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3 Nyan Quest Walkthrough

3 Nyan Quest

Threee Nyan Quest is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Choko-Chai, who is the creator of Operation Escape of Three Cats and Concert game series. In this game, you try to search the around to find some useful things and solve puzzles in order to escape the room. There are three possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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let's go!

First? Lets try this one

rope in third drawer.

got a cobweb on a stick. stuck already!

found a woodpiece underneath dresser

put rope around the sword

yeah! got the sword!

how did you do that, oakley?

then click on cat in corner of page. took the rope. oohhhh i extend the woodenpiece in the about items and 2 cats appear

killed the cat (?) and got a key

my cat is still hanging lol

click on the hanging cat and the other 2 cats hang onto it.

The black cat goes up the steps and ties rope. Now stuck with some blue "bug"

you can make the other thing in your itemslist longer. Go the the spiderweb.

have blue cathead, like a fish gasping

click on middle cat and then it pull the sword out of the ground

than you can make a net and catch the blue thing. Use sword on blue thing for key.

ah. Use the sword on the blue "bug" cat? get key!

got key and went to 2F. got a hammer, a vase and a red ball from the fire.

now have a red "bug" cat. can't be killed by sword


I'm in the order room, wth a hammer, a flute and a vase

caught the blue hopping thing with the extended woodenpiece and spiderweb

smashed the wall to get a flute and now two cats are sitting by the broken shield.

got a cat to fix shield, took it, caught red blob and turned it into a key for 3F.

where is the hammer?

got a key for 4F but it isn't working?

Filled vase with water and put out fire to get red ball

got green ring

Yvon, it was in first drawer i believe on second floor.

got clothes

im stuck on floor 3. items i can still use: red ball, brown ball, stick with spiderweb, flute, ring (?), red key

cats are pushing yellow cat

can't catch the grey cat head...

the white cathead isnt easy to catch

how did u got key?

Liefie, how did you get the 4F key to work?

AAAAAAAAAAA got red key now

pushed yellow cat away

Hello i just joined.
How did you catch the red blob ? The net doesn´t work for me.

after you push the statue you need a cat to dig in the spot left over to get the gold ball.

got brown ball now

i enjoyed little kitty's kung-fu hehehehehehehe

where is the green ring?

don't know the order of the balls.

I guess i need to use this flower peg somewhere? does anyone know where please?

why doesn't the brown ring work? what else do we need to find in this floor?

flower thing you use on the waterfountain. Somewhere on the right

i ment brown key...

ff, do you already have 3 balls?

where to use brown key?

3rd time trying to post...I REAllY hate the posting system here, and would join in a lot more if it wasn't such a pain in the arse!

I haven't got a green ring or any kind of flower :o( Nor can I catch the grey/silver animal/blob/thing, no matter what I have highlighted in my inventory! I got this far on my own, but am now thoroughly stuck :o(

@yvon, i have only two balls, the red and the brown/gold one...

grey cat is hard to catch. just keep trying.

Umm, I don't know if the wizard killed me or I killed him. I had a shield, and armor and a sword, I'm going to go ahead and give this one to myself!

The white blob is also catched with the same net, it is just a bit difficult.

Where is green ring ?

I mean *caught :)

you need the third ball i think before you can use the brown key on the door. 3e ball is in the fountain (1F). Use the flower thing to stop the water.

Yeah I never got this green ring people are talking about. I got to the 4F and placed the balls and then a wizard cat appeared.

to go to the 4th floor, you need the blue ball (in the fountain, use the flower on the right), then go to 3rd floor and use key to go upstairs.
Stuck there, don't knox the order of balls... maybe the order of the ball to the shield, but don't do anything...

do u use brown key on waterfountain on the right? cause i cant do anything.

in what order did you place the balls? I can't get the wizard cat to show up.

the order of the balls is: brown , red, blue


brown red blue, then use sword on wizard

somewhere on the right on the fountain a hot spot.

No wizard for me either :(

not brown key on the fountain, flower looking thing.

POP i have got the wizard, am i dead now ???

got the wizard (i think) and out...
this was a nice game...

Thanks Zazie...finally got it, and on the 4th floor! Still no 'green ring' (I had the flower all along, but had forgotten about it!).

where is flower to use on right side of fountain. immm soooo stuck. lol

Kiri the green ring is on side of dresser with mirror

Use the flower on right side of fountain, just click on the right down (horizontal) border of the blue thing.

aaaaaaaaa at last got flower and blue ball....eeiichhhh.....

Green ring is on 2nd floor. There is a hidden door on the table with the mirror. I accidentally found it on right hand side somewhere. Sorry cannot find it again to tell you exactly where.

I cannot get the gold/brown ball on the giant cat to come off. Suggestions if anybody is still here please.

Click the cat down left and two cats are stting beside the statue, then click the cats one after the other until all three are pushing the statue away. Then click the black cat again and the place where statue was, the cat will dig there and the ball comes out.

Thank you Zazie very much. :-)

How do you catch the red blob?!?! I have tried the flute and everything else and the darn thing wont catch!

texas, you have to use the extended stick with the cobweb wrapped around it.

first i used green ring on wizard, then sword. U get 4rd key. That gives you the happy ending.

       Anonymous  9/10/09, 9:26 AM  

Hello from finland, all! <3

I used the flute on the wizard twice and got happy ending as well. I don't know if that was supposed to happen but I thought this could be the only way & chance I can use the flute, or has anyone found out what it is for?

Hey Ivon, what kind of end did you get? I just google-translated the comments page of the game and it seems to have 3 endings. In mine a phoenix-like bird picked them up from top of the tower. How was yours?

How do you kill the red blob/cat to get a key?

I think I touched it with the latest item I gathered from my armour. But it didn't always work out the first time.

Thanks, that did it. I had to do it twice.

I hopelessly stuck on 3f. Got 3 balls. No bouncy cat head is coming out though.

3 endings
-escaped with flute
-escaped with flying boots
-escaped w/o flute nor boots

flying boots: use hammer at the 3rd floor.

ive tried dozens of times, but cant kill the 2nd floor brown/red bug or blob thing. how do you??

where did this flute come from?? i was hammering at walls to try breaking it to find it, all i got were the flying boots!

was only curious as u couldn't find it!! got out and the 3 of us flew off the roof

Nice Game,,Thanks for the ending hints everybody...

the flute is in the crack, second floor, faceing both doors, lowest crack.

bridgetclausen,,to kill blob/bug
first blob-use sword
2nd blob-use shield
3rd blob-use armor suit

Chris-,the flute was in one of the cracks on the walls (use hammer) 2f or 3f?? unsure


- turn right, open bottom drawer of cabinet and take rope
- take wood stick from left leg of mirror stand, view it in About Item, and click the right end to extend it
- turn right, note the water fountain, and click the right underside of the rim, note a screwcap for a turning handle valve
- turn right, select rope, click sword, click cat, two cats will appear beside the sword
- click on two cats, then click the black cat at the bottom left again, a smaller cat will appear holding the rope
- click the steps on the wall to ascend, then click the hook on ceiling, after the small cat is hanging on the rope, click grey cat, then the small cat to catch, then click the largest cat, then the grey cat to pull the sword down, take sword
- select extended stick, turn right, get cobwed
- use cobweb on the stick to catch the blue head, then cut it with the sword to get key, use key on right door

- turn right, take hammer from top drawer
- turn right, take vase from fire place
- turn right, click on broken shield, click cat, use grey cat to fix the shield, take shield
- turn right, use stick to catch red head, use shield on the head for key
- use hammer on crack between doors to get flute (or you can use it on 3F to get boots)
- go back down to 1F, take water from fountain with vase
- back up to 2F, put out fire with water in vase, take red ball
- use red key for right door to go up

- turn right, take flower shape valve from right drawer of mirror stand, view in about items, click on it to reveal screw end
- turn right, click on statue, click cat, use big and grey cat on statue to push, not enough, click on cat in bottom left to get small cat to help
- use small cat on colored patch to get yellow ball
- turn right, click fence, click cat, use big cat to kick open fence, take armour
- turn right, use stick to catch grey head, use armour on head in About Item view to get key
- go back down to 1F, attach valve under fountain ledge, click again to turn off water
- check in fountain to get blue ball, go back up, use key on right door

- click in between the doors for directions on ball placement: Yellow => East, Red => South, Blue => West
- use the drawing on floor as compass, turn right, place yellow ball on stand, then turn right, place red, then blue, turn right again to activate magic

That's as far as I got, I don't know how to kill the wizard cat. Anyone have the right ending?


--There is a green ring right side of the dresser.use the stick with web to open the drawer.
--use the green ring on the wizard two times.

three endings for this game and check Xenon's post.

Thanks Shuchun! Took a little pixel hunt to find the right place.

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