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Marooned Part 2 - Escape Noam's Room Walkthrough

Marooned Part 2 - Escape Noam's Room

Marooned Part 2 - Escape Noams Room is second part of Marooned point and click type room escape game series created by Koby Douek for EscapeGames24 visitors. In this game, you are locked in Noam's room and you have to escape the Noam's room by finding items and using them on right places. Good luck and have fun!

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Evening all

new game I will give it a try

evening diana


Can anyone reach the object on the upper right part of the curtain?

Looks like we're looking for a 4 digit code too.

Ah nvm, the 4 code is for the shapes.

hallo, just starting :)

I just have clicked on the door and on the back arrow and was out. Seems the game is a little buggy :)

Lol,that translation key sucks! lol

Weird, I'm out?

I have know idea what I did but I'm out found thing and then open the door with 2 pieces of paper

two clicks and i was out ?? :(

Oh, they're Hebrew symbols. Sorry for that!

Click the door handle and you're out.

Trying for the "real" escape. Have 2 shapes, rubber band, battery, and a paper w/ a code.

ohhhh wait for me guys !!!

marooned part 1 was pretty buggy. Hoping this one is better

Just click the door... stupid game.

missing the rubber band but have a coin

Is this a bug?

I clicked on the door handle, something odd happened to my inventory. I clicked on the door handle again, and I was out.

I didn't open the battery hatch. I didn't open the box under the crib....

just noting here!

I have no battery but a yellow triangle also.

Have the four shapes for the lockbox, just need an order.

Rubber band is on the monkey picture.

seriously whats with the sound if you find an item lol lol

Not to mention the memos from your inventory still show after you've left the room.

and a needle

Use the safety pin to pop something...

This was not supposed to be this easy

got it - thanks Diana

I made such an effort making this game... all gone because of a stupid navigation error

hi!! everyone got out before i could catch up on the last game.hopefully i can catch up before you get out the proper way lol ;)

hope my son is not mad at me...

No prob Koby, you still can fix the bug ! I restarted and i don´t touch the door knob lol :)

Thanks for the game, Koby!

Lol, it's a cute picture of your son, Koby! lol

Do you want Beta testers for your games before they come out?


Thanks Zazie.... :-(

Catalyste - I would love it !
I'm just starting creating games and I think I'm gonna do it for a long time...
Gimme your e-mail.

Yeah, I think a majority of us restarted out of respect. :)

Have a question though, Koby. I'm trying to reach the item on the curtain. Tried shooting it down with the rubber band. Is it a bug that I can't get it, or do I need to do a bit more searching?

Thanks Koby for the game :-) ... i like it that the graphics are different than most games... and i will not touch the doorknob ;-) ... i will play it the hard way ...

koby, why don't you and Zazie work together??

I have got : Yellow block, battery, coin, 2 memo's and the elastic band.....

i am missing a lot

Diana - It's not a bug. Look under the bed

jonthewatch , Zazie - you creating games ?

Ah, that's the code I've been working on.

Yep :)

Good question jon :))))
I would like to do so, it really would be great!!!

Diana where did you find the other shapes ? i only have the yellow triangle.

FYI - I took my son's picture for this game 3 days ago at a shopping mall here in Israel !

Star is the drawer. Use safety pin to pop the dog.

Keep the games coming Koby. I'm not touching the door handle and still looking for one shape.

I'll email it to you using the one you provided in the game. :)

annaby - thanks !
Catalyste - Sure, mo prob...

Zaz, i am sending Koby an email with your details and will do the same for you, you guys should put your heads together!

Yay, I got the code! Pretty simple to get, considering! lol

4 items for the box: star, triangle, coin, and butterfly...

Nice going Diana

Zazie, the other shapes aren't so obvious.

One is a coin found in the drawer below the one where you popped the dog balloon. And the other is a butterfly found in the basket in the scene with the door. You have to click at the bottom left of the screen.

koby try beta testers for your games if possible.your games have different graphics and i can play them.its a nice change :)

so far i have torch,2 notes,rubber band and triangle.going back for another search


Yeahh this is very nice jon, i am awaiting to discuss together, Koby and me and you as well !!

Ok, hint for the order of the items? I can't find any clues :(


I got out fair and square this time!

The wife unlocked the door...funny thing though is that, unlike the bug, I had a bit of trouble trying to get out when I clicked the door handle again. So when I clicked on the arrow, I was out.

nottypomy, Catalyste just offered me her services as a beta tester, I'm sure next game will be less buggy thanks to her (/him ?)

Diana - Use the 2 notes you have to spell out a certain name for the box... use the 4 symbols

Lol, the hint for the code....

think of this....think Hebrew names and then look at the translation key. It's his son's name.

Catalyste good job !

I'm a female, Koby. lol

Hey, the more the merrier I say. I know I can't spot them all.

Thanks, Cat. I figured it had to be connected to Noam. Been looking at that forever, but couldn't see where it would decode it for me. I think I've had a long day.....

Lol i guess i am far behind you now, i was eating at the same time, now i am looking for this dog balloon :) Thx catalyste for the hint !!

Zazzie - been you your web site,
Great work !!!

gone to chat box.....

:S where is the pin to pop the dog?

Zazie I really loved "Mysterious Encounters"...

Pin is on the shelf with Noam's name. Click on the lamp on the left.

thanks, got it

Yeah Diana, I'm shocked. You're usually 5 steps ahead of everyone else! You must be tired. :(

Did you get the second memo, the translation key? I figured that the shapes had to add to something because they're so different and there is only four of them. To me that says that they must spell someone's name as the password.

Zazie - "Nocturnal Games" really reminds me of some work by Salvador Dali... Beautiful.

Thank you Koby !! :)
I am still in your baby`s room, just have got the thing from the curtain :)

Let´s talk when i am out, lol.

Ahh, that's why! I only have one piece of the key. I knew four shapes had to relate to the 4 letters of the name, but since I only have one piece it made NO SENSE. Will look around.

Catalyste - where is the 2nd note? I ca't find it anywhere?

I am out ! Great and funny story Koby :)


Yeah, go back to the shelf with Noam's name and click near the far right on one of the books.

I supose than when wife hears the alarm is done isn't it? cause the ending is the same as the fist time (in two clicks)

Diana look at hint #56

irati - You are right.
That's the (proper) ending.

Out! Whew.


One memo is on the floor when you zoom in on the toy piano, and the other is located in a book when you're facing Noam's shelf. Click the books on the right, a book will open and you'll have the translation key.

guys thanks for much for playing, promise next game will be much much better.
Please send me feedbacks on EVERYTHING !

and out :-) .... was looking for the star a long time lol... thought you could open just 1 drawer dohhhh ;-)

Thanks anyway, Zaz! I was actually looking for the second memo because I had all the shapes already.

Koby I emailed you!

I meant to tell you this some minutes ago, but I got caught up. lol

Catalyste I replied you already. Thanks !

ok what i thought to be the torch was the battery lol
i'm out.thnx for the hints.nice game koby.i'm sending you email for beta testing :)

Sorry Diana, i misunderstood you ;(

out - yay! Thank you Catalyste for the 2nd note - that was all I needed.

Koby - I'll be looking forward to your next game!!

The order star, triangle, coin and butterfly doesn't work for me.

friwi - do you have the 2 notes? Use them to spell NOAM

Ok, order is coin, butterfly, triangle and star.

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 1:01 PM  

where is the butterfly

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 1:17 PM  

can't seem to find the butterfly, btw nice game koby keep up the good work

it's in the white basket near the door

would someone tell me where the dog balloon is? I have poked every animal i can find but nothing happens.

michelle, butterfly was on white wicker basket..(after zooming in,click middle)

Great job Koby,,your getting better and better...that was a fun game..Btw, your baby boy is adorable....Thank You

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 1:56 PM  

lori the dog balloon is in the changing table the first draw

Dog balloon is in an upper drawer, a white and long one :)

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 1:57 PM  

ty vbranam1

TY michelle!

and zazie! finally out

The game is much better like this !

Walkthrough by Koby:

Go Right.
Click on the book.
A book openes, get the note from the upper right side.
Back to the shlef.
Zoom on the shelf.
Zoom on the teddy.
Take battery from bottom of the screen.
Go back twice and click on the left side of the lamp.
Click on the photo. Take the safety pin and notics noam's name.
Go back to the wall view, go right. You can see a white chest.
Look down to the floor.
Take the yellow triangle block.
Zoom on the toy piano.
Take the second note from the sliver pillow.
Look up until you reach the wall view and go left twice to the door view.
Zoom on the bottom of the screen, on the white basket.
Click on the bottom for a butterfly.
Look up and go left.
Click on the first drawer.
Use the safety pin to blow up the ballon animal.
Take the star block.
Look up and click on the 2nd drawer.
The the 1 sheqel coin.
Look up and go left.
Click on the pictures. Notice the monkey picture has a red circle.
Click and get a red rubber band.
Go back and left.
Look under the bed.
Pull the box which is on the upper part next to the edge.
You can see 4 squares.
Use the symbols to spell out the name "Noam" according to your 2 notes.
The box openes, take wood.
Combine wood with rubber band to create sling.
Go to the window view and notice a gray metal on the upper side of the curtain.
use sling to take it.
Now you have a screwdriver.
Zoom on the baby monitor near the window.
Use screwdriver to open battery slot.
Place the battery.
The monitor works, your wife hears it and unlockes the door.
Zoom on door.
Zoom on knob.
Open the door, and your out!

fun little game...thank you Koby!!! i hope to see many more of your games :)

Thank you Koby, it isnt often we can thank a designer. That was a neat game and beautiful graphics, loved Noam...

Have not got a clue what the walkthrough is describing when it says "Use the symbols to spell out the name "Noam" according to your 2 notes.?

       Anonymous  9/5/09, 5:46 PM  

KOBY I totally appreciate your effort...wish I was this talented!

Good game koby. I enjoyed it. Hope you make more. Nice graphics.

Very nice game Koby. I didn't come across any bugs! Hope to see more from you!

       Anonymous  9/6/09, 6:09 AM  

Hey Koby - this game was great! Thanks for all your hard work!

Great koby

nice looking but way too buggy. Could not open top drawer again after I found the pin

Great game Koby, no bug today! I didn't need the walkthrough, but the clue to the box helped, lol! Lovely graphics, look forward to the next one!!!

Have not got a clue what the walkthrough is describing when it says "Use the symbols to spell out the name "Noam" according to your 2 notes.?

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working link:

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