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Multiple of 3: Escape Game 2 Walkthrough

Multiple of 3: Escape Game 2

[REPLAY] Multiple of 3: Escape Game 2 is the second part of the very cute Japanese point & click room escape game trilogy developed by CogitoErgoSum. In this door game, you must help Wan and Nyan return to the real world after they got transported into the world of games. In three rooms, locate three resp. six buttons and a photo. Find and use other items and hints for solving puzzles. There are three different endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


just starting

starting now

not to hard this time. Out with happy ending.

now in second room

in the second room. have 5 buttons. anyone can help with the code???'

Out. Easy!!!

ok i'm in room 3 now

i think for the code in the second room you must count the leaves in the painting.

cute game

I cannot find the 1/3 hint... I have 2/3 and 3/3

loredana - what was the code for 2nd room - trying to make numbers out of the hints but not working

anyone find out the password in room 3 for the blue box? i get a help card from the red "rhing". but i don't understand what i have to do

i had it wrong too first.then i tried again and the result was:8091

can't figure out code for blue box

thanks loredana
Danielle - I think it was in a desk drawer

noone can help with the blue box???!!!

get postcard from picture. Send it (put it in red box mouth) and you will get another clue for blue box.

@liina:i did this already. but still have no idea what the code is

next character. a=b, B=C and so on. answer was Three or something.

darn, found code for blue box but got dog end.....

where is the onion please?

hi all ...

hopes I'm not too late ... :)

matzalina: in the table leg. mark the cat and click on the tableleg. it will start moving. then the onion falls down

Hi Goody - not too late. Some of us are still stuck on last code

Thank u loredana. And now what? Do i chop the vegetables? i cant do that

oh yes i can! put the chopping board next to the sink and cut the vegetables. the hint is on the fridge

Too Cute!! Got "Happy End"... Thanks Megipoland

and out! cute game!
for code of blue box read comment 19...

hi all...hope i'm not late and can join live game this time again

woow soo cute ... out with a happy ending :)

thanx everyone annaby, loredana u've been very helpfull :)

how to get the Hint 2/3 for second room?
help pleaseee

nvm found it. for those who don't, it's in the blanket.

The code for the blue box is: 8091

Hi to all!
You are all so fast. A little bit help for the 1st room? Where I put the 3 buttons?

you don't put them anywhere just clikck the door and go out

i cannot find the pepper. i have opened the blue box in the kitchen though

@ chitsa
pepper left side of room ... on plant, near freezer

I'm stuck at the passw. from blue box

Room 1
- Go in front of tv to see note of mission
- Red flower button inside bin
- Remote in cat house
- Clik on top of house cat, cat climbs to give u white flower button
- Battery under right side of tv
- Combine battery & remote to put tv on seen hint
- Back to dog picture count flowers
Green box code is 6234
- Open box get dog book so dog
- Use dog on top right red circle get last button
- Go to door as 1st mission is completed
Room 2
- Open buttom right drawer to get mission
- Get key under chair
- Get hint 1/3 in top right drawer
- Get button 1 in 3rd drawer
- Get button 2 under pillow
- Get hint 2/3 under sheet
- Get button 3 in cat picture
- Open red book to the end get hint 3/3
- Use key on buttom cupboard get button 4
- Use dog on left door cornet get button 5
- Combine 3 hints get drawer code 8091
- Get cat book so cat
- Use dog un red circlet up to sheves
- Use cat on red messanger get last button
- Go to door as 2nd mission is completed
Room 3
- Go to sink seen open left cupboard get mission
- Open middle cupboard get board
- Open right cupboard get pan
- Photo 1 in left side of picture
- Notice hint in the fridge
- Use cat on table get onion
- Open fridge middle drawer get iced key
- Open fridge buttom drawer get carot
- Get green paper in plant
- Use dog on red circle up to door get tomato
- Pour water into pan & put it on fire
- Add iced key to "disfrozz" it
- Use key on to shelves cupboard get knif
- Open buttom shelves cupboard get letter
- Use board next to sink put vegetebals on it & cut them with knif 1 by 1 to get door code
- Use letter on red messenger
- Use dog to get messenger back
- Use cat to get postcard
- Back to box open it thanks to post card hint
- Get cat & dog book
- Use cat & dog on trap above door to get picture 2
- Go to door as 3rd mission is completed

so... whats the pw for the blue box in room 3?

Lindaa, three

What a cute game!!

       Anonymous  8/25/09, 2:27 PM  

to get the password for the bluebox in room three u have to send the letter to the gamer or whatever and when u get the letter back it tells u to use the next letter for each letter in sgqdd.
s = t
g = h
q = r
d = e
d = e
soo the code for the blue box in room 3 in three

       Anonymous  8/25/09, 2:28 PM  

is three*

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       Anonymous  9/6/18, 3:13 AM  

caught the final part of this trilogy from the random section & decided to post all 3 parts for the replay - this is the 2nd part - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, CES ☺
& thx Pitxun for the WT

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