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Alice is Dead Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Alice is Dead Chapter 1

[REPLAY] LegitGames - Alice is Dead: Chapter One is another point and click adventure type escape game developed by Hyptosis and ImpendingRiot for Legit Games. You've arrived in Wonderland, that's good. Alice is dead, that's bad. You don't know who you are, that's the worst. Do you have what it takes to get out of Wonderland, and more importantly, figure out who you are? Good luck and have fun!

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Alice is Dead 1 Walkthrough
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Nobody else here, you have to solve it all alone. :)

cant get past caterpillar

Hello Lolak,,, im here even if im terrible at this games ...but love them so much...ill try to help ..checking it out now brb ;) good game to ya :)

Hi! Just starting! How is it so far?

are you still here?

how did you get as far as a caterpillar tex? i can't get even that far

ok ..i got poison, a leg bone beurkk, the shuvel handle, kill the rabit note, a rock and a 5 of hearts card..now stuck..ho ya , and a spider that wont move out of my way lolll...help

Sunfire, I'm in the same place you are!

I'm lost!

use rock on bone to sharpen it

tex..what caterpilar???

ok, I'm cheating and using their walkthru, lol

pretty short game...over just when i was getting into it..

ok..bone is sharp..big deal loll still stuck ,,greenmama well at least i wont be the only one going no where fast hihihi...what do we do with the bone after ...or whats up with that spider...i cant figure out a thing in this one ..and that pointer is way to small :(

wow, that was short.

Sunfire, caterpillar is after you go down the stairs in the trunk

use the sharpen bone in the blue door, it unlocks the trunk....

ok click the sharp bone on blue door knob..then go to the tresure box ..its open ...im going down now even if it scared the bejesus out of me lolll music realy weird..and is it just me or is this game realllllllllll buggy?

not buggy, you're almost done, lol

I have my sound on mute!

       Anonymous  9/14/09, 9:14 PM  

hi everyone

ok im at sutcase...now what..im so stuck...and the game isint helping nothing being verry buggy..help ;)
greenmama..your out yesss good for you,,dont leave me here in this holl,,im scaredhihih sorry my english im french ;)

The in-game comments remind me of the old Infocom text adventures (especially Zork). That gives me the warm-fuzzies :)

grr im stuck at the code for sutcase..i hate codes...i can never get them right ...help please im desparet..where is the code ..pretty please hihi

       Anonymous  9/14/09, 9:36 PM  

use magic lense and start where you see alice and follow the hidden numbers.

sorry for not responding, if you need help now let me know

Lol, wow....the White Rabbit in this game looks like an Assassin. lol Pulp Fiction anyone?

i cant even start the game?... is this a firefox game?

Great game! I like the music.

Anyone here? I need help..!

Code for suitcase:

829 203

the numbers are seen on the wall with lens.

"Alice doesn't smile as much as she used too"
and "I don't think Alice can read right now, she's dead"
I love the info the game gives.

I am going to play!

In the first room pick up the bottle on the ground.

Pick up Alice's leg bone as well as the note in her pocket.

Go to the room to the right.

Break the shovel, and then pick up the small rock on the floor.

Go to the right two more times and collect the playing card from the hole in the wall.

Return to the room with the locked blue door.

Use the rock you collected on the bone to sharpen it.

Click the blue door. Use the sharpened bone on the door to pick the lock. Return to the room with the chest, it is now open.

Click the chest. Go down.

Use the bottle on the tree trunk filled with acid.

Use the acid filled bottle on the web protecting the caterpillar.

Use the broken broom handle on the sticky sap.

Combine the sap with the broken shard of glass.

Stab the caterpillar.

Pick up the key.

Go to the locked tree door.

Use the playing card on the slider, and then the key on the door.

Click the door.

Click the briefcase.

To find the combo, return to the room with Alice's body.

Use the lens to view the writing on the wall.

The combo is the order that the numbers appear starting in the room with Alice, and going right.

The combo is 829 203.

Enter the combo in to the briefcase.

You've won...for now.

Cool game!

Good game if short. Fun to beat without help.

LOL. Awesome ending. Can't wait for the next one!

Awesome game. Can't wait for #2

Wonderful game...elegantly creepy lol...out without help :- }

See ya!

It scared me for a moment when the mirror showed my face, it scared me (I won't say what was in it, so it doesn't spoil it)

Brill, looking forward to part 2.

oh my god i'm the rabbit

Love the game and here is the...
1.You are in the room...You see Alice(as a skeleton),Get her leg bone,note in her pocket,the bottle that says "Drink Me" and you can click her hair(Her head will turn around to you...)
2.Go to the left and get the "5 card" in the hole.
3.Go back to the place with Alice and go to the right,click on the shovel(not the shovel the piece of wood so you will break it),get the rock by the chest with music.
4.Use the rock to sharpen the bone and go back to the room with Alice,click the door to go near it then use the sharpened bone on the door.
5.The chest will open,go in it,you will see a trunk with acid,fill the bottle with the acid and go to the right.
6.Use the card from your inventory and use it to the thing beside the door then move to the left to see the caterpillar.
7.Use the bottle filled with acid to the web and use the piece of wood to the tree sap and then mix the sap with the broken glass.
8.Use the spear you just made to stab the caterpillar and you will get the thing on his eye,then you get the bell and key(Getting the bell is optional^_^).
9.Use the key with the door and it will open,you will see a briefcase,you can find the combination number in Alice's room,use the glass to view on the walls you will see numbers wall by wall,when you have seen it,put the code on the briefcase and it will open showing a mirror and you will see yourself as.........(JUST GUESS!XD)

And voila!The End!

wth i did it and it tottaly creeped me out ...
omg y did they have to make us the (not tellin)
i mean COME ON wat r we gonna do kill (not tellin)?

       Anonymous  9/30/09, 11:14 AM  

I loved this game!

Click on the small, glass bottle on the floor that say's 'DRINK ME' on it. Then click on Alice's leg bone and on the white pocket on her dress. It will have a note in it that say's 'KILL THE RABBIT'. Next click on the red heart to the right. The music will get louder and you will see a shovel a rock a chest and two cream and red coloured, patterned vase's. Click on the pebble and the shovel. Then click on the red heart to the right, twice. Click on the playing card that you can see lodged in a crack in the wall. Click on the red heart to the right, again. Drag the pebble from your inventory and drop it on the bone, which is also in your inventory. This will sharpen the bone. Click on the blue door. Pick up the bone and click on the blue door again. You will hear something unlock. Next, click on the red heart to the right again once. You will see a black chest with a red heart painted on the right hand side. Click that. You will see some brown stairs leading down to a doorway which will have a red heart above it. Click the red heart. You will emerge in a wood. And you will see tree's, grass and a tree stump filled with bubbling, green acid. Click on the glass bottle in your inventory and click on the tree stump. This will fill the bottle with acid. Click the red heart to the right twice. You will see a big, blue Catipillar standing inside the hollow of a tree, covered by a web. Pick up the bottle of acid and throw it at the web. This will dissolve the web and break the bottle. Next click on the wooden part of the shovel in your inventory and click on the tree sap which is hanging from the branch of the tree. Then click the remnants of the glass bottle, which will have already automatically saved itself to your inventory. Click on the wooden part of the shovel which is coated in sap. You will create a spear. Click on the spear then on the Catipillar. You will kill the Catipillar and pick up it's lens. Next pick up the gold key that will be lying to the right of the dead catipillar and the bronze coloured bell which will be lying next to the left hand side of the catipillar. Click the red heart. You will see a tall, narrow tree with a green door in it. And a card lock. Pick up the playing card from your inventory and insert it into the card lock. Then pick up the gold key from your inventory and put it into the lock in the door. The door will open and You will see a black brief-case. Click the black brief-case. You will see six small squares all with the number '0' written on the middle of them. Click on the first square with the number '0' on it eight times and turn it into a '8' do this with the other five numbers. The first square should have the number '8', the second '2', the third '9', the fourth '2', the fifth '0', and the sixth, and last '3'. Altogether the code is '829203'. You will open the brief-case and find a mirror. You look in the mirror and realise that you are the rabbit and that there is someone in Wonderland who wants you dead. The game ends.

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Absolutely loved this series.

three walkthroughs in 46 comments? Do people not read the older comments before posting a new one?

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