointy thingy from the kiln in the boiler room.

I need to find a door handle the indigent room and a way of getting the hole in the nurse's lounge broke open (hammer no workie:() also need to get the child his marbles lol....

If anyone needs help up until then just msg me


@prid: thanks a lot for this walkthrough!!! it is really great and helped a lot!

hey assasin how do you work out the code for the directors safe? the first three stars match his name then im stumped!

Still stumped Matt. Can't figure out poem. Do I need the rusty key from the hospital? I never got it.

from top to bottom right to left the buttons are heaven,evil,evil,angel,robber,black knight,white knight,beetle. click the order they appear in the poem

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 11:32 AM  

@matt... there is a jacket in the linen room that has 4 star alinments... count the stars and then put the code in the safe and click the opener...

safe code in the directors office is 7856

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 11:38 AM  

Code to get to Ward E

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 11:43 AM  

in the room where the little girl is in ward C there is a box click the 2nd box down on the left hand side then follow it around into the middle

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 11:48 AM  

boiler room code... do this once money is inserted into the bottom and lite with the matches money is in the vent in the ward E. and the matches...? am not too sure?

anyway moving on..... click the Middle, Middle, Right, MidRight, MidRight.

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 11:55 AM  

oh yeah the matches are in the kitchen, the bottom left hand cupboard with the candles XD

box with little girl may be random, starts on the right 3rd down for me! thanks for the safe code

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 11:58 AM  

the code for the wierd poem puzzle thingy in section B...
[1] [2]
hope this information is helping XD

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 12:01 PM  

@matt...its ok XD
the little girl puzzle gives you the star for the following door leading to next section with the answer is in the lavey poem... moon, moon, star, cross, eye

altiarassin...God Bless you!!! LOL

yep got that, need a handle

smashed wall with sledgehammer

combined with pointy thing and thru with the handle

have ribbon and marble. stuck again!

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 12:39 PM  

@matt what wall did you smash and what part do you click the sledge on?

the fishys name is finch

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 12:41 PM  

Nevermind lol

finished, really good fun time flew by, cheers, finished alti?

the wall to the right in the first nurses station

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 12:52 PM  

nope whats the last bit then do tell....

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 1:04 PM  

what is the spider thing?

it gets easier imo, having a whisky at the end lol
hint: you have to find a way around the door with the bell, else you'll be there all day:)

the nursery rhyme in the childrens ward, push in order

tap,rain,sun,tap i think?

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 1:17 PM  

that was a pointless ending i would have had the drink, cheesecake and the took the money and made investments lol.... but then again the character we play is from a mentle institution lmao oh well overwise this was a v.good game XD

What do I push in Children's ward? Where is ribbon? Thanks. it.

great game.....loved it! thanks for all your help.

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