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Legacy of Pliskin Trilogy: Part 3.1 Walkthrough

Legacy of Pliskin Trilogy: Part 3.1

LoP Trilogy Part 3 Episode 1 is another new point and click type adventure game created by Howard Krieg. This is the third episode of The Legacy Of Pliskin game. You have to solve puzzles, collect and combine items and meet strange characters. More instructions are in the game. Good luck and have fun!

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taking forever to load

Lets do this!

slooow looading...

Not loading for me... jsut a white box...

There it goes, now just have to wait...

um...long story too

this is going to be a long game

well...stuck already

I'm out side being cooked in a kettle

oooooo, live game!

oh, have we played these yet? i don't want to start with 1 A....

Lets do this!

now a slave in chapter 2

im in the second chapter

ok, I bit the bullet and started with 1a - I don't have an f'n clue here.....

How do u get out of the pot?

Oh never mind on chapter 2 now.

So, help please - how to get out of the door? I can only walk back and forth.

I'm in the pot too. I hope they've added some veg, all that red meat can't be good for them.

icemaiden, to get out select the sword by pressing f.

Careful though, this pot is getting pretty crowded.

LOL - I've tried that - walk to the door press F and nothing, but if I press f by the mound of dirt or the chamber entrance he plays air guitar with it!

OMG - ok - got a key!!!

Are you still in the first room, there's a key on the floor for one door. It was key for one door, fire on the urn and sword on the next door, I think.

I've talked to the big lipped cook and the parrot, still don't see how to get out this pot.:(

Put staff in hand of satue in temple and bookcase door opened

Hurray out the pot.:-). Just keep talking to the cook, call the parrot a douche.

Got the artifact!

Ya out of the pot and in a cage being dragged to who-knows-where....slave

@icemaiden and cricketer,if u need help ask im stuck(just gave artifact to jessup and need to get to temple)and just waitin for u to catch up and help!

I'm stuck wandering in the city.Can't open the tavern door, have spoken with the guard at the city gate. But can't get anything else to interact with me!

how did u get the hat

I'm stuck after returning to the temple, in basement with clock....anyone figure that out yet?

Is anyone at the part where u need to get to the temple???

i'm with dayamayii - walking back and forth - can't give the insignia to anyone and can't interact anymore - the guards are rude! lmao - keep telling me to speak to jessup - been there...done that!

go to the other side of the town and talk to chuck to get to jessup

In the city, all the to the right, talk to the nerd guard, then talk to Jessup...give item from Jessup to guard all the way to the left, leave the city

now how did u get the hat

@niceydc,if i rember correctly you click the swith until the red one is on the shadow the u click on it and use the ice the co the switch agian and BAM u got the artifact!

i need some help to get the shiny thing...i need it to cross the bridge

I'd already talked to chuck (but not buck) - looks like you have to talk to both guards to get into hq. thanks tho


after leaving the city, talk to the guy until he offers you a trade....leave left, go up into the village after using fire, get the fish off the pole...go back left, then go up...give the fish to the dog, take the hat. Go back down, give the hat to the guy, he gives you the staff, go all the way left back to the temple, place the staff in the statues hand

@andrew,to get the hat you goto the outside of the village and click on the rope then use fire and it should breack.then go into the village,click the fish and goto the dog where the hat is and clikc on it(dog starts to growl)then click on items,get fish and then u can get the hat!

How do u get the thing in the sewer?

how do u get the shiny thing in the sewer(he wont suck it up and stick his frekin hand in there!)

CArmen, thank you, but I can't get the red or green switch to move at all....Do i need a tool or something? I can ice them up, but that is about it....I am also having trouble posting...sigh

thanks carmen

you click that swith on the wall then click F(the sword)and it moves(if its not frozen.wat ur trin to do is get the green and red switchsto go into the darker part on the thing

welcome andrew

NO HURRY UP AND GET TO MY PART AND HELP ME!im like a siting duck waiting for somtin to happen :'(

im with you carmen...cant get the shiny thing. im sure thats what we need to cross the bridge

*NOW HURRY UP AND GET TO MY PART AND HELP ME!im like a sitting duck waiting for somtin to happen :'(
(sorry for the typo)

we need to put our sword into the switch for the bridge to come(im pretty sure)but we apearntly need the thins in the sewer

I just found an old cog on the ground after backtracking to the clock room. Hoping it'll help with the clock...

i agree with you...but how??? i've tried everything. spells...objects...nothing happens

UGH!im totaly stuck tried to use powers or sword(no luck)all my items(no luck) and i cant find a stick or sumtin like that to stick in there!totaly stuck!

@xach,wats a cog?

yess! me too! i tried to talk to everyone to get a long stick or sth...but of course,no luck. is anyone here with us??? we can't cross the bridge...HELP WITH THE SHINY THING!

*@ zach(so srry for typo!)

and.. the cog is what you need for the bridge!

WE NEED A BLESSING FROM ABOVE(and no i dont mean ur attic!)

wats a cog and wats it llok like?(and i cant seem to find it)

i found one of the diares and maybe that will let me cross the bridge!

round bumpy thing - it's by the clock with the green and red hands...fixed that girls car and she blew me off! I never! :-)

i still doesnt let me cross the bridge :'(

A cog is like a wheel with bits on that lock into another, um, cog that turns - like in a clock. I think it was below & to the left of the clock

use the cog with the bridge, then your sword

Oh NOW i know y it wint let us use the bridge : its broken!We probaly have to find the missing piese or sumtin(like a shiny thing in the sewer!

ok let me go look......

something (chapter 2??) flashed up as i went into the temple. It welcomed me now it's frozen :(

found it!now lets see if it fixes the bridge...

when you get to the three things on the wall - sword in middle then left - never touched the right one! Changes pic on wall to open door.

YES it worked!THNX U GUYS!

I know I'm kinda late but...

*help with the bridge.

Anyone know where the third medallion is? I tried using the one I had but no dice...

wheres jessups agent?

Carmen, just fix the car & she'll find you

oh nvr mind.g=found the space for the battery and she jumped on me(shesh thats a good way to say thanks lady......NOW GET OFF ME!)


catch up guys! I'm wandering around some treasure place with a pool I emptied....i'm stuck!

LMAO - some floating mouse is cussin my butt out!

i think it froze(it says "WELCOME TIME TRAVLER.WE ARE THE TIME GODS.YOUR PRESENTS HERE WAS FORSEEN."and then it froze and wont keep playin wateva else the timegods are gonna say)did this happen to anyone else?

oh nvr mind i rembered it sayin sumtin about pushin the space bar and i did and it worked(shesh am i dumb or wat?)

Yes, I got frozen there too Carmen

Not as dumb as I!! thank you!!

i went to the right(from the pool)and first did the lever 1 then did lever 2 and a door opened(hope this helps!^.^

got red, blue green emblems...now what???

ur welcome dayamayii(lol i thought i was the only one that didnt know to push space bar!)

put useful old pipe on the gas thing (when u go up ladder)

i made the bell fall into the water.now wat 0.0?

do switch on wall and new bell comes!

keep doin this until it fills up with bells???

Anyone find the red emblem? Got the bell to fall into the pool, drained the pool, got the thing to rise up, but need the red emblem.

ok, if someone needs help - I got out of the treasure room

I haven't seen the red emblem...

in cellar clicked on valve on rusty old pipe and water started comin out......does this help anyone?

ok, go to the cellar and turn the rusty knob - this empties the pool - then go up and drop the bell. then go back to pool to get red emblem. You do need to pick up a complete bell from the pool though to use for a weight

so you would need to refill the pool, go up and drop another bell, then go empty the pool and pick up the bell

oh i got the bell...now i think u put it on the rope where the clockweight is....yup definatly do that

where do u get the red and green emblem?

oh okay went and did another bell and i broke sumtin(lez go look....)

oh well would ya look at that.......its the red emblem!

now all i need is the green one.......anyone know where it is?

Icemaiden...where exactly was the red emblem? I have done all of the above, and have already raised the platform, but never saw and still don't see the emblem....HELP please.

in the cellar theres a mouse cusin to his hearts content at me......er us

it was on clock where ladder is, Carmen. I just don't know how to use them

green - hmmm..i can't remember - on the floor of the picture room or in the middle of the clock hands? sry carmenb

oh(*slaps head)it was on the clock!

I don't know what open id credentials are, but I wish mine were verified more accurately so I could *)(*& post without issues.

have to use the bell weight next to the ladder and empty the pool again - down at the bottom you use the emblems

lol bakchatin the time gods (thats a nono!)

if u press W(on the keyboard)u change the sky(maybe its the time travler thing........)

damn! I never did find a weight for that thing

OH!i know whats in the sewer.......ITS THE KEY!now.......how to get it out...

I'm still stuck in the test - where do I find the weight for the pulley by the ladder?

ok, done for the night, i'm out!

how do we get to the forest to save the the dude?

how to get out of town,i got the emblem but guard wont take it

@dayamayii,when the pool is full of water make a bell fall.empty the water agian get the bell and tada u hav ur weight!

gtg gonna watch pysc
ill get on tomorrow around4 or 5(goin cloths shopin for school!

PC kept crashing so had to restart a few times. I've found the secret room with the clock in. What position do the hands have to be in?

Ok, got it. I really should go to bed but I don't want to start all over next time.

agree, cricketer - this game would benefit largely from a save option - or at least mute if I have to leave it lurking in a tab.

I tried the game with Opera and Firefox, it loaded, but how do you start it ??? There is no way to select an episode !

I went to bed and left the game running but minimized.

Go back to the bridge and try the fishing subquest to get the fishing rod, use this to get the key from the drain.

Then go to the tavern and talk to the hanging man in the cellar. He'll give you a camera, go outside take a picture then go back and give it to him, go back outside take another picture and give it to him. I suspect you have to give 5 for the 5 canvases. Each one has to be a different location. Anywhere in the city counts as the same location.

Pascal, as the game loads it should have a button to click.

Locations for photos so far.

The village, the city, on the road, outside the temple.

Last location is the one with the sheep, outside the other gate.

Morning all, can anyone tell me where the blue emblem is please.

POP, got it....

lol, anyone noticed Duke Nukem and that guy from MedEvil at the tavern? lol

Thank you, cricketer9999, but I was wrong : I thought I had to click on episode 3... No, I have to start... with the beginning lol !

How do you leave the city ? I can't give the insignia to anybody !

First you click on the guard at the north gate and then go to your items and choose the insignia.

how do I get the key?
I tried using the rod but my dude just says he doesn't wants to stick his hand in...

It's really easy to forget that you're not supposed to click-out after the characters make a comment. lol

After he makes the comment about not sticking his hands in it, just go to your items inventory and click on the rod.

can anyone tell me where the blue emblem is?

Jesus, does this game never end?

I have red & green emblems, but I cant get out of this pool/bell/cellar area..Anyone playing???
omgosh, somebody please give me a hint....

pop, got it...lol..had to get blue emblem from changing wall

yes a walthrough would be nice

This comment has been removed by the author.

Whats up with the double post right there??? Typed a new post and looks like it copied old post, hmmmmm? Cant delete it either!!!

Hey Reddc, this game goes on and on..I got the 5 pics done, now i need to give Shammoo the bobbleheads, but cant locate him again at the moment..lol gotta take a break

This game was fun until the side games part. I don't like arcade, jumping games. I'm giving up and waiting for a walkthrough

Hey Alice,good to see ya, yep, your right ,so many sidequests..I've been trying to do the game of fate, cant get 15 questions right to save my life...gonna keep trying...its fun..a bit tedious at times, but still fun

Omgosh, I just had "Success" at Quiz of Fate..lol finally

This game is buggy.

I collected all the bobbleheads and was not able to go back into Shammoo's place.

Hey vbranam1, I think I am having to give up, got all the side quests but the arcade one, tales of time, just can't beat it. been trying for about an hour. I never could play these games. Doing my laundry seems more fun then this.
Hope you and the kitties are well.

Me too Catalyste...still cant get back to Shamoo,and Alice I cant even get back to play this sidequest again...Dont know what's next...I closed out,hope its not lost..will try again tommorow...

Well, what a rip-off!!!!!!! All that work and cannot get back into the game....

Came back to read comments to see if anyone had any luck. I think we all agree that this game is too buggy and not worth playing. Shame it had the makings of a good game to start off with. Game makers tried to do too much, TOO MUCH TALK, traveling, side games, etc. Usually the simple logical games are the best ones. This game just gets boring real fast.

hey anyone here?

how do you get into the shop?

please help me :( i cannot make the bell fall into the swimming pool...do i need to cut the rope? i cannot do anthing :(

as usual i found the solution after posting here :P
now, do i need 3 stones for the machine under the pool?

TO CROSS THE BRIDGE!!! go to the clock(from when you had to move the hands). By it, on the floor, is a COG. go to the control thing for the bridge, and use the COG with it.

Miss Peppy: go to the cellar and pick up "a useful pipe". take it and use it with the gas can. then use fire with the heat-machine

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