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Kaitai Dismantlement: Chapter Radio Walkthrough

Kaitai Dismantlement: Chapter Radio

[REPLAY] Kaitai Dismantlement: Chapter Radio is another Japanese point & click puzzle game developed by Gam.eBB. In this game, your aim is to dismantle a radio only with your screwdriver. It's the only tool you have anyway. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Xenon]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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Game on!

I took the back off, but totally stuck!

check the front right top to get some code for back left bottom --i only took off 4 screws

Starting now, good luck everyone

Ive now got the top right box off, and undone a screw under the round thing on the middle left.

       Anonymous  9/22/09, 7:27 PM  

hello everyone

but the 1423 code isnt seeming to work for my bottom left code.

And theres a screw on the right hand side of the yellow barrel thing you can see, but cant zoom in on. HELP

im the same as you Phillipa...i think we have to figure out how to stop the disc so the space is down....

1359 works for me

Thanks suchun. I was working on numbers associated with where they lay on the red line. @ herm -you can stop that round thing by using 0-9 0= no speed. BUT turn the middle arrow to where you want it to stop before setting to 0.

pressing the red arrow stops the disk for 1 sec, but I can't get the screw after 300 tries.

1593 worked for me

Ok - have top right thing out, and the code entered. Stuck...

OK. Now I keep blowing my self up. Tried red, tried blue, tried black. What do I cut??

oh thanks...i see the red flash on 135&9 but not sure what to do with it yet.

jolive. while its spinning, turn the arrow to where you want the slot to finish. Then go back to the channel and turn it back to 0. This stops the disk from turning.

Stuck there too Philippa...

oh i see...hadnt opened the panel on the back

@herm thats the code for the bottom left code box on the back of the radio, not the red flashing bit. That red flashing bit is the speed of the round thingee with the arrow in the middle

Gah, well we must be missing something obvious Martin, Ive tried all three wires, and also tried to undo the screw under those tube things before taking out the pliers but no luck. Cant find anything else on the front of the radio to take off either.

Check left hand side of bomb box.

ATM Im letting the timer run down haha

Thanks Martin. Number 23 to escape! Ive never been THAT early!!!

Hi! just starting, lol

Where are these wires?

Mike they are under the white box when you have removed everything else.

yay 27! thanks all

Wow, number 28 to escape. Yay, thanks you guys! Only needed a little help with the first box.

nice little game, looking forward to the next Gam.eBB game.

Under the white box? Removed everything else? I've unlocked the 1359 code, but still stuck there!

Mike, the white box is the last thing you do. To remove the top right yellow box you need to fiddle with the TWO knobs so that the slots expose TWO screws. That should help you along a bit

Never mind - my first live game and I got stuck...
I had the 'Danger' box off first. Now I have the code 1359 entered, but I can't get anything else out. Guess I'll wait for the walkthrough...

Mike - has it unlocked itself? If so you have to go back to the front and remove the two dials that control the 1359 box, then go back and remove that box.

How do you get that yellow box of Philippa? It's unlocked.....

I got the thing to spin, but how do you know when to stop it?

@greenmama once its unlocked, go back to the front. Remove the dial with 1234 on it, take out three screws, remove the black dial on the side, go back to the back and take off the box

@greenmama if you watch closely, you will see theres a screw. While the thing is turning, point the arrow where you see the screw. Then go back to the front, turn the dial to 0, make it flash red, go back to the back and the thing will have stopped and you can remove the screw

ok, now for the tube one, what do I do?

@greenmama the easy answer is turn the dial to the right to point at seven, then turn the other way to 3. Have a look up in the top right of the tube box and it shows you. Then face the front, take off the side black dial and go back to the back for the box.

Ok, I think I'm getting it now......lol

For some reason, it doesn't like me, I tried it, but now that I read your post, it works.....

Ill hang around a little longer to see if you need any help.

Ok, I'm out. Thanks for the help!!

If the silver disc is not turning, go to the front of the radio and push the tuning knob in...then you can see where to point the red dial in the centre of the disc by clicking on it.

Go back to the front and push the tuning knob in again and the disc will have stopped so you can remove the screw.

help i keep blowing up what am i doing wrong

...and out! (After a forty-minute break for other things.) Thanks for the hint, Philippa

How do I solve danger box?

Keep blowing up

That was really kinda fun. I liked it a lot!

Aha! Check left side of box to disarm it, then click timer. I'm sure someone else already said that, so thanks to whoever you are...

And danger box keep turning so that both openings match and find TWO screws. Fun!

Good to have something a bit different

       Anonymous  9/23/09, 5:11 AM  

ARGH I can only zoom in on two places, the knob on the bottom with 1234 and the dial on the top right with 0-9. How are you guys getting on the back panel? I have clicked f***ing everywhere!

       Anonymous  9/23/09, 5:14 AM  

Ok if anyone else has this problem, the button on the top right *also* changes from front to back view in addition to zooming back out.

I already hate this POS game.

Cute game. Out on my own except for the explanation of how to turn the darn radio over! Thanks sarsmi!

You will take apart the radio using a screwdriver, which is every escapegamer’s favorite tool. To click on a section of the radio to zoom in and click the dark circle in the upper right corner of the screen to zoom out or turn the radio over.

Click the screw to start.
Zoom in on the dial control. You can use the arrows by the knob to move it up and down. You can also push it in, but worry about that later.
As you move the dial, note that it flashes at certain numbers.
Zoom out and turn the radio over
Click each screw and then the back to remove it.
Click the Danger box (upper right yellow box)
You can turn the inner and outer circles using the two knobs. Turn them so they match and look for screws as you move around the circle. If you come to a screw, remove it. There are 2.
Back up and click the box again to zoom in and remove it.
Take out the new screw you uncovered
Click the yellow box at the bottom left corner
See there are places to enter 4 numbers to unlock something.
Use the arrows by the black knob to enter the numbers from the tuner you got earlier
To change the number you are entering, flip the radio over and change the setting of the black switch at the bottom right front of the radio. There are 4 settings and 4 numbers you are entering
The code was 1, 3, 5, 9
It will switch to unlocked
Turn the radio over and click the switch to remove it
Take out the 3 screws.
You can now remove the black knob from the edge
Turn the radio around and see the spinning wheel is blocking a screw. If it is not spinning, you need to get it to move (turn the radio over and click the top black knob then click the arrow pointing left to free the wheel)
Zoom in on the spinning wheel. Click the orange circle in the middle until the red arrow is facing the screw
Zoom out and turn the radio over. Click the knob in to stop the wheel (it will stop where the red arrow is pointing)
Turn it over and you can now remove the screw
Zoom out and click the bottom left box to remove it
Take out the 2 screws you can see
Zoom out and click the wheel and remove it too
Zoom in on the top yellow box
Open it and see a place for a code
Note the instructions in the upper right corner
Turn it using the arrows to reach those numbers
Turn right to 7 and left to 3
It will switch to unlock
Take out the screw you see
Back up and turn the radio over
Zoom in on the top black knob and remove it
Back up and turn the radio over and remove the yellow box
You now just have 2 things to remove. The speaker and the white box at the bottom
Remove the last screw (under where the last yellow box was) to free the brown backing board
Click the upper left corner of the brown board to remove it
Zoom in on the speaker and take out the 2 screws and then the speaker itself
Back up and zoom in on the white box
Open it and see a countdown timer -- don’t worry. If you die you restart here.
They give you wire cutters to cut the wires (use the screwdriver to free them)
Huh? Nothing works if you try it.
Wait! The game said using a screwdriver ONLY
Hmmm…click to the left of the box to see an on off switch
Turn it to off
Zoom out to see the box again
Click the countdown timer
Aha! A screw. Remove it, the timer mechanism, and the next screw, too.
Click the box to remove it.
Yea! You did it!

       Anonymous  9/23/09, 10:32 AM  

I'll say it again - You are the BEST walkthrough writer, kitkatfox. Very clear!! If you're not already, you should get paid to do this!!!

The author fixed some bugs.
- code has been changed.
- take out the screw under the spinning disc first in order to open the lid of the yellow box.

I cant get the stupid code thing to unlock.... I set it at 1359 but the dial thing dosant move to the "unlocked lock" symbol

       Anonymous  9/26/09, 3:18 PM  

help!! whats the new code to the box??

       Anonymous  10/1/09, 4:25 PM  

Japanese Skill is no needed for this puzzle...

LOL, that sounds so funny.

       Anonymous  10/1/09, 4:51 PM  

See where it says CH.1 CH.2 CH.3 CH.4 Above the blue numbers? put the order that the screen flickers red to the correct spots in the back.

First digit of code is Channel 1
Second digit of code is Channel 2
Third digit of code is Channel 3
Fourth digit of code is Channel 4

So they may be scrambled like

Ch.1 Ch.4 Ch.2 Ch.3

If it flickers with the blue number 1 on CH. 1 then the first digit of the code is 1.

If it flickers with the blue number 3 on CH. 4 then the fourth digit of the code is 3.


       Anonymous  9/4/18, 11:46 PM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, BB ☺
& thx KKF for the WT

Love this type of game, once I realized I already had SD, lol.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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