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The Tower of Eternity 13F Walkthrough

The Tower of Eternity 13F

The Tower of Eternity 13 F is the sequel to The Tower of Eternity 1F point and click type escape the room game by InfuoWEB. In this game, you are trapped in a room and you have to search around to find some clues and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Hey new game :)

Oh no am i actually alone

I am here too
So far i saw three squares with numbers and signs (yellow, green and blue)

have no idea what to do. have see 3 shapes and 2 sets of numbers

And now a red square

Thank heavens Zazie i was begning to get worried

i've seen the yellow and the red. looking for the others

hi guys, will try it too, but usually need help with the tower games...

Blue is under table right hand.

Green is in the most right (brownish) book.

Me too i am so bad at tower games.

anyone knows what to do with the 3456 behind paper?

Zazie and Maddee, where is the yellow square?

I can't find the red square, anyone?

Found it!

sorry, meant red one too!!

where ZA? ;)

what's up with EG24 very game I play EG24 is pushing this Escape the Museum Game ok ok its a good game for 1 hour of play time and then you have to buy it forget it.

Red one is between first and second door.

red is int he first screen at the bottom

Leithian, between first and second door

Now you know, Leithian ;-)

whats witht he box on the table?

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 6:54 AM  

I put the number of sides from the shapes in the keypad.

No idea for 3456, it won´t go into the code panel.

right ZA, can't miss it now... ;) thanks guys!

What do you mean, george?

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 6:57 AM  

then click the edges of the blue box according to the squares.. red, blue, green, yellow..

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 6:58 AM  

above the yellow squares are the shapes..


are you oke?

so it would be 134? but how do we apply this on the colours???

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 7:01 AM  

You have to fill in the missing shapes above the yellow square. Count the sides of every shape and put the numbers in the keypad.

3?04?, what are the numbers for the "?" ?

oh god, I can't believe how dumb I am... thank you!

But I don't know where I can't find the missing shapes ....

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 7:03 AM  

triangle=3, (don't know the english word=5, circle=0 and so on..

A 4 and a 6 but does not work :(

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 7:04 AM  

the missing shapes are easy, one in the drawer, on above the green square..

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 7:05 AM  

okay spoiler for keypad


ohh ok thx George !!!!

Code is 35046

where to use the knife?

how do you get in the drawer?

i have no idea what you'll are talking about. trying to atleat apply it and then see the sense but no luck

Got it ... with no help from george ;-)

I could move the blue box twice by applying two of the colour codes and now ?
Box won´t move anymore, where is knife ?

Maddee, look at the yellow square, see the shapes there and the 2"?". count the sides of the shapes so you get:

fill in the ? with shapes you found in drawer and above green square! put in the code in blue keypad!

POP got it as always !

what to do with the knife?

thnaks leithan... just realised i have no idea where the yellow square is

12F virrin --> bottom
What means?

Yeah found code and have blue key now and another code hint

Strange hint ... I don't know where to put the key

I don´t dare to use key, i fear to get dark end again lol

Look at the keyboard (QWERTY keyboard)

And we still have the number 3456, remember ?

where do we use key?

I guess 12F --> virrin bottom comes from the 12F game.

and with key I mean knife! ;)

I am looking Xenon!

You don't have a key Leithian?

use key on the left side of brown door (on the wall)

nvm, found it!

i mean use knife lol

Xenon what do you mean ??
Feeling stupid !

right next key :)

Ok again, use knife on right side of door on the wall, not left side, sorry.

Nothing happens Zazie.


thanks Zazie! I just found it after writing. my brain is in deep sleep... ;)

Still stuck with the code from box.
You are welcome leithian !

What to do with the code 6044?

Counting the letters, the correct door could de
first or third?

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 7:26 AM  

xenon explained it.. you just take the next letter on your keyboard..
k=l w=e ...

which letters Henrique?

yes, I don't really get the hint about the qwerty keyboard!

Ahh ok, so it says LEFT

second left?

@ZA The letters from the code in machine on the table

kwdr = left (move one letter to the right)

Nope .. no second left. I am in the dark

ahaaaa, thanks george!!

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 7:29 AM  

it says LEFT 3

or first door ?

Left door=dark end again!! :(

Yes, I know now george ...

You have to take the third door ...

Hmmm i am still in, don´t wanna get dark end lol

It says kwdr2 --> ?
So why is it the third door ??

finally out! well today was not very successful for me but thanks to all your help I made it out! ;) see you guys!

I am wrong Zazie .. it is not door three

Well ok, went out through 2nd door and dark end :(
Won´t try again, i am going outside into the sun :)
See you all at the next game, bye bye...

well I went through door 3 from left and had good end!!

or I mean the to be continued end... ;)

I didn't leithian!

that's really strange ZA! third door from left??

played again and again had the "good end" with 3rd door!

For the code in the box...kwdr2, look at the keyboard and find the letter or number to the right of it. That will give you the door to open for the good end.

i'm still way back at the begining looking for the yellow square... anyone?

anyone please... where is the yellow square

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 8:06 AM  

on the right side of the cupboards

oh thank you george. u are kind

I'm stuck : 3456 is not the right code for the machine with ID card, and I don't know where to use the knife.

OK, Zazie gave the answer. I don't know how we were supposed to guess that there was a hotspot here...

Now it all makes sense thanks all

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 9:35 AM  

Forgot to explain the note with 3456 on it.
3 letters=red, 4 letters=blue, 5 letters=green and 6 letters=yellow. It's the order you need to move the blue box.

       Anonymous  8/2/09, 10:24 AM  

This is my first walkthrough, please be gentle..

Click between the first and second door, notice a red square, memorize the numbers.
Turn right, click the rightmost book, notice a green square, memorize the numbers. Above the green square you see a square and a hexagon.
Click the drawer on the bottom and notice a pentagon. Click to the right of the cupboard, notice a yellow square and memorize the numbers. Above the square you see a row of shapes. According to the note above the green square and the shape in the drawer the order is
triangle, pentagon, circle, square and hexagon.
Turn right and notice a blue square at the right leg of the table, memorize the numbers.
Move the right note on the pinboard and notice 3456.
Turn right, the number we need for the keypad is given by the shapes.
Triangle=3 sides, pentagon=5, circle=0, square=4 and hexagon=6
Zoom out and there is a blue box with knobs on the edges.
To move the box you need to click these knobs.
The note with 3456 gives you the order. 3 letters=red, 4 letters=blue, 5 letters=green and 6 letters=yellow.
So click the knobs the first time in the order of the red square, then the blue etc.
Now the bluebox is under the closet. Click on it and take the IC card and the knife.
Cick with the knife on the right side of the door. Memorize the number.
Click on the white box on the table , use IC card and put the number in.
Take the blue key. Notice kwdr2 and the hint from Tower of Eternity 12F.
Look at your keyboard. Now you take the next right keys of kwdr2. It gives you
Go to the doors and use the key in the third door from the left… to be continued.

well done George!

LOL thx George, i forgot that after "2" comes "3".
Shame on me :)))

working link:

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