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This Is The Only Level Walkthrough

This Is The Only Level

TITOL - This is The Only Level: Adventures in Singularity is a one level very funny platform game from jmtb02. "The elephant forgot the rest of the levels, but luckily he still has one left! Help him beat it in all his metagaming glory. Use your keen knowledge of gaming and dexterity to manhandle your way through a variety of challenges. Get your mind out of the box for once! Take it outside for a walk, or maybe grab a bite to eat with it. Oh, and beat the level. There's only one." Good luck and have fun!

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fun time waster. i like Achievement Unlocked too!

This is funny, The Elephant is the only mammel that can't jump.

anybody figure stage 15? Time to refresh?

30 levels and done. time for something else. :-)

step 15 hit f-5 to refresh your screen then at the beginning select continue game and it will bring you back.

whats up with level 15? do i really have to refresh?

15, start the game again [refresh the page]

ask and ye shall receive ;)

       Anonymous  8/10/09, 6:45 PM  

woohoo, live!


       Anonymous  8/10/09, 6:58 PM  

level 18???

nice game
Here are your stats:
Deaths: 65

whats it doing in 18? trying to replay now...

level 18 get to the other side and stand on the area above the exit, when it collapses run right

i'm experienced, my stats: 37:02:17.5 440 deaths

thanks Floridaguy :)

Level 23 anyone? Center keyboarder where only the forward and reverse arrows work?

beyer, its the F, T and H keys i think, some of the letters anyways

Thank you Rebecca, I was really struggling with that one.

credit page?

       Anonymous  8/11/09, 11:29 AM  

Credit page, go to the menu and click credits. It will unlock the level.

I loved this little game. How imaginative. Here's a walkthrough just in case someone needs it.

Stage 1 (arrow keys required) -- use arrow keys to move to the yellow pipe at the right corner, hit red button to open door, and don’t hit the spikes
Stage 2 (not always straight forward) -- use the keys to move opposite directions (right key makes you go left, etc.); jump key works normally
Stage 3 (think before doing) -- door is already open (don’t hit red button)
Stage 4 (alternate control scheme) -- click mouse to jump elephant to wherever you clicked
Stage 5 (freefloating) -- your jumps are extra large so just don’t hit the ceiling spikes
Stage 6 (a bit bouncy here) -- you bounce so just don’t hit the spikes
Stage 7 (dull appearances) -- the spikes aren’t harmful; they let you bounce
Stage 8 (candy stripes of doom) -- stay on the pink or yellow stripes (the others are deadly) -- note the colors change here so I can’t tell you for sure which color is good
Stage 9 (arrow control) -- move your mouse to move the elephant and click to jump
Stage 10 (heavy headwind here) -- it will push you left so keep jumping right to move
Stage 11 (no returns, no refunds) -- you cannot move right. If you mess up click the Panic button at the bottom of the screen to restart the Stage
Stage 12 (stay low) -- you can’t jump so just keep moving left (the door is already open)
Stage 13 (left right march) -- alternate the left and right arrow keys to move across the screen (the door is already open)
Stage 14 (one leap of faith) -- your jumps are extra large
Stage 15 (time to refresh) -- refresh your browser. The game will let you return this stage from the main menu
Stage 16 (keep hitting it) -- repeatedly hit the button to make the door open
Stage 17 (worried about nothing) -- the stage is normal
Stage 18 (collapse) -- run/jump to the very right of the screen (just short of the spikes) and fall through the floor to the exit (don’t worry about the button)
Stage 19 (stuttering) -- works normally just with annoying slowness
Stage 20 (Do you remember?) -- everything is white so go by memory
Stage 21 (Inbetween gravitii) -- green stripes make you float and orange is normal) so jump from orange
Stage 22 (Mime’s folly) -- there is a barrier to the right of the button to the bottom of the screen so don’t go that way. Instead, go to the top block and fall down
Stage 23 (center keyboarder) -- use the F to go left, H to go right, and T keys to jump
Stage 24 (UPPERCASE) -- go to the end door and hold the caps lock key to open it
Stage 25 (When it feels like it) -- the door opens randomly so just wait for it
Stage 26 (Or is it) -- the door is not really there so just run through it
Stage 27 (credit page) -- go to the menu (button all the way on the left bottom corner of your screen) and then click Credits. It will say “Unlock Stage 27 for me” at the bottom.
Click it and then return through the menu.
Stage 28 (oh ho, so close) -- you are zoomed way in on your elephant. Just move about the screen normally.
Stage 29 (closing shop) -- once you click the button, the door will close quickly so go as fast as possible
Stage 30 (no sweat) -- the screen will be black so just go from memory
Be proud -- you made it!

22 minutes and 209 deaths XD

9 min 62 deaths :) all time new record for me

thats weird.. im on stage 31 and the title is undefined

#19 is gettin me annoyed...

Deaths: 7

Wow...mine was
Deaths: 642

Deaths: 63

My stats 13:53:90 and 163 deaths i needed help on the 15...really tricky.
Great game
Paulo Rocha

Deaths: 81
oh yeah!!!
first try

25:59:60 and 89 deaths. :] yay me!! I finished...and I don't ever play computer games!!


UGH u all are lucky! im stuck on stage 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could someone please help me! I have beaten the game at least 7 times but I don't know how to get to level 31!

hey what about #2????? i'm having trouble on stage 11



names tyler.
stats and its my first time playing?
9:28:42.5 47 deaths

ha suckers:P

Deaths: 42

going for better

6:56:57.5 Deaths:23

22:59, 176 deaths. trying it again now since i know what to do

11:04:75, 23 Deaths. I feel quite accomplished for my first time

Deaths: 60

Haha, I just noticed my Caps were still on from the caplocks level. =P

im stuck on stage 8, can anybody help me please?

thank you kitkatfox, here are my stats: Time:44:22:87.5
Deaths: 5608

14:27:80 and 125 deaths! thanks kitkatfox for the walkthrough!

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148 deaths

i've never been so frustrated while having so much fun!!!

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